The Need

Understand the word “Need”

I am the good shepherded. The good shepherd gives Her life for the sheep.” We must recognize Re as our shepherded and desire transformation for ourselves. There comes a time when the sheep has recognized themselves in our Lord that the sheep has enough food and has rest in this truth to transform herself or himself to a lion.

The Lord is my shepherded; I shall not lack/need”. It is your new covenant right that you arrive at a point in which all your needs are met; this we know in the Beacon Of Light-Re. If you feel unsatisfied in your life, know that you can choose a way of the BOL, Re to transform which leads to a place of satisfaction, happiness, rest and abundance – you shall surely receive from your loving heavenly Mother, The Holy Spirit & Daughter.

The secret is in the word: need;

We should be careful of the power of Al-phabets and spoken words. What the sheep need is a shepherd: …. We may want different things but what we need is one thing , our shepherd. Abundance comes when the sheep is well fed and satisfied. The the ultimate goal is not to remain a sheep but to the goal is to transform to be the shepherd or lion ourselves & shepherd others. The idea is to arrive at a place of overwhelming satisfaction.

Satisfaction can never ever be withheld from you. You are recognized in Heaven and on Earth!

Definition of satisfaction

a : the payment through penance of the temporal punishment incurred by a wrong doings

b : reparation for wrong doings that meets the demands of divine justice


a : fulfillment of a need or want

b : the quality or state of being satisfied or contentment/happiness

c : a source or means of enjoyment


a : atonement and restitution which is compensation for a loss or injury.

b : the discharge of a legal obligation or claim

c : vindication


…Having begun in the Spirit, are you now being made perfect by the flesh?

Beloved, how did you receive the gift of purpose? Was it by your own efforts, or was it by grace?

Did you have to work for your transformation or did you simply receive it because of promise from our loving God through our first daughter Re’ in her complete works on the cross? If the greatest gift of our transformation came completely free by grace, how much more every other good thing in life?

Today, since we began in God’s grace, then let us continue in that grace.

We can never bring about true success by depending on our self-effort. Any success that we may achieve without the Good Shepherd’s Spirit is only partial success. True success comes by God’s grace and it is complete, whole and permeates every facet of our lives as microcosms.

This was the promise in prophecy: End of 2013 October, we have entered a new time (a season, if you wish) whereby the sheep will receive wave after wave of God’s grace. No lack or need in our lives that will never be supplied by Her grace. Fresh Grace and each time this wave of grace brings about fresh wisdom & supply where we find ourselves in constant satisfaction. God’s grace & power is and shall always be demonstrated in our lives.

Grace Wave

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