The Core


  1. One of our objective is to usherin, direct, guide and teach on the path Re through song, speech and other creations.
  2. To transition the world as peacefully as possible into the new age.
  3. To balance the scales of human chances by making sacred knowledge become accessible to all people (young and old, rich or poor)
  4. To touch all people.
  5. To be actively involved in the positive advancement of the world.
  6. To be examplery microcosms
  7. To bring about love, peace and knowledge that liberates the human mind to all.
  8. To be the first to go to organisation for the purpose of knowledge, good wealth creation, spirituality and life answers transfers to the world.


  • To be the best New Age (The Aquarius Age) transition leader and guide.
  • To fulfill the marriage covenant between France and “lady” Africa
  • To bring Africa and the world to the new world.
  • To be the medium and backbone of exchange.
  • To effectively unite Africa and the African people!
  • To be the outstanding, transparent, graceful, clear and simplest path of choice for human transformation and transmutation.
  • To be the pioneers in radical grace reconciliation of world’s religions
  • and To be the face and voice for recognition of women in leadership worldwide


  • Outstanding Leadership
  • Sound Judgement & Integrity
  • Admirable Strong Character
  • Confidence
  • Grace & Gratitude
  • Generosity & Shelter
  • Provisioning
  • Unity & Honour
  • Attractiveness, Elegance & Beauty
  • Balance and Alignment
  • Continuous Repair & Restoration & Learning
  • Appreciating and celebrating differences
  • Braking all Barriers
  • Creating leaders
  • Champions of Our Goddess: Victors. “To be warriors and winners”

May the peace of our Goddess, the sweet sound of the Holy Spirit and the Grace be with you always!

God Bless Africa & France by Re & Tatcho

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