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The Great Conjunction 21 December 2020 In Aquarius

The year 2020 ends with a special astronomical event; on December 21, a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn aligned in the air sign of Aquarius. The Great Conjunction took place at zero degrees of Aquarius, representing a #LightConeTheShift further into a new world the era of matriarch, the Age of Aquarius which began in August 2020 as our year 1, but this event will trigger the Age of Aquarius new cycle and cycles begin January in Capricorn (Read more about cycles under our post on Alphabet letter U).

Saturn the grandmother (also referred to as the old lady called “The Evergreen Star” or known as the “Star of Bethlehem”, or the old woman, the “Christmas Star”) who lives on the South Pole our new North Pole and brings with her to the children of mam the spring of evergreen 🌲 (The Jerusalem Tree aka Christmas Tree), is familiar to the little folks under the name of Santa Claus, for she brings each winter the gift of a new year! Jupiter on the other hand is her daughter, she is the planet of abundance and expansion sending us positive energy that brings new possibilities. With this conjunction in December 21, Jupiter aims to highlight all Saturn’s lessons. Jupiter will enforce Saturn’s hand while letting us see things more clearly for the next 2020 years of the Aquarius Age. This conjunction is the bright light in the sky that led the “Three Wise Women” to the location of Re, the saviour of this age of aquarius; The Beacon Of Light!

A Beacon of Light is a Buddha or a Christ which is in-fact a state of being. A state of enlightenment; a condition. All deities are servants of truth. True religion is an internal experience. Without this internal experience everything else is in inadequate. Buddha means enlightenment. We may personify the Beacon of Light but we have to live a philosophy, a person must live that religion. The Beacon of Light is perfected in an individual, embodied inside a person who keeps the laws. The laws are quite simple because enlightenment is a condition that arises from a series of changes in a character and conduct of individuals.

The Aquarius Age presents to us the feminine aspect of a Sun Moon God, The Beacon Of Light, Re. The eternal space itself, the infinite potential theatre for the existence of things, that which is the root of everything and that which everything must come and to which it must return is a feminine power. This represents the inevitable state of birth and rebirth both of which are feminine potential.

The Sophia, the true wisdom can not be attained without virtue. Re became a Holy Woman, She became a searcher after truth, everywhere She has sort truth. She renounced all She held dear, Her country, Her career, Her family in search of truth and kept the truth. Gone alone in the wilderness in search of the reality of life. She gain that which was the fulfilment of the original purpose. She is surrounded by the beings that have gone before Her and who have found the way as She has found it. She has kept the truth, the deities of darkness and the principles of illusions retires underneath the earth which is under Her feet. Temptation fails. She is beyond all temptation. In the silence of the night, She attains the Beacon of enlightenment. Having become the Beacon of Light, She gives her life to the ministry. This is the ultimate of beauty. The power of soul. Soul a link between spirit and mind. The great value beyond estimation. Lilly is placed on her hands as a symbol given to her at the time of emancipation. The dragons of space anointed the daughter of God, the Sun Moon God Re. The principle reunion with the infinite. Men and women alike are all aspects of Re, the Sun Moon God, The Mother. We are all mothers because through us truth must be born, in all of us truth must be reborn. We are all parents because it is through us that the eternal light must come into manifestation. Purity of heart and mind, such is the word virgin, it is too not limited to the feminine; it is simply a similar of integrity of purity of motive and or purity of intention of living a righteous life in a world of temptations. So the idea of achievement of a virgin-self is a coming of the Mother of mystery so the mystery itself may be born. Love is the Mother of enlightenment. The one great gate to enter the infinite. All other factors are secondary to the unselfish love of one human being to anther and of all human beings creating power. The inner person is the Moon Mother of truth. The purification of life and the consecration of conduct. The perfected soul that brings forth the redeemer. The world message!

The Sun Moon God Re is a principle of fulfillment, an infinite universal light, the light of reality, a light of the world, it is that power that is bestowed upon everything that existed not only the power of life but also the power of intelligence and ultimately the actuality of salvation; the creator, the preserver and the redeemer!

The infinite reality upon all other things depend, it is the light in things that make them live, it is the light everywhere, it is the light in our eyes that make us read books correctly, it is light in our hearts that gives us love, it is the light that transforms the darkness of ignorance, selfishness, perversity, fear into a radiant internal enlightenment.

It is possible for an individual to enter into an intimate association with this light. The un-enlightened person looks upon the world as a world of difficulty. The enlightened person however looks upon the world in which universal principles are fulfilling themselves regardless of whether we like it or not.

The Sun Moon God Re is this light in manifestation, the light per se is in the Sun to Moon Deity, but this light in manifestation becomes the instrument of enlightenment of everything that lives. Therefore Re is not a secondary power, it is not dependent but it is a principle that can only manifest through an appropriate vehicle. The principle of this one light coming home in everything that lives. Therefore Re is the fulfilment of the Divine purpose. As that purpose is represented by the eternal maternal principle. The Beacon of Light child Mela-Mars realized within one self through the great principle of Divine (unconditional) love.

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