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Earth Day 2018


Happy Earth Day – 22 April 2018

This Earth Day 2018, we take a look on health, most especially mental health. Mental illness robs humanity of the very core reason why we came on this beautiful planet called Earth. To appreciate Earth is to appreciate the entire universe, more so our solar system and that which it provides to planet Earth and it’s life habitants.

Health is part of letter “H” (hotel) just as it is with “home”…. not ” house” or “household” because they are part of Letter “B” (bravo) ….which deals mostly with sharing and distribution ..,but home is here at al-phabet “H” a gateway we entered on 1 April 2018. There is a relationship between letters “H”and “B” but they allow us to enter different gateways hence their differences, they are written differently and pronounced differently.

We have reached Neptune and passed beyond the planet Neptune where we get the Kuiper belt. At this belt there is what we call in Zulu language “isiphithiphithi” or what astronauts called bizarre orbiting of objects that seem to be under strong gravitational force pulling them in all sorts of directions… pulled by this gigantic planet called the ninth planet – or Planet X, our mother Planet or our Heaven where we receive our consciousness.

When we reach planet 9 we receive the letter “P” – a gift or gateway from Planet Nine —-not Pluto the dwarf planet as was previously taught ….and April or the ninth month in the original calendar is the time we receive the gift of Healing and good health: Healthy relationship, harmony, healthy minds and healthy bodies, unity of the body mind and soul which is the overall state of wellbeing.

Now if one is tuned in you perhaps already picked up on the vibration of each month, time and seasons. April started strong with the passing of the spear #WinnieMandela joining the Saints (those who fought the good fight of faith). Mid April we saw the come-back of #KanyeWest who disappeared from the limelight after mental fatigue and bipolar diagnosis last year: welcome back Kanye, we missed your views. Towards the end of April we saw #MariahCarey boldly coming out also as bipolar. DJ/producer Tim Bergling, aka #Avicii died; he had suffered from mental health problems that resulted to excessive drinking and substance abuse. Alcoholism & drug use is part of mental healthcare. “Mini me” actor from Austin Powers, #VerneTroyer died 21 April 2018, he struggled half his life with depression.

Mental health is one of biggest failures of the masculine age. Mental illness has robbed families of their loved ones when much could have been avoided simply by increasing funding for mental health research & health care. Instead there is unnecessary stigma because of suppressed knowledge, disconnected education systems, confused spirituality or beliefs, ignored nutritional contributions and toxic medication. Nonetheless mental illnesses can be curable like all other diseases if we (our medical systems, institutions, families, society, & governments) are open, supportive, honest enough to devote funds and research on it.

Our Solar SystemWe therefore must start from the beginning; at our solar system. All answers lie in our skies. It is important to see our solar system as a large human body (cosmos); your house or your body as this habitable microcosm, your home where your soul finds safety and security whilst alive on this beautiful physical planet of ours, planet Earth: happy #Earthday2018 to you, today 22 of April 2018.
With that said, see your head situated beyond Neptune at this kayotic belt called Kuiper where exist Pluto. To others however their heads rest at Pluto, others in between and few at Planet 9. To have ones head at planet 9 one’s consciousness must be aware or they should be in their transmutation process. Since not all of us are willing to transform/transmute or know how to transform, most heads (brains or minds) will remain resting at this kayotic belt, meaning that…to keep a healthy mind individuals must continually discipline it, train it, control it and support it with good nutrition like we do with our physical bodies.

Kuiper Belt

See your feet resting on planet “Earth”. Planet Mercury is situated just beneath the spinal cord. The realization that Pluto is not a planet or is a dwarf planet was a huge move in science but more an important move in the fight against mental illness. Pluto was reclassified as a dwarf planet making planet nine the real ninth planet.

Planet 9Acknowledging Planet 9 or X as our ninth planet is what will free all people in general, however the scientifically progress and official recognition is at a snail pace because to recognize planet Nine like all the other 8 planets, people’s consciousness will lift as they tune in to its vibrations, which means that people will be consciously increase their consciousness.

Planet 9 communicates with us utilizing our minds via the seat of the soul or the third eye which is located on our brains. This communication is vital for progress and peace on earth since we survive amongst plenty terrestrial influences.

Numbers are built by 0-9, so is our solar system and so is the human body. But what we don’t want is all the other dwarf planets, meteoroids, moons found on Kuiper belt having a stronger voice than the real voice of heaven which is Planet Nine. We have named it Planet Nine, Planet Greta. Planet Al-Greta is the mother of our sun god Re. Greta came on earth as the fullness of 9: born on the 9th of April, the 9th month. She is the embodiment of planet 9 and she birthed us our Sun Daughter ☀️ Re.

Humans can only experience life, peace and harmony as intended only if the mind is well. Mental health should be prioritized by WHO (world health organization-UN) and our governments. Here we expose the key items on leading healthy mental lives. Often we focus on the physical body when it comes to health, yet neglect mental wellbeing by simply ignoring our thought patterns, we perceive them as uncontrollable or unmanageable. We don’t ask ourselves why we believe what we believe. Wrong beliefs create walls that or barriers that we will later have to dismantle if we wish to progress in life; wrong beliefs are costly and hinderances to a happy, satisfying long life. We also watch television without control nor do we engage in social networks in a controlled way. But the truth is that the mind can also be disciplined, trained and fed good food just like our physical bodies. With a proper nutrition we can achieve a balanced mental health.

Most people have never been diagnosed for any kind of mental illness but almost more than half the world’s population have not taught their minds to be disciplined; undisciplined mind is a ticking time bomb and it posses a danger to its owner.

The waisting of time is a huge factor, we only have a certain number of years and also have a certain part of those years suitable to mental activities. It’s not easy to manage the mind; we have to fight against worries, fears anxieties and doubts. But we can take action today and train the mind not to waist its intended activities. We must learn to use mental energy or mental time for reasonable purposes. It’s like unwanted weight gain, until a force is applied, the gaining process will continue steadily lest a change is introduced. The same is found with the mind, we must change its cause by gaining control over it any feeding our entire bodies with good nutrients. We will see therefore how to discipline the mind. How to think? How to use its instrument. How to use the mind to improve the total life?

One of the the problems of humanity is that prosperity undermines thinking;
the more we have is the more we wanna have fun or enjoy and the less we wanna spend time thinking. We want to do only what we want to do without any kind of discipline, we only want to have fun as a result we have tried to create a world of complete vacation. We want to sacrifice everything to have a good time. Take conservative beliefs for example most are based on religions, when a new discovery comes by, people who are lazy to think rejects the new information without even testing it or researching it because that will spoil their fun which is to not think at all. Having fun for mental discipline is like eating junk food. Fun is good and fun is important, since we must also enjoy life but fun without intelligence, fun that is devoid of intelligence and does nothing to nourish the mind should be kept under strict control. Having fun and happiness isn’t really the same thing; Happiness is earned unfortunately by an individual whose will was given away. The individual must deserve happiness or else they will never truly appreciate it. True happiness is contentment or joy which is a gift of grace deposited in our lives during a hard journey of transformation. It is true that if the individual didn’t earn their happiness they get small glamours which are artificial and will live her devastated.


The Proper Use Of The Mind.

The mind should be used to build something. Each individual must come to a conclusion in which she use her mind to create something. So we ought to find out what is best for our individual minds to do. Decisions taken are reflecting our state of mind. Our decisions give us good rewards if taken out of love instead of fear. Therefore the mind must be kept fit and ready. Mind nutrition is necessary to help the mind in the fulfillment of what we set to accomplish in life.

Mind reminds us of things it cannot do. There have been plenty of situations whereby we must ask the Holy Spirit to pour itself on the situation because honestly most problems are far greater than the mind. The mind is solid and most problems require air or liquid for solutions. The mind cannot solve that which is superior to its own nature; not being able to solve it the mind rationalizes exposing its limitations which is often linked to the experiences of living. But some owners can’t read their own minds even when their minds try to tell them: “I can’t deal”. The mind must be trained to recognize its own limitations and also for the owner to realize and accept its limitations. Some minds have been spoiled by their owners to a state where it’s utterly undeveloped where the mind has become the servant of ambition. We ought to thing great of ourselves, to think positive but it’s not the same thing to think it and the journey one must take to be it. It is also true that when the mind is only focused on I’m great, I’m great, I’m great ….it will lack seeking emotional intelligence and other things that it doesn’t have. The mind is an instrument of creativity and positive thinking (common sense and integrity). The mind can quickly create a dictator as it can quickly create a saint. We must question how we think! We must train the mind and we should not feed it with junk food. The soul must lead the mind – If the mind is not lead it will lead.

Good food to the mind can be reading, education, thinking, analysis, research, exploration, sports, music, arts, hobbies, creating, chores, working, skills, talent application, traveling, healthy relationships and being of service to the world etc….but also literal food; some fruits and vegetables are meant to enhance and balance the mind such as pomegranate fruit or aloe vera for example but there is many more. The mind also need elements or nutrients like does the body… the brain functioning needs natural amount of lithium, Omega 3, coconut milk or oil, protein and enzymes… Less hard protein like meat, sugar and junk food. This keeps away the doctors and the toxic medications with side effects.

The opposite is true; The untrained mind can develop toxic conditions where it wonders around waiting for someone to entertain it; waiting for something in the social media, tv or the news to frighten her, wait for some bad news to justify what they always suspected. This becomes a habit, the mind is being gradually deteriorated.

We can and should reclaim our minds back. We must clear it up and start all over again. We must go back to a new approach of a mind. Let it blank for more than 5sec, 10 sec and one day you will find that you can go for 5 -15 min thinking of nothing. Start by counting to 3 in the morning before getting up: 1,2,3 shut it down- blank and practice this daily for starters. A mind that can be quieted is a disciplined and matured mind. It is important to know that the maturity of a person is determined by the maturity of her emotions and the integrity of her thinking. If we spend too much time with looking good on the outside and neglect the disciplining of our brains, the mouth shall expose your thoughts at a wrong time. The mouth exposes a situation which can be more disgraceful than any outward physical looks.

Yoga has helped many to learn to keep the mind still. We recommend it since it’s good for physical fitness also. But one can achieve that by themselves also without doing yoga.

Some philosophers have suggested that once you have gain the ability of quieting the mind… to begin training the mind we should start by introducing 1 original thought everyday in which we can recall back when our mind try to diverts. To have a thought and carry it through where it produces something of importance is commendable.

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In conclusion;

  1. we must develop a mental interest.
  2. We must believe our minds when they try to tell us their limitations.
  3. Focus the mind towards the correct things.
  4. Start training the mind

Common sense tell us that we are not going to take any of our resources with us when we depart this world. So it’s best not to only focus the mind on making more money than your friends but instead focus it to purpose. As much as we can enjoy life with good things, we should rather take good attitude towards life. We can even research about people who seem well rounded, how they think as a start. Waisting of mental energy goes hand in hand with waisting funds or food, spending ecxerssively. A mind which is trained, a beautiful mind can help us in this regard; to maximize the economics of life in general even our finances in the household.

When we retire we will have only our mind to live with, we will be faced with our own thoughts. To have a good mind to live with when we don’t have theses other things to live for… we must begin to train it early to have a beautiful mind.

When we die one day, we have to take something with us that we didn’t bring on earth or else our lives would have been a total failure. Things that bring growth on earth. We must live the earth behind improved. We have to have a greater appreciation of our planet Earth. Appreciate more friendship, love and family. We must choose to be a people who perpetuate a greater common good. We must learn to live our lives to improve the lives of others, our planet, our universe.

Remember we love you, again happy Earth Day 2018! Stay Balanced, Stay healthy!

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