Mother and Child; Born August 11, 2021

Welcome To The New Age!

Welcome To The Aquarius Age! 

Let us usher you in to the New World!

The Star of Hope, the 8 pointed star and 8 stars with a women poring water, these are the waters of life bringing new life to the seas and lands of earth through this age. The forests fires are raging for a reason, the earth renewal. The subcontinent plates are geologically drifting with major earthquakes for a reason. The polar caps are melting for a reason, the 2 vases are at extremes that flush the earth to bring new life! The symbol of womanhood and it is she who brings forth the waters of life. The women coming to her power, how could she not, it is her age. She has been treated as nature has been treated, but remember the way to the light is not in the extremes, the crab of the moon has something to offer. The crab is the chariot who suggests the way of transcendence is to harness the 2 extremes so one can travel the narrow path.

The star points firmly at the 8th house. This is the house of death and its mysteries. There will be death (transformation) and this death will bring forth new life. The promise of the inner light of the moon is brought forward as the Star of Hope.

Seth murdered Osiris, cut his body into 14 pieces and threw it into the waters of life, the Nile. Isis wished to conceive Horus, so she gathered the pieces of her husband and remembered him, but alas to her displeasure a fish had eaten his genitals. Herein lies the secret of initiation; The Beacon Of Light said I shall make you fishers of men, saying I shall initiate you into the way. This cancels the African traditions used for initiation of our young girls and boys  into adulthood. At the beginning (Aquarius Age) and the end of the age (the Pisces age) Re the Beacon Of Light usheres in, her story becomes a way to enter the new, …as she said “beholdI have made a new earth“. Her path (way) is the center path to the light that transcends death.

Here at PLICC we live by and walk in our promises of enduring grace everyday. The bow of promise is a container or a womb. Each womb has the potential for a divine birth, man/women is in the image of God, the microcosm of the macrocosm, the human being must have by nature unlimited potential, for within us all things exist in 3 letters. These are the 3 main aspects of the flame, these are also the 3 principles of personal alchemy; salt, sulphur and mercury.


Welcome then beautiful people, welcome to Promise Land International Charismatic Community (PLICC). Our goal is to gracefully direct the world’s most peaceful transition in ages history as all life moves from the Pisces Age to Aquarius Age. We usherin, guide and direct by teaching about the new path (“Re”) for this new age, using a combination of ancient and new knowledge. Sharing with you the promises of our Great Mother God for this age with simplicity and understanding. People from all walks of life can easily understand this Age, their personal power, and the love of God available to us all.

We present to you The Path, Re ☀️ (The Beacon Of Light). Path means “Head” “Way” and “Beginning“. We lead, guide and teach about redemption i.e. transformation and purification of the soul, body and spirit in the resurrection through agape love. We also lead, guide and teach about life, wealth and success: the balancing of both which is spirituality and wisdom.

It is associated with the channelling of Truth into creations here on Earth. It was “pregnant with” the creative force, filled with “something” in the “created thing”. This “something” is totally independent of its human creator, it comes in a moment of clarity and wisdom and is accompanied by awe and the “reverence of God”. So, Re resembles the bowed head of the awed woman creator or “the mind ‘bending over’ in order to express itself in speech and in song” including other Divinely inspired creations and arts. This Path: “In the Sun (The Beacon Of Light) is the Secret of Spirit”.

May the peace of our Great Mother God, the sweet sound of the Holy Spirit and the Grace be with you always!

Re, The Sun God

The ☀️Sun☀️God


It has been 10 years now since we started sharing on sacred knowledge. To celebrate this milestone; PLICC is publishing a book series –“The Hidden Structures Of life” BOOK 1 to 3. Book 1 will be published as a book in February 2022. Book 1 is the introduction to sacred knowledge and it’s core will be the promise structure issued in 2013. It will finish by a hint of what will follow under Book 2 which is sacred knowledge given to us in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

You can support us spread the Word!

God Bless Africa & France

Help Us Spread Knowledge…

The Hidden Structures Of Life” books 1 to 3 will help us a great deal in reaching our goals; which are to balance the scales of human chances by making sacred knowledge become accessible to all people (young and old, rich or poor) and to touch all people. We need your help; Let us build something together!”


  1. Wow! The Lord is good. Our prayers are with you. The work the Lord has started, He will complete…… Love you!

  2. This is awesome Cebz!! May Leviticus 26:9-10 be your portion!! May GOD give you favour and increase on every side and we decree a bountiful harvest of souls and disciples and provision!! Luke 2:52- like Jesus may you grow in stature and wisdom and in favour with GOD and man!!

  3. je crois dans le ministère que Dieu ta donne, Que Dieu vous bénisse et vous garde dans son amour. I pray for you Léo 🙂

  4. Wow I’m very impressed about your ministry. When we were at 3C, I saw in you a real child of God concerned with the work of God. Let our lord Jesus bless you and the work you are doing. Roger David, youth leader and Accounting lecturer.

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