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The Power Of Love ❤️

When the power of love overcomes the love of power; humanity will know peace ~ Jimi Hendricks

Love is a force; a power that can change the cause of nature: it can reverse bad destined outcomes into favorable ones. It can alter bad behavior into good honorable behavior. It can raise the dead and it can move mountains. Only love can transform a sheep to a lion or a peasant into a noble.

Love has such power that it refines and restores all things to its original state if not its best then ever before.

Love Force or energy divides itself into 3 parts; 3 energies. We learn about love initially from biological or adopted mother’s love or fathers love, guardian, then siblings, relatives, friends, teachers finally society. But there are three major general love that each person quenches and should experience: a love that will make us go to the ends of the earth to find, should it not find us first. Below we discuss about these three great love. The three love that completes a human experience on earth.

  1. Well the first love encounter is the one with the love force that we often refer to as God. The One whom we and all nature originate from. The one who knows our destiny who knows our purpose. This is grace, the love that pursues us, the unconditional, none judgmental kind of love where our consciousness finds righteousness and unwavering acceptance. And so, it is here where we learn about self-love and that this greatest love of all is experienced to its simplicity as “self-will” plus “personal faith” equals  love ❤️ Agape Love Of our Great Mother God!

“God demonstrated Her unconditional love as such; that while we were still sleeping, the Beacon Of Light died for us, in order that we may awaken together with her and seat 💺 with her at the right hand of our God”

One can name this as a bubble or a coucoun phase because at this time we experience solely this kind of protective unconditional love at our first 5 years of a total of 10 years of transformation where God nourish us themselves, prior being planted into earth at the point where we can inherit the earth and be nourished by both the Great Mother and king of the planet earth himself. God protect us and shields the sheep from the most harsh realities of the world’s demands.

2. During the 5th year of our transformation we are then re-planted here on planet earth, that’s when we are introduced to this second kind of love. A love hate kind of crazy love that is initially hate, chaos and destruction. Wild thing! But finally after 4 years of dancing with death in the underworld you meet the mother/father and owner of this planet 🌎 and you learn quickly that the beasts were probably forced to love you because you made it to her/him alive to receive your key. She is both male and female he possesses both the sun and the moon. His gender is stronger depending on the Heaven’s age gender. She is the masculinity of the now. She doesn’t give a flhgt$&…Her love is completely bias and conditional. Here we stand before the Goat the Holy Ghost, in Her planet and She is forced to be gracious towards us and open all gates for us in creating the new world. When She loves us She blesses us with the power of the Holy Spirit, friends, family, the soil love us and we get the complete power of number 21 when we rise. At this point you quickly realize that his love though conditional it is everything, it’s paramount in achieving success here on this physical plain. This is the Great Mother God Divine Providence in the Holy Ghost!

Whilst things are good especially if it’s your Age take full advantage to excell to reach for greater heights, you have no excuse. Whilst in that, do unto others as you wish that they act towards you, love yourself first, then love your neighbor as you love yourself, be kind to others no matter the color of their skin, serve humanity well because you must not be deceived the same Teitan on your side today shall be waiting for the judgment day during your age and especially at the end of your age where there is no mercy. The Goat judges all people through out the age at –:19 everyday and on the day 19th at 19:19 on the hour on moonday to Friday, the difference is that others have the grace of God and others don’t and those who don’t drown in the waters (what was called burning in hell by the old pisces age).

Our Great Mother God negotiates on our behalf; this is so that we/you are kept pure and shielded from the ugliness of the underworld and his demons; that’s how much God loves us, freely all is given to us through The Beacon Of Light (BOL) Re our Sun daughter and our Moon son by grace.

The Holy Ghost love towards a human being is conditional but since we cannot live without him, our Mother God has signed a covenant agreement with him that he may give us all earths inheritance in the covenant done through Re Sun Daughter Of God our BOL

The Holy Ghost has touched each and every one of us at the age transitioning and his breath roams the earth of which is unescapable as such that we are a part of him inhaling him daily but it is at second birth that we are free because at second birth we are born of spirit not flesh then we are like them understanding the laws of spirituality. It is here where the Holy Flying Goat falls in love with you because now you are incorruptible and He moves swiftly to deliver to you all God’s promises of Divine Providence to help you through the grace of God to achieve your life’s purpose: that is why we don’t try to bypass God to deal directly with The Holy Goat on our own less we kiss death and freeze there or find ourselves overworked and utterly destroyed by the underworld’s jokes, lies, stings, strikes, and demands.

Peace and Abundance is the Holy Ghost’s gifts. Tatcho is highly important here on earth because it is after all His soil, we are planted on earth that we can meet and experience the Holy Spirit our lost love our money, our land and it’s produce and our resources. It is after we’ve been united with Him that we can experience physically this overwhelming warmth of Godly love and care which completely spoils us with the best things in life both materialistic and spiritually that we can say now I feel loved, I know what it is to be loved and I can feel that love with all of my senses: I am unconditionally loved.

3. Now once you have both, you have eternity: The Holy Trinity but take heed, the real personal perfection hasn’t began as yet which is now us (you and me) learning how to love our neighbor. The soil has now been cultivated, ready to support the tree 🌲. Here we are learning to love and putting all that love we have received to others around us and learning how to put it into action so it can produce much fruits 🍒🍇🍓🥝🍌🍎 🍉🍏. This is what we call life. And to learn how to love, the power of love, can only be a lesson learnt here on earth (on the physical plain).

In Conclusion

The Holy Spirit connects us with our life’s partners. Often these individuals are sourced from the soil in which you can be reborn and visa versa. They are your husband or wife the biggest tester of all kinds of very close human relationships. Loving your partner or husband unconditionally as yourself when they really do not deserve it, when acting disagreeable is our trial the labor of love. We are not discussing acceptance of bad behavior or abuse, we are discussing the unconditional love we have received from our God we must now assimilate to our partners. This love is powerful, it is weakening because it makes us vulnerable, it clothes us of all equities. This is it, it is the love that makes one die for their country because truly the land is one with us and one with the one you love. It’s the soil, the land that birth forth the body and soul of your lover. It is also that land that will nourish your spirit, our Heaven on earth!

It is at this level of love where one unlocks their gift to ultimate fulfillment of their dreams. It is created as such that during sexual intercourse that we can take from each other what we do not have so we can grow but it is even more so when we extend unconditional love towards them that we unlock in each other an energy yet to be calculated by science; the Kundalini energy. It is a power that transforms a peasant to a noble, a power that release itself all of itself to the other person pleading that the other person takes all of them or die. It’s a kind of love that softens the hardest of hearts, the cruelest of intentions to soft and tender and it is at that moment that a higher gate of purpose is opened to benefit us, our partner, our children and above that our nation and the world. It’s too powerful to live it unexplored. This is the Holy Grail, the blood covenant, the soul covenant, the spirit covenant and God’s vision is realized and held firmly in position.

In most cases these individuals that we must learn to love they are not easy to love at first but it gets easier, patience! Once you both get it you share a love so Divine. As soon as you understand that loving or leaving them is not a choice you learn and get better at it. You will soon understand that controlling your thoughts is going to be the first key 🔑 to first stages of the relationship success and also your tactfulness in conflicts. Because you can not exchange them (you are stuck with each other); grace gave them to you purposefully and knowingly, they were predestined just for you and you for them.

Good luck with it! You gonna need it but how you do, mostly just depends on both of you and taking one day at a time, you hold the power to the main part: your attitude, thoughts once again very important but also the grace of God will always be there to push you toward each other when you begin to slip away. Once you have mastered that you can navigate through by being proactive when needed, trusting or just managing yourself well: you both get better at it, it’s like a dance.

Twin Flame Love

Twin flame helps achieves part of the Divine purpose, it can be romantic or not, it could be the partner in business or marriage between two people. This person can also be your husband or wife the representation of the Divine marriage as explained above which is the marriage between two nations within the two people. For example Africa (the wife) and France 🇫🇷 (the husband). Africa has every reason to kill her husband to see him burn or guillotined but pure love is the only thing that can change the cause of nature. It’s only love that can melt a hardened heart. It is only love that can bring another into full repentance and alter bad behavior: only love can achieve this and birth forth a golden age where ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony. That my friends is partnership, that’s marriage and that is alliance. France is yet to redeem himself, restore his wife and love his wife unconditionally!!!

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