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At PLICC we deliver hidden structures of life by sharing hidden knowledge. Spiritual (natural laws) keep us aligned with the forces at work in the universe we all a part off; here at PLICC we simplify the most complicated of these spiritual laws.

Happy New year 1 Aug 2020

We welcomed our maternal age 1 Alpha 0001 MA on the 1st of August 2020 AD.

The Awakening

Being woke is a mental state of awareness in recognition of spiritual and social injustices around us and around the world to an extent that moves one to take action.

The Spiritual Law Of Duality

The Spiritual Law Of Gender Part 1
The Spiritual Law Of Gender Part 2
The Spiritual Law Of Gender Part 3

Without knowledge there is no understanding thus no wisdom.

Re Plicc, Plicc Non-Profit Organisation

Music is the vehicle for transformation and connectivity !

Gabriel Tatchom , TPGOLD Productions


PLICC is a leading non propfit organization in ushering a smooth global transition from Pisces to Aquarius Age, based in Paris, France

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