FAITH is not a particular #religion. Faith is far greater than that: Faith is one of the fundamental #UniversalLaws. Faith is the law which is like internal energy to us human beings. The energy that propel us to perform & persist despite circumstances that we can see with our natural eyes.

“We live by faith, and not by sight.”

Believing is a trigger for faith to develop. Belief enters in many ways into a human heart (consciousness). There are gates or doors into a complete being; such as the basic 5 human senses; one being seeing, hearing “ears”, taste, touch or smell.

#Imagination or third eye, or special hearing “ears” are the best way for faith to develop. The problem in relying on our #eyes or our natural senses for faith to develop, is that it makes a person reactive instead of being proactive, unable to plan or sow seed, and for their character to develop, …which is a problem because than that person can never grow internal strength.

We should all understand that character is built through good works of faith. Character is not taught, people must develop their character through their faith-full decisions, works and experience. Because all things are presented before trying times, that is where true character surfaces, that what we do when we had no time to think about it, a reflex decision shows one’s true character. Character is part of human transformation… growth and faith helps build it. Faith is thus part and parcel of being a transforming being.

The good thing about believing is that it allows us to produce good works: faith work together with works, and by works faith was made perfect. Universal laws often work in pairs to produce something tangible that we can see.

Let us take a look at a definition of FAITH:. Faith is defined as confidence or trust in a person or entity: faith in another’s ability OR it is a belief that is not based on proof: He had faith that the hypothesis would be substantiated by fact.

This is interesting, because it reminds us that faith will work for everyone; the law of faith delivers. FAITH is a universal (spiritual) law that we can all depend upon. Science is the study of these laws and how to utilize or even manipulate them in order to create something out of them; such as the airplane for instance; in order for the airplane to take off or remain airborne, it depends on the law of aerodynamics. The laws of propulsion overrule the law of gravity, but there are other laws at play such as the laws of aerodynamics and so forth. It is exactly like in the law of faith; it works together with the law of productivity (or the law of good works) in a human being in order for the tangible things to manifest in the life of that person. Yes, It works! If we operate within these laws, it is safe, and performance is guaranteed and they are dependable.

Universal Laws

The universe is stable under these natural laws, so that all creation could depend upon and have confidence in them every day by faith. Faith is a spiritual law not physical but likewise, if you operate within the law of faith, it too, will be safe; it will perform for you, and will be something to depend on. There are other spiritual laws, for instance, the law of the Spirit of life and the law of sin and death which is overruled by the law of infinity. All supernatural things are patterns found in the spiritual realm, but because we are physical beings living in a spiritual world, we need faith as a navigational aid and fuel to proceed with our journey in life.

Faith is not as complicated as developing an Airbus A380 or B787 Dreamliner, or even a spacecraft that must work under zero gravity or in a perfect vacuum under extreme temperatures. Infect its nothing like that at all. Yes faith is paramount to develop any thing in the physical world but it isn’t complicated. Exercising our faith is easy as to “think”, to “believe”. It is “imagination” and it’s free, you just need to look with the eyes of your heart & create the future and moreover it is already inside each and every one of us, we just need to exercise it.

There are only two ways for a human to “see” something: Physical vision through our eyes, or IMAGINATION.

We tap into the law of Faith when we Imagine. Without imagination: human would be completely limited — virtually robots.

All human progress has been born out of imagination — the ability to “see” things differently than they were or than they are at present. So again our imagination is a Spiritual realm within us that our physical senses cannot perceive or discern.

 “now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

“While we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.”

So there you are! let us to always fix our focus and thoughts on the unseen stuff, but the truth is most of us spend more time, thinking and discussing mostly about the past & what we see on a daily basis to such an extent that we forget to imagine the unseen future.

Finally, it’s not just about the controlling of your thoughts, yes we ought to control our thoughts but the point is to move according to your faith. Faith as little as mustard seed is enough, just act on it.


With Faith we do not only just produce but we move barriers that prevents us from producing and harvesting from our good works. Faith is powerful magnetic energy that brings forth our eternal light. But Love for self, love for others, love for environment, love for nature, LOVE remains the higher universal law:

“I have faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing”.

We live by faith. FAITH safely impels us to join the universe to bring us to where we need to be!

Keep Up The Faith!

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