5 human senses

2015 is the year of the 5 basic human senses. It’s in the №5; “Live the magic of 5”

Our basic five human senses will be healed, restored and revived. People will be generally more aware of themselves and gain knowledge that will help them manage well themselves and those they are entrusted with. There will be a rapid forward movement around business and innovation motivated by an awareness of human senses, especially the five basis senses as we will discuss below.


Senses provide nutriment to the #soul

All knowledge must come through these senses; all that we perceive and all the awareness of our daily existence.

We #exist through our senses, we are bound to #reality through our senses, we #learn, we #survive and we #grow through our senses.

these senses bring us #information through : touching, smelling, seeing, tasting and hearing.

Brain as the headquarters. All (100 millions) of nerve cells must create their own electricity: impulses sent to our brains. “L..0” the areas of the brain where the signals end up.

Sight: supplies us with the big percentage of our information.

Touch: response to changes, surfaces or skin conditions.

Taste: one of the chemical sense, “taste” specialist …reacts only to salty, sweet, bitter and soar.

Hearing: reacts to the air vibrations we call sound

Smell: one of the two chemical senses

Sense of smell and the sense of taste they are almost intertwined and simultaneously processed by our brains. Smell Taste plus smell equals “flavour” : eg Wine tasting

Stimulus makes it all possible, it is what is common to all living creatures. Balance is a sense as well, common to all creatures too. Reflexes of feedback to and from the brain. What separate us, humans, is that we speak, reason and plan far ahead into the future.

Sense of Touch helps us to feel (sensation as well as emotions: matters of the heart). Though there are four  other senses associated with touch; pressure, pain, cold and heat.

“I am touched”, means, I feel empathy: thus touch and feel is one and the same thing in language reference, one is physical and the other is spiritual or soul related.

When our feelings (and or emotions) have been healed, restored and we feel good for instance; as a tree of life, our leaves would be green and the tree blossoming with life. However when we feel unwanted, deserted or abandoned by those whom we placed our trust in, we feel bad and thus our leaves would be discolored or distressed.

In the laws of nature, the law of attraction applies in this explanation:  The better we feel, the more in alignment we are. The worse we feel, the more out of alignment we are. Whatever it is we are feeling is a perfect reflection of what is in the process of becoming.

Our feelings are a reflection of our leaves, and our leaves is our money, as a tree of life!

It’s time for the № 9 or 19, after a loooong cold winter night (when you were still planted far from the streams of water) and you are  reunited with your money, and it feels sooooo good! Money or leaves represents our feelings. Feelings that are healed and restored (good feelings), reflects the color of our leaves or our money or our feelings.

What color are your feelings?

If only I could touch my feelings, … I would count them, then trade them” — Re PLICC

But counting something is no fun if it isn’t compared to anything, and counting something isn’t worth it, if it has no value. Money, numbers and managing or understanding them or playing with them is a talent (grace gift) and also an acquired skill, that we can learn through grace. Playing with money is trading money, could be dividing it to add it or multiply it, forex trading, hedging and all the other mathematical things you could do with numbers. The animal to learn from is the life of the elephant – one of the oldest species, and the duck that symbolizes richness. The opening seal (from the keys of the Kingdom of God) for this door is the #flyinggoat with the brightest #star: separated only to be joined together again, the law of loosing and binding (18:18), to plant(invest intelligently) your money in order to bring you great returns.

Money is personal because its somebody’s leaves 🍃 : appreciated leaves knows the tree and they always find a way back home, and good ones knows never to come home empty handed. If an owner has capital, uses it by investing it for great returns, therefore the owner does it with a knowing or guarantee that they will return. Business people are prophetic as well. That return is then divided to the dividends per share. This continuing return happens when that particular individual has reconciled with their feelings, emotions and beliefs.

#HurunGlobalRichList 2015 was just recently released with India taking 3rd place overtaking Russia. Noticeably was the record breaking of 2089 billionaires in a total of 68 countries, surely the number will increase by doubling yearly in the coming years to prove that there is no scarcity in this world; the more people have the more the global resources will increase.

Billionaires such as Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Chanel…. and the #Africa’s top 10 #Billionaires: Aliko Dangote, Johann Rupert, Nicky Oppenheimer, Nassef Sawiris, Christoffel Wiese, Mike Adenuga, Mohamed Mansour, Isabel dos Santos, Issad Rebrab and Naguib Sawiris….. all have one thing in common, they all learnt the monopoly game. The skill of making multiplying money or the skill of increasing your money is a sport and therefore you must be willing to create it without creating enemies: such that your opponents respects you at the end. Top 50 of Africa’s richest has only 2 females; no.8 Isabel dos Santos and no. 12: Folorunsho Alakija. The rest is males, this must change with immediate effect.

Managing Our Emotions


Feeling(s) are energies explainable in quantum physics.

Feelings are important then if we want to see more people becoming billionaires in this world. Feelings must be understood, appreciated in order for them to be healed and fully restored. Restored feelings equals healthy money ….. that knows home, it goes and comes back with more (multiplies) and flows freely (unblocked) back to the tree (individual).

Definition of feeling:
Feeling is a combination of emotion and thought; when we think, we create an opportunity and a new possibility, and with our emotion we energize that thought producing a “feeling”.

Thought happens where we imagine the quantum possibility. The emotion happens in the creative centre.

Our emotions are only 2: #LOVE and #FEAR

When we think a thought: we fuel that thought through the love or fear (our emotions) that we place into that thought, and when we do that we create a feeling

Examples of feeling: hate, sadness, joy or compassion: these are not emotions but feelings.
For us to create these feelings we must have a thought: and the love or fear (our emotions) will energize these thoughts to create feelings.

In the law of attraction, our emotions provide us with an internal guidance system, a mechanism that helps us to understand what we are thinking. Our thoughts activate emotions, which produce feelings letting us know what it is we are attracting.

Emotions (Love & Fear) are extremely powerful, they are honest, truthful and neutral. To defeat fear starts in correcting our consciousness. To convert fear into love is like converting a liability into an asset.

Feelings however has a lot of influence and they fluctuate.
Feelings fluctuations like AC current because there is just too many of them.
Secondly its because of the external influences from the creative center and past experiences causing them to be very tricky and confusing, especially to a person still at early stages of development whose feelings and emotions overlaps or confusing.

Being emotional about your feelings, is a saying which indicates that we are not managing well what our brains create as energy reactions, depending on past experiences. Feelings can be tricky and easily confusing if not managed.

#Feeling happens in our hearts.

Beliefs and feelings are connected. Emotions produces feelings which will come from beliefs. One can not discuss feelings without discussing beliefs, because beliefs share the same space as our feelings in our consciousness. Hence religion teachers capitalize on – fear- to influence people’s beliefs, behavior even culture by creating a constant sense of guilt.:

“Am I pleasing to God, if I do this or if I do that?” Often people ask themselves this question, little do they know that before they were even born they pleased God. I’ts a question of a person who needs constant approval & appreciation. The Beacon Of Light already took our place of wrath and punishment, doubt and guilt; it is finished. There is nothing you can or can not do to please or un-please God; after all on the sixth day after creation, God said, it was good. Imagine God’s feelings and emotions at that very moment when She laid eyes on you: feelings of Love not fear, so why must you fear “Love” personified?

One teacher said, “Believe right and you will live right!

Belief is the electrical energy that changes the world around us!

Beliefs (like feelings) are strong powerful energies. In quantum physics, our beliefs translates the quantum possibilities that we imagine into the physical world. Beliefs translates invisible energy (waves or possibilities) into our world (in what we feel into visible matter -atoms- of our world).

The quantum possibilities exist in waves or Rays of light, but our world exists in atoms. The quantum #atoms looks like the center surrounded by waves of energy. If you want to change the #atom, you must change its energy that the atom lives in. If you want to change the physical staff of our world you must change the energy that the staff lives in.

The #field that connect everything together is what Einstein called the governing agency of the particle. The field is what determines how the atoms behaves.

This field that holds everything together is made out of two energies:
electrical field and magnetic field.

If you change these fields, you change the atom. We decided then to change our thoughts and beliefs to produce love emotion and positive or agreeable feelings.

The heart produces the strongest field; where we have a feeling. The feeling actual creates the waves (magnetic field or electrical field of the heart is 500 000 times stronger than that of the brain.)

We, human beings, are walking energies (light), if only we can see ourselves. Energy is powerful as lightening. Our management of emotions is therefore a measure of an individual stages of growth, development and maturity.

Our hearts produces electrical and magnetic fields that change our world.

Beliefs therefore are the power that changes the electrical or magnetic waves.

What you believe about yourself or others, or God changes your world. What we believe about money changes our financial or economical energy. Knowledge helps to create accurate beliefs. Ignorance tax on us it also produces unproven myths and ridiculous beliefs which tax on us.

Beliefs change our physical world, beliefs change matter.

Change your beliefs and you will change the energy around you and even the energy of those around you!

That is how we will change #Africa our beloved continent, and this is how we will change the world…it takes just one: you too can change history! Transmit love, see what happens!

All the labels said over the years; God forsaken continent, unwanted, disrespected, unequal, corrupt, darkness, mismanagement, uncivilized, backwards, weak,….will go back to the one who says them.

You are the light of your world:
The change begins with you, just believing that you are loved, you are worthy, you are righteous (you are not guilty), you have a prophetess now; you matter, you are fabulous, you are the first continent and the center of the the earth, you are capable, you are willing, you are ready to be transformed from sheep to a lion by grace, you are a world changers and you are all that is brilliant and wonderful!

Since we are talking about feelings and emotions;

I thought I take this opportunity to tell you how much I love you, each and everyone of you; my sister, my brother, my friend, my blood. I think of you every moment of every day. Africa is my body, it is my heart. I promise you, I will get you the crown and I will personally place it right in the midst of the table, I will then say these words, “hear it is, it is for you – The Crown 👑 Of Glory!”

And I have no fear and I have no doubt that we will reign in peace, in growth and in glory!


Emotional Intelligence

EI – Emotional Intelligence

Emotions makes the world go wild!

involvement of emotional intelligence in business is the only effective way to achieve our goals. It is intelligent to never forget that human beings most powerful energies are emotions and feelings when dealing business. It’s not manipulation but it is consideration, compassion and empathy. The good management of emotions prevents, bring about and rapid development that will get us (humanity) beyond the stars; (vacationing at the moon malls and moons tallest buildings, space tourism and all the nice things humanity wish to achieve in Aesrospace or underwater space can be done only when we are united.

Emotional intelligence boost individuals and prepare them to be global minds.

male female balanceEmotional intelligence is a good balance of energies: both masculine and feminine. It’s empathy for self and for the other.Venus is the second planet from the Sun, orbiting it every 224.7 Earth days. It is named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty. After the Moon, it is the brightest natural object in the night sky, the morning and evening star called Lucifer, turning clockwise when everybody else is turning anti-clockwise, we will see it turn around. A day on Venus lasts 243 Earth days. When Venus is perfectly aligned for an individual, that individual fully blossoms. We receive the archangel Rafael, the money ills are healed.

#EmotionalIntelligence should be taught at our schools to prepare our children for this cut throat world we live in.

Reports show that high school life requires more emotional intelligence than organizations do, most especially nowadays of social networks.

Grownups are often more empathetic than teenagers, at least at face value. However the most challenging phase in ones life is teenage life because at this stage others opinions matter most.

There are many books written on the subject of emotional intelligence for corporates.

With that said, I will give you the simplest definition:

First I will tell you what EI is not;
Emotional intelligence is not about manipulation of others emotions or feelings. It’s not even about the manipulation of your own feelings or emotions.

Emotional intelligence is about being “#present”,

……. in every situation for yourself and those who come in contact with you: your colleagues, your spouse, your children, friends and others depending how broad your shoulders are.

Being present allows us to feel what we feel and feel what others feel. Now this can be overwhelming if you aren’t familiar at managing your emotions very well.
So most people check out; they are there but their mind has escaped. We see or we read about the world’s filthiest ; loosing empathy and getting use to it (the injustices), it doesn’t work. Every story, every tears fall on fertile ground.

Some people create defense mechanisms internally avoiding to feel their pain or feelings.
The problem with avoiding to feel; is that people get stuck to their pasts or to a safe place that they created mentally and they often visit it in their minds. Life continues and they are always absent.

Ears are blocked, vision is lost and reality is gone. These people often easily fall into different addictions.

For a nation it’s a huge loss of talent if more than half of it’s population has checked-out or absent.

Remember to be ….present!
Let , the teacher of all things teach you how to be present without being consumed by all the around you and in you. like every thing else, you get better at emotional intelligence as you read about it and practice at it, you will eventually get better at it.



#Emotions and the #StockMarket


Finally, in closing the subject of emotions feelings and money; #trading and growing financially, emotionally, and in our careers… is not a subject to live out to the expects or our spouses: we ought to educate ourselves on the basics and then trust the grace to connect us to the correct representatives and also guide us in investing smartly.

People who are not emotional intelligent, they often fall into a trap of donating, giving money emotionally and loose monies they shouldn’t be loosing. Vulnerable to this is us #women,…. yet women make the highest percentage of the poor in every society all across the globe.

I therefore encourage us, especially women and African people in general in the African continent, to take an initiative to learn about the stock market, #shares and raise the share activism burner. Currently the top 50 richest people in Africa; Africans are represented by a low percentage due to South Africa’s mostly white South Africans at the top of the richest charts.

Nothing will be handed to us, we must go out and get it. It means #knowledge is key. Hence #LightConeTheShift Initiative.

“Mainstream education give us skills not knowledge” – Re PLICC

How To … Start trading on the Stock Exchange.. was an article written by City Press 4 June 2013.


It’s imperative to be very familiar with companies before investing

Identify what kind of investor you are
» The novice
If you are new to investing, then a good starting point is to buy an exchange traded fund (ETF) that gives you exposure to a range of top companies.

By purchasing your ETFs through a “good broker” (representative) and having access to their brokers’ daily report, as well as their educational material and courses, you can build up your knowledge until you are confident in buying shares.

» The beginner
If you feel comfortable about starting to purchase individual shares, you need to have a strategy in place. Firstly, you need to decide if you are a #trader or an #investor.

Trading shares means that you buy and sell frequently and aim to make short-term profits. This can be far more risky as you are investing more on sentiment and where the market will go in the short term than on long-term information about the actual company you are investing in.

It is a preferable strategy to start as an investor and build up a share portfolio. You can then treat this as a two- or three-year learning process, starting slowly.

>>Control your emotions by having a #strategy
Private client investors get caught up in the emotions of the market. When they see headlines that the JSE is breaking new highs or that the market is up 30% in just six months, that is when they want to invest.

Invariably, that is exactly when you do not want to invest, as it means the market is getting expensive.

When the share market crashes, they forget that this is a long-term investment and tend to sell at the bottom. So they have bought the shares at the peak of the market and sold at the lowest price, which loses them #money.

People also see the stock market as a get-rich-quick scheme. They bet on tips they hear at dinner parties without thoroughly researching the company they are investing in.

For some people, share investing has a bling value, and people feel if they talk about their shares it gives them status.

It’s important to realise that people who trade on the JSE usually talk about the shares they have made money on, not the shares that have cost them.

This creates the perception that there is easy money to be made.

It isn’t easy. It takes steady #emotions, #research and a #plan.

#womenleadership #financialfreedom #knowledge


May the peace of God, the sweet sound of the Holy Spirit and the Grace be with you always!

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