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The Exodus


The Exodus has just begun for the African people. Fulfilled this year March 20 – April 23 2018. The Autumnal (Fall) Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere is The Vernal (Spring) Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and vice versa.

March 20 was the northern hemisphere spring equinox and from that moment we entered into an interesting period which lasted till April 23 where the moon cycle took us into a time of resurrection of the new Sun and we buried the old sun. April is the 9th month and is ruled by the 9th Planet—(not Pluto). But Planet Nine which we call Planet Greta or Planet X as some calls it: it is our heavenly home.

Africans are the Jews of this age. The original Jews in the order of the planet Jupiter. Our exodus has just begun Glory be to Goddess! The Exodus is central to us and celebrated in the festival of liberty, freedom and civil rights. The exodus is the deliverance from slavery, from a abandonment to divine providence we belong to the Goddess by covenant through Re:

Re escaped the tomb without the removal of the stone because She transformed into a scarab beetle and escaped a life of hard work hardship in a structured system of slavery for the African people and females at large.

A tomb is a repository for the remains of the dead. It is generally any structurally enclosed interment space or burial chamber, of varying sizes. Like the Pyramid of Khufu is the largest by volume, rigid and inescapable. The tomb in simplicity is the representative of a box within a circle (world) with a triangular on top, a square, a cage, in a world system of the past masculine age created to enslave black People. This system was built with the help of the prophets of the masculine age such as Buddha, Jesus and Mohamed etc… It was structured such that a white male, Japanese male and Arabic males for instance will be first to be recognized and supported and he would rule the world and stand as the resemblance of the Sun ☀️. After him will follow his(their) women, after their women will follow yellow to black males which included red males also like Latinos, Peru, Australian Aborigines, pacific Islands, Pakistani, Indian, Mixed races and so forth then finally African males and last but never least was us the dark skinned women right at the bottom – the African women.

As Africans, we found ourselves inside the tomb of queen Victoria and Elizabeth of Britain or the tomb of Louis XVI of France going back Louis 15, 14 or the tombs of Tzar’s in Russia or the king of Spain or the tombs of the Catholic Church in Rome etc…

When you are in this tomb or cave you are enslaved and the idea is to escape. Unless you were noble you are born here inside this cage like all of us. Each religion provides a way out, or in our opinion each religion holds a valuable clue. It’s easier to escape if it’s your age or and you have the good information. Religious books like the Bible and Quran do not really tell you directly how to escape or how the ages are structured; it’s fairytales & dos and don’t that do not feel real to today’s life. There exist however ancient truths which are always guarded by the two Saphiras. Jews call this April period the Passover: Jews celebrate Passover as a commemoration of their liberation by God from slavery and their freedom as a nation under the leadership of Moses. Europeans or Christianity call it Easter as their Jesus is resurrected and freed them from slavery …and so on ….the wheel turns & the wheel of civilization move forward.

Re the Elephant with her Sephira’s

Re our prophetesses, the goddess, the sun daughter of our age of Aquarius has transformed into a scarab beetle to lead us (Africans, and/or women — which are the feminine continents & their people) out of slavery. These beetles are connected to the ground/the soil but they follow the sun. They can fly. These beetle are beautiful & elegant whilst pushing dung. Shifting this dung makes visible and clear real resources and makes us organized so we can responsibly extract our minerals on the ground process them and trade them for profit and growth. Re the first beetle yet the sun brought us back to our ear … a good ear hears what is not being said in any given speech and hears silence.

#Africa now we can hear the soil speak, vibrates and we have been reunited with our rhythm, the music, the harmony and the dance of the entire universe – this will help us gain back our land, our economy, our currency, our buildings, our culture, our architecture, our cities our bridges, our building, our skyscrapers, our cars, our avions, our, our, our, etc…. We are no longer slaves! No more and thanks to our God who dwells in Planet 9 our Mother Greta for the birth of our first daughter Re our Sun ☀️

Read more, where we explain the world slavery structures and importantly read our way out or the solution which is true for any race black or white – the old formulae God keeps giving the Age prophetesses and prophets; our article “The Hammer 🔨 & Sickel” :

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