2014 Motto: “say yes, to transformation 2014,

lifecycle_butterflyA combination of the ratio of the cyclic law, no. 4 …with the cosmic unit (completion) no. 10 (10 + 4 = 14).  1 and 4, 1 being a number for leadership and mathematically number four is the first number which is divisible which marks a kind of completeness as well—material completeness. It is written that number four is considered the number of creationcreation of a human in her relation to the world as it was created. The human was created with all that she needs to dominate a specific field or territory in the world, to subdue and replenish; each person was created with a specific purpose in his/her relation to the world.

Thus number 14, would represent also the nature working out the life of your purpose or your calling. Number 14 is also a significant number representing the double current of evolution and involution (7 x 2 = 14), hence our 2014 motto on transformation.

Number 14 has another interesting combination to it, number seven representing completion; 7 + 7 = 14, indicating a double completion: Jupiter’s in the flesh is made complete. Grace’ sacrifice fulfilled the need for animal sacrifices. It was on the 14th day of the first month in 30 A.D and that circle is repeating itself. The Beacon Of Light, birthed by the virgin mother (Virgo), the Lamb of God who becomes our shepherd took away the sin of the world, was crucified as the perfect sacrifice to save mankind from the brutal consequences of the one sin. Re’ death on Passover completed Her purpose in the flesh and gave us a gift of the Holy Spirit.

2014 will therefore be that year for us, a year Re is prepared as a new Jupiter. Number 14 is whereby all the dimensions of purpose will be orderly completed with creation or nature and consolidated to orderly evolution of the universe, to advance the movement or the evolution of the world. 

This year would be the time for moving by faith and following our calling; the world is waiting to be transformed by your ideas, your creativity, your innovation and your purpose. You are a life changer! And, that change, that transformation begins with you!

Say Yes, Yes….Yes To Transformation! Yes to Evolution, to Involution!


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