Human Transformation 

human growth and development

The #Human-Life-Cycle

Humans are made of the heavens who are found among the stars and planets. The heavens on the AS ABOVE is the macrocosm, and we humans on the SO BELOW, the microcosm. The same chemical energies found in the AS ABOVE stars such as phosphorus, hydrogen, sodium, Sulfur, magnesium, and iron can be found in almost all living organisms including us people on the SO BELOW.

Like a star that burns bright; Humans are made of the heavens who are found among the stars and planets.

Our goal with our lives is to evolve, not devolve. To transform not conform. To rise above, not fall below. To be our best selves not to imitate. To love and be loved. To receive and to give. To serve and be served. To grow!

Transformation is a process that takes of 7 years to eventually evolve to a Christos (the light) or moon where we are born again into illuminated babes that will serve the world. Then the growth process begins – up to infinity. If we don’t transform we shall surely suffer and die (sleep in consciousness) long before the actual death. 

#Transformation is one of those subjects that are extremely difficult to explain in words. Even the word transformation doesn’t seem enough or accurate enough. 
All nature goes through transformation: butterflies, frogs, plants, stars, you name it. Almost everybody knows that but it’s the understanding of it that differs in people; often depends on what they have seen before.

Humanity transforms too, we too have a life cycle which is different from just stages of physical change.

At adult stage humans look matured but inwardly still very young, stuck in childhood stage. The fear to be an actual adult is almost overwhelming to many.

But there is also a phase that is not distinguished by physical appearance of an “adult”, which is real adult phase: the lion phase (from sheep to lion). This is an invisible phase, that can only be seen only through results or demonstration of good works. There are many children with a lot of money, so money is no determinist of lion.

butterfly effect: human TransformationBeing a Lion is long suffering, boldness, holds leadership qualities, it’s in the decisions, the details, it’s in talking at the right time and being quiet at the right time, it is using all the talents & recognizing talent, it’s in the upliftment of others, it’s in loosing self yet loving self, it’s in what you do when nobody sees or nobody claps, it’s being unapologetic and many many other attributes that are acquired in real life experiences. But above all it is a purpose driven life!

A country or continent filled with just sheep is doomed to fail at almost everything; may it be parenting, to businesses, to health or nutrition, to civilization, to human rights, to good management or data capturing, to leadership, you name it. The simplest tasks become extremely daunting, difficult to almost un-achievable.

It’s therefore not a matter of choice, it is paramount to mandatory or even obligatory to transform from youth to adults: this process has little or nothing to do with age or physical changes, it also has zero to do with gender. If you are human, you must transform.

The target is having at least every African to transform from sheep to lion, but it is not always easily achievable. In USA today my guess is 50 -60% of the population transforms. In Europe my guess is less today, about 30% of the population or even less (perhaps before it was 70%). This 70% can build things that last for generations, but if in 200years people stops completely to undergo transformation they will consume all their resources to scarcity. Across Asia, my guess is 30-40% of the population transforms today, but it’s also reducing in numbers.

The problem is labeling of things, people, classes ….and also religion and religious extremism that locks people in a cage that they loose the meaning of freedom. Spirituality is personal, a relationship with God is very personal and unique but churches try to bring #uniformity, #traditions and #exclusion. Transformation is achieved on an one to one basis with God, it’s not about the crowd or the congregation. It is also not about dos and don’t s, it’s about nothing else but growth and transformation.

It is not easy but doable, if the eagles and many other species can do it, so can we!

As your prophet, I encourage you to persevere and do it for you and for the team!

Here please find the shortest explanation in just 6 slides of our PPT and a 2014 post from our blog:

God Bless You and grant you and your family favor upon favor!

Mayibuye I-Africa, I-Africa Mayibuye!

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