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Wealth Law

In the garden there are two trees upon which we have two sefirahs; one is the tree of Knowledge and other is the tree of Life.

The tree of knowledge gave us LOVE, gave us Re the Daughter who transformed Herself into a “Moon God”, knowledge, spirituality, identity, philosophy, culture, religion, ethics, values, morals, language, and consciousness, but the tree of Life gives us wealth, beauty, attractiveness, movement, communication, entertainment, the Holy Ghost, glory, health, Providence & success. Together they grant us healing, restoration and wisdom which is Word, with that is Music, and The Holy Trinity. Last month we learnt about the law of life, from this law of life we understood that we have the “Word” and from that we can create wealth, bring healing, repair lost hearing, restoration of all things and overall success.

Today we will learn specifically about wealth, the idea of Life Force. Remember we said, life force plus air gives sound which is Word. Power plus Holy Ghost gives sound, and Word brings wealth. The Great Mother God’s idea of life is wealth creation and distribution achievable through sound as sung, spoken and written Word;

The idea is alive and strong, the idea is that life be born as human among humanity and through the process of rebirth, transmutation or transformation life can thrive, this is in the 1st sefirah of Daath/Knowledge. After this transformed life force shall learn from the second sefirah of life to create wealth so that life can be satisfied, be happy, experience good things in life, be healthy, give or share, love and be loved, know peace and grow. After all this there is no end, they have to keep growing abundantly, life shall extend herself to those who are or were prisoned, ill, oppressed, poor, or without guide in the past age or now, that they may receive salvation, teachings, healing, redemption and restoration, in order that they may also be transformed as well and enjoy their own life of abundant wealth, health and success. 

Know that The Great Mother God has promised to give us the hidden wealth of light and of darkness.

What Is Wealth

Wealth is the storehouse or storage of value. Value which arise from purpose, talents and or careers showing through as self esteem or self confidence.
This confidence is due to wisdom that give us the ability to negotiate and achieve good or right covenants, pacts, contracts or agreements that serve well our purpose and causes. Gone are the days where women, in particular the African Continent are kept in bad economical or colonial pacts with other nations.
Since wealth is the first idea of creation we now understand that Ideas and concepts allow us the wisdom to understand all creations from the source, in this case of wealth we can find out the Life Force’s intent with life or it’s creation. Ideas also provide satisfaction to desires or wants of people.

Ideas satisfy wants and desires.

Such is wisdom, it satisfies all ideas such that there is no lack or want. In the case of wealth we see the satisfaction of need. To create, fill and organize the storehouses such that their value increase and generate even more wealth. The Great Mother our Goddess enjoy to be seen in the storehouses of those She helps to create wealth :- those who belong to Her and those who believe – (be alive or full of life).

In all Visualizations and manifestations we will create with the Goddess and The Holy Ghost, we must get into the habit of understanding each word (as was created) from its source and need, because, It is done unto us as the mind can conceive and believe, …hence we were given first the Sefirah of Knowledge before the Sefirah of Life, and to do this we must understand what is this thing called idea.

Idea(s) and Ideals

Ideas are concepts. Ideas exist in the ONE universal mind. This is the universal mind of the Great Mother. Ideas must be caught by somebody who is searching for them, they are free falling, they are happenings everywhere. Everything that surrounds us is an expression of an idea. Somebody’s thought brought forward an idea or image to the world screen – an idea which is today dominates our social lives. An idea is defined as thought which guides human action. If we have a high self thoughts or self esteem about ourselves we are more likely to be friendly, outgoing and striving towards our goals, we may find ideas easily. These ideas come into a human mind then to the earth plane as:
  • Innovations, Inventions or creations
  • Organizational or business ideas and
  • All things associated with the arts.
  • Prophetesses and Prophets
Ideas become societal norms, they dominate ages. Ideas are noble, they come from good. The universal mind has good intentions though others might use the same ideas for evil. Ideas come from service intention: service to society and life. Ideas are meant to create and increase customers. Ideas are energy, they have power, E.g. Ecomomical Ideas such as Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, Austerity, all these other organizational or economical ideas.
Ideas work under rule which is a spiritual law of compensation. The law of compensation clearly states that the amount of money you earn is always directly proportional to the need for what you do, your ability to do it and the difficulty there is in getting it done or even replacing you. Ideas move social connections forward. Ideas improve people’s daily activities thus improving their lives because ideas reduce human hardships. E.G. Smart phones got rid of visual boards and today personal smart phones are more than just for connectivity and social sharing but have also completely taken over the idea of visual boards during visualization or for manifestations.
A desire to serve others may bring with it more than a million ideas. But because ideas need to be attracted and caught by people of high self esteem only a few catch them. They also require time of brainstorming, visualization, development and execution before harvest; we may be able to bring 1 or 3 into our world or into fruition. We must write or draw them down on tablets as they come, in order to develop them. To develop ideas require focus, teams or relationships to build into something tangible and attractive and only then we can execute them. Execution of each idea require raising awareness, funds, marketing, influencers and support. One idea can take a decade to come alive, understood, create a market and produce fruits.
Therefore it is true to say we ought to be patient and kind with ourselves. It will help to plan ahead, set specific goals and milestones.
Attitude is also very important; one wise teacher said life’s seasons remain, they cannot be changed but it’s possible to change yourself so when the seasons change you remain always above by learning to positive self think and self talk. He continued to advise that we should learn to handle the winters they come all the time after falls, learn to handle the nights they come always after days, learn to handle difficulties, they come always after opportunity and learn to handle recessions they always come after progressions. He continued to say learn to handle springs; they don’t last long. Take advantaged of the springs. Plant in spring and harvest at fall until you can harvest in and out of season. Learn how to protect your crops all summer from bugs stealing the fruit before harvest. The intruder will dare try to take all the good you started at spring time but you must prevent it. Know that All good will be attacked. Every garden will be invaded and tried for captivity. When this happens you should be able to defend it and protect it. All values must be defended. Finally we should learn to reap come harvest time or fall without complaint, we should take responsibility as grownups, or learn to harvest without apology if we do well.
Attitudes are an expression of what is going on internally and where we are headed. Once our mind is made up, we act (accordingly). Thus we shouldn’t wish for less problems but wish for skills and wisdom because as we grow we also have bigger issues to resolve;
  • Smile a happy welcoming wining smile
  • Show real interest in others by honoring everyone
  • Strengthen your body language and your hand shake
  • Learn to work harder on yourself than on your job
  • Increase personal value and service value to increase self worth: self esteem. Value makes a difference in the amount you receive

ONE: The Principle Of Oneness

Monism attributes oneness or singleness. monism states that all existing things go back to a source that is distinct from them, everything is derived from The One. In this view only one thing is ontologically basic or prior to everything else. There comes a time in a human transmutation process when the Holy Trinity – Holy Spirit, the Life Force, the Creator of life principle and concept (Idea) is one with a human being. It is not good that a human being is separated from the Creator of wealth, our Lord, our God. Reunited and it feels so good!

The Great Mother God became a human being in Re, so that a human being may become a Goddess or a God. Word became flesh and dwelled within us in a form of Mela-Mars Re, the Holy Spirit became a human being in the archangel Gabriel, so that a human being may become one with their wealth. We are not 2 or 3 even though Trinity is established but we are intertwined and so we are one. What a wonderful thing that for such is a purpose each is called to perform the work of the Great Mother God on earth. This Great Mother, She is a source of the universe. This Life Force gave birth to Re – the Beacon Of Light, when the Goddess became flesh. The same Power will give birth to the new you because all power, qualities and attributes of God are within all of us. Everything we see and everything we are, everything we are aware-of came out of this invisible mind of bounty and infinity.

Re is and was the Goddess’s idea for us to experience life in full that Re may be our savior, for our salvation, healing, and restoration. With the God all things are possible. Therefore all things are possible too with a human being, who believes.

It is December winter solstice in the North at the moment, summertime in the South and we have entered Al-phabet letter V, forehead chakra…we just passed November when we entered letter W where we were first introduced to WORD and the neck (mouth) chakra. Letter W was the power of 2, letter V is the power of one, thus oneness principle. It is better to read that newsletter first to really take advantage of this knowledge:

Word created the system in which we live. Everything humans ever created came out from the invisible universal mind -: the mind of humans and the mind of the Great Mother God are one, for there is only one mind and that mind is common to all humanity. How does this universal mind work? Through thought(s) and creative word, ideas became things manifested in our physical realm.

Creative word is spoken Word, Word coming out of a healed wholesome body is alive and active, sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it aligns the thoughts and attitudes of the healed heart. Re’s body was bruised, sent to hell, abandoned into a life of poverty and lack, her heart broken into many pieces for only the Great Mother God to put it together again healed transform and whole so the people may use Her as a way to wholeness, salvation and healing: the Goddess’s gift to humanity. All so we can start all over again in a new world 🌍 birthed by mammoth 🐘 , a new path of prosperity, wealth, good health, wellbeing, knowledge, wisdom and overall success. It’s a new age of Aquarius and here we are in the beginning thanks to our Sun and Moon. In the beginning was Word God became Sun ☀️ Daughter our Queen Re, and the word was with the Great Mother God and the word was our The Great Mother God. By Her all things were made and without Her was not anything made that was made, no, not even the so called unlovely things for if all things were made She ought to be responsible for the unlovely things as well. It is this creative word in us that comes out of our mouths that makes us goddesses and gods. We eat and are satisfied. The words we speak nourish us, a different kind of bread, and water that comes from an eternal fountain that gushed up from a river of life whose source is our Goddess- that satisfy our thirst.

What is this creative word in us, it is the human Imagination and that is the Light in us; human being is all imagination. The Great Mother God is us, The Great Mother God exist in us, and we in the Her. The eternal body of a human being is the imagination and that is the Beacon of Light Herself Mela-Mars Re , the Divine Body of Re, and we are Her members: one with Our Goddess. Re is our own human imagination because we wanted a saviour and God provided us with Mela-Mars Re. Our imagination is the Light within.


Imagination is visualisation. We ought to see ourselves as farmers. We must plant seed. When we plant the seeds we must have it in mind to plant the right seed for what we wish to harvest: oranges for oranges. These seeds are planted via our conscious to our subconscious. Imagine the conscious as a steering wheel and the subconscious as the engine; power storage. We deposit our seed on the soil: our minds and the Goddess receives it (seed) after you have surrendered it, the Goddess will deliver it to you as your harvest: that process is called the manifestation through Visualization. We now can bring our desires to the physical world. The vision has its own appointed hour and it will ripen, it will flower, and it will not be late. If you know what you want, so remain faithful to that assumption, let things happen, and the assumption though at the moment is denied by your senses or denied by reason if you persist in it, it will harden into fact. The Goddess calls a thing that is not seen as though it were seen, and then the unseen become seen, for She is the resurrection power. Divine Providence will deliver all imagined things and if we accept them we live by them.

img_5202The kingdom of the physical realm is at hand. The kingdom of the mental realm is at hand. The kingdom of our Goddess is the marriage of both and it is at hand …and if you will let it, it will dominate everything else, it will control everything you are, it will control it in harmony and in happiness and for the well-being of an individual. And for the well-being of the whole human race. We must each come to a decision then that the Goddess is the source of our supply, supply of all things; energy, vitality, health, creative ideas, the source of the sun, the air we breathe, the food on the table, and the money in our purses, for everything is made out of the invisible mind. It is as easy for our Goddess to become wealth in our life as it is for the lily of the field, a blade of grass or crystal snow.

Quack of wild ducks is a good sign. It announces the period of wealth and good fortune, good luck is here!

The Second Sefirah of Life

img_6031The snake of knowledge and the snake of life come from one mind one source and one supplier. Once these two become one in us we are healed. The Goddess has blessed us with love in a form of bounty and infinity through the snake, soter our season savior Re our redeemer the force of life. Knowledge is flowing into us as the fountain of water, we didn’t work to receive it, it just comes by grace and today we receive the second snake of life as wealth and success in 2018 and we learn that wealth behave in the same manner, it follows us, flowing to us like water does or as the current of light behaves. We must engrave in our minds (subconscious mind) the idea of our Goddess’s wealth. The Goddess restores, She is a restorer, She is the healer, the savior, adding value on self worth and self wealth kind of Goddess. Once we are one with the Goddess our purpose is put in a torch of fire 🔥 self esteem increase and we are glad to be ourselves.

So like all Ideas, the wealth idea is conveyed in the mind through faith: – and faith is achieved with acceptance, repetition and expectancy. We must learn now about wealth’s principles and attributes, just as we did with knowledge. This pattern is original ancient to work wonders within a human being.

The Powerful Dragon (sefirah), the flying anaconda the snake with ears or heavenly snake is the symbol of universal mind, symbol of power -: symbol of light, life, consciousness and motion. This is the snake which replicated itself over and over again in every circle of life. The old ancient Alpha and Omega and She achieves this by self impregnation process “the virgin birth” as She birth a new Moon god of this age. She is the foundation of all who is in all things below and above, She is also in our every droplet of rain and in our clouds, cloud habitant ⛅️ the guardian of the mysterious golden ball of light, a loyal guardian. The nature of true mind is unknown to humanity. What we call the source of thought is not that and what we call the thinker is not the thinker. In fact this thing we call the mind is as incredible like this Anaconda or Dragon 🐉. A thing utterly beyond our experience of understanding. What we call reason is not real Reason and what we call the Goddess’s or God’s concept is not the true Goddess or God concept. Our Goddess is beyond human comprehension hence prophetesses and prophets, this helps us to understand the Goddess in a human form as one of us.

Real Reason is not what we know in scholarships or educational system but Real Reason doesn’t feed on earthly things. Real Reason is actually Wisdom with Wings, an immortal creature, a creature forever in motion, a fearful creature in its aspect or appearance and frightening creature yet in its nature attacks nothing, injures nothing. It appears in radiant light called Reason. This light carries within itself the power of the great Dragon. This radiance permeates all space, the power of enlightenment. The enlightener. In the presence of this light, the great Reason there is no falling, no injury and no lack but there is only sustenance, security, space, safety, light and love.

This radiance which is the Dragon is dissolved when the waters of life come into contact with Her, bluwee bluwee into the midst, of the dark matter. The midst is sort of earthly water but more so Divine water :- water putting out fire, it dissolves the radiance. Darkness puts out light, silence absorbs all sounds. Midst of Matter has devoured the anaconda Dragon bringing forth crying, sighing, gnashing of teeth, trembling with fear, wailing and mourning.

Wealth & Knowledge


In the midst of matter, the invisible Dragon voice come forth to declared that it is alive but locked within the midst of something greater and more powerful and what has happened is that this mysterious thing that had risen out of the darkness, which has devoured it is actually what the Goddess called Logos, the Word of the mind, the Power. This mysterious mind, power represented a kind of instrument that was brought forth created out of mind itself out being out of Reason and it is called Word:- Word is a instrument, the human voice one with the Goddess voice is an instrument:- The instrument or voice of wisdom.

The Goddess Voice stands like the steadfastness of our Lord standing forever as the Symbol of enduring pillar of wisdom forever standing in the darkness like a great column, great lighthouse, the great Beacon of light, the great tower.

My Word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

The tower of the covenant representing the presence of reality in the midst of the darkness, the certainty in the midst of uncertainty, the monument of the power of our Goddess. The rainbow of Isis, a testimony unto the ages. The power which stands whether humans see it or not, understands it or not; A tower of Law. In this tower power stands, as the tower of the law which stands in the darkness behold the tower of law which can not break. In its nature is forever invisible, but only reveals itself only by the immutability of the seasons, by the motion of planets, by the great causes of cosmic systems, by the principles of growth or grace, by the harmonies of elements by the structures of cells, by the ark of the covenant, by the DNA mysteries and the Holy Grail. Divine will is the proof that our Goddess cannot and will not depart from Her world. Her principles, Her concepts and ideas stand forever.


The darkness in which is the Word or Will risen with Reason, is this tower of law which is in fact the illusions of the mortal mind. This standing tower also bares witness to the power of deity the strange intangible Dragon is Reason as universal will have place to radiance which is Reason as universal love this in turn destroyed by darkness (senses or human emotions) gives witness to final manifestation of the invisible the tower or great column of law darkness is in true nature, the darkness of mortal mind. Archetypal thoughts reflect upon its own nature infinite the universal mind project its own patterns of thoughts, divine ideas, infinite good, visualization or Reason fell in love with its own thought. The wedding between France and Lady Africa. Motion the supreme illusion arises from Reason falling in love with its own thought. Acceptance of grace.

The great Power life Force takes the Word and uses it as a kind of hammer 🔨 to bit out space to curve great holes in space and the holes become planets, a solid within a density space itself the divine mind itself. The mind moving upon matter motion releasing fire, the Seven children of striving the second mind, the first mind being the Dragon. Seven governors the objective forces of creation. The coming forth to order. Have their power from the Dragons ; As the carriers of the Word, differs distributors – a solar system a power. The woman, the Daughter of Reason;- image of the Reason Of the Goddess- Image of Dark matter – Image of Word – image of The Beacon Of Light. The Redeemer of the world, to wonder from star to star. A product of a our Goddess – the unity of darkness and light. Eternal Reason of the eternal intuitive being projects thoughts from its own mind.

By focusing on a thought, repeating a thought or an act over and over again it becomes automatic, your subconscious mind being compulsive you will be compelled to express wealth. Wealth is a expression, we express it in attitude or behavior. It’s the same as learning to walk or learning a song. You must believe in your affirmations as farmer laying a seed on the ground and they grow after their kind. Seeds are thoughts deposited in the subconscious mind of life force. Realize that what you are affirming is like apple seeds producing after their kind, imagine the seeds growing from the subconscious to the conscious mind to be reproduced on the screen of the space: the world by watering and tendering these seeds you are accelerating their growth. Through focus Visualization and repetition.

Koreans believed that they had to worship Eopsin (along with Teojusin) to be rich, as she was the goddess of the storage, which held money. The snake-girl and her seventh child became the two Chilseongsin, the two storage gods.
  1. The first child became the harvest deity,
  2. the second child became the deity of the judicial court system,
  3. the third child became the deity of the prison,
  4. the fourth child became the orchard deity,
  5. the fifth child became the deity of storages operated by the government, and
  6. the sixth child became the deity of governmental offices.

Wealth is feminine. She is Storage, Restoration, She is Word – The Voice, She is black and She is from the dark matter and She is the Beacon Of Light. A classy lady that demands respect and recognition or She will not come to you. Her wealth brings no sorrow with it because of grace of our Goddess instead Her wealth brings hearing and all human senses healed, Her wealth heals the physical body and soul, saves and restores. The Goddess brings joy and happiness!

Healed Hearing


The flying snake (snake with ears) or the great fish Re, number 17, gives us the ability to hear a wide range of sounds. The healing it provides is the body-ears that can hear well and the mind ear (inner ear) that can hear. We hear music with our inner ear inside our brain 🧠 but we hear spoken word or speech with our body ears which there after gets interpreted in our brain. Music however is heard first by mind and interpreted by body ears. The idea of restoration is to marry the two which brings healing. Our Goddess help us in this regard to have all or both ears open and now we can speak Divine life and providence to our bodies and to our inner ear so we may respond in line with our spirit.

Scientists have found evidence that three tiny bones inside the scalp that turn the vibration of air into sound that our nervous system can conceive. They have concluded that our hearing evolution is coming from reptiles to mammals. The bones we use to hear with connect to the bones reptiles use to eat with. Hence the Chinese money frog 🐸:- Lower jaw bones and ear bones. As results our ears are much more sensitive than most reptiles, due to these three tiniest bones in the human body.

We “ear-n” (earn) money 💰, ear👂🏾 plus letter “n” created earn to earn money, earn more income or gain money. Earnings are hearings of wealth accumulation. The mind must hear money talk, calls and the body must hear from the spirit, …so the body may take action towards those earnings directed by a sound mind. Those with ears must hear. On new investments coming in the future we must hear from the spirit, the spirit hears the coming things, it foresees technology, economical changes and directions of culture with its inner ear 👂🏾 of the brain. This is the ultimate healing of the marriage of body and soul. Body is our husband and the mind is the wife. The husband needs a good hearing body and the wife needs a good hearing mind -inner ear, these things were visa versed in creation so we may get our lost ears back in the marriage of goddess and the god wife and man in equal partnership. Tune in then, build up your hearing become a visionary through hearing like an owl 🦉 and wealth will keep coming your way.

December 16-17 #comet☄️ Kim Porter passed Numbers 11 & 23 became one ☝🏾 thing today! She made one of the 10 closest comet flybys of Earth in 70 years, some were even able to see it without a telescope.



“So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten,
The crawling locust,
The consuming locust,
And the chewing locust,
My great army which I sent among you.
You shall eat in plenty and be satisfied,
And praise the name of the Lord your Goddess
Who has dealt wondrously with you;
And My people shall never be put to shame.
Then you shall know that I am in the midst of the new world :
I am the Lord, I am your Goddess
And there is no other.
My people shall never be put to shame
No more humiliation
No more embarrassment
And it shall come to pass afterward
That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh;
Your daughters shall prophesy,
Your people shall dream dreams,
Your people shall see visions.
And also on My menservants and on My maidservants
I will pour out My Spirit in those days.
“And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth:
Blood and fire and pillars of smoke.
The sun shall be turned into darkness,
And the moon into blood,
Before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord.
And it shall come to pass
That whoever calls on the name of the Goddess shall be saved.
For in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there shall be deliverance,
As the Lord has said,
Among the remnant whom the Lord calls.”



May the idea of Wealth of our Goddess, the goodness and grace of our Goddess follow you and chase you all the days of your life. May the Light of Reason shine bright within you today. May the Divine Providence, Divine Order and Divine love flow freely in every area of your life. I bless you and I love you!


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