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We are happy when good things happen to us. We are happy when we meet great people. We are happy when we have good agreeable conversations. We are happy when we feel safe and secured. We are happy when we are loved and love by someone right back. These things makes us happy only for a moment, but today we will see how to have sustainable happiness even when good things are scarce.

We all chase happiness, that which makes us happy even if it’s only for a little while. We can even change our careers for that which brings us happiness. But true happiness is contentment or joy and joy is a continuous and sustainable state of being which is not dependent to circumstances or situations brought into us by life in this daily pursuit of happiness.

Happiness is a good emotional state which reflects ones overall well-being of contentment thus bringing about a mental state of joy. Happy people attract good!

Joy is what we are after not just moments of happiness. We want constant happiness which is actually joy, a feeling of contentment. In a basic sense what we want is constant happiness 😊 which is always within us, surround us and is always with us…And this happens mainly when The Great Mother God’s promise us success, good health, power …and seeing those promises being fulfilled one by one. Those promises may be communicated directly or through the messenger, a prophetess.

In every stage of our growing process we want assurance that we are moving towards our destiny and purpose, at times we can wait for longer periods for results thus the Great Mother’s promises and their fulfillment play a huge role in boosting our confidence in our happiness (or say wellbeing). It is this desire for contentment that all of us want to experience at all times (whilst a mind is conscious).

Smiley face 😊
Happy Face 🙃 photo by RePlicc

Another important thing is the sun when we speak of happiness. The sun 🌞 actually is in the center of our solar system and provides for all life in this system. It said that the correlation between light and mood is dependent on the body’s natural response mechanisms to produce serotonin, a neurotransmitter which helps to elevate the mood; and melatonin, a hormone which gives color, slows down the aging process, connects us to God’s Divine grace and promotes sleep. Studies indicate that when the body recognizes sunlight through the optic nerve, the gland in the brain which regulates melatonin slows its function, and serotonin levels increase. The light within however absorbed by dark matter maintains the balance of serotonin and melatonin with the help of melatonin the quintessence of life. This is the advantage of a black skin, melatonin is power; the darker your skin the better. The darker your skin the happier you shall be in this age of Aquarius!

This feminine Sun now is black gold that make the rich, keeps us warm, brightens our way, it brings a smile on our faces, it brings hope and affirms the goodness of the Divine Providence every single day. Thank goodness for the Sun!

Black Sun 🌞

The other “not so obvious” yet main contributors to our state of happiness will be discussed below. In philosophy, happiness translates the Greek concept of eudaimonia, and refers to “the good life“, or flourishing, rather than simply an emotion.

The good life” however can be often subjective to one’s concept of what “the good life” is because of its dependency to ones imagination. Though one thing is common to all people about the good life, it is comfortable and it’s a life without lack where a person is continually growing in all aspects of life. A life with unconditional love. The comfort brought to one by the success experienced in their lives. Therefore happiness is closely intertwined with love and success though success comes in stages however it is not subjective at least to us it isn’t. Let’s take a closer look!

Definitions of success differ but they all attempt to touch one accurate definition that success is the achievement of that which is necessary, meaning that if we achieve that which is not necessary than we are still not successful. Find here on this link our paper on the law of success:

Here below we brake down in simple terms overall areas in experiencing success in 4 main poles (in one’s life);

1. Mental success: mental success is when our brain is healthy and fit to assist us in all circumstances & situations. A brain which shows up on time when needed and performs at its full capacity and over and above if needed. More importantly a consciousness that is righteous, free and at peace; this is a successful brain or mental condition or state of being …and it is here in the mind where we carry healthy or unhealthy emotions that lead to unhappiness or happiness.

2. The body success: the body is a powerful temple. It is with the body that we can experience life in its fullest. Once we have conquered all addictions (especially towards drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol, television, food etc..), once we have gained self love with a successful mind and we do not bash our bodies, …this point will than be the first step towards body success. We now can imagine and train a fit healthy body that listens to us in being its best self which brings happiness because we feel successful with our bodies. We feed it healthy food and water, we exercise it and we rest it well (always get enough sleep increases melatonin which has endless benefits). our bodies (organs, bones and muscles) work as healthy that has well functioning distribution and worthy coordinated machines on the move!

3. Soul success: a prospering soul is as a soul that has been reunited with with its love – this is in our partners in sacred marriage. Spiritual success has to do with a connectedness with the vibration of the Divine Love – God. They both bring overwhelming happiness and peace: the gift of grace of this unconditional love. When we know we are loved we give off love easily to others but most importantly we are happy because we are loved and we can share in this abundance. Happy people create money streams easier because they attract money and more happiness. Previously we defined love and we said also that it is this love that drives us to pursue our purposes in life, this love bring forth miracles that lead to chance, luck and destiny and it helps us to achieve only the necessary forsaking the unnecessary. Preserving energy. This is the first success before the four because without God we can do nothing!

4. Finally purpose success: we each get our names written in the book of life; this book list the chi rho codes of illuminated beings (or say born again or transformed individuals who choose to). The book of like adds new codes as new brings take upon their purpose according to the call. For example Re’s chi rho code is XP-CNUNT, now each is given their code for a pass and to conquer with.

Individuals embodies not only this internal light which leads to transmutation but individuals also embody a single word in an infinite number of words in all sorts of languages. This word exposes or hints earlier on the clue to one’s purpose in life in each individual. Again I give an example with word in which Re embodies; she embody is “recognition” and her husband Tatcho’s word distribution.

Often this word is the power in which we often struggle to gain easily until such time we transmute or born again or transform.

Once transformed we can accomplish or we can now achieve somethings in this world that we were created to achieve in a more connected way, clearer path and we flow easily and surrendered in our individual call.

In this area of purpose we also get another hint in our gifts, talent/s or skills to help achieve purpose. Gifts and talents are a big part leading to purpose but their are not the purpose. The fact that you can sing isn’t the purpose it’s a gift that you turned into a skill to attract resources with, in order to achieve purpose. Purpose serves multitudes!

Gifts and talent can be of service but purpose has to do with a shift brought about by a light causing a trajectory in a space and time which positively affect others in a good way. Causes achieve this best. Good causes and movements of change make up to around 75% of purpose. When talents can only achieve less than 30% of it. We have a service to render to humanity and nature. To find purpose focus on passion and things that come naturally to us.

Purpose provided a journey worth taking. Adrenaline pumper more exciting than any form of drugs. It’s an unreachable Star yet we cannot stop the chase. Purpose, as hard as it is to find, it is also not easy to say yes to until you find yourself in a humbling circumstance.

We say yes to purpose because that’s where lie the greatest joy a mood beyond happiness.

Purpose leads us relax to unconditional love, to meet and work in unison with our spouse, to create and maintain partners, it increases family, attract good friends, and it helps us to well distribute our money, which lead to a great or good life, better experiences, access to music, beauty, illumination, knowledge, we increase in wisdom.

Purpose enters us into heaven yet many of us often never say yes when purpose keeps calling.

In conclusion; Aesthetics and other beauty enhancements products, fashion, money, physical fitness and all these things money can buy does not equal contentment or sustainable happiness. Yes, we love money, we love the Holy Spirit and the comfort it provides but we are not chasing after it to attain happiness because it has already been promised and provided to us by God as our helper and Divine Providence when the Daughter Re rose from the dead; money loves me so much that it chases after me overtakes me whilst I am busy chasing after purpose. Money will present himself to you as you walk honorably in purpose. Chase the kingdom of God which is purpose and all these things shall be added unto you.

Access to medical care system or household sharing may feel good and increase mood but it does not automatically equal to contentment or sustainable happiness, if not careful health care staff can wrongly diagnose you if you keep checking in for no serious reason.

Fame does not equal sustainable happiness, it brings good benefits but we do not chase after it less it brings us misery and death.

All these things may contribute to our state of happiness as Grace adds them unto us when we walk in our purpose but we are not chasing after them as ultimate goal for they are not the ultimate awards or source of our joy. They are enjoyable good gifts or privileges of life that’s all.

The ultimate award is to live fully as our authentic selves, to serve in our purpose the people, nature and our universe as we were called to do. This is both the source and goal and of our happiness.

It is our purpose in life which brings about true overall happiness, the so called “good life. La vie est belle”

Overall wellbeing is overall success and overall success is overall happiness. ~ Re

Then my friends even if you haven’t found unconditional love yet even if you haven’t arrived at a righteous consciousness and even if you haven’t quite got it right with your body yet just request grace for one thing; that is finding your purpose in life….because finding your purpose and actually following it then you can be sure that this can bring you closer and closer to the other three poles or types of success which results to sustainable happiness…because unconditional love cannot help but fill a person whose heart wants to serve others. And with unconditional love with you nothing is impossible!

May the peace of God, the sweet sound of the Holy Spirit and the Grace be with you always!

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