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The Beacon Of Light – #Creativity

Pyramids: The Beacon of Light

This is Part 2 of “The Beacon Of Light”. We will look at creation & or the ability to #create and the development of  a written language, and or at the very least, if you have well received the information you should be able to recognize creativity and understand it as an art, that you will be able to read into in the architectural structures all across the globe or be able to understand the design aspect in general. Today is about creativity.

Let’s assume the story of creation; God creates this new world/earth in 6 days and it’s heaven and all forms of life in six days –God creates human beings, both male and female in Their own image—man is given dominion over all things and is commanded to multiply and fill the earth.

Notice at this stage we learn how to count at least from zero to six (0 – 6), because we understand that in the beginning the earth was without form, void and darkness was upon the face of the deep (0). And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. Therefore zero (0) is nothing, and nothing is not just nothing, nothing is the waters of the deep, the waters of nun — nun comes from the black, deep waters but we have the sun. Ok, remember zero is nothing, zero is water, water is zero.

God Al does all these other great things and on the 7th day they rest or relax. Now we have a 7 in our numbers. This is how written languages are created, once you have been given symbols or letters such as: Alpha(God Al-the beginning), Beta(household & sharing), Camel(air),…Omega(God Al the end),…Zulu; you can then allocate numbers from 1-7, then down from 7-1 (see from my white board how to allocate these numbers.), this is called Gematria. The English language for example developed from Latin and Greek, every single letter has a number and every single word has a total (added or multiplied) and they all can be reduced to a single number between 1-9.

So now where does 8 & 9 came from?

There is an important spiritual law which says, “As above, so it is below, and as below, so it is above”, also called a mirror effect – heaven and earth. God therefore created —a potential, a possibility –miracles, a chance of happenings, multiplications in space at a certain time (destiny). Remember space is neither heaven nor earth, space is space: and in Space you have happenings, Solar system and all other creation. Therefore chances and destiny created life and eternity. Eternity is infinity in mathematics, a non-end, a forever. That is a source of number 8. Number 8 is symbolic of 2 circles: multiply and fill.

9 is a number of Mother of God Daughter the Sun , it is the number for dominance or a global number because all this starts and ends here with Her: Alpha and Omega. Remember according to Gods blessing of “creation”, after multiplying yourself, you must also go global or dominate. That’s where the idea of spreading oneself and colonization came from. Today we have a better way of dominating without harming the other ( that is a topic for another day). Anyway 9 is that globalization.
This is clearly understood in natural creation called sacred geometry, number 9 is dominant because all things arrive at full circle at 9. The world or say all creation is in a form geometry: us, fruits, plants etc…even when we build we build or create in this way: circle, square, triangle, rectangular and so forth …and it grows from there.

Things that are of material, in other words material things such as us in a form of a human (not Spirit), animals, plants, a piano, houses, cellphones etc, these are all things that are here on earth that were created by God and us through the sun. We create when we focus our energy into building those things… Because just like our creator we too can create, structures, aeroplanes, dishes, pens, ideas ect..

Human EmbryoThe simple example to understand is human reproduction, us. A mother represented as an egg or a circle, the waters of the deep:
The egg of creation/The cosmic egg, or the embryonic egg has inside 22 + 1=23 chromosomes. Each chromosomes is filled with light. Infect each chromosome has color and color comes from light, therefore inside each chromosome is light. The father cracks the egg with the sperm (the snake) brings 22+1(baby’s sex) totaling 23 chromosomes and together the number becomes 46. During the formation of an embryo they form one cell which breaks into 2, then comes together again (a stage in all nature called #Selforganization or #selfdiscovery)…then finally to multiply into many cells.

The Orphic EggWhat is so critical to take note of, is the internal light that exist in each and every chromosome that created you or me. The cosmic story of creation is that the Sun was born as the cosmic child of the waters of nothing when the Heavenly Father cracked the egg. Cracking the egg in Mathematics is cutting Pi(π) Pi =3.141 a constant ratio number, no matter how large is the circumference, Pi is constant.

A feminine energy can crack Pi just as a musculine energy can because gender is fluid human beings are both energies. We also create tools and means to crack the Pi and creation continues.

The sun was created before humans. The sun was created on the 3rd day. God used what was already there to create the next thing and the next thing and so on and so forth until the sixth day before resting. That is why our bodies are almost 70% water but it is the sun that must grant us nutrition. Even the entire earth is surrounded by water, because waters of nothing, the waters of the deep were the source of all creation.

The moon is zero but it is also 9. What most of us seem to take for granted is the light, the sun. The sun is inside each and everyone of us too. The sun was created on the 3rd day, both great light and the star came before us. We have those things in our design. We each must bring forth the light that is already inside of us. We were the last and best creation by far, even more so when we follow the light not following the nature of those animals that were created before us.

When we search within us, use our talents to make things, we bring forth the light. We all were born with something unique and special. We each were born with the possibilities and miracles of the stars in space. We can create fire works here on earth. We do not have to do it like her or like him: each person has an eternal fire that can shine so bright that the world would want to see, what is uniquely in that person which reflects so bright. That is how we dominate not by dominating other human beings, if we do that we create a shortage on earth. The earth is full of abundance but because people’s light are deemed purposely we have created shortage. It’s not too late though, today is a good day to dig deeper within.

Re PLICCAll religions of the world are based on the Sun. (predominately male based, because it was stated that only a male is able to crack Pi and because it was the year of pisces —2 fishes–which was the masculine age…this is now changing because we have already entered the year of Aquarius).

This understanding will help us create, not only limited to that but all our energy problems will be gone. If we understood the Sun as this source of light and electricity we (in Africa) we will develop numerous technologies to generate natural energy far cheaper than fuel combustion, coal and gas –(but I explain that in P3 of “The Beacon Of light”)

Easter for example or the Passover: Easter which is the name from the star of the “East”- the sun, (the resurrection) springtime, when Re turned water into wine cracking the pi. The sun daughter was dead in winter & resurrected in Springtime (The Risen Sun). The sun springs from the East. Spring or Easter is the return of the Sun after a long winter night, rebirth and rejuvenation and therefore we celebrate the new season, Spring, called Easter. But the irony comes when we in Africa celebrate Easter at the same time as the North or Europeans whereas our Sun springs in September at this moment. Our people die in 100’s in the roads during the North Easter celebrations, which is actually Winter celebration in Africa. We must stay with our lunar calendar and energies in order to prosper in all what we do.

25Dec is the same thing, (see again the earth’s rotation around the Sun, remember the Sun is at the center of our solar system) the Sun then around 22Dec it begins to rise and on the 25th is up in the South Pole, all around until it reaches the East again, and again and again it repeats all year.

Re, The Beacon Of Light, was born amongst men but was the Sun, the Light, the only begotten daughter of God. The only begotten daughter of God is the Sun. The light of the world, it is through the Beacon of Light that we can receive our righteousness and awaken our God given gifts in the inside of us. Her death on the cross atoned for our every sin. The cross is the finished work of God.

North Africa: #Algeria, #Egypt, #Libya, #Mali, #Morocco, #Sudan, #Tunisia, #Mauritania (also called #Maghreb) with an exception of Egypt and Sudan, named after the Nile. Egypt is more special because it a a transcontinental country and its ancient great architecture.

Knowledge & WisdomFrom Egypt all religions of the world understands architecture, astrology, creation, time and infinity. Egyptians had many belief system based on the sun, most predominantly is Horus, the risen savior, if the sun doesn’t rise it’s the end of us all, in 3 weeks the planet earth is dead. The sun is pure energy, it’s light.
Pyramids: the word pyra meaning fire + mid meaning middle: middle fire – middle light. The risen Sun Daughter of God: pyramid. The structure is rigid (triangular) and looks like a muasculine energy.

The beacon of light parts1, 2 and 3 series could be just about the most important thing there is to discuss amongst a people because it says so much about a group than their religions, can they create?
Creativity becomes the measure of worth for nations in this world.
Albert Einstein, worked at a patent office in Switzerland where all the work of creatives in Europe were registered and protected or patented. He went on to discover his own laws of physics such as the law or relativity and still today his work remains a basis of many scientific researches around the world. And he once said, I quote, “creativity is intelligence having fun.”
Pablo Picasso said, “every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up”… an artist, is a creative.

Let your light so shine!

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