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The Beacon of Light Part 3 – The “Way of the Sea”

Human Electrical Circuit

The “Way of the Sea” is the #lawofthesea, sometimes called the law of MER. The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), also called the Law of the Sea Convention or the Law of the Sea treaty, is the international agreement that resulted from the third United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS III), which took place between 1973 and 1982. The Law of the Sea Convention defines the rights and responsibilities of nations with respect to their use of the

  • world’s oceans,
  • establishing guidelines for businesses,
  • the environment, and
  • the management of marine natural resources.

The mention of this Way of the Sea we find it in the story of Capernaum by the lake …in the area of Zebulum and Naphtali. The area of Zebulum and Naphthali was also prophesied by the prophet Isaiah.
The prophet Isaiah said, in these 2 areas (Zebulum and Naphtali), there was to be establish an access to the “Way of the Sea” for all people and said this was now a Galilee of the Gentiles an entry to the world’s resources. In other words this way of the sea is often called globalization.

The Way of the Sea was administered and even today it is still administered by the current leading kingdoms or governments or alliances of the world, today is through the United Nations.

A Beacon Of Light is clothed with the robe, the girdle and the key of the house of David placed upon her shoulders to open this way of the sea for Africa: In the arrival of Re the “#GreatLight” the beacon of light, the people who were living in darkness will now live in the light 💡

The aim of this letter is that at the end, the reader should be able to learn of the universal light that is present to all matter. The universal light – the sun therefore enables this energy to produce light. This is true to us human beings internal light as well as it is true for all nature. The earth’s core dwell a potential energy, so is all plants, so is earth, so is other planets in our solar system, and so is all living things: “all matter has a magnetic field called the Torus which is centered from and around this internal light”.

Last two weeks we saw Tesla’s CEO, Elon Mask presenting the new powerwall batteries that charges using electricity powered solely by the solar panels which are independent from the utility grid from local municipalities. This is as revolutionary as creating the first cellular phone, especially for the worlds countries that have power shortage. Elon said, “we have this gigantic ball of energy producing free energy (referring to the sun), yet we have countries in the world in 2015 facing power crisis”.

If there is one thing on earth today that confirms Re PLICC as the Light of the world, is the energy crisis and climate change. Electricity is part of our daily lives, there must be a key given to a people or a group “race” to unlock this current flow. Light is life itself. When God swore that, they will not enter My Kingdom, it was about the light: the kingdom of “LIGHTS”.

Light is the tester of all Gods, if you walk with the authentic all powerful Great Mother God, then we see that in the lights around you, in your country, in your continent. It’s all about light. Where there is light, there is new ideas, new inventions, creativity, innovation; light is it! Africa is the leader of the new world: the continent of Lights!!! It is easy to see it even at present in 2015, by simply using the creative eye.

There are children who die during birth just because of lack of lights. Today for the first time we will understand energy from God the electricity, we have received it as gift of Grace. In knowledge things are most of the time hidden in places where one wouldn’t begin searching, and the good example of that is energy and water. The speed of light moves fast through the air particles but slows down rapidly through water.

My Dream12 Tombs

05/05 May I had a vivid dream, I saw 12 doors on top of the sea and 5 pyramids as pillars of the laws under the sea. God was explaining to me how an empire/monarch/government is formed. The strange word that I clearly remember mentioned was the word “Member“. (See picture)

I didn’t understand this dream at all. The Lord then reminded me to go back to the newsletter I released in May 2013: “The House Of David”:❤bulletinnewsletter13-2/❤bulletinnewsletter13-3/newsletter-may13-the-house-of-david/

The important thing to take note about the house of David is that it is a locked government or Kingdom. But not only that, the house of David consist of the square (the house walls) where we find off course the door, there is also the four platforms of our net (as windows) and the globe world 🌎 (or to be more accurate, say space because there are stars as well). On the pyramid (the house roof) we find career, purpose, the net and chief cornerstone.

The key to the house of David is 2 fishes; vesica Pisces. This key opens the door of the house of David that no man may shut or open. (See the picture of the key on my white board). Some of you already know that in 2012 we went back to school literally when it comes to spirituality, faith – beliefs; so I would say 2012, we learnt about God’s GRACE and LOVE. This key of the door to the house of David gives us the access to government, governance or say Kingdom. When we elect a prime minister or president, we elect a leader to a relay the agenda of the ruling kingdom: the glory of the nations fait lies in the hands of those running the kingdoms.

The promise is that a government will be committed into our hands. Once this (kingdom structures) is in our hands, then we become fathers or mothers of nations. And the rank of victory is placed in our shoulders as this key by God. As one will see in the military ranks placed on each soldiers shoulders: left side shoulder for material world and right side shoulder for the in light power, the spirituality.

22:22; the key is laid upon our shoulders, …..grace and supplications is in the house of Re & Tatcho and the inhabitants: moving forward the wheel of civilization!

“Follow me, and I will make of you fishers of men”. Here we get the first clue in the whole story which is “the Way of the Sea”. The law of sea is the #flow…the movement of liquid like substance or the wind like substance. In this law the main words are the “currency” and “flow”. Electricity and light fall under this law because of their nature of liquid like movement. The current is invisible to the naked eye but it is there, it is powerful, liquid like, air like and produces light.

In the last Beacon of Light Part 2, we first introduced the Maritime law, which comes from the Way of the Sea. Business is also in its nature liquid and today we see that so is the government or Kingdom. Infect, amongst the very first great leap in human invention was the creation of electrical current by Thomas Edison and Nikola Telsa.

Lightning however is the natural very dramatic electrical display.

To understand light or electricity we must see the history of electrical current. Thomas Edison held 1,093 of U.S patents in his name, including France and UK. He invented devices that greatly influenced life itself; devices from the “great light”; such as motion picture camera, light bulb, electric light, power utilities, sound recording, movies. That is why, where the light shines, people have electricity, create movies, pictures and recording studios which mostly today people refer to it as life in the lime light.

Edison and Tesla, they both understood the electrical circuit of a human being and the electrical circuit of the world in general. The electrical circuit of the world helps to balance the world. The electrons are the good of great leaders and the resistor is the resistance or what you call the evil in the world aimed to slow down the good. All which is designed for the greater good.

Well, from that understanding experimented to invent power utilities and all the light devices. Today we will draw a human circuit: mine and yours; the electrical circuit of a human being. Because if we don’t understand our own circuit in order that our light may shine, how are we to invent new ways, implement sustainable energy and renewable energy in a national scale. How are we going to understand what our governments are doing to ensure energy never run out?

The fishermen to cast their nets again, we get the second important and third clue:

1st being faith, as the heat or the magnetic field that frees our eternal light to shine through. When Simon said, “we have been here all night and we caught nothing, but at your word Lord, we will go again..

“Faith is the current that moves through our circuit.

Electrical current is charged electrons. As one would see in the electrical circuit the battery carry “potential energy”, charges up the electrons which begin to move from negative to positive. And what is interesting is that they (the fishermen) were already charged up as well. The teaching inspired them increasing their faith in order to recast their nets. Since they heard what they needed to hear they were full of faith and that triggered a chemical reaction that moved the charged faith filled with the voltage, or power of faith. Electrons alone without voltage move in a cayotic manner but power organize them directs them and give them purpose.

The third clue is the resistance. Resistors are extremely important in an electrical circuit, they help against short circuit, overheating and battery explosion. Resistance helps us not to get net breaking fish prematurely when our net isn’t ready to carry a mega load. This is the Omega (Ω, ω) the 24th and last letter of the Greek alphabet. In the Greek numeric system, it has a value of 800. The word literally means great, mega meaning ‘great’). In electricity ohm is this omega, the great harvest. Nothing must be lost in a blessed net. Remember after Simon and Andrew went again casting their nets; their nets actually broke, fish sank their small boats because they were actually not well prepared for that sudden great increase. Most people when reading this passage they interpret this breaking the nets part as a positive thing, that they even called out their neighbors to help them. No, not good! Losses in business must be minimized at all cost, preparedness is good planning or planning ahead, no losses should be suffered. How are we to repair our nets again should they be destroyed.

Resistance is precocious in that it creates a steady but sure passage of electrons, slowing them down initially to prepare for increase.

Finally the great light, the light bulb, creates the radiation, the glow: these are a person ideas, inventions, innovations, creations from one’s skills and talents. Visible light from the invisible electrical current flow.


Refere to my white board and a drawing I drew of my dream.

Next time we will look into energy.


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