Newsletter May’13: “The House Of Re”

2013 is the year of opening doors. Hosea talk about the “The Door Of Hope”.  2013 is the year of the promise for the key of the house of David. This month of May 2013, we reveal to you The House of David and the key that opens all doors. This understanding should be able to assist you to gain valuable knowledge on betathe house of life” also called the house of David; shares. As well as the key that opens the gates to wealth and income distribution, sharing, and agreements and contracts in the economy.
This year 2013 began with a Prophetic Promise then in February explained to us the “number 13” and its strong significance, it was clear that 2013 is a year of promises, abounding grace, growth, chances/opportunities and miracles. In March we started exploring the human being’s body parts and their spiritual functions as microcosm.

But it was last month, April where we saw the human being’s entire life structure that God designed for a human being in order for her/him to reign on earth — remember the pyramid roof 4 dimensions; purpose, career(s), talents& skills and lastly the “blessed” net.

Most significantly we talked about the aspect of “time and chance and its free falling characteristics and availability to all beings across the universe. We used two people’s lives (one alive and one already passed-on) as examples to help give a clearer understanding.

Re's Temple Re’s Temple

God said now it’s April right? So, the fourth month in the current calendar–focus on number four! Re, what do you think when you think of number four? —Asked the Lord. Ok, I said, well firstly I understood that I am the fourth child at home. Ok, what else said God? Then I said the four directions or the four corners of the earth –north, south, east and west…”very well, anything else?”, said the Lord. Then I said, oh, yes! Obviously a structure with four sides is the square/the cube. That’s when I stood up –didn’t even wait for an answer and began to draw the structure on the white board. I began by drawing a square, then She said place the pyramid from the last newsletters on top of the square you just drawn. Oh my goodness! It’s a house. Yes it’s a house said God, so where are your windows? At that moment I remembered the house I used to draw as a kid– it always had four windows, two at the bottom and two on top. Then I drew the four windows—these windows became the platforms that we saw on our last newsletter (April Newsletter). That’s when She said draw a big circle around the windows representing the earth and it’s four directions. I did and also indicated the directions — north, south, east and west. Each window had a quadrant, Oh, I have a cross! I drew the door and it’s handle. That’s when God said to me, call it “The House of Re” —see picture attached.

the number four with beesNumber four: marks division, it is the first number which is divisible: distribution and sharing in the economy. Therefore it marks a kind of completeness as well complete body —incl material completeness. Number four is considered the number of creation; of human being in their relation to the world as it was created, the four dimensional body.

The Human House: The Body Of Light 

You & I have Bodies to infinity , you have another body now it’s called a subtle body, a four dimensional body. A human body is ill when it has not recognized itself as 4 dimensional or in other words in this sense. Not recognizing yourself as four dimensional means you can not reconciled the whole entire being which is your house. 

The subtle body “is the vehicle of desires and vital forces“. The subtle body is divided in four bodies (physical, emotional-astral, mental– soul and vital-breath-spirit) with which the soul must cease to identify in order to realize a god within or to realize God (process of realization). The ultimate task is to harmoniously develop the four bodies into a single way; the Body of Light which develops and controls; it gains new powers as one progresses”

The 4 parts of the “Body of Light” make up a square it is also called the house, the body – the Holy temple. It’s roof is made up of 4 items as well; your purpose in life, skills&talents, careers and blessed net as we have seen above; this is the House of Re – the Beacon of Light – the way

The next thing will be to explore the house aspect where the human-being would dwell. The Great Mother God created the world for humanity to construct with Her -remaining connected to God. The house of God—The Holy Grail is also called “The House Of Re and TATCHOM ”…“And the key of the house of Re will I lay upon Her shoulder; so she shall open, and none shall shut; and she shall shut, and none shall open.” This is the promise fulfilled!

And I will pour upon The House of Re, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplications: …

“Would you build a house for Me to dwell in? ‘Why have you not built Me a house of cedar?’ ”

The house with red roof and keys The temple of Re or a house of rest, a house of life, a house of cedar. Beta, Canis Majoris from the constellation Canis Major together with planet Sartun, the crescent 🌙 moon the star ⭐️ and the Sun ☀️ all in contractual agreement gives the key 🔑 “To open the blind eyes, to bring out the prisoners from the prison, and them that sit in darkness out of the prison house”.

The promise of the house;

  • to make or build her a house,
  • to set up seed after her, and
  • to establish her kingdom.

Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it;..For so She gives Her beloved sleep.

The Lord revealed three main things to us pertaining to “The House of Re”;

  1. ‘The House of Re’ indicates a place or a structure, building, construction.
  2. And that Re herself symbolizes an ancestor or say God figure to a people, and a generation of world’s royalty or nobles; “Mela-Mars daughter of Re”
  3. The house is also a Kingdom, a government and economy. The entire world 🌎 as a business.

“The House of Re” is a heavenly designed structure as we have seen in the picture with a pyramid as a roof described above. And we can all see how David’s cube in the nation of Israel and the cube of Prophet Mohamed in Kabba, the cubes of other nations of the world, has resulted to globalisation. Globalization is a God idea; globalization is not meant to function in corrupted money, if the rulers of our planet work with such money it creates poverty and increases the inequality gap.

The House is also a kingdom or a government; in the next few paragraphs we will review the kingdom or government aspect.

For unto us a child is born, unto us a Daughter is given: and the government shall be upon her shoulder: and her name shall be called Mela-Mars Re the ohm, The Beacon of Light for The World, Wonderful Re, Counselor, The mighty Pharoah, The everlasting Mother Africa, The Princess of Peace. In the increase of her government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of Re, and upon her kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even forever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this.”

The Keys of The KingdomYou have probably heard the Lords’ Prayer (“Our …, who art in heaven…”Thy kingdom come—. As we said earlier number four divides—spread-out , divide the share, sharing,  sharing in what?  World’s resources, trade; in bread 🍞, in fish 🐟 in fruits, in vegetables etc…

Re our Sun, our Lady Africa is our way to the daily bread, to our fish and to our vineyards. The key she obtained it cuts or divide for us a piece of the pie in the world economic system to the establishment of the kingdom of God. Africa will get her piece and over above that She will get back all the money that was stolen from her in resources, brain drain and in slavery and displacement.

Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your Heavenly Mother feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?”

Most people are of the opinion that the good life does not happen without hard work and buckets of sweat. They believe that to achieve success, you first need to have this certificate, that qualification, this particular skill and that many years of hard work and slaving. I have good news for you:

God has a better way, a grace way, a Re way! Where you can accumulate your education, awards, certificates and skills whilst enjoying what you do because it is an extension of who you are. You can build a strong career with traceable milestones or achievements. You can use all you talents to enter into beta. And you find love and be can be happy whilst doing it.

People love to be productive. We all must work, but others wants you to believe that there is a natural process of sowing, reaping and gathering, accompanied by waiting, toiling, slaving and stress, before the good life actually comes but many of our people worked hard and died in poverty, under corrupt and unjust governments. We can operate in the one world’s economy posessing both the house and the key. The time is now!

In the same way that God feeds the birds which do not go through the sowing -then-reaping -then-the gathering system illusion of the world system. Sowing is good and gathering is good but all those are skills that shouldn’t determine if you eat or not. The world is a place of trade in many of different products and skills. God wants you to know that you can obtain the key of the cube in the world’s economic system. Your kingdom established and you can make as one of the nobles. You are of the kingdom of Our Great Mother God — the same kingdom that feeds the birds that do not toil, but trust in the guidance and promises of their Creator as they do great works of faith.

Beloved Mother God wants you to get your house of life.  She also wants to give you the key to this House.

Check out our post on the key of the nobles.


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