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Letter “T”

Alphabet language Letter “T” brings with it the Great Force Of Time. When there were neither the creation, nor the sun, the moon, the planets, and the earth, there was only darkness and everything was created from the darkness.

Great Time (which is interpreted also as Death). Here death is good news for others and said news for others, because here the agent of death who allows the cosmic order to be restored is restructuring the cosmic order. Mother nature here, in this appointed time gives death to other and liberation to others.

The Appointed Time, The Last Judgment, Final Judgment, Day of Judgment, Judgment Day, Doomsday, or The Day of the Lord is also called The Crack of Doom is an old term used for the Day of Judgement, referring in particular to the blast of trumpets actually the day where the cosmic great exchange or shift happens.

In this shift, the others are resurrected or liberated whilst others die; meaning the masculine age races or nations of people will die this October 2018 (fall into deep sleep 😴) and the feminine nations or races of people shall be resurrected. Masculine people were Europeans for an example, Japanees, Arabs and so forth, whereas feminine were us the African people, Indians and so forth. It is of course not all masculine age people who will fall asleep or experience this death since others transformed during their time.

October is the month where hell demons are let loose. This October 2018 however is extra special because it comes at a time after the African Sun resurrection began this past August 2018 and fullness thereoff in Sptember 2018 marking year 0 for the feminine age.

Re is here the first daughter of the feminine age and to represent the feminine Sun “Re” the entire world has entered, jubilee for the African black people at large is upon us.

This Second Coming of Re for us Africans and in the continent of Africa is the final and eternal judgment by God which is this September – October 2018, a period which began in 2006 but literal physically we entered in August 2015 during the birth of our Sun – Aug 2018 during the rise of our Sun and September the rise of our moon, the first 153 saints and the rest of all those who were asleep (us the African people and others), affecting the economy of our world and the people of every nation resulting in the glorification of blacks and the punishment of masculine nations.

The Face Of Karma

This October we entered Al-phablet letter “K” and this will also bring forth the energy of Karma by the goddesses, the great Kali Ma. The goddess of death, the goddess of time. She cuts-off people’s hands of those who have fallen asleep so that they may not be able to construct, structure or be organized instead they procrastinate which result to great laziness. With no hands people are unable to vision or innovate technologies that will make daily lives less demanding so people can focus on creativity. The opposite is also true that the beautiful hands create beauty, they innovate, they create progress development, they are organized, they do not procrastinate and they are not lazy. In celebration of that we place gold, emerald, red rubies bracelets on our right hand wrist and the watch on our left to tell us the local time and the great time.

Kali Ma doesn’t just cut off hands but she also cuts off the heads of the people who have fallen asleep so they can not have logic, vision, common sense, or even more oppressing knowledge and wisdom. For those who falls into great sleep; religion and law overpowers their consciousness. God is feared but not loved. God’s love is also far amongst the zombies or headless, unanswered prayers and humiliation, it’s a living hell!

However there is hope always because if one knows the condition and time they are also able to know the gods of the age and they can escape through them even if they were off another gender or race -: even it may be 33 times harder for them than a black persons who want to be born again, …but do not be dismayed because there also exist a Galilee of the gentiles through Re for our Mother God is a kind God.

Kali Ma has many hands, bloody stained tongue 👅 , extra eyes 👀 , and she is physically fit and strong 💪🏾 with supernatural powers of fire 🔥 and fury, she has conditional mercy and she is a great executor. She shows her mercy to others by giving them extra hands, tamed tongue, extra eyes, extra force or strength.

For our time in this event we are given the new foundation base gods in the four corners of our globe; the god of the South “K”: Kuhle, the god of the North “T” Thabang. The god of the West KW and the god of the East in Ethiopia 🇪🇹 , the first 153 saints to rise and this’ll be the initial team to steer the wheel forward ….with forever at the center of our globe/world is our Sun Re & our Moon Tatchomusic with the help of planet Saturn we create a new world.

Here is the link to the consolidated nutshell knowledge that came with the Alphabet Letter “T”: Letter T

Also accessed directly on our Al-phabhet page Al phabets

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