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Lunar Eclipse Jan 20 – 21


This lunar eclipse was visible from the northern and eastern parts of Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Atlantic, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific and the Arctic.

None of the eclipse was visible from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and most of the countries in Asia and Australia.


This is the the seventh blood moon since the blood moon tetrad of 2014-2015, this seventh blood moon mark the sky marriage between our Sun daughter which is the number 7 the Alpha Re and our Moon Son the Omega called Tav (in Hebrew) or Tatchom (in Cameroonian). This is the awakening and transformation of our Moon God into a number 5 happened 23 January 2019 of the current calendar, which is in actual fact 23 of the 6th month of 2018 in our African Calendar. 23 is important — check out out post on Discordia and the 5th star (the star of David) – this is the power of our moon the giver of the golden apple. Holy Trinity happens when a woman and a man come together to be one in holy matrimony to stand in a place of a royal kingdom – a holy mariage, the sit of our Goddess on earth. Note the differences of the past pisces age and our age now the Aquarius age, that our moon is masculine but the moon of Pisces Age was feminine their Mother Mary Magdalene the wife of Jesus, and now it is our Father Tatcho the music is our moon, the husband of Re.

Aquarius Age


Super Full Blood Wolf Moon Jan 20-21

Super Full Blood Wolf Moon Jan 20-21

This is our official introduction of Tatcho our Moon God, in Zulu we say our “i – Nyanga” meaning the Great Light that rules by night – the moon – and His number is 23: 2+3=5. In our African culture it has always been common that most of moon gods or healers were males and females were spiritual mediums called Sangoma’s. The Kingdom of our Goddess does away with paganism and unifies the African gods through one Sun Daughter and one Moon Son. This moon eclipse happened 2days ago during the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, January month. The start of the winter solstice show Tropic of Capricorn, the goat exactly at 23, 5°South and tropic of Cancer, the “Y” the crab was also exactly at 23.5 North.


Tatchomusic is a cancer ♋️ Star by birth, born 27 June in Bandjoun, Cameroon at the center of Africa along the Equator. He is now reborn 23 January 2018 (African) 2019 (European) in Paris, France. These details are significant because they indicate the source of rapture (we will discuss rapture below) and the opening of the sixth seal or what is called the sixth chakras of our Moon God. Magnetic FieldThe sixth chakra of our sun opened in 2012, now the moon chakras 1 to 6 are open.  It will be that during spring in the northern hemisphere that his seventh chakra and last chakra will open up and then times up for the old world as we will usher to year 1 of the age of Aquarius in August 2019. The sixth seal come also with its own judgement to the old system but we are more interested into delivering good news for our new world and all who will share in with us. Note that the moon eclipse covered only the northern and eastern parts of Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Atlantic, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific and the Arctic, … but not India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and most of the countries in Asia and Australia, why? Because our moon will  only rule the northern and eastern parts of Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Atlantic, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific and all the way to the Arctic where the other parts will be given their own moon god, their own religion as you saw the two big religions of masculin age who were at heads with each other in ruling the world; christianity and islam.


The sixth chakra is also called the third eye, consciousness the awakening, the resurrection which makes us human when it’s opened. This third eye is also called the eye 👁 of Providence – the Divine Love ❤️ between our gods, the moon, sun & earth with her people. This awakening of our moon awakens the rest of Africa but more so the French Africa, but this will not be immediate, …..first will be the 17 elders and then the first 153 who awakens before the rest which will finally arise, we overcame 3&1/2 years of tribulation. Rapture shall be rapid after the seventh seal is opened – the crown, increasing awareness amongst more and more people. Righteousness will be in the the minds of all because this seal opening will create havoc on the old world such that it will be hard not to understand, 2019 is significant: Rise Melanin Rise!!!

This moon of Jan 20-21 was called Super Full Blood Wolf Moon and indeed it was, … if only there is a difference between jackal and the wolf, because the Holy Spirit clearly explained to us that it is the jackal who is the monogamous species who is used by the moon to announce or cut the soil or territory for the new royal kingdom: the Sun and Moon gods on earth. As such to us its the jackal moon, …but we accept wolf moon as well. Below are the images of our Moon God Tatcho Music; do enjoy your brand new moon and its moonlight.



img_5211Since November when we enter Alphabet letter “W”, we since moved to letter “V” in December and now we have just completed letter “U” in January, which brought us to this point of rapture. Rapture happens at the beginning of the new age, throughout the age as new believers transform but it is not necessarily the end of age’s singular event. Rapture is good news it happens when one live the sleeping (dead) consciousness life into an awakened consciousness life, that’s one, but it is also when a human being is reunited with who created them (Goddess or Creator) in terms of both the mind and the physical body (flesh) which is mostly carbon, that is second, and thirdly, it is also when both (in marriage) are moved or snatched from hell into heaven which is what will happen now when the moon’s seventh seal opens up – … starting now after the 6th seal: heaven is here on earth, it starts here on earth, but it is a life where the body and mind can be controlled by the owner, when we gain ears & consciousness – we talked in length about this in our last post “The Law Of Life”. “Rapture” begins now (23 Jan) for the Sun daughter and the Moon Son;

Rapture is simply a term for any mystical union with God or (Goddess in this age) – for eternal life in Heaven with the Goddess. The term “rapture” is derived from the text of the Latin Vulgate —”we will be caught up” or “Rapture” is derived from Middle French rapture, via the Medieval Latin raptura (“seizure, kidnapping”), which derives from the Latin raptus (“a carrying off”). This means awareness, knowledge, beauty, aesthetics, movement, charisma, financial freedom, abundance, providence, prosperity, creativity, success and great governance of one’s affairs with the help of the Goddess as we begin new money, new snow and new rules.

Eventually one by one “we shall be caught up” or “taken away”, with the connotation that this is a sudden event into the new Utopia. This is the beginning of many many raptures to come for all those who follow this path of Re: African or not that means that even people without color will be raptured to heaven if they believe. Do not be left behind! We are going home, we are already at Home, feel it, … embrace it, it’s already here!

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