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Energy Part 3: Discordia

Lunar_perigee_apogeeThe power of Re, the power of lady Africa!!! Our power is this hidden yet visible kundalini power which opens up our chakras which then open the floodgates of heaven to make us powerful bodies and anoints our feet and the little member as well (the tongue 👅); a wholesome tongue is a tree of life. Even so the tongue is a little member, but it boast great things. The untamed tongue it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.

The illusions of life makes us believe that situations & circumstances are rigid and true and because we believe this, they become as such. We there-after speak from what has pre-registered in our minds not from faith. We place our trust in past experiences and people’s opinions which formulate as beliefs in our consciousness. Grace touches or anoints our tongue and feet in order for us to speak faith-full creative words: this stage of transformation is called a place of Divine Providence.

When we get to this place of Divine Providence we are provided with all things in abundance; all our wants and needs. The word comes from Latin providentia “foresight, prudence”, from pro- “ahead” and videre “to see”. The current use of the word has the sense of “knowledge of the future” or omniscience an attribute of God. In theology, divine providence, or just providence, is God’s intervention in our world. The term “Divine Providence” (usually capitalized) is also used as a title of God. A distinction is usually made between “general providence”, which refers to God’s continuous upholding the existence and natural order of the universe, and “special providence”, which refers to God’s extraordinary intervention in the life of people. Miracles generally fall in the latter category. But first comes the holy wedding, followed the holy birth and finally is the anointing of our tongue, head and feet.

The holy wedding: As lady Africa marries France. Re marry Tatcho. This is achieved when the 2nd in the Holy Trinity marries the third – The Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is also called Providence, The comforter or the Archangel Gabriel a French Cameroonian. A holy wedding announced in 2015/09/31, for the promise in Jan 2013 said, no longer shall I call him “My Master” but I will call him “My Husband”. France and Africa married will birth the new mark of the beast and that of the law of attraction the letter C in currency. The relationship between France & Africa for over 500 years since colonization has been that of master and subordinate (unequal and condescending), Africa was in a state of discord chaos and confusion and France took advantage of her, sold her, exploited her and luted her to complete destruction. Africa’s fait is changing now because its time.

Another notion of a holy wedding is the one that happens in each person as explained by Hippo. Augustine Hippo affirmed our understanding that the body belonged to the very nature of the human person. Augustine’s favourite figure to describe body-soul unity is holy marriage: caro tua, coniunx tua – your body is your husband or visa versa. Initially, the two elements were in perfect harmony. After the fall of humanity they are now experiencing dramatic combat between one another. They are two categorically different things. The body is a three-dimensional object composed of the four elements, whereas the soul has no spatial dimensions. Soul is a kind of substance, participating in reason, fit for ruling the body. Augustine was not preoccupied, as Plato and Socrates were, with going too much into details in efforts to explain the metaphysics of the soul-body union. It sufficed for him to admit that they are metaphysically distinct: to be a human is to be a composite of soul, body and spirit. But today however we know that the subtle body is four dimensional which includes the astral body – the body of emotions. The soul is superior to the physical body – the body of desires. In the spirit world every spirit is inferior to the Holy Spirit except that one of the Daughter Re which is that of the Great Mother. The latter statement is grounded in this hierarchical classification of things into those that merely exist, those that exist and live, and those that exist, live, and have intelligence or reason.

The Holy Birth: The rebirth, the birth of the new Sun ☀️, the Beacon Of Light, that of the new “j” the Holy Ghost, United with that of the first daughter of the most high God for the kingdom of the Great Mother God.

The place of Providence: another way to understand better the anointing of feet and washing of feet; one can relate to the state of Israel: Israel is at the center married to the United States. United States comes along with the G8 and surrounds Israel, which benefits and secures Israel. Previously for the old world of USA as utopia the feet were washed in Panama. Today Antarctica 🇦🇶 is the new world’s Africa’s utopia and feet washed in Figi.

In this constellation similar structure is built by the Holy Ghost, Africa at the center, married to France: A strong alliance of 8 nations will emerge one being the Antarctica. This alliance is created by an anointed tongue and the structure is made firm by the blessed feet. This creates new points on the wheel of civilization pushed forward by the cherubim directed by the Beacon of Light: Re.

In 2013, the promise was given that as Re washed the feet of 8 of her blood family members, that 8 represents the 8 nations that will firmly secure Africa: the government of 8 nations, 9 with Africa at the center (attached to that is Israel).

A place of Divine Providence is a place of divination, Providence, order, accord, healing, harmony, love and abundance. In Zulu language;order is “uku-bhekelewa, uku-nakekeleka, uku-hleleka, nokuboniswa”, accord and harmony “isi-vumelwano noma uku-vumelana, ingcebo noku-thula“,love is u-thando and abundance is ubu-ningi noma uku-phuphuma okanye u-kwanda oku-nga-nqandeki.infinity-symbolInfinity is a gift of grace released when we reach providence. Infinity is not so much about the endlessness, but more about the start that doesn’t exist and the end that also doesn’t exist. It’s a well rounded sense of being like a ring. Alpha & Omega: the beginning and the end or the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning. Like the circles of creation. Divine marriage comes with Infinity, a foreverness and infinity can be interpreted as a blessing from God saying, Re today 5.10.15 l have blessed you with a blessing of love as infinity & bounty. A gift from God can not be taken by anybody, institutions or other nations, it sticks like super glue and it follows you like goodness and mercy without blockage, it reaches you and sticks with you, benefit you and protect you. We too, when we reach the 8th Heaven Letter J, we are given a gift of infinity where we begin to understand that we didn’t begin at birth and therefore we will not end at death. We come from an abundant Mother. We simply transitioned from the form of being to another form of being to conquer the physical plain. And we will transition from this physical plain to another form or planet.

We are each other’s gift here on earth. We create for each other to share and grow. We are one another. I am you and, You are me. The Illuminated Light (grace) gospel is good news because all humans are gods —You are gods; to say that we each arrive at a point of being a illumination by grace, because we are gods, daughters of God; no matter our race or background. I am the abundant light and so are you. Illuminated beings. We are all infinite beings, We are gods!!! In August we released a Keynote presentation on Logo & Slogan Creation where it’s written…”I, Ré was reborn so that you may have life and have it more abundantly”. Rockefeller is our reference of the way to a place called “The Lord Will Provide” or “The Lord Provides” or the place called “The Eye Of Providence” when the God force is our sun and shield giving us endless grace & glory. Gifts from above coming upon us and overtaking us.

Definition of Infinity: quality of being infinite …”the infinity of space”. Spider and octopus are the animals which perfectly embodies infinity. Infinity (symbol: ∞) is an abstract concept describing something without any limit.

Fish is the animal that embodies fully the word abundance.transitionsThe Final Life Transitions:

Life transition from discord to accord generally happens when we transition from lack of love to abundant love …or when we have reached the end of a cycle to a brand new cycle: for instance, from caterpillar to butterfly, from discord ( or chaos) to harmony. During life transitions that we as human beings (or souls) go through is a matter of life and death, some people do not make it through a transition phase. When we make it all alive, it’s by grace. During these transitions is a battle in the spirit for an emerging Light so the world may be redeemed. If she survives such a period many stand to benefit. It’s like digging a new tunnel, so other people may get on the other side as well. As one would imagine during the birth of a new born. When we transition, infect all that which hasn’t been imparted upon us (it’s lack and it’s shortages) become exaggerated to an extent unimaginable. Grace is released to a transforming person in stages of their development, not all is given at once. For the final stages of transmutation before transitioning, is actually the road that goes through hell, a period of war, starvation, hunger pains, emptiness, severe stress and fight for survival.

The frog is the animal best given to us for transitioning. When our rainbow comes, we know we have crossed over, and our luck begins to change. Human beings shall not live on bread alone but also by the spoken words, songs which is power in transitioning and growth;

This power is perpetuated in fulfillment by the Holy Wind 💨 also referred to as the Holy Spirit, The Holy Ghost our strength. This air or wind teaches us to breath, to interpret, to speak accordingly, to sing in rhythm and to let voice vibrate into the air, all by the grace of God. It is this air that makes us rich; abundant life isn’t just access to great food, wine and oil but it’s also in the words our tongue 👅 speaks and sings about. We also scat or sing the sounds made by the instruments 🎸 to use the voice to interpret the piano for example in order for those notes to vibrate in our entire being. Abundance is also storage that helps us access to the Internet, technology, electricity, transportation, shoes and clothing. It’s about our entire wellbeing brought about by the exposure to wonderful experiences in life, opportunities, service, sharing love and living a healthy successful environment.

We have defined success as follows: “Success is becoming one with one’s body to earn the freedom and the ability to create or build a product or service that provides pleasure, happiness and contentment to the creator and uplifts society in such a manner that it outlives the creator and her generations.”

The hidden power within, the economical energy of wealth around us and within us. Before an individual is born, she is one with her power also called her wealth & riches. And during the natural or the 1st birth, we are separated from this power. This power is your masculine side or your feminine side if you’re male. This is your husband. We can cross the seas to find this unconditional love. But when we find him we know because nothing else is like it. This separation is natural, only God is both sexes or energies but all of us must find our missing peace in order to be whole. Life is all about reuniting with this power and maximizing its potential and sometimes even exceeding its potential.

Money and wealth is always trying to reach you & me. In other words we are not trying hard to have this power but this power is trying hard to be reunited with us (within) a marriage between body and soul first individually and the other that is found in the opposite sex is the sacred or ordained marriage. Once our frequency and vibration are corrected the vibration open up our chakras.

We are one with our power: Our Money

On this paper we will also address the feelings and emotions we generate when we hear the word money. Our feelings are important because they help us attract what we want thus we should know how we really feel about money, and address negative feelings that were imbedded in our brains in order that there are no blockages that may lead to lack; because as much as we agree to the importance of money, however we do not work or do what we do for money. We work because we want to serve by doing what we love to create. If money becomes a goal, people tend to confuse it with happiness or pleasure.

Currency networks: it is an information network which is called cash money: about which we have the most unbelievable superstitions, and psychological blockages which goes as far as our valuation of money with an attitude of excrement. Our psychological attitude towards money is a major obstacle to a proper development of ourselves, society and most of all technology which enables money to do what it was intended to do: which is to reduce or eliminate labour so that we can produce goods and services adequately.

Money is an Economic Energy:

Money is an economic energy indicator also. We must try to remind ourselves that Power is not found outside a human body that is the reason why power cannot be found in positions. The Holy Spirit is the air we breath it is within and around us, our helper. Money is meant to save labour and demolish futile jobs within a society.

Guilt is amongst the most toxic of all Psychological Barriers Of emotions; guilt is the most destructive. The Catholic deals with it through confessions in order to cleanse a conscience, but it has proven to be short term, not so much a good solution. Guilt is a Psychological Blockage: blockage of love and grace. Associates with wounded ego, is guilt and pride. The only reason or main reason people never follow their heart in terms of career is the fear of not being good enough, guilt (blockage) and shame.

Freedom means, the freedom to own the moment without tension emanating from selfdoubt. (Self doubt comes from self consciousness). Freedom is the freedom to make mistakes and being an absolute fool if it may be, this is very much part of the creative process of learning and perfecting your discipline.

The idea is not to incriminate yourself when you realize that it was a failure or mistake, simply do it differently and don’t repeat the same mistakes again. Everybody learns from making mistakes, or else we don’t learn anything. We should never be afraid to play or sing the wrong note, eventually you will get it right. Keep the same rhythm going, do not stop, your hearing improve, your taste improves, your tongue improves & touch ….and before you know it, all your senses are sharper and sharper through practice and increased awareness.

british-flagPicking up your cross is not picking up a burden or load of life’s heaviness: a cross signifies pathways or channels for your abundance to flow towards you from the East, West, South and North. In other words illuminated light is saying trust me, I will show you the guaranteed way to be successful anywhere even internationally. Re unblocks the psychological blocks that hinder us to realize our full potential. Take the British flag 🇬🇧 for instance, it is a cross with SW, SE, NW, NE included because they wanted their abundance to come from all across the globe including Islands of this world. The bible is a good book but also most dangerous book because it’s hard to understand and it was complied to mentally oppress the unknowledgable, the entire energy of the Bible screams white male suprimacy.

We are walking written Holy books, we, the new generation- you and me. You want to see God? Then look at each other, look at each other’s gifts and lives: “you’ve seen the God when you ‘ve seen me.” Follow Re the way to sorrowless success where your internal light is your gifts, your talents, your skills or your differentiation: your grace. Pick up your rod, your ankh and follow Re our Grace; guaranteed is success. “Your rod” is victory in bounty and infinity Re our sun daughter has given us the way of grace to complete healing and restoration and finally reigning in life.

So in our nothingness, there is always something, we may see nothing …but faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains.

Currency: is air or wind. All economic text books define currency (money) as medium of exchange, standard of value and store of value – not all currency is valuable it’s the collective energy that is valuable. But it’s not what money is, is what money does. If misunderstood or built in fear it produces poverty within an economy. Each period has the currency of weight which is chosen by the Holy Goat 🐐 such is the euro at this juncture.

cash Money is an idea of wealth which is the attire of value emanating from agreements and communal energy within a community to exchange and a standard of use something standardized as medium of exchange. It can be cigarettes or sticks of matches or whatever. The role of the kingdoms and governments is to give a value to a currency by requiring that particular currency to be paid in taxes. Fiat is Latin meaning “let it be done/so” — A law that say let this government’s currency be money. Since 1971, the world has operated under the system called fiat from gold standard. Only the governments has the power to create fiat money but banks can create it too through lending. Which means government and banks are the only institutions able to create cash money. It is given value to it by governments and place a requirement that it is used in payment off taxes. Therefore the community has power, for it is the community that exchanges goods, …yes government as a kingdom of God the Great Mother in whom we trust, has bigger power of creating and acceptance in agreeing to the unit of exchange ordered by the community in a form of the House of Commons in order to create the mainstream currency that everyone can accept for the contribution to the common good of a nation. The community elects government but can not elect God’s kingdoms and the community together with the government should decide how to exchange. This is a window of opportunity for Africa to create new agreements on currency adopt the new United States of Africa in the new currency “TE” ad we transition from the euro and diminish all outstanding exchange blockages.

Currency As Network Of Information : Allan Watts described currency (money) as a network of information. The key words when it comes to understanding currency or money is agreement and information.

Channels are therefore created to circulate money as we exchange ideas, goods and services in this world.

Since money is a store of value we should always remind ourselves that true value is us so we need peace, harmony and agreements and with that value is sustainable comes from the power within and as result our money will be valuable. Agreements create opportunities of exchange, resulting to wealth and wellbeing.

If books are inspected and kept in order, this tells us information that can be processed or brought before colleagues, investors and governments. Cash money is also good book keeping. We must be reminded to focus our energy on more ideas of innovation and inventions because AI, machines and technology releases people from hard labor and futile jobs.

Golden-Apple-of-Discord-e1379783184301Discord: Where there is disagreement exchange is stuck or blocked due to lack of agreement. The agreement is first achieved spiritually on our behalf. Important is to arrive at an agreement so money can move freely between society, nations and internationals. That’s why nations have alliances and so forth.

Discord is tension or strive resulting from a lack of agreement; is called discord.
We are promised harmony by grace. Discord also has to do with harsh or confused sound. When there is such a sound or lack of sound or deafness we must proclaim that Divine Order Divine Providence governs our lives and our surroundings are bound to conform.

Discord cause conflicts, disputes, cause lack of agreement, cause suspicion, cause small mind of jealousy and hatred of-which result to is lack of wealth in all its many forms including cash money and lack of investments. Lawyers know how to benefit from disputes. If we lack harmony we are vulnerable to wild dogs, wolves and scavengers.

Bankrupt and Blacklisted are millions of well meaning people. We as the black community didn’t have the key and we have been mistreated by Banks and governments. As a Black people we have a way now to silence all distorted sounds so we can vibrate in frequency of Divine Providence.

Our countries and our continent has harmony, order and free flow of information without blockages. Our blood vessels and water channels are open. Free flow of information, free flow of traffic either by air or by rail or road. Chaos has left us, lack has left us – disagreements have departed from us.

Through pineal gland vision, I was shown the Goddess responsible for opening accord and she is called “i-Ndoni Yamanzi” a Zulu phrase meaning the dark beauty, from the dark matter and She is all knowing Word. In her masculine form he is king Music, he is pitch black, eye blinding in beauty, his glitter & diamonds almost blinds your eyes, with a pentagon shape of orderly aligned birds with her. He is fertile and creative and he is also the giver of a the golden apple.

Ndoni or Music or Waters of Living God Providence Himself commands order and disorder – The Holy Goat the archangel Gabriel. In Greek mythology she was feminine and she was called Eris the Goddess of discord: and if you are not in harmony with her she shall course all forms of discord, chaos in your life. There shall always be lack of agreement in all forms. Well this time, in this age He is masculine our Moon 🌚 !

In Chinese is the The Sacred Chao, which is a variation on the Chinese Taijitu symbol, with a golden apple and pentagon replacing the smaller circles of each half

Discordianism is centered on the idea that both order and disorder are illusions imposed on the universe by the human nervous system, and that neither of these illusions of apparent order and disorder is any more accurate or objectively true than the other. The nervous system is the information transmitting system which brings about order in our bodies. Nerves that transmit signals from the brain are called motor or efferent nerves, while those nerves that transmit information from the body to the CNS are called sensory or afferent. Most nerves serve both functions and are called mixed nerves. There must be free flow in our nerves. What happens inside your body is what is happening outside your body in your universe. If there is a blockage of exchange due to lack of opened pathways, people starve in the midst so of plenty.

The Principia Discordia states that “All things happen in fives, or are divisible by or are multiples of five, or are somehow directly or indirectly appropriate to 5”, this is referred to as the Law of Fives. 2015 has been magical because number 5 is truly the number responsible for wellbeing of humans in a physical world. The 23 enigma is regarded as a corollary of this law, since 2 + 3 = 5.





Feeding 5 000 with 5 loaves and 2 Fishes that the 12 baskets of the 5 loaves left from those who have eaten. 200 denarii worth of bread is not sufficient for them, said Phillip. The 2 fishes, the Star of David, the key to the house of David. And 5 bread can be the stages seen below or other 5 life essentials and 12 baskets is the government.

Five Five Seasons of Discordianism completes a human life cycle before 6th year:
golden apple Pineal gland “Consult your pineal gland” is a common saying in Discordianism. This might be a reference to the ideas of past philosophers, such as René Descartes, who dedicated much time to the study of the pineal gland, calling it the “principal seat of the soul”. He believed it to be the point of connection between the intellect and the body.

The pineal gland is theorized by some to produce trace amounts of DMT (dimethyltryptamine), a psychedelic chemical which is believed to play a role in dreaming and other mystical states. Endogenous DMT has been detected throughout the human body and in mammalian pineal glands.


Best things in life are free.

And all material things are left them behind

So don’t let money be the center of your life but reach out and touch somebody’s hand, make this world a better place if you can!

Knowledge is free and it is always trying to reach us. My people perish because of lack of knowledge.

Private education & overpriced education institutions create an illusion that knowledge and education is hardly earned and should be accessed by a few or children of the elite.

Knowledge is abundant just like all energy. Love is the same thing but if we think we should earn it, we block it from reaching us.

Money also behaves in a similar way like all energy, it is also trying to reach us but psychological barriers blocks it from reaching us, somewhere, somehow we think we are not worthy because we didn’t work hard enough or pay for this or did that. Lack of money creates homelesness and refugees, lack of money by huge numbers within a population signifies a badly run economy.

Love is abundant in nature and we are deeply in love, and love is deeply in us. The Holy Ghost is love.

09/10/2015 Intokomalo nothando namuhla lufikile emzini onsundu. Uthando olungefaniswe oluvela kuphela ku Mama kuRe noMoya oyingcwele. Uthando lukaMoya oyingcwele olulapha zonke izifo zethu, oluhlanza konke ukufiphala kwethu. Namuhla siphakeme nathi ukuba sidle futhi sibalwe kanye nezicukuthwane zomhlaba: Jabula ke Muzi wakithi, insindiso yakho ingcwalisekile namuhla. The Beacon Of Light has purchased your salvation…Amen 🙏🏾 Re, Amen to the Holy Trinity!


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