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Check out our article on the main highlights of 2018 which you can find on the menu pages of this website: 2018. The reader should take away that the liberation of Africa as a continent and as a people in general lies in the liberations of the 14 African States currently held hostage by France through the colonial pact that extended from the French franc to the Euro currency. It is important to conceptualize the value of billions of dollars in moneys paid to France and euroland by Africa yearly; estimated at a staggering 440 billion US Dollars per year. It is time to challenge this and end this oppression.

planet xAs the Jupiter, The Sun and the Moon aligns harmoniously 23 April 2018 we hereby announce the beginning of the liberation of Africa from the hand of the Europeans controlled in Paris is nigh. Africans, Europeans and the world can no longer claim that they didn’t know, the information is available and accessible. We all have the duty to see the end of slavery in the world. Join us to see to it that France and Europe;

  1. Let Africans conduct their own banking,
  2. Let Africans create their own foreign and local reserves
  3. Abolish the CFA franc and detach it from the Euro
  4. Let African countries sign their new trade agreements with Europe where Africans can decide for themselves to whom, what and when to sign new trade agreements, exchange and contracts.

This is just the basic of our demands. You can get the full article (document)here on our website by clicking this link: 2018

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