Human Transformation 

human growth and development

The #Human-Life-Cycle

Humans are made of the heavens who are found among the stars and planets. The heavens on the AS ABOVE is the macrocosm, and we humans on the SO BELOW, the microcosm. The same elements and energies found in the AS ABOVE stars such as phosphorus, carbon, hydrogen, sodium, Sulfur, magnesium, and iron can be found in almost all living organisms including us people on the SO BELOW.

Like a star that burns bright; Humans are made of the heavens who are found among the stars and planets. The powerful symbol of the phoenix continually rising from its own ashes; the incarnation. This is the science of perfecting consciousness is also the secret of creation of permanent and highly valuable philosopher’s stone. The creation of the philosopher’s stone is this transformation process of rebirth – to be born again. It is a natural process which one finds with nature; plants, animals and or insects like butterflies 🦋 for an example. Strangely with us humans we received the will to choose to be reborn whereas all nature naturally does so. We want rebirth but we don’t want the process, we want it quickly and instantly but transformation is a process which takes years of commitment.

Our goal with our lives is to evolve, not devolve. To transform not conform. To rise above, not fall below. To be our best selves not to imitate. To love and be loved. To receive and to give. To serve and be served. To grow!

The organic cycle of life is represented through the symbolism of the seed which produces a tree that bears fruit containing the seed for the next cycle; the cycle of death and rebirth.

Transformation gets us to adulthood from children of God to gods on earth, from lambs to lions, it is a character building process which is slow and detailed. In it we learn fundamentals like surrendering to the Divine Harmony, Will, Purpose and Love which is self will and faith which is what we know as unconditional love. Though the transformation process we achieve the philosophers stone. Our will power see to it that we must agree to it, we as humans we have what is called self will; transformation cannot be forced on us.

During the process we become better humans beings, we learn to be unattached to material things and outward stimulation but instead we bring forth that which is glorious within us, we appreciate beauty and glamour but we are unattached. We learn to serve, to easily adjust, to adapt easily, to change and we learn to be humble and compassionate as we gain understanding and wisdom. Now, transformation process is an ongoing learning and unlearning and it is simplified with 4 different stages totaling to 7 years.

  1. The first 4 years of achieving absolute mental freedom (blue butterflies 🦋)
  2. then the 5th year where you become the Tree of life🌲 (here you learn the law of attraction, money behavior & the secrets of abundance),
  3. the 6th year where you descend to the underworld conquer
  4. then finally the 7th year when you emerge from hell and elevated into Heaven

Then there is the 8th year of infinity and the 9th year of recognition.

Then life really begins as heaven’s purpose enters into fulfillment. This is creating, reaping or harvesting stage. It is restoration and recognition, planting and tendering and it is here where we evolve as The Beacon Of Light (a Christos – the light) and moonlight for others as pliccers (re-borns, the transformed, or the Jews) because it is here where we are transformed into illuminated lions that will thrive and serve the world.

If we don’t transform we shall surely suffer and die (sleeping or zombie 🧟‍♂️ consciousness) long before the actual death.

#Transformation is one of those subjects that are extremely difficult to explain in words because it has so much to do with promises, practical experiences than just theory. Even the word transformation doesn’t seem enough or accurate enough, it’s a gift of Grace to become truly in every sense what we were created to become and accomplish it. We transform by grace.
All nature goes through transformation as grace and love are both available to all natural things: butterflies, frogs, plants, stars, you name it. This is the secret of every spiritual or religious knowledge.

Humanity transforms too, we too have a life cycle which is different from just stages of physical change. The same laws that governs the perfection of the physical or physical external material, we can create diamond 💎 of ourselves. It is that transmutation of the human consciousness into an object peferct compact structure of high value and lustrous permanance.

Adult stage begin after age 33 the same number of the spinal column of a human being. It is here where creation invites us to transformation process through our careers or service if we choose it we then begin to transform to be adults. The fear to be an actual adult is almost overwhelming to many. Adult stage is when the body becomes a temple of which dwells a spirit of high value.

But there is also a phase that is not distinguished by physical appearance of an “adult”, which is real adult phase: the lion phase (from sheep to lion). This is an invisible phase, that can only be seen only through results or demonstration of good works. Lion of Judah is our Re, the 2nd of the Holy Trinity. We too must arrive at this stage of lion, understanding that consciousness has also external forces such as environmental influencers and other natural universal cycles.

When consciousness works on itself, perfect itself, takes itself through the 4 transformation stages called alchemical steps it actually becomes the stone. Being a Lion is long suffering, boldness, holds leadership qualities, it’s in the decisions, the details, it’s in the spoken words and being quiet at the right time, it is using all the talents & recognizing talent, it’s in the upliftment of others and serving others, it’s in loosing self yet loving self, it’s in what you do when nobody sees or nobody claps, it’s being unapologetic and many other attributes that are acquired in real life experiences. But above all it is a purpose driven life!

A country or continent filled with just sheep is doomed to fail at almost everything; in parenting, in businesses, in health or nutrition, civilization, in human rights, in law and good management or data capturing, in leadership, in technology, in politics …you name it. The simplest tasks become extremely daunting, difficult to almost un-achievable.

It’s therefore not a matter of choice, it is paramount to mandatory or even obligatory to transform from youth to adults. The parable of talents is the reminder that we have no choice but to do the good works. Everyone’s given something to work with but those who do not do the work suffer the consequences: this process in itself has little or nothing to do with age or physical changes, it also has zero to do with gender. If you are human, you must transform.

The target is having at least every African to transform from sheep to lion, but it is not always easily achievable.

The masculine age religions kept the secrets of real transformation to a few. Christianity taught us that you go in front of the evangelical pastor and say I want to be born again then abracadabra and one have become a new creature illuminated in christ; I find this criminal because transformation is not magic but real process of couple of years in training and learning.

As Africans if we completely throw away foreign religions and take the path of Re we are guaranteed to minimum 90% of people transformed in about 33years. Africa will be a go to place for all advanced technologies.

A black people are from Africa “Al – Khemet” from the black land. Black is a source of life itself. Alchemy thus is an art of transformation from the black land. It’s an art of doing it on your own with God – a quiet personal process that doesn’t include a church, congregation or spectators, opinions and people’s judgment. We are Africans and that on its own mean that we are gods in that the blackness or melamine in our body is pure eather assisting us to opening our third eye. Hence this purity can never be mixed with other religions or gods but the pure guidance of Al the Great Mother God as shown through the Sun Daughter Re. We will build 5 temples in Centra, West, East, South and North Africa though our main meeting place will be once a year in Central Africa – Cameroon a place of birth of our Moon God – Tatcho. This temple will all visit and it is a place of unity. However LadyAfrica statue of unity and liberty 🗽 will be in Congo as purposed to us. Every African can visit such places of pride at a certain time of the year.

We have 33years to learn and grow to reach natural maturity and physical growth but spiritually and in wisdom we start at 33 to transform. Before 33years we can do as many jobs, try using all your talents, be curious, make more friends, and try different things, travel. Within these 33 years of our youth lives we can open our hearts to the great love force by also engaging and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us to gathering all the necessary education, culture, life experiences, information, inspiration and knowledge that will take us through our transformation process. Because right before age 33years ends the transformation process will naturally begin as the universe will pull us towards our “purpose in life” provided we kept ourselves spiritually pure, meaning that we did not engage in pacts with any demons of the underworld which may rob us of our lives or hold us hostage.

The transformation process open our 5 basic senses and all our chakras to be fully connected to the earth and heavens.

The transformation process opens all our chakras so our human body is fully planted on earth and the mind fully planted and connected with heaven. Our basic five senses open up and we can operate fully in our purpose. You can start today by simply using little by little some of your body parts for what they were spiritually intended focusing on the head and hands.

Use therefore your eyes for vision more than just looking at physical images; think about where you wish to be in 3 years or 5 years from where you are presently at.

Use therefore your ears more accurately than, to connect with the greater power be one with this, connect with the universal energy, hear where the world is going, where it’s at, find your place and start to participate. Music, arts, gifts and talents helps to open our ears because they connect us to the soil.

Use therefore your nose to smell honey milk and honey 🍯. Partner with the right people, marry your soulmate. Surrender your will and learn the laws of nature to open your nose.

Use therefore your mouth to speak your creative thoughts. Plant good seeds with your mouth to match them up with your actions. Nourish your household and loved ones with good encouraging words then watch a universe getting created right before your eyes.

Take care of your hands, nails, cuticles and keep them well looked after even if you were male, and even you often work with your hands; basic care for hands and cleanliness is enough. Our hands are very important in directing our bodies, behaviors and actions in line with the acting planets of the universe at specific days as our Moon presents to us the houses. More than our ears who only hear vibrations but our hands participate in blocking unwanted celestial influences. We are one with nature and our transformed bodies play a huge role in our protection or in the protection of our purpose and our hands specifically know the day, time and forces of our solar system which have the upper hand or influence on a particular day or hour. Use therefore your hands for healing, directing, guidance and so much more.

If you passed age 33 don’t worry if you continue to use at least one of your talents, guaranteed another chance will present itself when approaching age 50 if you are lucky to be alive since then. But at this time it’s two times harder to unlearn old bad habits and to relearn but it is possible – with unconditional love it’s possible.

The process of transformation takes 7 years of adventure, excitement, patience, learning and complete inward overhaul as already explained above. Even our internal organs are reborn.

This is with exception of the children of the promise 👶🏾 (noble children). These children are children of transformed parents so they are born with an advantaged DNA and aligned consciousness which means their process of transformation and enlightenment can occur earlier than 33years of age and easily but they too must find purpose at age 33 like all of us. So on it goes until the fourth generation. The fifth generation however has to dig deeper again if the legacy is to continue on and those born at this stage may have to crack another egg like the first generation or otherwise the people consciousness fades and people start decaying, consuming and creating nothing. We have a responsibility to stay hungry and always do better than those who preceded us!

The problem is quick fixes and praise of money. People labeling of things, classes ….and also organized religion and religious extremism that locks people in a cage that they loose the meaning of freedom. Here we teach a pure way, no lies or shortcuts or quick fixes and we focus on spiritual growth not some organised religion. Spirituality is personal, a relationship with our Goddess is very personal and unique but churches try to bring #uniformity, #traditions and #exclusion. We bring culture not traditions, culture evolve by traditions do not and their creat superstitions.

Transformation is achieved on an one to one basis with our Great Mother God or Goddess but we can help guide you and show you what to expect but with the universe or LOVE, it’s possible alone because it’s not about the crowd or the congregation. It is also not about dos and don’t s, it’s about nothing else but growth and transformation in order that you may find your purpose in life and than get on with it. People need you, the world is waiting on your talents and contributions.

It is not easy but the grace is sufficient because it’s doable, we are also here to help you. Think about this, if the eagles and many other species can do it, so can we!

As your prophet, I encourage you to persevere and do it for you and for the team (Africa and the world). It’s worth it and the rewards are more than sweet. We are here to support you encourage you and assist you with tools, information and emotional support.
We Bless You and grant you and your family favor upon favor!

Mayibuye I-Africa, I-Africa Mayibuye!

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