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The “N” Word

Let us talk about the “N” word.

Nigro, Negro, Negroid or Nigri

The word Negro is borrowed from Spanish negro (meaning “black” night or darkness ) along the way the meaning related to the color black. Italian or Latin languages infact use it to indicate mainly night or darkness. In French language color black is “noir”.

The color black itself is known to be completely absorbing of all light and absorbing of all colors and reflecting small amounts of color or light. Black is also called Dark, silence, a place with hidden light, controlled light or internal light, or absorbed light whereby visible light is reflected rhythmic or in phases or through different colors at certain times or not at all. The color black is foundation and power as such it has been the symbolic color of solemnity and authority, and for this reason is still commonly worn by judges and magistrates. Worn at junior graduations 🎓 as a symbol of applied knowledge.


We will look into this subject today and see how the word “negro” got to be used by slave traders of Europe, Americans and Arabs as an insult towards us Africans. The Afrikaans, South Africa’s Apartheid System used a crockrotch insult, they used the K-word, the word “kaffir” a slur which is related to non inheritor or native. The Apartheid System used skin and hair to discriminate against natives and people of color which was Africans, Coloreds and Indians , even though different slur words were used towards those categories. USA the European’s Utopia was founded by a Spanish guy Columbus as an Utopia and the word negro is borrowed from Spanish to insult dark skin tones or the sleeping persons. USA discriminated based both skin color and hair but focused mainly on skin color to insult and discriminated based on this; the slur word used was this word Negro.

Now, the word negroid in itself became an insult because it was used by philosophers and scholars to describe the opposite of illumination or an illuminated being. We will see later on this paper more in details on how philosophy and Alchemy describes the negroid stage of a soul, which was a state of darkness or sleeping what you call Zombie state and it affects souls who are not transforming or transmuting regardless of race or gender, but …
But remember we have already explained on our website that we Africans and Indians and other nations of color such as Indonesians, also the original or native Americans and Aboriginal people of Australians and many others like countries like Yemeni and other feminine countries, we were the ones sleeping or fell into this state of unawareness because of the age in which we lived which was masculine whereby the masculine side of God was closely present on our universe resulting to us feminine countries to fall into judgement. What does that mean? This means that even though a European or Japanese or other masculine race or national would find him or herself in this state of darkness (during their past age of masculinity) they would easily transform or transmute or be born again to achieve what is called in Alchemy the white state of a soul (the illuminated state of a soul). Why was it easier for them? Because a masculine side of God was nearer to assist those whose image were closest to God’s. So these races or nationals used this support from God to oppress, colonize, to exclude Africa from trade deals, also to judge and to condemn Africans and other feminine or people of color as dark, slaves, stupid, and lost instead of being empathetic. So now that the wheels have turned and the feminine side God is nearer and ruling on earth, a person of color and feminine would find it easier to transform to transmute or to be born again. Which means that the negroid dark, sleeping cayotic and unaware state of the soul now falls to masculine nationals which are Europeans ethnicity Russians ethnicity Japanese and so forth. The new negroid doesn’t posses a darker skin tone.

Alchemy use four colors to describe the first stages of soul transmutation (black, white, yellow and red). These colors doesn’t correspond at all to humanity skin colors. To do that is corruption and perverting science to perpetuate evil and hate in the world.
Black and white colors have often been used by the masculine age to describe opposites such as good and evil, the Dark Ages versus Age of Enlightenment, and night versus day.

Why then have we the African people accepted to be defined or referred to as blacks after the color black. Amongst ourselves we don’t call each other blacks, we are just the African people. Personally I recall calling ourselves A-Bantu or by Tribal names or ancestral names but I don’t recall black, the Zulu term “Abantu Abansundu” (Afro people) however I believe has now became “Abantu abamnyama” over the years meaning black people. I know to be true that we see ourselves as more than just our skin tones in-fact, we are more than the color of our skin at least to ourselves we are, but when we interact with other races we have accepted to be reduced to simply blacks whereas our skin tones come in all shades of brown. We love the color of our skin, we love our Afro hair and we love everything that is part of being the melaninated people. Growing up I am the darker brown skin tone than my 2 sisters and I remember being called beautiful because of that, I heard people call me “Indoni yamanzi” meaning the dark beauty the dolphin. Being dark skin in Africa is beautiful. But over the years in Africa, people adopted ills from other nations of taking color black as a negative or ugly, and hear young African boys rate girls according to Beyoncé skin tone and blonde hair, “yellow-bone” girl, they say. All that colonial and USA pop culture brainwash is now escaping our brains and we are re-learning how to love, appreciate and accept who we are. If we as a humanity want to refer to each other in skin colors we should at-least become more accurate about it, European people are not white in color either, nobody’s skin is white in color, but some how they too have accepted the association to color white, such that they call themselves as whites and there is a reason for that and as we proceed we will see the reason why. These skin color referrals have begotten accepted socialized racism. Strangely enough Indians who come in same complexions as Africans are not referred to as blacks instead they are referred to as Asians or Indians. Which brings us to the source of the black skin insult towards us Africans calling African people negroids.

We begin by taking the example of the blackamoor, negroid love from black amour. Blackamoor was and is offensive, just like blackface. Because “darkness” or negroid loved them(Europeans, Arabs & other masculine nationals) they could make slaves out of Africans. It is or was used by Europeans to refer to a person with brown skin, especially one from North Africa (ancient Kermit, Numbia or Mali and all ancient North African countries before the Arabic invasion of North Africa) where slave trade began. A blackamoor was a servant or slave Europeans used it to refer to an African person; historically Europeans classified Africans as inferior, or children because of this sleepless state of the mind Africans fell into. In heraldry a blackamoor was a stylized African called an Argent, three blackamoors’ heads couped sable, capped or, fretty gules.

An argent is a person of different race whose mind has been taken control over by a ruling race to such an extent that person would press down their own; for an example a black person pushing the white person’s agenda to promote white superiority and colonialism to his family, and community on behalf of the white agenda. In United States during the days of the Jim Craw laws, Americans used to refer to such Africans as “house nigro”. Or another example of an argent is also used to refer to a person who had been brainwashed by an occult or sect or cult such as Christianity religious sects to such an extent that they speak on behalf or recruit on behalf off and warn against people who believe different to them. There are many other examples of taking over people’s mindsets used by governments nowadays through television and media. When a black woman for instance is continuously depicted as struggling or as materialistic, or as weak, or as a victim or as poor or as violent or angry on television shows or on other forms of media, like it’s often found to be worse on reality television, the end result will be that the consumers of those channels grow a stereotype of that gender or race of people and they become argents of the governments perpetuating discrimination racism, bigotry even at worse gender based violence without even knowing. Often times that’s the best strategy used by governments in the West, pop culture and propaganda. Social media companies are argents of governments they attempt to manipulate and oppress different voices. France always attempts to increase surveillance on the population. Television is a government argent. In France we currently over scan the television channels and shows, even movies, we oftentimes find ourselves reading about each movie before watching because television in France is excluding African people and constantly and deliberately representing a false narrative of an African man, African woman including Arabic and Islam religion. Islamophobia, homophobia, xenophobia, other phobias, colorism and racism are instigated by governments via Television, Hollywood movies and other medias to push the hegemonic culture of North American culture as superior or the white male as superior or Christianity as civilized. The West media contributed to the so called “dark” African continent mindset which was infused all over the world and yet Africa is the brightest, richest continent on earth yet still somehow through television and media it is still possible to manipulate an entire generation which is detrimental because it reduces tourism and trade to other continents or countries so much that its the population themselves who shun away from people different to them. We are seeing it now with the West pushing the anti China agenda. Trump began spreading the corona virus as a Chinese virus and before we knew it people in United States were attacking and killing people of Asian descent.

Which reminds us of a good recent example of an argent with the incident at Boulders Mall Midrand South Africa 2 weeks ago whereby an African adult male, a manager at the Mall chased and used the reservation right of admission against another African adult male because he was dressed in an African traditional attire. He said his dress code isn’t acceptable in public and went on to call it public indecency. This manager by not accepting of his kind, was not accepting of himself and at that moment he became what is referred to as an argent for white agenda assisting South African European settlers who were or are anti-African freedoms and expressions. This idea of heraldry is so powerful that it makes the people of an oppressed race accepting of their condition, it makes them also to fight amongst themselves, oppressed each other on behalf of an oppressor even when the oppressor isn’t around.

We are all argents in a way of some ideal. Ideals shift our world. Ideals are so powerful to bring freedom, awareness and even prosperity. We each stand for or stand with or stand on something or somebody. The power is capitalized when we are not betraying ourselves. Respecting other racial groups doesn’t include becoming their argents. Be your own argent, meaning support ideals that empowers you and your children not the opposite. Let us become argents of ideals by choice and in that choice we owe it to ourselves to push forward ideals that will bring prosperity to ourselves, to our continent, to our world, and to our children. Only a fool is an argent of his oppressor. Africa it’s time to wash-off the brainwash and reuniting with your Mother and Father. Praying in Jesus name will live you disappointed & ignored by God. Praying in the name of prophet Mohamed or foreign religious names will live you ill and disappointed. The time to change God’s names has come, be with the times, be on rhythm. The image of God is no longer white blue eyed and masculine. The image of God is now African and feminine. Reconcile with your own light, your own christos, your power. If you must pray in the name off someone, Pray therefore in the name of the Almighty God directly acknowledging Her femininity until such time the daughter Re is revealed to your heart, once Re and the Holy Spirit are one with you, all power in its fullness will be yours.

The insult of calling or associating Africans to the color black with an intent of degrading and hate is coming from the term negroid for which in analytical psychology the term became a metaphor for ‘the dark night of the soul‘, when an individual confronts the shadow within. The insult to African as negroid therefore meant to say they were people living literally under darkness because they are born of darkness and ignorance so there is no need to give them knowledge just give them Christianity and poor education. Negroid infact means stingy or lack which is opposite of generous or prosperous because when a soul is living under darkness under its own shadow it’s living at a place without the grace of God. That’s why referring to someone as negro is condemning them, it is wrong to its core. European can be negroid too, an Asian can be negroid as well if they live under this state of ignorance. In Alchemy and in analytical philosophy this particular stage of negroid is a place of cayos for the soul, a place of hell, sleeping unaware and ignorance for the soul, it is definitely not a reference to skin color black.


The purpose of Alchemy is to liberate the whole individual which is hidden in the darkness, threatened by the rational and correct conduct of life, consequently experiencing themselves as hindered and on the wrong path.” ⎯Carl Jung

The Alchemical process as described by Jung has four distinct stages:

  1. Nigredo, Confession
  2. Albedo, Illumination
  3. Citrinitas, Education and
  4. Rubedo, Transformation.

These stages are the framework of Jung’s characterization of the four stages of transformation:

  1. Confession,
  2. Illumination,
  3. Education and
  4. Transformation.

The first stage is Nigredo, the blackening. The meditative nigredo stage is described as lost in the uncomfortable night of nothing. This stage is also referred to as the putrification and is the stage of confession or catharsis. Putrefaction is the fifth stage of death. The burning away of the dross.

In analytical psychological process involved in Nigredo is shadow work. The shadow (also known as id, shadow aspect, or shadow archetype) is either an unconscious aspect of the personality that the conscious ego does not identify in itself, or the entirety of the unconscious, i.e., everything of which a person is not fully conscious. In short, the shadow is the unknown side. Everyone carries a shadow,” Jung wrote, “and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is.”This involves understanding what you project onto others and the world. It is about becoming aware of your own darkness (shadow). Only through the process of burning away your false ideas and beliefs do you gain clarity on who you truly are. According to Jung, the shadow, in being instinctive and irrational, is prone to psychological projection, in which a perceived personal inferiority is recognized as a perceived moral deficiency in someone else. Jung writes that if these projections remain hidden, “the projection-making factor (the Shadow archetype) then has a free hand and can realize its object—if it has one—or bring about some other situation characteristic of its power.” These projections insulate and harm individuals by acting as a constantly thickening veil of illusion between the ego and the real world.

The shadow personifies everything that the subject refuses to acknowledge about her/himself” and represents “a tight passage, a narrow door, whose painful constriction no one is spared who goes down to the deep well.”For an Alchemist Nigredo is the stage of deep introspection. This stage start to manifest at 33 years of age, although there maybe a few cases whereby much younger people are able to reach this point prior to mid-life. This is the time when the question of meaning or purpose becomes central for the individual, triggered by feelings of dissatisfaction, unhappiness, frustration and being unable to identify what the exact source or cause of these feelings.

Nigredo is the first stage of the Alchemical process. The process of creating the philosopher’s stone. Viewed psychologically, this is the process of individuation. Giving birth to your true, honest and individuated Self. It is the reason for embarking on the Great Work (Magnum Opus). Alchemically the transmutation of lead to gold, psychologically and spiritually the transmutation of shadow to Self, of transgressions to virtue.

Jung also found psychological equivalents for many other alchemical concepts, with ‘the characterization of analytic work as an opus; the reference to the analytic relationship as a vas, vessel or container; the goal of the analytic process as the union of conflicting opposites’. including such images as (whiteness), (yellowness), and (redness).

Albedo is the washing away of impurities. This phase is concerned with “bringing light and clarity to the prima materia (the First Matter)”, it focuses on the development of communication between the conscious and unconscious aspects of the psyche. This stage builds relationship to the self. Another interpretation describes albedo as an experience of awakening and involves a shift in consciousness where the world becomes more than just an individual’s ego, his family, or country.

Citrinitas focuses on exploring relationship dynamics with the world, others and intimate partners. “transmutation of silver into gold” (yellowing of the lunar consciousness), as Jung calls it.

Rubedo focuses on the individuation process. Associated with the color red, as rubedo signaled alchemical success, and the end of the great work. Rubedo is also known by the Greek word iosis. It is also described as a stage that gives birth to a new personality. Represented by the color of blood in alchemy, the stage indicates a process that cannot be reversed since it involves the struggle of the self towards its manifestation.

The Self manifests itself in “wholeness,” a point in which a person discovers their true nature. Another interpretation phrased it as “reunification” which entail the reunion of body, soul, and spirit, leading to a diminished inner conflict.

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