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Honoring Michelle Obama

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We take this opportunity today to honor one of the inspirational leaders and elder of our time @MichelleObama. Michelle Obama recently released a book called, “BECOMING” this past November. The book has inspired us in many ways and we outlined the highlights of her book review by Oprah’s book club:

Michelle discouraged parents to ask the question, “what are you gonna become when you grow up“, to their children as though a person become just one thing when they become adults. She continued to say that she has learnt that when you grow up you become different things, we evolve continuously …and it is true that every decision you make as a teenager or young adult build up to who you will continue to become as an adult, so make good decisions!

In her book Michelle also talked immensely about transitioning. A subject close to our hearts as we have a huge task of transitioning the world from Pisces age to Aquarius Age. And we confirmed that transitioning requires a flood of grace. She and her husband Barak possessed a lot of it; grace and class. This made all of us to be proud in our blackness.

She also made a remarkable statement in her book that failure is a feeling long before it becomes an actual result. Its a vulnerability that breed with self doubt and then escalated often deliberately by fear.

The fourth point we picked up is how she explains the lives of black people living in USA, Europe and other lands outside of Africa where they are part of the minority group; how she writes of her grandfather Dandy who lived as a bitter and grumpy old man because he walked around with a broken dream. She continued to say that there is something that happens in the mind and heart of a man who live seeing squashed opportunities, how many black men and women walked around with their shuttered dreams because of discriminatory laws and actions of exclusion from the economy because of the color of their skin.

In the same token she also mentioned the disinvestment in black schools or rather general black or African American communities that left many black children carrying with them feelings of abandonment and a sense of being unvalued in their own country.

The last take was profound as well, she really addressed the African community that we ought to stop attacking those amongst us who dare to try to dream or to reach greater heights. She said she faced the accusations and eye rolls as she was pursuing her dreams from her own community; “who do you think you are”? Asked black people of her own community. They asked her, “where do you think you are going”? She experienced what she called a pull back phenomenon. She then left us as a African people with a key responsibility to check where this negative behavior arise from, why do we feel that our own intellectuals can not or should not be trusted. A black woman speak on something people often dismiss them , overly criticized only to steal their ideas at the same time. Oh! She is too educated, they say, too smart, … so she can not be trusted. She doesn’t fit in or she is not black enough. She finished by saying that this truly hurts to the person trying to reach the stars because she is doing in her mind exactly what she believes is needed because the gap is there and does what she believes that her own community wanted her to do in the first place; which is to excel, strive and serve.

michelle obama 4We wanted to honor Mrs. Obama on something very specific today which is to us and the universe come first before all the other wonderful things she shared with us as a people of the world, of which some are listed here above. Michelle became victorious in her life’s journey, she conquered and won against the evil called miscarriage(s) and still-borns for us black women and for all men and women of this age. Which means that in future when we are threatened by miscarriages we must remember that it has been conquered by one of our elders Michelle Obama. In that Oprah Winfrey said, bank your eggs 🥚😊.

Well we are now in the age of Aquarius where women will generate a dozen over dozens of eggs per cycle and men sperm count is going to drop in a major significant numbers. Yet in all this we want to also emphasize that there is no such thing as a biological clock ⏰ for women to bare children, not in a way it was sold to us at least; it is a myth created by culture to push women to marry at ages younger than that of 33years old which can be problematic if a woman is not yet established in who she is. A human being, male or female has 33 bones of the spinal column which is the age of adulthood, she then receives her purpose at 33 of how to serve the world, now between 33 – 36 as she builds up in this purpose she will meet her husband who will be like a missing puzzle piece in her success and visa versa and as such at 37 a holly marriage begins. Every marriage should be constructed under purpose and plan to create harmony as God has designed. In the past age of Pisces we lost many women under the umbrella of household marriages. Great talents and purpose was buried in the old household marriage institution. Marriage is only wonderful if it is an equal partnership just as was created, where 2 people come together to build each other up into becoming more and more of who they were born to become individually,  …and of course, also to share, to grow in all areas of being, to fulfill the purpose of the universe.

Miscarriages are not only just related to child bearing in a literal sense but one can miscarry a dream, a business deal, a potential promotion and one can miscarry a manifestation (A visualization) from the great Mother 🐣 our Goddess. This can be catastrophic because it has the consequence of creating an unwanted patterns and to escape from a negative pattern or to break a negative pattern is too hard; Mandalas, we will talk of them next time on this platform, specifically the African Mandalas.

We also learnt that its her birthday today, Michelle Obama’s birthday 17 January and so we wish her a happy birthday.

michelle obama 3

We feel the energy of Michelle in the month of January, we are inspired to name January month after her, the month “Michelle”. We are grateful to learn from them both, Barak and Michelle Obama, they ooze with grace. We are forever challenged by their elegance and class, to carry ourselves as such and to allow grace to govern our words and actions. Thank you, Michelle we love you and we are grateful to you. We wish you well continuation, in French we say, “nous souhaitons bon courage et bonne continuation”, we bless you and your entire family, your husband whom we all love very much, @BarakObama, your daughters, your mother and your brother.

Continue to STAND IN YOUR POWER!!!

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