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Afrophobia & Xenophobia in SouthAfrica


STOP Afrophobia & Xenophobia

The South African government and the people of South Africa are now faced with a huge problem at their disposal; curing themselves, the country and its people of this cancer called xenophobia.

Which is actually Afrophobia because a European foreigner is welcomed with open hands, which makes one wonder who really are the instigators of this barbaric act.

South Africa like USA are two countries in which racism is deeply rooted in all systems. Racism is an illness not easy to cure and it begotten xenophobic cells. Minority complex and fear of extinction drives the few white elite in South Africa together with their international power hungry friends to provoke xenophobic violence against African foreigners, manipulating the ignorance of the natives to drive out foreigners in an illegal manner; by murdering , torturing them and burning them alive.

If we burn, you burn with us


People are not aware that things do not work as we think they actually do in this world. The external forces continued to press us against the wall, we can’t breathe, that means we cannot see, hear, nor smell properly.

The problem arising from inequities and inequalities in the South African society are not due to foreigners. The Marikana mine massacre was proof and reminder to how class and economical power can be brutal in South Africa which stems from Apartheid consciousness. The security forces protect the rich, not the people.

2014 Marikana massacre has been compared to the Sharpeville massacre in 1960. 44 people died, 41 whom were striking miners, 78 injured South African miners, these were South African people. The oppression of the poor and the working class in South Africa is infect an urgent humanitarian issue.
Platinum is the main metal exploited in the Marikana mine and the owners Lonmin, British producer listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The #economical #disparities begot #Afrophobia.

The natives are hungry, mistreated by large corporations, their children cannot access good education and proper healthcare. And they are looking for someone to blame…, the truth of the matter is that it is not the foreigner who is causing your problems. Unfortunately now, 2 fast killing cancers have emerged against South Africa (cry the beloved country): economical disparities and Afrophobia.

Higher CallingAfrophobia is killing your own brother so your oppressor may continue to rule in false pretense that you will get a piece of a pie. After your brother is dead, you are still hungry, now what???

It’s clear that history is repeating itself here. During the 90’s Black South Africans slaughtered each other prior the first inclusive voting because the minority elite and their international friends who benefited from Apartheid wanted to continue to rule at a cost of Black South Africans.

22104_956054421107404_3645568021262424919_nThe world government is a force to reckon with. We each have to know where we seat it the organogram to identify who determines our fait, because if we cannot recognize that we cannot know who to elect in power to negotiate on our behalf. The African Union for instance serves those who created it; the people votes nobody in power to represent them there.

On behalf of South Africa, we apologize to other African countries and their people. Those committing these humanitarian crimes do not know what they are doing nor do they understand how it impacts back to their own land/country (the blood of the foreigners cry out), If they knew they wouldn’t. South African people are very generous and loving people. This barbaric act is out of character; completely motivated by #fear and #circumstances. I condemn it, we condemn it. We love Africa, we are all Africans and we are 100% pro-Africa Unite!

xenophobiaThe ruling party in South Africa is aware of these issues but is failing to protect the people. It is a daunting task. Importantly, they are failing to educate people on human rights violations. Therefore it is now all up to us, the people ….we must take it upon ourselves to educate each other on humanitarianism, then force our governments to protect us from the world government and the few rich elite by negotiating our interests.


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