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Law Of Success

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The law of success says whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.

The law of life, which is the foundation of all spiritual laws said whatever the mind believes it has:   — (“It is done unto you as you believe”)

The law of attraction which follows right after the law of life said whatever the mind believes, it attracts.

Profound statements, and all these laws seem similar except for the last words that changed: achieve, receive and attract. In the case of the law of success the last word is achieve, because it has to do with taking action and for every action there is a reaction but when we do not take action then there is also nothing.

The Great Mother God or Goddess will fill us with all answers to understanding. The Word in us, The Word within. The answers of our desires do not come from outside of us, the answers  that you and I need comes out from within us, from the presence of our Great Mother in you, or within a human being. Answers do not come from the sky or outside of our body but they come from within — we touched on this immensely on the “Idea Of Wealth” and the “Law Of Life” papers. 

The law of success has also to do with the ability to master time , seasons and or cycles. There are three types of times we should concern ourselves about, the universal age clock ⏰ or time, the astrological or zodiac time ⏰ and last the time ⏰ relating to our planet earth (Moon). All of these three clocks affect or impacts our daily lives. Each “time” require a new thinking, a renewal of mind and attitudes. In fact each day require a new mental conditioning, each month or each year require a returning to its vibration hence the annual resolutions or personal goals. Goals must be planted as seeds in autumn and or spring. We succeed first than make money off our success. In order to succeed, it is vital that we understand the universal bit, it’s reason to bit in relation to life on earth.

The first time is governed by Planet 9 and the Milky lane, its the one that tells us the age in which we are, such as this feminine age which began its matured approach in 2010 but like we said we are still in Year zero till August 2019 which will be the beginnings of our first month of year 1 of the age of Aquarius the golden age – we have dealt in length with this topic and we continue to do so because it is the core of our messages. The second time is the 13 houses of the zodiac which is governed by planet Saturn – (The Lord of the rings – or The Lord Of Cycles), our moon and Sirius constellation. Finally the third time is our day to day time which is governed by our moon (calendar), our Sun and our planet earth; hours and minutes. All these affect our soil in which we are planted, the water in which we drink, the air in which we breathe, the fire that renews us, the quality of wood we produce and the eather that moulds our voices.

January, the 6th month of the African Calendar

January, the 6th month of the African Calendar

January is the 6th month in our Calendar 🗓 (The Aquarius Age or the African Calendar) and number 6 (written as ” Ϛ “- in Egyptian and Greek numerals) is governed by planet Saturn the Lord of the seasons (rings or cycles) the god of seed-sowing, harvest and time. 666 is all the three cycles or times mastered. Our planet earth gave us the ancient God and ruler of seasons which is the goat of Bandjoun, The Holy Ghost, the star gate house of Capricorn of the Zodiac and the Al-phabet letter “U” with a cross on her tail because this is the same husband to the fish at the bottom of the waters called ∫aviour whom we discussed in number 17. She has Horns on Her head because She is also one with number 21 -bull mammoth. It is here where we get an upgrade to all Four Seasons, and the passover through our Great Mother and first man Re, The Word. Remember remarkable personal success come in stages of six years to be accurate, as we grow we achieve more successes that build up a solid circle that look like a successful life to others. Success of the Holy Grail is remarkable or showing every 3years. Success is not one event, it is many achievements of years of sawing, tendering, constructing, consistency in that which you are pursuing. Learn to celebrate each stage, its a long journey!!

Pisces Age 12 houses order

Now we can succeed, pace ourselves well, understand where you are in your own personal 6 years circles and as a married couple as well to make necessary moves or take rewarding action before the next 6 or 3 years kick in. You are at the right place (geo) at the right time (all three), you are unstoppable, the world on your palm; Regardless of how many times you may have failed in the past, if the mind can now conceive and it believes it, it can surely achieve it. We will list principles of success and the last principle of this paper is aimed at helping the reader to analyze their own cycle, to understand where they are in their six year time cycle because as much as there is a general calendar we each are walking unique journeys towards personal success. Africa and Africans diaspora has been using the Pisces rulers calendar which takes us off our frequency and vibration but glory to our Great Mother God Of Grace whom has awakened us into light we are reconnected to the soil and rhythms of nature!

A profound power we learnt about in the “Law Of Life” reminds us of the power to take your own mind to whatever end it may desire. This is the gift of the Creator Our Great Mother God which can be considered the greatest gift to humanity because it is the only thing human have completely unchallengeable control and direction of. If a person speak of their lack of education or their lack of money they are in fact directing their mind power to attract these undesirable circumstances into their lives because it is true that whatever the mind feeds upon and believes, mind attracts to the body.

All success begins with a 

  1. surrendered will,
  2. a hearing heart and
  3. the definiteness of purpose;
  • A clear picture in the mind what precisely do you want from life.
  • So in writing this letter we also consulted with the author and teacher of all in time in this subject of success; The Law of Success book –by Napoleon Hill.
  • Everyone comes to this earth plane with a privilege of controlling their mind power and directing it to whatever ends they may choose, but everyone brings over with them the equivalent of two sealed envelopes

    1. one of which is clearly labeled “the riches in which you may enjoy in life if you take possession of your own mind and direct it to the ends of your own choice” and

    2. the other envelope is labeled “the penalties you must endure if you do neglect to take possession of your mind and direct it”

    The context of the one labeled riches is this list of blessings:

    1. Sound health

    2. Peace of mind

    3. Labour of love of your own choice

    4. Freedom from fear or worry

    5. Positive mental attitude

    6. Material riches of your own choice and quantity.

    In the other sealed envelope of penalties you get the following prices:

    1. Ill health

    2. Fear and worry

    3. Indecision and doubt

    4. Frustration and discouragement throughout life

    5. Poverty and want

    6. Evils; envy, greed, sloth, rage, jealousy, hate, superstitions, etc..

    We must all lead towards only using the envelope sealed with riches. We can achieve this by carrying a tablet or smart phone — understand that your tablet or smart phones are created as vision boards to help your imagination or visualisation over above the basic uses. Now on either write a clear description of your desire in life, the one circumstance or position or thing that you will be willing to accept as your idea of success; remember that the only limitations that exist are the only ones that you set up in your own mind or permit others to set up for you.

    On the other slide write down a clear statement of precisely what you intend to give in return to that what you desire from life. And begin giving it at that moment if you weren’t already.

    And thirdly memorize both of your statements, what you desire and what you intend giving in return for it. Repeat them at least dozen times daily till they become part of who you are and always end your statements with this expression of gratitude for the blessings in which you were gifted at birth;

    I ask not from Divine Providence for more riches but more wisdom to which to accept and use wisely the riches I received at birth and of the power to control and direct my mind into whatever ends I desire

    Master Mind Alliance Principle

    From this alliance; it consist of four players who work in perfect harmony for the attainment of your definite purpose.

    This is the principle through which you may borrow and use the education, the experience, the influence and the capital of other people in carrying out your own plans in life. a maestro mind alliance is a principle in which helps you to accomplish in a year more than what you would accomplish in a life time if you dependent entirely upon your own efforts for success.

    When we form a true master mind alliance and work well within the spirit of perfect harmony, you can draw freely from the spirit forces within you in carrying out your plans and desires. Master mind principle also provides protection against failure provided that all your purpose is beneficial to all within the alliance.

    The success of a way of life of what was known as the “american dream” now called the “African dream” and free enterprise can be attributed to the force of the maestro mind principle, such is the declaration of human rights and equality, the declaration of globalization which is the unity of the world and freedoms; freedoms of speech, movement civil rights. The federal states of Africa and its secret to a powerful most highest intellectual civilization the ages have ever seen will be in the government in which all states function in a spirit of harmony based on the master mind principle with essential federal government located in central Africa state of Cameroon.

    For those who work in a salary or wages can achieve a higher income and to a highest responsibility position by forming a maestro mind principle with associate worker or even including the management to promote yourself to a higher position with full cooperation of your management. This alliance grants you the ability to give yourself the following

    -Write your own Price tag

    -Fix your own wages/package

    -Give yourself financial independence

    But first decide definitely where you wish to be, and what you wish to be in the next three years 2019-2021 (of our calendar).

    2ndly decide how much money you desire to be earning and what you wish to do to earn it.

    3rely Form a master mind alliance with at least one person within your immediate family and at least one more who you are selling your services to.

    There is no such thing as something for nothing —- everything including your personal success has a the price that must be paid and the only price you are requested to pay for the present is the effort necessary to do three simple things above.

    Control your middle edge make yourself friendly and agreeable with everyone whom you are closely associated with if you expect friendly cooperation in return and it is true that indifference can not create an alliance for you. A negative attitude can bring nothing but failure. Your mental attitude is the one you have complete control, direct it to the right ends. You can have luck but also we can create our own luck too if we follow the laws of nature.

    Success is true if we can take others along with us. Success must be planed. The best definition of success is the knowledge in which you can get whatever you want from life without violating the rights of others but helping others to acquire theirs as well. Thank you Mother, look what came out of the presence of the Goddess within me. Feel and act as the your allies are already with you. This is the way you will answer your own prayers!

    The Habit Of Going An Extra Mile

    Going an extra mile will help you focus on your business instead of being easily diverted by what others think or say about you. Extra mile reveal our hidden strengths. The QQA formula of Napoleon Hill is the quality of service you render plus quantity of service you render plus the mental attitude in which you render service determine the space in which you occupy in your chosen calling and the compensation you get from your service.

    1. This habit will bring you to a favorable attention for those who can provide you with the opportunities to promote your self into a better circumstance.
    2. It will place back of you that great natural law of increase in returns in through which the service you render will give back greater than average compensations.
    3. Make you indispensable in your chosen calling therefore it will place you in a position to write your own ticket 🎫
    4. It will help you to excel in your own line of work because each time you render service you do a better job than did previously
    5. If working for salary; it will give you a preference when work is slack or others are laid off.
    6. It will help you benefit by the law of contrast because the others around will not be going an extra mile let alone the first mile.
    7. Will improve your personality
    8. Will help you develop a keen alert Imagination because you will always be searching for new better ways to render service.
    9. Will inspire you to move at your own initiative instead of being told what to do. The fist step in leadership in all callings.
    10. The habit of going an extra mile definitely develops greater self reliance and gives one more courage without the fear of criticism from than others.
    11. It helps you to master the destructive habit of procrastination, which is the habit that heads the list of causes of failure.
    12. Influences other people to respect your integrity and inspires to meet with you in a friendly spirit.
    13. Helps you develop definitiveness of purpose which is the staring point of all person success and it stops you from drifting off through life not knowing where you are going.
    14. It provides you with the one and only excuse to ask for more pay
    15. Conditions your mind to maintain a maestro alliance with others.

    Applied Faith

    Faith is also a spiritual law that we discussed way back in 2012. Applying out faith is a mental attitude where you may clear your mind of all fears and every doubts to direct it to the attainment of whatever you desire in life.

    Applied faith is mental attitude which we must cultivate and maintain before we can take complete possession of our mind. It is the means we can brake the seal of the six riches already mentioned above.

    There are 2 ways to use faith: towards poverty or to the riches.

    The capacity for belief: try many times until you succeed. Creating favorable mental attitude which is applied faith by doing the following;

    1. Know what you want and believe that you can and will get it
    2. Give expressions of Gratitude daily even before receiving what you want. Possession stars first in the mind.
    3. Keep your mind open for hunches from within. when inspired to action move at once; there can no be fruits of applied faith without action
    4. When taken by defeat remember that faith is tested many times before final victory. Accept defeat as nothing more than a challenge to keep on trying.
    5. A burning desire is a staring point of all applied faith but act and keep on acting.
    6. Remember whatsoever a person believe that they shall also reap. Faith is something you already have so now you must just use it for attaining power instead of using to gaining the things you fear.
    7. Your faith is limited to the capacity of belief.

    Pleasing Personality

    Your personality is your trademark. Every trait that goes into your personality you can improve it.

    • Your mental attitude must be positive
    • Your flexibility of your mental attitude (easily angered or easily irritability)
    • Emotional enthusiasm must be controlled.(easily influenced)
    • Sincerity of purpose (deception)

    Self Discipline

    1. You must gain mastery over your tongue
    2. Control the desire of Striking back at others
    3. Power over emotions
    4. Mental attitude discipline
    5. Sex Emotion must be controlled
    6. Stomach discipline
    7. Discipline in religion: Live and let live
    8. take possession of own mind

    Positive Mental Attitude

    1. Learn to adjust yourself to other people state of mind and difficulties in order to to avoid controversy
    2. Condition your mind at the beginning of each day to keep positive
    3. Avoid argument over unimportant subjects
    4. Adopt a habit of laugh every time you are irritated
    5. Start each day with gratitude
    6. Concentrate on can do portion of all issues.
    7. Learn to transmute all unpleasant things into good pleasant circumstances. When you are angry turn your focus to a purpose and let it occupy your mind until you joy floods your soul.
    8. Recognize that every circumstances which influences your life is whether pleasant or unpleasant can pay you dividends one form or another. Strength grow out of struggling. there is no such thing as unprofitable experience.
    9. Look ion your life as continuous process of education learning from all experiences.
    10. Make always self improvement so to get along well with others.
    11. Express gratitude daily that you have been given complete control of your mind.
    12. Go out of your to mention good qualities of others.
    13. Accept all criticism of yourself in order to examine them and improve if necessary
    14. Do not accept from life or anyone else anything you do not desire.
    15. There 2 kinds of circumstances that cause you to worry those you can do something about or those you can do nothing about. Refuse to be worried
    16. Keep your mind entirely snagged to purpose so you can avoid thinking of things that you do not want.
    17. Help others worse than yourself when you feel sorry for yourself
    18. Choose a sort of person you like to be
    19. Cultivate your tone of your voice so it may be friendly sounding voice


    Enthusiasm increases vibration of others, it is contagious. Sound health comes from a positive mental attitude especially enthusiasm towards all things we engage.

    • Meet people with enthusiasm
    • Shake hands with firm enthusiasm
    • Show interest to the other person
    • Eagerly ask questions about the other

    Personal Initiative

    Personal initiative is Dynamo of success which starts the faculty of Imagination into action in the process of translating one’s definite major purpose into its physical or financial equivalent.

    If one aims for success above mediocrity they will need to act on personal initiative without having someone telling them what to do and how to do it.

    A winner never quits and a quitter never wins

    Personal initiative is one quality that inspires one to form friendships and to make contact with people who can be aid to them in times of need.

    Attributes of person(s) with personal initiative;

    • They have a major definite purpose in life and has a plan to fulfill it.
    • They have a maestro mind star alliance with those who can help them achieve this purpose
    • They have necessarily persistence and will to win to carry them along when the going is hard and they meet with obstacles.
    • They make decisions promptly when they have the necessary facts on which to base them and changes them slowly if at all.
    • They do more than it takes in a pleasing mental attitude.
    • They take full responsibility for their undertakings and never passes the buck when things go wrong.
    • They can take friendly criticism without resentment, because they have learnt to profit by it.
    • They know what the 9 basic motives are which inspire all human endeavors and never request anyone to do anything for them without giving that person an adequate motive to do so
    • They never expresses an opinion about anything unless they have thought the subject through and prepared to state how they came to this opinion.
    • They listen more than they talk and talk when necessary
    • Good sense of observation of small details and know their job from the smallest details.
    • They never tell others to do anything unless they suggest why it must be done and know how to go about doing it best.
    • They concentrate their full attention on one thing at a time if males 2 if they are females.
    • Positive mental attitude at all times when in communication with other people.
    • If you ask them a question they will give you a direct answer, even if the answer is they do not know the answer!
    • Never puts off for tomorrow that which should have been done last week because they know that the problem of procrastination is in the top list of causes of failure.

    Convert Unpleasant Experiences Into Assets

    Seed of equivalent benefit. Every experience that seem to come to bring you down is the opportunity to grow to expand your web and create new master mind alliances.

    You loose that which you do not use

    Create A Vision Board

    Synthetic Imagination is old plus new ideas bring simplicity in it of bringing together a new method of use.

    Creation Imagination is based on new ideas. Imagination is a trait that happens only by constant action based on the success principles under this law of success.

    Accurate Thinking

    Accurate thinking is based on the two simple fundamentals, they are called inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning.

    Inductive thinking is used when the necessary facts on which to base your reasoning are not available to conduct your thinking. In this case you act on hypothesis or what you assume facts could be. And deductive reasoning is used when you have the facts or what appears to be the facts in which to base your thinking.

    Separate facts from fiction. Separate facts into 2 classes – important facts and the unimportant facts.

    • Never accept the opinions of other people as being fact until you have learnt the source of those opinions and satisfied yourself of their accuracy.
    • Remember that free advice no matter from who is received will be bare the closest examination before it is acted upon as safe. Free advise is worth exactly what it cost, free.
    • Alert yourself immediately when you hear anyone speaking of others in a slanderous spirit because this very fact should put you on notice that what you are hearing is biased.

    Cosmic Habit Force/Habit To Save

    Create storehouses your Watchdogs

    Stand In Your Power Principle

    We have outlined the three clocks in the beginning of this paper; the entire world work orderly under this Divine time which is also called the LAW. We said we have entered the age of Aquarius ♒️. Learn about it then, it’s attributes and what makes it different to the other past ages, what happened during the age of Pisces, or the ages before that such as the age of Cancer. Aquarius is a water, air sign, it is feminine and dark matter is central to it hence it is aligned with the continent of Africa, but it is also a golden age which means that the entire humanity is at a time of great awakening as we are closer than ever to planet Sirius. A black Woman is the resemblance of God Force on earth during this age Aquarius. Its symbols are the plicc symbol of creation and harmony, plicc’s emblem, the ankh and all others we had from ancient ages continue their use.

    In terms of the second clock it is important to know that Africa is a continent also in her own time within the great time (age), we have our seasons and hours which build our calendar. We have the 12 houses governing the Zodiac but on earth we will work with 13 months  in which the 13th will be in dividing May, June and July (we will see this on a later stage). Our moon separates well our months and the sun our days, hours, minutes and seconds.



    An African person no matter where they reside on planet earth they vibrate in the time of their origin and so it is for all people in general like we saw with the white South Africans, Australians, South and North Americans. Each number, day or month is governed by its powers in the order of creation, that’s why it’s important to know the exact calendar in which we are. If an African person lives in Europe for example it is also important to know the European time in terms of seasons of seed sawing and harvesting. To master both calendars is very beneficial in taking action and understanding our surroundings, though the great time will remain feminine and as Africans we however share the world with other races. In international business dealings we must know also the Asian times and calendar, the Russians, the Middle East, the Americas time, the Aboriginal times, and the Pacific alike.

    Individually to identify your position on your six year wheel you must look at the year of beginning your current project then observe the first three years of rising, and the last three years of going down and what you did to stay afloat, what you did not to sink into the waters of hell or fall out of grace. Try to observe the first year of making income and draw your 6 years circle from there. In future save as much the first 3 years to stay afloat in year 4,5 & 6, and up again and so on and on it goes. The projects are also interlinked especially around the fifth and sixth year you already know what you plan to do at the end of year 6 and so on and on till the structure is solid, rigid and visible to the world. Success is what you achieve every time you stay afloat, getting those small or big achievements, fruits and the money that comes with it, growth, never giving up, and always minding the purpose business in service to others — this is what we call standing in your power!

    This principle of standing in your power is the fullness of the circle of success. Know the stages for planning. To stand in your power will help in the following;

    1. To never take time to criticize your accusers, because every time you do you give your power in their hands.
    2. it helps to remind yourself to think from inside of yourself
    3. it helps you to push you to leave your comfort zone
    4. helps you to master to identifying illusions
    5. Avoids miscarriages

    Standing in our power is taking the following actions;

    1. Know the Promises of our Goddess
    2. Stand on the promises of our Goddess – know the promise in which you stand for every project or idea. This is a foundation or firm roots.
    3. Gain knowledge in your subject and join forces with the knowledgeable to become the best in your field. Take action to improve your skills, gathering the people and other resources to achieve your milestones.
    4. Find another power or alliance to strengthen your position and to improve your chances and to move forward speedily.
    5. Illusions will come once you have gained momentum but when illusions present themselves to you against your progress or to defeat your dream you should be able to reject them and not to accept them by calling them lies. The mind should never be allowed to accept illusions no matter how real they may seem. When illusions are rejected firmly they resolve, and a counter truth presents itself.
    6. The money now comes — in all its forms, you should be able to receive and accept it. When your opposition try to take it you must hold firm to it or meet them half way knowing by allowing to give a little for your progress but knowing that you are in no position to loose since you stand in your promise in this, all losses are gains to you if all is done in good faith of the promise.
    7. All seem to move forward against all odds but the enemy is still keeping taps on your progress. You are going so strong that now the universe is sending back the illusions to your enemies and they start to fight each other or abandon their own positions out of fear of nothing but illusions.
    8. You have succeeded you received your crown no matter how big or small, you achieved, you are firmly established. Now the biggest milestones is achieved but a new dream is also born, we keep moving forward, don’t take long to celebrate your last achievement because you will need the energy and focus as the new dream or new next stage of life will require double the faith from you to continue the success.
    9. From this branch of success and the same circle ⭕️ begin and the same laws applies. You will succeed again just remember the phases and stand firm in your power!

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