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Sickle And The Hammer


Economics is not a body of laws, but it is rather a way of thinking.

Last time on the “Beacon Of Light” Prt3 we discussed briefly about business and government and we mention that they are fluid like, they have a flow in their nature and thus they fall under the law of MER (water or maritime law). It is also true that people have a flow in nature like trade, that is why you often hear the term the flow of the queue or the flow of masses. Hence the term “fishers of men”. Now today we see how that is packed into May 1 holiday of workers day and we will also see what it means to us regionally in Africa (African United), the African diaspora around the world and womb-men.

Economy is the state of a country or region in terms of production and consumption of goods & services … well as the supply of money. It is a careful management of available resources.

We think of a business as mainly corporations or organizations or companies or firms or factories, but a person (individual) is also refered to as a business as a company of which goods and or services are exchanged for one another or for money and this we see clearly under the International Civil law. The big blander is that schools or our education institutions do not teach this reality, we only get to understand it when we study law or when we face the law system. Human beings are sirens. Humans produce and they create value and are storehouses of value. WE are businesses!

Money exchange hands, money can only come from people, hence a circle of human slavery which forever changes methods, terminology and face but consistent and it shall always be present on earth because of the varying degrees upon human consciousness and personal individual growth. Knowledge can be freely given but understanding can never be given. Human beings enslave each other. Inside households most women are enslaved by their husbands and other cases children are enslaved by their parents or guardians, it is really hard to escape the tomb because there is a stone blocking the exit. Inside corporations and organizations employees are enslaved by their employers, in the plantations and in some cases factories enslave workers under unsafe environments. Human Slavery is not something that will probably gonna disappear here on earth but we can best minimize it. We will always have the inequities and ignorance but we must never ever cease to try to minimize poverty, share knowledge and fight against human slavery as urgently as possible to reduce human suffering and to increase world’s wealth and income.

There comes a time when a transmuting person is handed a Sickle and a Hammer by God, signifying complete infinite freedom to that person from labour and peasantry. Never again, never again, says the Lord God Almighty shall another human being enslave you because today you have become one with your power: blessed therefore is your womb, Divine Providence is yours; you have been set free! Hallelujah Glory to God!

This is freedom from the curse of slavery that fell upon a people on the last day of judgement. The exchange happened when Africans took over and for the next 2019 years the African womb man is at the top of the block chain, the first amongst men. We will see this rise of a African people in 2020.

This circle of enslaving humans is billions of years old: the enlightened ones bury the sleeping ones and so on and on it repeats. It originated from back then at the “garden” when humans recreated or reproduced out of Gods omniscient provision, guidance and promises: “By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return.”

The contrary is also true,

blessed shall I be going out and coming in, blessed shall I be when sleeping and blessed shall I be every where and all of the time till the end of time: goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.

A vision of using an axe ⚒⚔️as a weapon beheading vision — (Capital punishment; Death; Decapitation) In a dream, beheading means freedom from slavery ⛓⚙️🗝or dispelling sorrows and dismay, payment of one’s debts, and prospering. If one knows her assailant in the dream, it means receiving wealth 💎⚖️at her hand.


We couldn’t help to eat the fruit 🍉🍎🍑🍒🍌🍇🍓 it was too tempting, we are too curious and the masculine people are at fault: men love sex, love food, love to eat, love to have things whether ready or not. But Grace meets us at the very point of our desperation. Remember except for the nobles, most people are born into this slavery block or square of illusions which is the tomb that Re escaped without removing the stone that blocked the exit, how? Re our sun ☀️ daughter escaped the tomb by transformation… she transformed into a scarab beetle and crawled out of there, moved the stone at the exit so other slaves can freely live the tomb weakened the men and she gained wings and flew into heaven. Africans and womb-men are free now to escape the tomb, Amen.

The 7deadly sins are hard to escape from, because now the mind holds the people hostage inside the 📦 block/tomb, there is no short cut and the way out only given to prophets and prophetesses after every 2000 years or so, then we can escape.

Choose to transform – to be born again, as did Re our Sun and God’s first man: she was reborn, she is the way to permanent infite freedom. The Grace way to promise land. She is our pioneer in our new world!!

The Hammer and the Sickle was after adopted as a symbol by workers movements, socialism and communism; the hammer stood for industrial labourers and the sickle for the peasantry; combined they stood for the worker-peasant alliance for socialism. The cross or the x and the “p” are in reality the symbols of a resurrected beacon of light (bol) the sun and Moon God Re. The new world of this Aquarius age must produce more creators and innovators. People are living in fear of loosing their jobs and are waiting for the government to create jobs. Here however we give a solution oh how to break free from labour and peasantry. In simple terms; we believe a person must find hers or his calling “purpose”. A person is a brand or a business so they must use God given talents by growing them into techniques and skills, build careers in line with this and their numbers at birth. This kind of person cease to work but they serve and when we serve we make way for transformation and rebirth possible. We then can escape the tomb forever!

In terms of state legal laws; when a case is made against a registered and certified artificial person by either a state or by another “artificial” person; lawyers represent the parties in a legal court system which speak legalese. Thereafter the legal dossiers are written as addressed to an organization (a business) whose name must be listed in capital letters style; in other words even individuals are considered as organizations by the maritime law or the roman international civil law which governs the way of business or comerce in this world. E.g the STATE VS MS. G.S KHAMBULE. An individual’s name must be and shall be written in capital letters style to refer to that person as an organization (or a business) instead of a private or sovereign person found under common law of the land.

In a court system under the civil law only businesses can be tried and are represented by a barrister. You and I are considered walking businesses according to the world system going way back to the Roman Maritime law and it remains so under the United Nations. Therefore if you are considered a business, your spouse also a business, your children also standing businesses today in their own rights; this means that it’s time we operated as such or suffer the unruly lawyers and the hash globalization stick. When we see the children of the elite start young in business it’s because of this knowledge. Celebrities and elites are often accused of pimping their children but the children themselves are enlightened, trained at this understanding from young. This goes beyond just understanding your individual rights but it also teach us about the global wealth and income distribution which has left Africa and others like Yemen, India, Syria etc…in such a state of despair and increased the immigration crisis. The war on global resources is a 19th century’s world consciousness that can never be reversed now but can be ended by the new age taking over, ….the wheel of civilization keeps rolling forward, the question is how do we do better for humanity moving forward in a globilised world?

What Grace has taught us is that we should start by using our gifts (talents), understand that individuals are brands, entrepreneurs and begin running ourselves as a business in which we already are. The use of God given gifts and talents is the beginning of human transmutation process. The status of being a legal corporation is enforced in the system through the issuance of your birth certificate, identity card, passports, drivers license, social security card or marriage certificate.
All these Certifates allows countries to own and use individuals as collaterals, but this ownership cannot be archieved on a transformed being. It is very hard to enslave a person who is transformed and is using their talent within an economy: It’s just a law of nature that’s where the parable of talents come from. This is by far the only way to bit the monster at its own game;

  1. Transform (undergo a personal transmutation) let the natural born person die in order for a new transformed enlightened spiritual being to emerge; A purpose driven person.
  2. Use your talents and brand yourself to serve humanity. Use your acquired skills from the industries to build your own offerings.

The worse that can happen to you is that you sacrifice 7years of your life transmuting into gold but thereafter you enter a world of freedom, you become a noble setting a presedence for even to your generations they follow in that establishment.

It is also true that when you use your talent you gain more talents, as such your net-worth and your investments is bound to overflow to abundance because then you will be able to increase both your economies of scale and scope on a personal level and on a global level.

This way we minimize chances of enslaving for others for a lifetime and we put an end to generational poverty cycles and reduce human suffering. We and our children are freed for eternity. Children of a transformed person start of with an advantage making it easier for them to transmute: because transmutation is the hardest part a human being can be faced with. Following dreams and talents is also difficult but nothing close to an overall transmuting process, but by grace it’s doable, people do it everyday and the journey in it’s self is worth it and very enlightening of which you would not change nor trade any event for anything after the process is completed instead you will fill accomplished and powerful as you become one with your power. We can not continue to operate as “private natural persons” only in a world that consider us as “businesses“. The inequality gaps can be reduced by types of economic markets the people vote for or at least what is available to choose from. Scarcity is a global human consciousness which can change if more and more received the knowledge and understood it because to understand is to be free.

I, Re have learnt the structure from God and instructed to share it to free humanity. We gain knowledge and improve ourselves to find something that we can exchange within an economy or global markets.


If one is still inside the corporate monster here is what we should know. After 8 years of working inside one corporation we can be granted a Sabbatical if we have proven trustworthy, productive and fulfilled our tasks honorably; a Sabbatical is one year leave of absence performing studies to improve our skills. Also if we are working for the same industry we also qualify for this type of leave. A sabbatical is a leave from one’s regular work responsibilities, usually with pay, for research, rest, or recreation.

Something huge come out of this period and depending on how we use the time we can set ourselves free and our community can benefit. This can lead to the choice to transformation because when we are working everyday it’s hard to take time to ask yourself where am I heading and what good am I contributing to the world and what legacy shall I live behind. All these questions come during a time of pause which the sabbatical leave provides.

God has given us a directive none negotiatiable that corporations, industries including agriculture, government services and private companies must give a one year Sabbatical with pay to all employees who have worked for 8 years in that establishment. This is a law of God to give workers a time of Jubilee, rest and more especially a chance to find purpose and make fundamental choices for the direction in which they are headed. That is how countries find their innovators and creatives, if people are demanded to give 💯 to their jobs they have no chance to make the fundamental choice to transform. Today in many enlightened universities professors are granted a sabbatical every seventh year in the West.

Similarly for agriculture during the Sabbatical year the land must remain fallow, observed every seven years by local farmers: which means governments must allocate funds for incentives for farmers to let land lie fallow.

Economics teaches us that the market system can be sketched by reference to three major markets;

  1. the product market,
  2. the labour market and
  3. the capital market.

Two primary sets of participants being the firm and households. Households sell their labour to firms and earn salaries, they buy goods and services from firms. Firms produces goods and services by hiring labour and capital from households (and other firms) – both interacting on the capital market. But Households are a central point, not banks/capitals or firms. People make money exchange hands. There are two other most influential market participants that must be always considered; the foreign sector and the local government sector.
That is why having informal settlement not only is a danger for germs, viruses and diseases to sprout but it also causes a huge discrepancy in listing, monitoring and distribution to and from households for governments.

To see yourself as a business, in fact allows you to treat yourself and your body, even your brain with more respect. It also helps you to learn more about your unique traits. It teaches you to properly defend yourself from con artists. It is empowering in a way especially to women and children who have been left out from the boardroom table. It also helps you understand business in general because business and money are no subject to be left only to expects.

In a proper functioning business there is a balance of exchange where there is both consumption and production: we consume to produce.


We as a people we aren’t begging for jobs (we are the labor force), we plough back into the economy, without us there is no local economy, which means no global positioning for our country; we must be paid in relative to our inputs, skills, talents and in relative to global benchmarked salaries. And after every 7years employees or workers must get a a paid sabbatical leave.

The number of issued birth certificates act as an insurance at the stock exchange. Under the Bretton Woods system 1946-1973, exchange rates were tied to the U.S. Dollar because the US dollar was tied to gold – but since then economies adopted a floating regime for most currencies. For example EU uses the floating regime for the euro trying to enhance itself in the international monetary system.

The number of people you have in your country is a sign of economical strength as well. France today is said be at 66mill people, Africa together is at 1,11bn. The issue of issuing birth certificates, ID’s as government insurance become easily understood when studying South Africa’s Apartheid system with the dompass control system which Gandhi and Mandela fought against remarkably well.

Business has to operate in an economic environment:
1. that has become vastly competitive (non monopolistic)
2. that is more open in terms of foreign trade
3. that includes investment and capital markets
4. And that has government support to business (a government which is targeted to business and result oriented.)

The WTO was established 1st January 1995, Geneva. It provides the contractual framework within which government’s undertake to implement legislation and regulations for foreign trade. It’s a platform for trade debate, negotiations, and adjudication among member countries. The WTO is responsible to put to effect the monstrous Uruguay Round (for agricultural products) and it is also responsible for promoting international competition, overseeing priority to environmental policies and to promote sustainable development; why? Because there are global resources and these resources are exchanged amongst member countries and to non members countries (or sanctioned countries) at high tariffs.

Because of WTO foreign trade has became easier; tariff barriers have fallen drastically and so have transport and communication cost. Trade liberalization achieved through multilateral trade agreements such as (GATT) – The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade founded in 1947. Now for a young democratic country like mine, South Africa where the first democratic elections were held in 1994, joined COMESA, SADEC and AU to compete economically and globally.  Arrived just on time in 1995 for the WTO, though the name was changed from the old GATT to WTO, the country needed a strong negotiator to create the strongest links in order to join existing cartels, a sound foreign minister.

The Uruguay Round was supposed to boost the world’s income by an extra 510 billion of US$ annually. U.S. at 122bn, EU at 164bn, Japan at 27bn, other 62bn (other includes Israel and perhaps Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Arabia or Qatar…perhaps China etc..) and all developing economies or so called newly developed countries at 135bn combined or divided amongst each other; amongst this is us, Africa.

It is written that developing countries could capture one-third of these gains if they open their markets. Yet the cost of conforming to intellectual property rules remains high cost for developing countries. The field ain’t level for all countries.

WorldFish by Re PLICC

Our government leaders were conned into accepting this intellectual property rules which will cost us dearly. Professor Jagdish Bhagwati used the word “bamboozled”, he said developing economies were bamboozled at accepting the standing Round.
We now need to elect into power individuals with strong entrepreneurial expertise, strong negotiators, strong understanding of internal and foreign affairs.

Europe knows more about Africa than Africa know about Europe & naturally so they divided us up into how Africa looks today. Most African French ex colonies use French laws, use French currency controlled by the puppet master France. Until my people are free from this condition the war still rages.

These discrepancies in the existing WTO distribution of resources and global competition, perpetuate brain drain, migration and humantrafficking that we have recently been observing…and it’s at a rise. The global desperation will only increase if world leaders do not ease up on these intellectual properties policies. Similarly the citizens from the Western countries are also rejecting globalization cause the manner in which it has been done it increases poverty and economic immigration. We can never arrive at a peaceful globalised world if the truth is covered up and people are getting hungrier and hungrier.

It begins with us though the people, we must understand that we arose and joined a world that has been running for more 3500 years with laws that are carried over from old empires into now existing laws. We must awaken and unite: Africa divided is weak, we must unite in creating comparative and competitive advantages. Now that we understand the natural laws of “flow“; we need good local competitive policies in each African country and more importantly not to forget intellectual property investment incentives. We need to elevate labor standards as well as our environmental regulations which impacts strongly on trade flows.


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