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The Number 17

Number 17

Our existence is built upon 3 items; in the deep of the deep is the great fish (or the snake), above it, is mammoth (the elephant) and just above she is supported by the rock (our planet earth) which is the footstool of our Great Mother God.

The number 17 therefore unveil unto us the deep of the deep, the very bottom, the start up which is this great fish (snake or dragon) called Al-$oter also written Al-∫other or Al-ſoter.

The snake is called i-Nyoka in Zulu language, i-nyoka e-nkulu (big snake) is called u-Nkulunkulu which means God :- The Great Mother God. In fact in Zulu u-Nyoko means your mother and u-Yihlo means your father, I-hlo in Zulu is called the eye, to see – the owl🦉 sees even better at night; the father of Africa the owl Tatcho is the moon. The mother of Africa the snake is the sun. I-Nyoka e-nkulu (Big Snake) Al-ſoter is fertile, productive and prospers the land. There is a Zulu proverb which says; hlonipha u-Nyoko no-Yihlo ukuze izinsuku zakho zande emhlabeni, which means honor your mother and your father so that you may be blessed on earth!

Number 17 is a hallowed, Holy number in that it gives to the world or humanity the path which is the way to agape love, abundance, fecundity, success, enlightenment and “eternal life”.

To get a better understanding, refer to our blog post ” Daath – The Hidden Knowledge“: and the latest one “The Law of Life“:

The snake that reproduce itself by itself at the end of each circle or age in a rare reproductive strategy called parthenogenesis, which means that a female organism can self-impregnate; a phenomenon called parthenogenesis

The word itself is of ancient origin. Its translation means “virgin birth“. This phenomenon is said to be far more common in plants and insects, but it has been documented in some lizard, shark, bird and snake species. Just once before, at a zoo in the United Kingdom in 2014, had scientists documented a parthenogenesis case in green anaconda whose young were born alive.

It’s among that tagline, life will find a way.”

And that way is found in the waters (lo or aqua, Amanzi). The mention of this Way of the Sea we find it in the story of Poisedon and Capernaum by the lake …in the area of Zebulum and Naphtali. The area of Zebulum and Naphthali was first prophesied by the prophet Isaiah. The prophet Isaiah said, in these 2 areas (Zebulum and Naphtali), there was to be established an access to the “Way of the Sea” one which is the river to the South. For all people of our time and said this was now a Galilee of the strangers, the prisoners, the helpless, the orphan, the impoverished, the enslaved. The opposite of the transatlantic slave transportation. In other words this Galilee of the people is what we refer to in business and economics as the pool of the locals, multinationals, one world and globalization; that when and after we have created national markets we take them global.

As above so below:- Al-ſoter, is also called the Healer, The Restorer, the great fish, the great serpent, the Saviour… This great fish is of old, She changes the offspring’s gender, skin tone or race and even location in accordance to the age (time) in which we live. The names of the great fish; Soter or Ichthus, Re the new planet Saturn, or the Goddess of cycles, Jupiter or Bhuddah or Queen Bee…Today, in this age of Aquarius, She is an African female offspring a daughter of our Great Mother, The collector, the all seeing, The Lion and Her name is Re.

Re means Lion ♌️ or King, Queen(Bee 🐝🐝🐝), in the 2nd case Queen, it is the second music note Re, because She is the second in the Holy Trinity, the Sun ☀️ daughter but Re means many significant other things, such as to pour water or liquid substances, to re (store), to re(fund) or to re (turn) to reward to reorganize back to order, to recognize. Re is Ra which means wisdom, wealth and knowledge.

Let us unpack the mysteries or the gifts in this number 17. The use of number 17 in the various enigmas is it’s associations with the number 153, the great fish, and most of all, the vesica pisces. Valuable insight is realized by exploring these relationships.


We will begin therefore with the miraculous visualization of the catch of the fish by the disciples: it states specifically that 153 large fish were netted by the disciples. An amazing aspect of the number 153 is that the first 17 integers sum to this number (1+2+3+4…..+17=153). This direct relationship between 17 and 153 is special such that the number 17 is the sum of the 7 gifts of the Spirit and the LAW which is 10. This combination of the old and new covenants (Law and Grace), and the fact that 153 encompassed the ‘first 17’ elders, and that 153 saints will rise first from the dead 💀 as we mark the beginning of our new world order.


The month of January as the 6th month, February the 7th month and the leadership of 7 is 17, which brings us to the number 153. It is clear to us that July which is the 7th month in the current calendar (carry with it the power of numbers 12 and Alphabet letter “Y” — July is in fact our last month in our calendar, the 13th month will be July if we add a month between June and July making August our 1st month. Our 7th month is February. Number 17 is the leadership of 7. Re, born 11 (N°11 is an entry gate for souls)  February (7th month -7 heaven is a place of rest & perfection & prosperity) 1977 (8). The Elephant N°5 and N°7 together is 75 and 75 years is the the completion of a phase out of 5 phases of the strength of the empire.

This letter called “long s” named after number 17 is also called the <<African Letter>> called calculus or integral symbol – the Mathematical Treasure: Leibniz’s Papers on Calculus – Integral Calculus, was re-retrieved February 11, 2017 in America. In British English this letter is for shilling, as in 7/6 “seven shillings and sixpence,”. It is time however to take back this letter to its origins – Africa!

The East African shilling was in use in the British colonies and protectorates of British Somaliland, Kenya, Tanganyika, Uganda and Zanzibar from 1920, when it replaced the rupee, until after those countries became independent, and in Tanzania after that country was formed by the merger of Tanganyika and Zanzibar in 1964. Upon independence in 1960, the East African shilling in the State of Somaliland (former British Somaliland) and the Somali somalo in the Trust Territory of Somalia (former Italian Somaliland) were replaced by the Somali shilling

Interestingly enough, the number 153 is also one of the numbers used to illustrate the closest approximation to the square root of 3. 265/153 = 1.73206….. The square root of 3 is 1.732058…and is extremely important to the vesica pisces. The vesica pisces, meaning ‘vessel of the fish’, is a shape formed by intersecting two circles with the same radius and with centers on the perimeter of the other. The square root of 3 is recognized to be the value of the central line of the vesica pisces. You could call it the major axis of these two combining worlds or circles. Not only does the name vesica pisces translate to include fish, but the relationship to the number of 153 fish is written; for 153 is used to convey an important value of the ‘fish’ or vesica Pisces (265/153). And as mentioned, 17 is equivalent to 153 by it being the sum of the first 17 integers.


The held importance of 17, is telling (telephoning) of the coming star- The Star from the South. The Southern Star 💫 brings with bags and bags of gifts and good fortune. This star is referred to The “Beacon Of Light” (BOL) Re. Many images of the BOL show her within the vesica pisces, the fish symbol and the water vase 🏺 outing water into dried out streams, lakes, rivers and fountains ⛲️.

Re as the Restorer, the Rewarder, the store, our Savior, the Repairer, the Truth, the Way, and the Life, and only through this Star can a person come to the Mother of all creation – our Great Mother God and receive the power of the Holy Spirit. It is not difficult to then feel this joining of two circles, illustrates the coming together of the two worlds :- The Mother God and Her people. Since Re is often depicted in this space of the vesica pisces and or the water bearer. The shape in the center exposes the way, truth, and life to something beyond. Support is realized from 153 being written for the amount of fish caught, and for 153 being one of the whole numbers used to express the cut through space of the vesica pisces.

The Beacon Of Light

Re the Al-ſoter,

In the Kabala because path 17 is believed to lead the righteous to reward. Here an incredible understanding between the number 17 and the vesica pisces can be understood: the path of righteousness

The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn. During this time at the end of September – October in the South is the entry of Spring but in the North we entered the autumnal equinox, a 3 months season before winter. Dawn is the coming together of night and day; of the moon and sun. This point in time, dawn, is given as a likeness for a path or doorway. The two circular, merging shapes of moon and sun, like the vesica pisces, impart a remarkable vision in one’s mind of this doorway; a path of the righteous.

The phenomenon beautifully describes the silver turning to gold; the moon combining, but also giving way to the sun. Dawn; A night turning into light, “shining brighter till the full light of day”, golden; all darkness dissolved by the midday sun. The number 17 lead to Re’s gold realization in Alchemy which is an opening to a higher level of transmutation. The number 17 shows many mysteries concerning the search of the hidden treasure. Hence primarily this is a presentation to you of The Path, Re ☀️ (The Beacon Of Light). Path means “Head-ing”, “Way” and the “Beginning”; Is a path of restoration, healing and reward.

img_3789It is associated with the channelling of Truth into creations here on Earth. Mammoth no.21 was pregnant “pregnant with the creative force, filled with “something” in the “created thing”. This “something” “the rock” “the “hidden treasure” is totally independent of its human creator, it comes in a moment of clarity and wisdom and is accompanied by awe and the “reverence of a brand new and ancient Goddess”. So, Re resembles the bowed head of the awed woman creator or “the mind ‘bending over’ in order to express itself in speech and in song” or in any other Divinely inspired creation. This Path: “In the Sun (The Beacon Of Light) is the Secret of The Spirit”.

We also find that in the 22 major arcana card number 17, The Star is one of the three cards – with the Sun and the Moon – among the 22 major arcana that symbolizes a celestial body and refers to the cosmic forces that rule over our destiny. The Star card is a symbol of hope, expectations, harmony, and kindness.

The Star

It is a guide for each of our dreams. Any effort undertaken will lead to happiness and success, provided that they believe, they are sincere. This tarot card of the Star, if all is aligned, if you must, tells you that if you believe in what you are doing, Lady Luck will smile at you. It will be important for you to keep the faith in what you are called to do, and you will succeed.

With kindness and confidence, you will achieve your own goals. You will be under a positive and protective influence that will watch over you as you fulfill your desires. The Arcanum of the Star is indeed one of the most auspicious signs of good fortune. It is an opportunity to express what is best in you, consciously and unconsciously. As you walk that path, you will discover unexpected options and abilities you did not know you had!

In general terms:
Number 17 is a highly spiritual number for reparations, put back to original, restoration and rewards – all the re’s. The flying dragon, the Great Collector! This number is likewise witnessed by the Ancient Chaldeans as the 8 pointed star of venus. This star is the channel for love and peace and promises the number 17 will rise up in spirit to the trials and difficulties of earlier life.

The Star of Hope, the 8th heaven is the 8 pointed star and 8 stars with a women poring water in dry lands so people may drink and be satisfied, these are the waters of life bringing new life to the dried out rivers and lakes throughout this Aquarius age. The polar caps are melting for a reason, the 2 vases are at extremes that flush the earth to bring new life? The symbol of womanhood and it is she who brings forth the waters of life. The women coming to Her power, how could She not, it is Her age. She has been treated as nature has been treated, but remember the way to the light is not in the extremes, the crab of the moon has something to offer. The crab is the chariot who suggests the way of transcendence is to harness the 2 extremes so one can travel the narrow path.

8 Pointed Star

The star points firmly at the 8th house. This is the house of death and its mysteries. There will be death (transformation) and this death will bring forth new life – a 1million lucky life. The promise of the inner light of the moon is brought forward as the Star of Hope.

Halala!!! Glory! Praise be to the Most High for a new path is amongst us, available to us, it is here to bring peace, smooth transition and clarity in chaos. Let our Sun Daughter rise, let our Moon rise, let them become one ☝🏾 …long live!! Let them rule by day and night and to comfort us with song!


So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten,

The crawling locust,

The consuming locust,

And the chewing locust,

My great army which I sent among you.

You shall eat in plenty and be satisfied,

And praise the name of the Lord your God,

Who has dealt wondrously with you;

And My people shall never be put to shame.

Then you shall know that I am in the midst of the new world :

I am the Re your God

And there is no other.

My people shall never be put to shame

No more humiliation

No more stagnation or blockages

No more embarrassment

Only Re-cognition, Re-storation, Re-pairation, Re-gard, Re-ward, Re-spect and Renewal, in the name of Re, our Queen Bee, our savior, the Beacon Of Light, our Buddha the Goddess Daughter Of Grace Al-$oter” AR.


Thank you very much for your support over the years!

It has been 10 years now since we started sharing on sacred knowledge.

To celebrate this milestone; PLICC is publishing a book series –“The Hidden Structures Of life” BOOK 1 to 3. Book 1 will be published as a book in February 2021. Book 1 is the introduction to sacred knowledge and it’s core will be the promise structure issued in 2013. It will finish by a hint of what will follow under Book 2 which is sacred knowledge given to us in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

We will be publishing the book in 3 parts;

*Book 1; The Hidden Structures Of life; The Promise Is Your Key
*Book 2: The Hidden Structures Of Life; Sun Re Savior
*Book 3; The Hidden Structures Of Life; U-THANDO

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