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The Zulu Monarchy

King Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu passes-on at age 72

When such great events occur in our world our first experience is shock, a lost of words. We try to process, to make sense of it all, we try to figure it out, what it really means because we know that things will never be the same again.

King Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu passes-on. He was the longest serving king of the Zulu nation, the country’s largest ethnic group. Zwelithini ascended to the throne in 1971 after the death of his father.

When a most influential figure amongst nations such as I-Silo Samabandla Onke Kandaba passes-on, we all know that important structures shift, they are shaken and or even destroyed if succession plan is weak or out of time.

European media reported that the Zulu King had a small role almost implying it had small significance which included ceremonial, traditional and spiritual roles within the modern South Africa.

I back to differ. People in Singapore studied of the Zulu Kingdom, people in the UK studied of the Zulu Kingdom and its influence, people in France know of the Zulu Kingdom, in USA and many parts of the world, the Zulu Kingdom stood for something greater that went beyond the borders of South Africa. The Zulu royal kingdom gave the African people around the world a sense of black power and pride. I myself was born in Kwa-Zulu Natal, I am of the Zulu nation. My mother tongue is isi-Zulu. I completed my high school studies at BhekuZulu College, in Kwa-Nomgoma, a school which was originally built for the children of monarchies and Zulu nobles. We also studied Zulu history, language, proverbs and heritage. Being Zulu goes beyond just ceremonial and traditions. It is an identity so undisputedly strong, rooted deeply in four main things;
1. Warriorship,
2. Confidence,
3. Pride and
4. Honor.

King Goodwill Zwelithini, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi and KZN premier Sihle Zikalala sings with the warriors at the commemoration of King Shaka at Stanger High School fields in KwaDukuza. Photo: SANDILE NDLOVU

Being Zulu was in the air we breathed, it is in the blood. Personally, I never attended any Zulu ceremonial events except when it was part of a school curriculum but I understood it, I mean, we all did, we shared in it.
King Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu belong to a lineage of great men and women. King Shaka Zulu stands out from that lineage of warriors and visionaries the Zulu mornach produced. Like the current President of South Africa Ramaphosa said, the Zulu royal family also contributed to cultural identity, national unity and economic development.

I wouldn’t have spoken if I do not help us make sense of this passing of the Zulu King. This is our strength, it’s what we do. We usher Africans and transition the world into the new age. We make clear the times in which we live and hidden spiritual meaning of life events happening around us which includes teaching sacred knowledge and breaking down in most simplest of terms the most complicated things, so we may not be left behind but rather take a leadership role globally in this age.

Before we do that though, I would like to give our sincere condolences to the royal family, and to the Zulu nation as a whole, we say, “alwehlanga lungehlanga mabandla onke kandaka”, “dudu phephisani kodwa nazi ukuthi uMvelinqangi akanishiyanga nodwa kodwa uniphile isipho senduduzo esizoniqinisa ukuba niqhubekele phambili nokuba yisibusiso soku hlanganisa izizwe zonke zomhlaba wonkana! Kushintshile akusezukufana nalokhu ebesikwazi, kodwa okumi njalo umoya wethu wokuphokophelela phambili njalo-nje!
Also to the people of South Africa, of Africa and beyond for whom the king was an important symbol of African pride masculinity, strength, warriorship, history, culture and heritage; we say, be comforted!

Well, nations rise and fall. Monarchies rise and fall. Empires rise and fall. Civilizations rise and fall. Nothing is forever under the sun. Monarchies are born for and built by God. They are not democratic, a people can not elect a Queen or King. Monarchies consists of structures, symbols, rituals, orders that can not be broken and must be honored at all cost. These laws are given by God to a people through prophets who birth kings and Queens of nations. Monarchies are God’s only way to communicate grace, justice and love to a people, to build a nation, and to unify a people. That is the reason why royal families are descendants of prophets. Monarchies play a spiritual role first before any other roles such as language and culture, traditions, identity, social, geo political and economical strategies and structures.

This was clear during medieval times of ancient empires of Africa, of Europe, of the East & around the world. Because empires are forever creating ways to live longer, the religious structures, justice structures and prime ministerial roles were born. Democracy is part and parcel of the revolutionary ways of reducing inequality and increasing chances of reaching nobility for ordinary people. Kings and Queens did too much in the past, they were judges and administerd justice in the land, they were agricultural season observers, they were religious lords, they were heads of the army, they lead all areas which also shortened their reigning period. Nowadays however it’s different and roles are diversified amongst kings and nobles which means that becoming a noble isn’t so out of reach as was before, thanks to education, talents and skills.

Organization, Structures and symbols are not human creation but God’s idea of kingdom creation to us human beings. We also have dividing ages and times. But above all that we have laws. We touched on some of those laws already such as the law of gender and we spoke in length of this age and we said that, the feminine side of God is ruling in this age. Which means that the image of God is that of a masculine brain and a body of a woman. This challenges the old image of God’s image which was a masculine brain in a body structure of a man. What is more balanced is a masculine brain in a body of a woman. Those people always rule longer with grace and more peacefully, example being the dying British monarchy and the old Russian monarchy.

King Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu was the longest serving king of the Zulu nation but also the last. The old mornachs around the world are dissipating and new mornachs rises. Why? Because we have closed the chapter of masculine brain masculine body image of God which was called the masculine age of Pisces and we have welcomed the masculine brain and feminine body image of God in this feminine age of Aquarius.

Africa is becoming one country, the United States of Africa and nothing is going to stop this movement. The AU has began issuing AU passports. Politicians and business people are far ahead already taking advantage of this larger market and opportunity for economical growth. Our concern is that the ordinary South Africans are the least prepared in Africa for such an exodus. Other African countries are used to immigration due to wars and displacement, they are used to living abroad and they are used to getting nothing from their governments which makes them a bit more ambitious and aggressive businessmen and women. Rwanda is doing well and it is a huge competitor in the Southern region that will challenge regional economies but ordinary South Africans don’t see this. Colonial borders are thinning and the people are not well prepared for what’s coming. French Africa has a different approach to Anglo Africa, the French oppressed Franco Africa the hardest as a result the Franco Africans are sharp, quick and more creative in how to make money or access doors.

The Zulu King failed to prepare the Zulu nation of these times we are living in today. The Zulu Kingdom may have stood some chance to lived longer well into this feminine age only if they had a better succession plan which included appointing a Queen to succeed King Zwelithini instead of another King, but this too might be too late anyway and we doubt if there is even an understanding of the times in which we live there in Kwa-Nongoma at the Zulu Royal family palace. King Zwelithini was already a king completely out of touch; he slammed gays as “rotten”, he perpetuated xenophobia attacks in South Africa and kept outdated rituals that were damaging to the young generation and women in general. As is South Africa is amongst the top countries with the highest cases of femicide in the world due to stagnant traditions and rituals in a forever changing world. The damage that xenophobia and hormophobia has caused in Africa will take years to cure and eradicate. The issue of gender based violence and xenophobia affects us all as Africans and our leaders are dragging their feet on these issues. We believe a step towards healing is to have real conversations of understanding. It comes natural for most Zulu people to be closed or to see other Africans (even other South Africans clans who aren’t Zulu) as less than, to be critical of the other and to be utterly xenophobic towards other Africans and most of it has to do with the late King Zwelithini’s remarks for inflaming a spate of xenophobic attacks on mostly African migrants and the other being the lack of multiculturalism or expatriation strategy. When the British, the French, other Europeans nations, Arabs, the Chinese were spreading themselves all over the world, the Zulu’s remained in South Africa to such an extent that when a Zulu child goes outside to build a life abroad they are seen as a traitors and sometimes excommunicated instead of capitalising on their pilgrimage journey. As Africa, we have still a lot to do, to learn and to explore, luckily the time is on our side, it is now to do all of that.

Obviously African monarchies were already weakened by European monarchies who were the leaders of the past age of masculine brain and masculine body masculinity in the old image of God. They succeeded in colonizing our lands and our brains but we are woke now we are now taking everything back from their hands and we are succeeding. We are denouncing their religions and their images of God, not out of rebellion but because it’s God’s chosen time for all things to go back to its original order of things. The African monarchies spiritual roles and influence were greatly challenged by foreign religions like Christianity and Islam. There was a strong spiritual conflict, confusion and cayos off-which large elements of it still exists today where most Africans people are still living out of rhythm with the Great time and nature. That’s why you must help share our newsletters and spread the word because unfortunately this greatly affects the growth and development of a black man, a black woman and of a black child.

With all that said, there is no need to loose hope on contrary we should be encouraged and behold the new that is already upon us. Our old leaders live on in us, we still draw from them the good they stood for. Their fundamental truths cannot be erased no matter how many nations rise and fall such truths are deeply engraved in our hearts in our minds and in our blood. We take from the old Zulu monarchy this sense of pride of confidence and of honor, it lives on in us, we are the future. You know when Zulus chant those family rhapsodic praises it’s electrifying spiritual power which propelled individuals to greatness. Our parents taught us these, “IZITHAKAZELO or IZIBONGO”, and it’s one tradition that will live forever because it’s the truth. My father and my mother are good in reciting Izibongo to a child who has done well. My parents chanted even when we did the smallest of good deeds and we are today confident to be ourselves because of that.

So, kini maZulu amahle and to all of us the African people we say take courage. A measure of a man it isn’t in their gender and roles it’s in the legacy we built and it’s in our humanity. Legacies and how we impact others live on! So, choose to love one another, choose to listen to one another, choose to learn and choose empathy. Let us build Africa, let us build a better world 🌍 together!

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