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The dispute over the “HolyLand” land of Asrael shall continue as long as males are driving the decisions concerning peace on earth or in any region.

Males cause unnecessary wars by their lack of compassion, their habit of withholding information and their inability to share or distribute fairly.

Many say the dispute between Israel and Palestine is easy and straight forward because Palestinians were the natives and the Zionist have spent centuries trying to drive them out. They support this argument by comparing the situation in Palestine with the US story of colonist driving out the Indians or perhaps like Afrikaners in old apartheid South Africa driving black into townships.

Partially correct, ….but with Israel it’s a bit complicated than any colonial quest because the land in itself is religiously symbolic of the 5th, 6th and 7th Heavens; the holy sword.

USA maybe symbolic to Europeans as their Utopia but to Africans, USA is symbolic for opposite reasons either way it isn’t strongly a religious symbol for Europeans as Israel stands. The land of Asrael is the center of the world, an extension of Africa. It is a land which indicates a God currently chosen race of people on earth for a particular age.

Palestine or Israel is the Holy Land, Jerusalem to be precise forever shall remain the hill or city within a land that belongs only to God. God than gives or separate the land for Her chosen people to tend and release a sound to the entire world.

Religions are founders of all civilization; their music, law, alliances, languages, economics and structures. The world is built upon religious symbols and maze. We can not shift religion aside when reading into the history of Palestine and Israel. Israel will continue to drive out Palestinians with the entire world watching if we do not educate ourselves pertaining to world’s powers, behaviors and interests. How Palestine should be supported especially because they are the less powerful in this case at the moment.

Who are these chosen people today? The chosen people change each Age. We already have given the outline of Ages in our home page. We have indicated clearly that we are here to separate the ages in peace. We have entered the Aquarius Age and we are the chosen people of this age. The chosen are not chosen forever and ever Amen Re, no, not here on earth anyway. It is true that once a people or individuals enter eternity they shall inherit eternity but eternity is not on earth even if it begins on earth but it doesn’t end here—that however is another subject, today we are only discussing the dispute over the Holy Land.

If only those white Zionist would recognize Palestinians and share the land with them there wouldn’t have been so much blood shed. If only they were females, if only they would have been less arrogant or self righteous and be more human like with a bit more compassion …than a lot of money given to wars but minimizing poverty on earth.

Nonetheless it is true and without variations that in this Planet Earth 🌏 power changes hands, nations rise and fall. Blood is shed when others want to forever remain in power. In this Aquarius Age the chosen people are blacks or Africans to be precise yet Netanyahu was trying to evacuate every African refugee. Donald Trump and Netanyahu will do all possible to retain power in Israel because than that will mean that a white male is still God on this earth where We are God now, a black Woman is God here now. In the last Age of Pisces they were gods but that is over and done with now, the tomb testifies that Re has risen! The question now that remains is that, “what will make Israel and US accept and start fixing the mess they generated over decades?”

Which moves us to the issue of the “Jewish people”. There is no such a nation per se, that’s why there isn’t such a land called Israel – its all part of the illusion. It is created by God’s chosen people. The way to do it, can only be via wars, colonization followed by occupation and settlement. From the explanation issued above tells us that infect Jews are colorless, they are raceless and genderless because to be a Jew means to be a children of Planet Jupiter or Judah — a chosen nation or rather a people who chose to showcase Gods existence on earth these people transform as they follow the direction of God and that depends on solely on the favor of the Age, the prophetess or prophets of that Age and the promises and direction God give to them to conduct that Age. This therefore creates a nation of people who follow Gods guidance to succeed, fortune creation, influence and Gods love and wisdom on earth which is mostly important. As a prophetess I can clearly testify that God called me by using Israel as the founding symbol of Gods promises which goes back to Ra and Abraham the fathers of faith to beginning with Isis the mother of life, harmony peace and love.

Today what we see is Zionists who are white Europeans (Incl. USA) who are actually in reality Christians fighting with Hamas, who are in reality Muslims fighting over occupation of the land of Palestine and distribution in general. However Arabia and Prophet Mohamed has chosen another area as a “holy place” for Muslims to gather yearly as such Palestinians are not defended by Arabia concerning that land because they are not direct relatives of the prophet Mohamed…off which left Palestine all these years to sort of fend for themselves against a stronger alliance of Israel, US and Europe. It is important for this alliance to keep Israel white, increase pressure Of oppression to show who represents God on earth. Only just God is a black female now!

Well, let’s address the issue of nativity, who is a native, where, why? The world is God’s the Goddess’s people & all that is in it. We are natives where we can be sawn. We are trees of life and get planted by God anywhere on planet Earth where we can grow and be nourished to produce fruit and not every biological birth land is suitable for every tree, sometimes a tree must be planted elsewhere and anywhere on this planet called earth. Therefore Palestinians and Jews alike must come to an understanding that the land must be shared equally between those who live in it.

We agree that Jews must always have share to the holy land. Since the new “J’s” are Africans;

“We are in support of Israel’s right to exist because without Israel there is no symbolic land, no God and there is no clear hegemonic power of which stabilizes the world,…not that Israel can ever be a hegemony but it is the hegemony’s first priority.

We support Palestine’s right to exist. We believe in co-existence of both nations as one nation in peace and in harmony. Negotiations should begin instead of violence, dominance, torture and force. If not Zionists will be forced to share the land with much less than equal benefits or recognition.”

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