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The Great Mother

In gematria, Mem or Ma or Letter “M” : The Great Mother God is represented by the number 40 in both the Standard and Mispar Gadol Methods of Gematria; However, (mem sofit) final mem’s value is 400 in the Standard Method.
The Standard Method adds the values of Tav Tatcho Music/Moon god and Resh Re the Beacon Of Light/Sun (400+200) to denote the value of mem sofit. The Great Mother number’s 4, 14, 41, 40, 44 etc…on earth 🌍 movement.
In the Sefer Yetzirah, the letter Mem is Queen over Water: “She who Formed Earth in the Universe, hot in the Year, and the Belly in the Soul”…“m” as an abbreviation, it stands for metre. In Hebrew religious texts, it can stand for the name of the Great Mother God Makom, the Holy Place. The Holy Grail!
This is the Holy Great Mother the waters that birthed forth everything. After the death of Cebile comes the rebirth of Re, the path of transformation is born. The transformed will arise into new pair of legs; fish legs : How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things! It is written that “the souls of the righteous will be clothed after their departure in the skin or covering of a fish.” Why? To not drown or easily swayed or suffocated by the waters below, in the middle, above and all around us!

The Great Mother is the wisdom herself, She has her dwelling-place “on the heights” above the created universe, in the place of the midst, between the upper and lower world, between the Pleroma and the ektismena. She sits at “the gates of the mighty,” i.e. at the approaches to the realms of the seven Archons, and at the “entrances” to the upper realm of light Her praise is sung. Wisdom is therefore the highest ruler over the visible universe, and at the same time the mediatrix between the upper and the lower realms. She shapes this mundane universe after the heavenly prototypes, and forms the seven star-circles with their Archons under whose dominion are placed, according to the astrological conceptions of antiquity, the fates of all earthly things, and more especially of humanity. She is “the mother” or “the mother of the living.” As coming from above, She is Herself of pneumatic essence, the mētēr phōteinē or the anō dynamis. from which all pneumatic souls draw their origin.

The Great Mother-principle of the universe appears as the first woman, the Holy Spirit (rūha d’qudshā) moving over the waters, and is also called the Mother of all living. Under Her are not limited to, the four material elements—water, darkness, abyss, and chaos. With Her, combine themselves the two supreme lights, the first woman and the first Daughter in virgin birth. From their union proceeds the third imperishable light, the third, Holy Spirit. But unable to support the abounding fulness of this light, the Mother in giving birth to The Beacon Of Light Re, suffers a portion of this light to overflow on the left side. While, then, the BOL as dexios (She of the right hand) mounts upward with her mother into the imperishable Aeon, that other light which has overflowed on the left hand, sinks down into the lower world, and there produces matter (the four materials). And this is the masculine side of The Great Mother God (he of the left hand), Prouneikos the male-female.

The Great Mother God

The Great Mother God

The power which has thus overflowed leftwards, makes a voluntary descent into the lower waters, confiding in its possession of the spark of true light. It is, moreover, evident that though mythologically distinguished from the humectatio luminis (Greek: ikmas phōtos, ἰκμὰς φωτός), the Wisdom is yet, really nothing else but the light-spark coming from above, entering this material world, and becoming here the source of all formation, and of both the higher and the lower life. She hover over the waters, and sets their hitherto immoveable mass in motion, driving them into the abyss, and taking to herself/himself a bodily form from the hylē. Now as She compasses about, and is laden with material every kind of weight and substance, so that, but for the essential spark of light, She would be sunk and lost in the material. Bound to the body which She has assumed and weighed down thereby, She seeks in vain to make Her escape from the lower waters, and hasten upwards to rejoin her heavenly mother, She seeks to preserve, at least, Her light-spark from being injured by the lower elements, raises herself by its power to the realm of the upper region, and there spreading Herself out She forms out of Her own bodily part, the dividing wall of the visible firmament, but still retains the aquatilis corporis typus. Finally seized with a longing for the higher light, She finds, at length, in Herself, the power to raise herself even above the heaven of her own forming, and to fully lay aside her/his corporeity. The body thus abandoned is called “Woman from Woman.”

The Womb (The Holy Grail)

Nigh related to this is the notion widely diffused among Gnostic “sects” of the impure mētra (womb) from whence the whole world is supposed to have issued. As according to the Italian Valentinians the Al-ſoter opens the mētra of the younger wisdom – Al-Re -the Daughter, (the Enthymēsis), and so occasions the formation of the universe, so on the other hand the mētra itself is personified in the Beacon Of Light. So Epiphanius reports the following cosmogony as that of a branch of the Nicolaitans:

In the beginning were Darkness, Abyss, Chaos, and Water, but the Spirit indwelling in the midst of them, divided them one from another. From the intermingling of Darkness with Spirit proceeds the mētra which again is kindled with fresh desire after the Spirit; she gives birth first to four, and then to other four aeons, and so produces a right and a left, light and darkness. Last of all comes forth an aischros aiōn, who has intercourse with the mētra, the offspring whereof are Gods, Angels, Daemons, and Spirits.

The pregnant mētra therefore contains within Herself all kinds of animal forms in the reflex of heaven and earth and all substances found in the middle region. This mētra also encounters us in the great Apophasis ascribed to Simon where it is also called Paradise and Eden as being the locality of man’s formation.

Great Mother is Queen over all matter, the Mother, the unifier of water and spirit. She is the Master of speech, voice & sound. In Zulu She is called “Nkosikazi” (wezi-limi) of Speech. “Nkosi” in Zulu is King and “Nkosi – kazi” is the greater King – The Queen, which is a name referenced to a feminine king – the queen, a Woman or a Mother. She – The Great Mother- is the master of speech. She birthed her daughter, the Beacon Of Light, the Seventh ancestor or incarnation of the Bhudda to be our new Bee or a Beacon Of Light a Sun God. The androgynous Queen of sound, who was half fish (snake) and half human, is the saviour of humanity. In all religions, humans are enlightened through their genetic association with the fish. Our DNA get to be upgraded through songs as part of the transformation process in the path of Re as she chants to creation for the healing of a people.

The Dogon people or the African people associated the fish with the divine feminine and they were symbolized by the Sun. The Dogon, the stolen and the restored fire is a symbol of DNA 🧬 where grain a symbol of human seed, DNA and “the Word.” We saw this on our November newsletter the life force where we spoke of the sower sowing “The Word” as means of manifestation of the unseen in the world of metaphysical.

In an effort to explain, the French anthropologist Marcel Griaule, the significance of the Master (Queen) of Speech, Ogotemmêli is quoted as saying; ‘The seventh Nummo,’ went on Ogotemmêli as though talking to Herself , ‘sacrificed herself.’ She alone could do it, She the Master Queen of Speech, which is to say the master of the world. Without Her no reorganization was possible. ‘What I did, the work that I accomplished and the Word that I spoke, is: ku ma inné déga da bébadou,” which means, ‘My head has fallen for humanity’s salvation.’

February we entered letter “M”, mem or mama or The Great Mother Goddess. February is a month Water, of heavy rains. February is month where The Great Mother’s love is introduced to us. She is the ultimate Red Rose🌹The 14th February we celebrate this love we receive from the Great Mother because this is the unconditional love of the Creator to humanity. The mother’s love. The feminine love and so we shower our female lovers with red roses, chocolates or candy. We celebrate therefore all Her symbolism in a female vigina shape and form. The Holy Grail and supernatural Providence. Her resources. Her jewels. Her precious stones. Her colors. Her melanin. Her strength and Her strong yet soft wooly hair. Her red mystic rose. The colour red is associated with a red giant star (a pregnant Sun) that exploded as a supernova to give birth to the Universe. The Great Mother of Speech is associated with the red giant star and known as the Seventh Ancestor from planet Sirius. In fact the colours red and white stands in representation of Sirius A and B. Red with a red giant sun, which is a symbol of life; and the colour white with a white dwarf star, a symbol of death. The colour red is a female symbol and the colour white, a masculine symbol.

Divine Trinity, the spirit, water and daughter. The three goddesses has made this possible: 1st the mother of the sun daughter she arose from her death bed with a healed spinal chord and revitalized organs especially her neck spine, and kidneys. 2ndly the mother of the moon god, she arose from her death bed completely healed from stomach and gastrointestinal illness that took away her speech but became victorious, regained her voice, and all her organs were revitalized especially neck, belly, and kidneys. These great mothers gave us a gift of a new Sun daughter in that we have three goddesses. We also gain a new moon god with a opened third eye, the husband of Re. The sun and moon gained both outer and inner ears respectively, a consolidated speech, transformed legs and moving chakras. The three Sacred feminine Goddesses are the unity of all things in nature, and the supreme power governing the universe, to one Divine Mother, personified by the Goddess Sun Daughter.” We have entered a new age where Goddesses and heroines can birth parthenogenetically; becoming pregnant autonomously, without the fertilization of man if need be.
The Great Mother of Speech’s sacrifice and the regeneration of her umbilical cord, was planted, came to life and transformed itself into a Tree of Life – The fig tree. It was this tree that the Great Mother of Speech was tied to when she was sacrificed. The tree that has the power to revive the dead and poison the unrighteous. During the regeneration process the fig fruit, which was fed by the Great Mother of Speech’s sacrificial blood. The blood from the Mistress of Speech’s sacrifice and regeneration “nourished the universe and rid it of its impurities.” She shared her body with humans to feed them, and it was said that “the universe drank Her body. She gave all Her living principles to human beings.”
There is more knowledge that comes with the gift of Alphabet letter “M” of course such as the Milky Way, Milk, Blood, money’s currency, people, Music, the Moon and so much more: you can visit our Alphabet page to read further but the nut shell February is the month we meet the Great Mother of All Creation. She accepts us, She showers us with love and favour and we are forever reunited with Her.
A lunar eclipse that we witnessed of last month (20-21January’19) did not only repair our moon’s (forehead) third eye and transformed his legs but also unified Humans(us the people) with the Dogons ( the transformation gods) – The Heavenly Beings!

The Underworld

As above so below; the abyss imitate Heaven and thus some may confuse the Dogons to Mamiwatas or Sangomas. The difference between mamiwata and the Dogons Sirens or gods is that mamiwata is the hell’s diety like Kali Ma the hell’s diety of time, waters and the South. Mamiwata too resides in hell. Mamiwatas are mimicking the Great Mother of the Heavens who inhabits air, eather, and the below elements. Sirens are the habitants or gate keepers of the waters. Mamiwatas brutalize and terrorized the people who have no pass or have been initiated in the waters of Re.
Unlike Re, Sangomas make slave of our people, demanding sacrifices and forced their will on the people. People are forced to live in filth, they accepted dirt, bad smelling gal bladder and skins of dead animals, they cause others to mental imbalances and loose mental power. She doesn’t care of the age of the child, nor does she care of education. Mamiwatas preys on the weak. She is not kind, not compassionate and her love is conditional. She helps them gain pay back with your soul kind of money only to they never find love. She gave them marriages from hell where people signed their souls away in marriage certificates.
img_5496Our Great Mother however She is the opposite of this, She is the embodiment of love, of true power, of wisdom, of human rights, of respecter of human’s will power, of holiness of peace and unity. The Great Mother is the Creator of all life. She is the epiphany of harmony, of cleanliness, wisdom, knowledge and education, of acceptance and adoption, of order and organization, of wealth without sorrow, of love, of beauty and aesthetics, of technology, of music, of culture of speech of holy marriage, of fashion, of arts, of talents, of architecture, of infrastructure and transformation, of development, of growth and of transformation.
We are honored by her undying love, grace and providence. We are not worthy yet worthy at the same token because she has purchased our souls from hell, she sent her daughter to restore us; in that she (the daughter) died for our transgressions and resurrected into a holy being, so many may follow in that pattern to gain eternal life.
This is love ❤

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