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Land Ownership in Africa and Xenophobia in South Africa 🇿🇦


STOP Afrophobia & Xenophobia

Afrophobia and xenophobia roots from the issue of land ownership in Africa. The effects go back to the land grabbing 300 years ago. The economical disparities begot Afrophobia. It is now our responsibility as Africa to put an end to this pollution.

The African Continent is ancient and Mother to all life on earth, it demands our protection. Before continuing read our paper on the movement of the African Continent which links to this subject of land ownership by clicking this link:

The South African government and the people of South Africa are now faced with a huge problem at their disposal; curing themselves, the country and its people of this cancer called xenophobia.

Which is actually Afrophobia because a European immigrant is welcomed with open hands in South Africa but not other Africans, which makes one wonder who really are the instigators of this barbaric act.

South Africa like USA are two countries in which racism is deeply rooted in all systems. Racism is an illness, a cancer so to speak not easy to cure and it begotten xenophobic cells. Racism is one with colonialism. Minority complex and fear of extinction drives the few white elite in South Africa together with their international power hungry friends such as the United Kingdom to provoke xenophobic violence against African foreigners, manipulating the ignorance of the natives to drive out African foreigners in an illegal and harmful manner knowing well the history of economic dominance by segregation in South Africa and how traitors used to be killed; black traitors of apartheid were killed by other blacks by torturing them and burning them alive. The South African society is now in need of vaccines and aggressive cure from this evil cancer disease called Afrofobia/xenophobia.

If we burn, you burn with us

People are not aware that things do not work as we think they actually do in this world. The external forces continued to dare try and press us against the wall, we couldn’t breathe, that means we couldn’t see, hear, nor smell properly.

The problem arising from stolen land, economical ills, safety, security, lack of protective law and justice, unemployment, historical apartheid system of isolation and segregation, inequities and inequalities in the South African society is not due to African foreigners who have become easy targets of retaliation. The zombie apocalypse was or is the main problem. The Marikana mine massacre was proof of that and a reminder to how class and economical power can be brutal in South Africa which stems from lack of consciousness towards African unity. The security forces protect money, not the people. The country has become a looter’s house.

2014 Marikana massacre has been compared to the Sharpeville massacre in 1960, the only difference is that 2014 the black Africans are the government and in 1960 it was the white government. During the Marikana massacre 44 people died, 41 whom were striking miners, they were 78 injured miners of which were South African people gunned down by South African police who is supposed to protect them, mind you the shooting was ordered by a black South African government. The oppression of the poor and the working class in South Africa is in fact an urgent humanitarian issue yet nobody is raising this issue. In South Africa capitalism has no conscience.

Platinum is the main metal exploited in the Marikana mine and the owners is Lonmin, British producer listed on the London Stock Exchange which brings us to the issue of heritage and land ownership in South Africa and Africa as a whole.

Robert Mugabe the founding father of an independent Zimbabwe, born 21 February 1924-died 06 September 2019. President Robert Mugabe was a hero who stood against land grabbers and economical slavery imposed by the common wealth of British rulers and their allies. Robert Mugabe rose to stand against Cecil Rhodes the British master mind when it comes to increasing the territory of the United Kingdom in Southern Africa, he imposed the Latin laws, the British economical rule and power but Robert Mugabe rejected his dominion, rebelled against his authority to live his entire life as a gatekeeper of invasion in his country Zimbabwe in Southern Africa and for that alone we are grateful to learn so much from him.

Zimbabweans also paid the heavy price for this cause and for that Africa as a whole must honor them as a country. We should honor them by creating a head quarters in Harare for international goods trade such as found in Chicago. Zimbabwe is our new Aquarius age’s Canada 🇨🇦 if you were to imagine and all thanks to Baba Robert Mugabe.

President Robert Mugabe graces us with no7 or a seventh heaven called seventh star. The seventh star adds the item of inheritance, heritage, territory, peace and rest from toiling. May his soul Rest In Peace. We shall honor him and his legacy shall stand through eternity. May he continue in the hands of our Great Mother God now to help us as an angel of economical peace and power in Africa’s economy in regaining completely back our land, capital, mineral resources, economical power & 100% independence; financial freedom, financial success and financial abundance attainable in Great Mother God’s LAW. In our Great Mother, the Holy Spirit and our Daughter Re, this too we shall achieve.

To be a home-owner in South Africa doesn’t necessarily make you a true landlord and it doesn’t necessarily make your house an investment either. One has to fight many forces to actually become a true landlord and turn their house into an asset in the so-called independent South Africa, a country whose locals own less than 10% of land in 2019. Colonization was a gruesome death to Africans. You fight banks, body corporate schemes, home owners schemes, rental or real estate agencies and maintenance contractors. Independence is not just political black leaders installed as presidents, it goes far deeper and true independence is economical freedom. Freedom is earned, it is not given. Re has fully earned her economical freedom and that means Africa is now back at the hands of Africans; we dare you to challenge the oppressors and you will find them powerless and you will remove them entirely from those positions of power where they exercised their hand, 31October2019 is our first Halloween 🎃 👻 👻👻💶🦉🕷🕸🕷

The problem of economical land oppression in Africa was real. As we stand today we are fighting exuberant charges in body corporate management scheme called levies controlled by 90% white companies in around South Africa and its the latest means to suffocate and enslave blacks home owners. They reign free to even charging interests on homeowners. These thieves are not being monitored and as a home owner you are forced to pay them exuberant amounts every month yet when you need improvement or simple external maintenance made to your house it becomes a war to get them to do the minimum towards your property as a member of that body corporate. These schemes suck the life off the home owners by charging fake water and sanitation charges because the South African government has given these clowns the responsibility to take municipal water readings and issue out statements on their behalf and it’s a mess. They add their corruption fee to every charge and citizens are forced to deal with all that. Above these levies are the the Home owners association levies who also charge interest on levies for our land and properties imposed on the people of South Africa. This must surely end if we were to see a prospering South Africa. Rental agencies are the worst, they suck the life off both the tenant and the homeowner by hiring fake contractors who charge an arm and the leg for a minor job and three months later the owner is asked to pay for the same maintenance because the repairs were not done properly, well or at all and the situations worse if the tenant is a black women, widow or stranger. The system is not merciful at all and if you as homeowner do not protect your tenant from these cockroaches you are both toast. It is brutal, such that if you do not keep your own income and expense statement just dedicated to your property you will be lost and abused. If you do not keep your own levies statements and monitor the charges you will be cheated it’s just plain and simple; these gangs know the conduct and mannerisms of the ignorant, they send emails to test your awareness and if you don’t notice they strike. For example if they say the municipality has increased water charges so expect increase back dating 6months back and if you don’t challenge that by requesting a municipal communique they will rob you at the end of the month with a couple of hundreds of Rands. There are plenty other examples like the security system or increase in levies or once off charges…things like that.

The Real Estate industry of South Africa especially in Pretoria Centurion area is like a mafia who drain people for cash to enrich themselves and they should not continue to get away with it. An injustice is occurring in that area and it must be corrected. The account statements are constantly incorrect with monies not allocated even when the monies are paid and proof of payment is sent, worse is when they do not respond to queries. Money laundering and looting has become a second culture amongst businesses in South Africa, lawyers do it without conscience, banks do the same, educational institutions do the same, and different services providers steal with no shame and it is being continued by black South Africans on other blacks, the new economy players as they enter the market learn this bad business conduct who suffers the most, sadly oppressed is the middle class and the poor which makes up the majority of black people in South Africa. Sadly blacks who work for these companies think that this is how business is conducted by looting and stealing from the vulnerable, turning South Africa into a looting clubhouse of gangs; literally a den of thieves.

We are here to put an end to this self destructive and unrewarding bad business conduct.

We are sending a timesup warning to the lease agreement management agencies who create ghost repairs and even go to an extent of tempering with peoples properties to create cayos and dependance in order to reap off both the homeowner and the tenant. People should not be paying over and above government municipality bills for land taxes and bond repayments. Millions are paid to these management agencies in levies monthly and little is done to really keep houses in a good and acceptable condition instead owners still have to pay extra monies towards the up-keeping of their properties.

South African government must now begin to aggressively tackle this issue of land ownership and exuberant fees aimed at keeping people’s properties liabilities which undermines black or native land ownership and limits economical growth for South Africans to own land and property in the Motherland, Africa.

The poor needs our protection in an economy so brutal where the middle class is barely coping to stay above the waters. The people are hungry, mistreated by large corporations, their children cannot access good education and proper healthcare. And they are looking for someone to blame…, the truth of the matter is that it is not the Europeans who is causing our problems anymore than we are doing it to ourselves. Unfortunately now, 2 fast deadly cancers have emerged against South Africa (cry the beloved country): economical disparities and Afrophobia.

Higher CallingAfrophobia is killing your own brother so your oppressor may continue to rule in false pretense that you will get a piece of a pie. After your brother is dead, you are still hungry, now what??? Let Re teach us how to get our share honorably and permanently.

It’s clear that history is repeating itself here. During the 90’s Black South Africans slaughtered each other prior the first inclusive voting because the minority white rulers and their international friends who benefited from Apartheid wanted to continue to rule the political stake of the country at the cost of Black South Africans.

22104_956054421107404_3645568021262424919_nThe world government is a force to be reckon with. We each have to know where we seat it the organogram to identify who determines our fait, because if we cannot recognize that we cannot know who to elect in power to negotiate on our behalf. The African Union for instance serves those who created it; it’s about time the African Union spoke on our behalf!

On behalf of the United Africa, we apologize to other African countries and their people. Those committing these humanitarian crimes do not know what they are doing nor do they understand how globalization has impacted the African continent and we believe in this, now that we conquer have reconciled with our land, the issue of land ownership will be transformed as the blood of the foreigners cry out.

South African people are very generous and loving people. This barbaric act is out of character; it is fear completely motivated by poverty and circumstances. I condemn it, we condemn it. We love Africa, we are all Africans and we are 100% pro-Africa Unite!

xenophobiaIn conclusion, there is hope because the people of South Africa and the ruling party are fully aware of these issues and now the answer is to find a solution, documentation and monitoring of the population, to establish a way to cure the country and to protect the foreigners integrating them well into the society. It is a daunting task but achievable.

Importantly, it will be to educate people on human rights violations. It is now up to us, the African people to extend empathy, sympathy, love, understanding, mercy and peace ….we must take it upon ourselves to educate each other on pan Africanism and humanitarianism, environmental awareness then force our governments to protect us from the invasions and the old world rulers which will include negotiating well our African interests.


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