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Energy Part 2 – Law of Attraction

The law of attraction & vibrations


Nikola Tesla’s greatest quotes; “If you wish to understand the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

We all know about the law of attraction from the book called the “secret” and from the oprah-show. Today the aim is to focus at the law of attraction as an energy of attraction rather than the law of attraction . What is the difference? Well, when we hear the word law, we associate it to rules, regulations and immediately we wonder if we are doing our part right. Energy is everything, everyone and everywhere, it is a gift of grace that is available to all things, in all things including us human beings. So, today think of universal energy and the word “attraction“:-

  • the act, power, or property of attracting.
  • attractive quality; magnetic charm; fascination; allurement; enticement:
    the subtle attraction of her strange personality.
  • a person or thing that draws, attracts, allures, or entices:
    The main attraction was the after-dinner speaker.
  • a characteristic or quality that provides pleasure; attractive feature.
  • In Physics, it is the electric or magnetic force that acts between oppositely charged bodies, tending to draw them together.
  • an attraction is also an entertainment offered to the public.

This universal energy it’s the life force. The energy of creation which is, in it’s nature abundant, infinite, unconditional, love and it vibrates in perfect timing, continuously. Remember the law of attraction isn’t the only law in the universal law, there are others: there are seven Universal Laws or Principles by which life in the Universe is governed. The Universe exists in perfect harmony by virtue of these laws, but the law of attraction is the ultimate marriage of thought form and the physical plain. As we grow in grace, we arrive here, at the world of attraction, abundance, infinity, love, music, and all it has to offer to us!

Blessed are the meek (powerless or empty or poor): for they shall inherit the earth.

This poverty, emptiness or powerlessness or meekness referred to here is actually a position, a state of being which one finds themselves at the end of their transmutation or transformation; where one has lost all material possessions, relationships and personal wealth for the sake of attending to their Devine calling. It is at this moment on the 7th year where we received the earth award and inherit the earth 🌏: a “Illuminous” (Christmas) gift on 25th of May birthing forth a new Beacon Of Light (Christ). A person receives the gift of 5:5:5 which is the earth’s inheritance; a gift of grace. Presented as the Letter L and n•7,  money, libra, love & sound (music): all these words come from one source of energy: the energy of attraction. The energy of bounty!

Associated letters L,R & S ($,£..Re, etc.)
Associated animal is a bee 🐝 Money is honey 🍯, money is love and a person joined together forever in love. Colours: Yellow (Gold) & black.

Associated articles:

Associated articles:

law-of-attraction-and-goal-settingLove is the ultimate gift of grace. There comes a time when a transmuting person comes face to face with love; it’s smell, it’s taste, it’s attractiveness. It smells like money💶💰, it taste like honey, it looks good and it’s sounds like music 🎼 . We eventually get to this stage by grace.

First we are united with our money: this stage occurs on the 4th year of transformation where we are also presented with a gift of infinity🕷 🕸, where we are never separated with our money ever again; when money goes out, immediately new and more money comes in, that is the abundant universe. Money is the most tangible, visible and important signs but this abundance is in our relationships as well and a wellbeing (comfort) in our temples.

Love is will plus belief (faith). This statement simply means that the two aspects of “surrendered will” and “beliefs” builds our thoughts patterns, and our thoughts connects us to the great life force energy, also called love. also called God: God is love.

Love, like all things it is also an energy. Energy that vibrates non stop towards me, you and all nature. Love expresses itself in 2 words; abundance & attractiveness, hence the law of attraction.

Law Of Attraction - bee

Abundance and attractiveness operate through its own language called money, music and or sound, enabling us to go through the illusions of the physical plain in order for us to be one with the universal energy, As we raise our power (within – the kundalini power) when we believe right, we raise our life force – we raise our energy – we raise what is already in the inside of us. Often people say money and power corrupts which is 💯 false. Money and power highlights the type energy that rises up within the person who stands in the position of power; in other words money and power highlights what is already in the inside of a person from their heart chakra, therefore what we need to create within ourselves a stronger will force, or what I recommend is to give up your own will force to the universal energy’s will force that way it purifies the heart in oder to be carried willingly or propelled forward by love.

The energy – life force or God force is splendidly abundant in its nature. We must look at trees around us. Trees have more leaves and fruit you and I can ever consume alone or by just one family. One tree produces for a community. There is no limit to what is out there. When you become wealthy you do not take from anybody else. It is time we transform our thinking, our beliefs concerning money. Stuart Wilde is an author, lecturer on this subject of self-help and human-potential movement, during on one of his seminars, he said;  “if a man (human) were to design an apricot tree, that tree would produce one or two bitty tiny bitty stale apricots that are far high …on top of the tree–out of reach…and if you want the fruit then you would need permission to climb the tree and also require a certificate to possess it, then that certificate must be translated into French or this or the other and so on and so forth ….& you would wind up with just a quoter of an apricot because you may have needed to cut portions for third party or the government. And on top of that, if you really really want the apricot fruit, then, you should belong to this union, that alliance and that region.”

Humanity or humans are meant to be infinite human beings: beings that transcends the body and we have the ability in our thought forms and through our feelings to absolutely redirect and transform our lives – no matter the gender or the color of our skin, no matter our background or talents or skills. We are not merely our bodies, our sexuality or our minds instead we are infinite beings inside a body. We took on the limitations of the physical plain in order for us to be able to transform or transcends them.

As people we see or think that we live within this circle or within this dome, and around it is this force field or energy field the electro magnetic field created by our brains or the brain, and this force field cuts us off from the life force (God Force) …it cuts us off from other dimensions of existence and it gives us the illusion that what we see is real. Yet in fact the physical plain that we see is not more solid than the thoughts that we think, not more solid than the feelings we feel. Actually the fact that this physical plain field moves at the speed of light it gives us this illusion that it is solid, stronger, more real than our inward will. The truth is we are looking at a none solid world, none other than a world of thought form or consciousness. And our body or say our being just being part of this one life force (Energy) – unified force field energy.

universal energy

In this circle created by our mind in the physical plain the force field reflects back to us, the “struggle” (self-efforts/hardlabor) if that’s what we believe. We resonate this “not enough” energy. It is an idea sold to us to disenfranchise people by controlling individuals or nations. Inside this circle (of electromagnetic field) everybody believes life to be real and solid. Oscillation of the brain waves – (Consciousness)- people take in energy: the mind take on mentalities of others, parents, society ect. We take in information even below the threshold of our consciousness that we are not even aware that we are taking in.

Money is a masculine energy but an individual has both energies so females can make money too. Making money has nothing to do with hardwork/hardlabor or struggle and effort. Making money is about being balanced and organized. As we begin to center our creativity, people will show up…people who want to be part of that creativity — and they will begin to feel that security. It’s about transference of energy from one person to another. Money is an idea. As you transfer to them your ideas or your creativity they receive that in exchange for money, love, investment and time. Infect people are always in a look out for something new, something great, something fascinating, fresh and revolutionary to support.

Life force-in yoga, the term refers to a cosmic energy believed to come from the sun and connecting the elements of the universe. The universal principle of energy or force, responsible for the body’s life, heat and maintenance,(prana) is the sum total of all energy that is manifest in the universe.

Lamp-with-Set-the-Law-of-Attraction-in-Motion_2I am ideas magnet, therefore I am money magnet. The universe is full of ideas, full of abundant creativeness and innovation is one with me, therefore I am abundance. Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.”

Notice a shift in your reality – this might take you a year before you see a shift in your reality but do not be discouraged keep sawing reshaping your thoughts 💭 and reclaim your power to succeed and easily attract money, love, great people around you. Client relationships will substantially improve and you will receive a sales commission not anticipated but remember again that it all begins with our consciousness, what do we truly truly believe, change that to believe right and immediately your third eye opens and many things change rapidly then start sawing into your thoughts. The Law of Attraction is working whether you know it or not. It can work for you or against you depending upon where you focus your thoughts and attention. Think about what you’re thinking about.
Projects Or Ideas: when you create a creativity, product or an idea (of-which it is all energy), you also create a way to master the money to get through this physical plain. Money is energy too, when we serve others with our ideas or product, they give us back love in a form of money as the unit of exchange: meaning any unit of exchange really, including recognitions awards & endorsements.

The system or institutions or systems of this world in different forms :- whether offered in capitalism, austerity, socialism or communism, banks, car dealers – you name it… None of them are designed for us which means we cannot blindly believe it them as though they are our God. We are to understand them but to depend on them to create ideas or to make money. Government welfare is there to assist those who still need to learn about who they really are but once you know who you are there should not be a need to remain in that situation nor believe in the hierarchy of the systems.

When you purchase that house or that car cash, you ruin the banks day! We as a people possessing power and energy, we must push against systems, because the system will never look after you and me. Money to a common women or man is their God force because in this world it is designed to be so. But it shouldn’t be; we are the masters of our money in reality, your money is here to serve you.

How do you really feel about money? Psychological limitations, standard limitations from society such that “women do not make enough money than men”, “a spouse is a ticket to security and wealth”, “black people are generally poor”, “money is evil or source of all evil”, “do not mention the word money, you may come across as greedy or too ambitious”, “foreigners take the little that exist, they are here for welfare because they were poor wherever it is that they came from”, “black women do not understand numbers & operating a business”……and so on and so forth. Change your thoughts about money and how it’s made.

Money is love, a gift of grace, and money actually can buy you love. Let’s face it, more people are attracted to people with lots of money, people love you when you have money. Love, money, music are all one – connected to our feelings.

Negativity pulls negativity! Positivity pulls positivity! – law of attraction is not like a pulling unlike or polarized, instead like pull like. Decision making crucial – Re = happiness, health and wealth.

Where is the money? Money is here with me. Awareness to abundance of money and everything. Money can hear. Money coming from different parts of the world: east, west, south and north.

MPHC_title2Sound (music) :- Sound is the language of “Energy” (Consciousness) – where unconditional love resides, as humanity we can connect with this universal energy through sound. The mind has the ability to hear affirmations that are placed 40 decibels below regular ear shots — below the music. There is a phase in the loop that causes behavioral change and yet the inner mind can hear music below 40 decibels, the inner ear is capable of taking in these sounds and accept them. So we must imagine then how many sounds our brains has picked up ….we are part or a product of society …others around us. When a person looks at or touches you, there is energy transfer.


Energy is POWER!

There lies deep in every human being an immense power, that power is partial and is indestructible and infinite. It is a power with unlimited potential. Part of all life which creates miracles. “I am immortal, I am infinite, eternal, and universal, and what I am is beautiful”!

Law of Attraction includes love, and love is also attachment …. This attachment which we accepted at birth is our main challenge in life and our spiritual goal is to step above it. Loneliness comes from the sense of loss as we move to a higher vibration of self through our 5 senses or window of the soul. Everything around us is energy, our bodies and its organs, the physical place we inhabit, our thoughts, the events of our lives: each expresses an energy. Through our feelings, we enter into other worlds. Push your feelings to whatever lies ahead! – “I have a feeling, tonight’s gonna be a good night”!

The manifestation is seen basically in every event of our lives. Link the events to the underlying feelings around us. Feelings thoughts and attitude are incorporated in our order forms (of experiences). The events of our lives gather energy as they come towards us. The hunt of the holy grail, the conquering of the negativity we inherited from the galactic plain (consciousness). The infinite power that you have within you. The universal law is in balance and in harmony by its nature. Whatever you create is for yourself, not your husband, not your wife, not your children & not your friends. Individuals must walk their path. Within the universal law there is no dual energy, there is just one power which is just energy. That is why we know the answer on marriage, that in the afterlife or in the higherlife (the energy world accessible from the now till we pass on from this life-physical plane), you connect as yourself to this energy world, not you and your wife or you and your husband or you and your patner.

This doesn’t mean we can’t share our lives with others, it is just to affirm that each person is responsible for their own growth and transformation. Things don’t have to be difficult and being in love or marriage should not be a loss of self.

There, in the energy field, there is no judgement, dual good or bad saints and sinners. Golden age peace power. We must see the world as beautiful. Changing the world must not come from a place that the world isn’t beautiful but instead we must work in sync with the natural changes that are happening in the world. Pull prosperity! The world isn’t scarce. There is more of everything that we can ever need or can imagine. We must be comfortable with money and receiving. We must begin to see ourselves as more prosperous. As we see ourselves this way, we get that way. We will begin to buy (certain) those experiences, those understandings, that knowledge. We must see ourselves in a market place creating all those things. Surrounded by money energy. Living comfortably in luxury: you can balance your money, you can organize money and allocate it appropriately. Feeling that you will always be looked after. Releasing the desire and and goals into the universe and believing in yourself.

God is also an energy, an expensiveness, a light, a God or a Goddess. The world is energy too, it looks solid but it isn’t solid but more or less liquid like. Self identity- “I am an individual and secondly I am a global citizen. Infinite positive being. “I am worthy and I am well able to receive”. Receive money and love, learn to receive. Nature has no problem to receive.

Next time we will look at “Energy Part 3”: The Eye of Providence – A human being is God (male and female), you are one with God, you are God, you are the Creator, the Innovator!


First visualize a higher purpose inside your feelings. Can you visualize or conceptualize a goal? If you have a goal then be able to release those goals without being dogmatic. See yourself through projects. As we create projects we will attract (pull) people towards us (the project) ….we begin to infuse the project with light and positivity. We must transfer to them what we want….as we begin to pull other people towards the project, there will have their own idea or beliefs of what your project is or is about, …but you as the creator have to have a strong image and be able to communicate that.

The project is an idea in the mind of humans (all of us working in the project) we then must infuse the project in light. When we look at a physical plane it’s all the materialization of a thought form. If you look at a finished famous bridge: it looks solid, but it was just originally a thought that was guided by somebody who was a project leader or creator.We must see them understanding the instructions. Conceptualization from your feelings which helps us to become more and more organized individuals.


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