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Energy Part 1 – Amandla


There comes a time when a transmuting person comes face to face with Power.

That power is called, ENERGY.

Power is strength. In Zulu, we say “A-Mandla“.

When we say “ngi-na-mandla” or “si-na-mandla” meaning “I have the power” or “we have the power”; it’s a huge statement that is enveloped in just 6 letters, — it means I have not only the energy to do or create and complete the work…..but I have also the ability, the capability, the influence, the record or experience, the approval, the authority, the strength and the forces supporting me to act or to do, or to work, to speak. — This is it! I am it! I am the woman or I am the man …fit to….We are the power! Power to the People!

Energy is a word used in many ways and energy appears in different forms: due to this reason sometimes people’s attention to what energy really means get lost in the calculations and formulas. Today, just briefly I want us to forget about E=mc² …later we can, but today we are going back to grassroots level.

Basic definition: “Energy Is the ability to do Work.”

webEnergy can be found in a number of different forms. It can be chemical energy, electrical energy, heat (thermal energy), light (radiant energy), mechanical energy, and nuclear energy.

Energy vibrates or moves at different frequencies and it has a sound. For example music moves at 432Hz from earth throughout the universe to help change and transform our surroundings energies which is structure and culture.

The movement and vibration of energy causes things to happen around us. If flies surrounded someone that make them tired this little or none will happen around that person. For example; during the day, the sun gives out heat energy providing light and enthusiasm. At night, street lamps use electrical energy to light our way and they too give energy to not night life. When a car drives by, it is being powered by ethanol/gasoline, a type of stored energy. The food we eat contains energy which provides nourishment and medicine to the body. We use that energy to work and play. These things are all part and parcel of energy which is the same thing as power. All things are energy!

Perhaps to give you a few other characteristics of energy;

1. Energy is storable and it stores itself because it is omnipresent even on a body which is at rest.
2. Energy is transferable.
3. Energy is in everything, everyone and it is everywhere.
4. Energy creates and take different forms.
5. Energy brings balance, it attracts connections building interconnectedness and strong alliances – (think marriage and or business)
6. Plus the other major characteristics of that already explained above is that it is powerful, it vibrates, it has sound, it produces light, it transforms…..

It doesn’t help if our governments and global leaders speak of renewable energy and the effects of climate change to us, the people, yet we do not understand what energy really is! This series of explaining energy aims to help us normal people from different fields and from all walks of life to understand energy wholesomely.

Energy is one of the things that is often presumed to be common knowledge, but it is not really. Today we will explain energy in the most simplest way possible because we must all understand the basic principles of energy because we each have it, its part of us. To simplify something is better when we relate it first to us human beings before we move to what is out there around us. So let’s look at energy in relation to a human being;

We are constantly vibrating at different frequencies creating lines of connection with nature or others, propelling us to accelerate forward. Therefore understanding energy is basically understanding the power within you and around you, call it Divine Love energy,… be aware of it and allow it to be of best service to you and to those around you.

Today in Part 1 of “Energy-Amandla” we will begin by explaining energy as the connector, the strong bonds or lines (also called energy lines).

spiderDuring my AMBA, we studied strategy and under strategy we reviewed a book called “The Strongest Link” by Gene Slowinski & Matthew W. Sagal. A book about corporate alliance. The very first line referred to the Nasca Lines of Peru and how they are a wonder of archaeology: The alliance framework. This tells us that in business just as in our lives we draw our energy lines, we are creators as we map our lives journey, and most importantly all works together, all integrates well together.

And how best to understand this than to first look at a spider.

Spiders have gifts including productivity, process, creativity and balance.

The Spider so small and so delicate, she cleverly weaves the silk she produced into a fully functional web.

Spiders are strength and gentleness combined. Many fairytales exist about Grandmother Spider, the weaver. That She carried on her back the gift of water, fire, soil and vapor in a basket. The basket was woven by her and she presented it to the People.

Another story tells that her web bound all things together and formed the foundation or the very fabric of the earth. Her Love is all around us. They are master weavers. The weaving of a web for a spider involves joining separate strands of fabric into an integrated pattern. This is a significant reminder that we are constantly weaving the fabric of our lives.

Their bodies are shaped like the number 8 and they have 8 legs, They belong in the 8th heaven of abundance symbolising infinite possibilities of creation. Their frequency reminds us to tune into life’s ebbs and flows.

InterconnectednessThe construction of a web is connected to the geometry of creation. When making an orb web, the spider releases a sticky silken thread into the wind if the breeze takes the thread to a spot where it sticks, the first bridge is formed. The spider then carefully crosses the line reinforcing it with a second. This process continues until a frame is made in which the web can secure itself. Bridges serve as a link, tying all things together. They help remind us of our interconnectedness to all life.

These great hunters and delicate strand walkers, they open our eyes and we begin to see that many of the inner dividing walls that seem to separate aspects of each of our lives are not as solid as they appear. As we learn looking at things differently, barriers disappear. Your life can be viewed in a more integrated way.

By giving the spider a careful thought and consideration, we can see that we are connected to all life, and that there is no past and no future, only the infinite now. They awaken our intuitive creative senses and encourage us to design the fabric of our lives from our souls original intention. If you come across a spider in its web, or creating a new one, pay close attention. This is a symbol of where you are in the weaving of your own destiny.

Re Plicc's Spider Web

Every web begins with a single thread!!!

This represents the true nature of reality: that there is an invisible constant force running through all living things and that the world is a complex web united by one force.

When a spider shoots her silver thread into the air, she relies on the wind (Spirit) to carry it to a tree branch or window ledge, where it will attach to something that can serve as a frame. Creative thoughts are like this as well: we spin a thread of an idea – in dreams or imagination, and throw it into the wind, hoping it will take hold that maybe someone or something will catch it —just like that the energy wheels keep turning. We the people are connected. Many threads float away un-tethered, and we, as web-weavers, have to try and try again, waiting for one to stick. Imagine what would happen if a spider gave up after one try, or twenty. Its life depends on continual weaving. And so does ours.

To manifest beauty and sustenance, for yourself, for the world? What color, texture and strength is your thread? What unique shapes and patterns will you create with it? And how will you weave it together with all of the webs created by others?

Check out this tale-:

“Ma Ooma-oo, long ago, the Spider was in the place where only she was. There was no light or dark, there was no warm wind, no rain or thunder. She is and was a great wise woman, whose powers are beyond imagining. No medicine person, no conjurer or shaman, no witch or sorcerer, no scientist or inventor can imagine how great her power is.

Her power is complete and total. It is pure, and cleaner than the void. It is the power of thought, we say, but not the kind of thought people do all the time. It’s like the power of dream, but more pure. Like the spirit of vision, but more clear. It has not shape or movement, because it just is. It is the power that creates all that is, and it is the power of all that is. It is Divine Love.

In that place where she was alone and complete with her power, she thought about her power, how it sang to her, how she dreamed from it, how she wished to have someone to share the song dream with her. Not because she was lonely, but because the power’s “songs” were so complete, she wished for there to be others who could also know them. She knew this was the power’s wish just as it was hers. For she and her power were together and of one mind. They were two, but they were the same thing”


…..To be Continued

Next we look at the Energy Amanda Part 2; Law of Attraction

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