Al phabets

Alphabets (Divine Symbols) are gates to knowledge, health and power an absolute gift of grace from the Great Mother. Each alphabet represents a unique world with its unique privileges and power well orderly arranged. Each Alphabet also contributes in the creation of specific different body organs and functions. Joining Alphabets together, exploration or rearranging them playing with them sourcing sounds from different parts of our body as we speak introducing the neck and face, from our hearts through the lungs to our throat, jaw, tongue, ear, nose and teeth creates different sounds and these sounds formulate words of intent. That means “Word” is right here at the snap of our fingers, from our abdomen, from our back, from our lungs, from the heart, from our brains placed on the tongue; here is the combination of energy and air producing word which develops into a language. A language is a ladder, it is our tower to reach the highest of heavens. Language is a unifier. Language gives a group of humans a collective intelligence far greater than individual human intelligence and allows each human to benefit from the collective intelligence as if she came up with it all by herself. Only a collective human effort can create organization, cities, utopias and the likes.

Being able to speak to each other also allowed humans to form complex social structures which, along with advanced technologies like farming and animal domestication, led tribes over time to begin to settle into permanent locations and merge into organized super-tribes. When this happened, each tribe’s tower of accumulated knowledge could be shared with the larger super-tribe, forming a super-tower – One Nation, One Country, One Africa and One World.

A subconscious mind help us in formulating our thoughts and ideas so we can speak them out. A subconscious mind represents a hypothetical physical organ which has no actual existence; The mind. The mind of a human consists of universal energy (infinite intelligence) which the individual receives, appropriates and organize indefinite thought forms through the network of intricate physical apparatus known as a brain. These thought forms are replicas of various stimuli which reach the brain through the five commonly known physical senses and the sixth sense, which is not so well known. Organized thoughts from the filing cabinets of the other brains through the sixth sense, one can, through the same physical organ, contact and receive information from the universal storehouse known as infinite intelligence. If a language let humans send a thought from one brain to another, writing let them stick a thought onto a physical object, like paper or tablet, where it could live forever, compressed into a book or a scroll you could hold in your hand. The human collective knowledge tower now lived in physical form, neatly organized on the shelves of city libraries, on the internet storehouses and universities.

These shelves became humanity’s grand instruction manuals. They guided humanity toward new inventions and discoveries, and those would in turn become new books on the shelves, as the grand instruction manual built upon itself. The manual taught us the intricacies of trade and currency, of shipbuilding and architecture, of medicine and astronomy. Each generation began life with a higher floor of knowledge and technology than the last, and progress continued to accelerate.

The better we communicated on a mass scale, the more our species began to function like a single organism, with humanity’s collective knowledge tower as its brain and each individual human brain like a nerve or a muscle fiber in its body. With the era of mass communication upon us the future is brought bright!

The internet gave billions of humans instant, free, easily-searchable access to the entire human knowledge tower which by now stretched past the moon all the way to the 10th heaven.

Herewith are the Alphabets giving you access to a universal intelligence the mind of God.

  1. Speech-Language Alphabet “Letter A”
  2. Speech-Language Alphabet “Letter C
  3. Speech-Language Alphabet “Letter B”
  4. Speech-Language Alphabet Letter D part 1
  5. Language Alphabet “Letter E”
  6. Language Alphabet “Letter F”
  7. Language Alphabet “Letter H”
  8. Language Alphabet “Letter i”
  9. Language Alphabet “Letter Y”
  10. Language Alphabet “Letter O”
  11. Language Alphabet “Letter K
  12. Language Alphabet “Letter S”
  13. Language Alphabet “Letter L”
  14. Language Alphabet “Letter P”
  15. Language Alphabet “Letter R”
  16. Language Alphabet “Letter X”
  17. Speech-Language Alphabet “Letter U
  18. Speech Language Alphabet “Letter M”
  19. Speech Language Alphabet “Letter N”
  20. Language Alphabet “Letter W”
  21. Language Alphabet “Letter V”
  22. Speech-Language Alphabet “Letter T”
  23. Speech Language Alphabet “Letter G”
  24. Language Alphabet “Letter Z”
  25. Speech Language Alphabet The African Letter ſ or The 25th letter – African Letter ſ
  26. Language Alphabet “Letter J”
  27. Language Alphabet “Letter Q”
  28. Master Numbers 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, & 99
  29. The Human Life Cycle
  30. Prophetess “Re”
  31. Six Deadly Slugs; Entrepreneurship and Profit Killers
  32. The Poem; Grace Doesn’t Care.docx 

12 gates of the universal LAW

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