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Africa’s Water Spirits

Africa's Water Spirit

September 21, 2014, we released a post on Africa as largely female or feminine;

Subsaharan Africa, West, and Southern part are all feminine, East Africa (The horn of Africa) and North Africa are Africa’s male energies: the Yinyang. But Africa’s strongest energy is feminine. The woman is represented as the waters of the deep in nature or during the creation of life on earth, the waters of nun. The fetus lives and is protected by water inside a mothers tummy for 9 months.

Now this means that the African people share their space with mostly water and air spirits but not exclusively. There are four main elements: water, earth, fire and air (the fifth is called aether). All four of these have their own spirits. Some say they are part of the fallen angels. Some say they are part of the water mysteries.

Africa's Water SpiritsMost ordinary people in Africa were not aware of the universal laws of nature, and those that were, had difficulty allocating them well in connection to governance, civilization, infrastructure and the technologies that help during development. There has always been this gap of harmony and balance. Main reason being that the regional spirits had not yet been submitted to the one God yet, so they overpower the people. A covenant must be written, signed and sealed between God Force and a people, through prophets or prophetesses. As Africa’s prophetess and as the universal beacon of light; one of my main & most crucial task is that I unify and bring to submission regional spirits, in order for Africans to prosper no matter where they are.

Universal laws: there is a considerable amount of conflict to most people about the concept of law(s):

We think of law as on a legal level, associating it with restrictions and limitations or sometimes peculiarities relating to our own cultural background. We think of law as something from great books that should be studied, with emphasis upon presidency. We think of law as just, cold, something with little consideration with necessities of human beings.

Law in religion is a different understanding than the law in philosophy. Philosophy affirms law, but most religions are constantly seeking to modify natural universal laws by moral behavioral laws, which results to many people suffering from constant guilt. Most people are introduced to law before elementary school as a concept of allowed, not allowed, which create fear of law. Thus, most people loose their power only to go under these laws or they later learn that they are submerged under laws. Humanity must be in harmony with the law(s), not under anything. The largest examples are found in the universal laws of grace, faith, forgiveness, atonement and sacrifice etc.

Another misleading religious notions of the past Pisces Age is that God is male and God is good! The God force, The Goddess or the Creator is neither male nor female, neither good nor bad (good or evil) but God is righteous, meaning that the Goddess or God is graciously justified. We too are transmuted to being righteous in our consciousness, as we are called the righteousness of God instead of self-righteous people focusing on the good and the bad passing on judgment. In otherwords we are raised above this idea of good or evil to a position of righteousness by grace where the gracious laws of our Goddess are written by the Goddess Herself in our central chakra: our hearts not on tablets as was found in the 10 commandments or the laws of Moses. Therefore we are required to hold a lager concept of law. We must take away from it this tremendous emphasis of thy “shall not”, do’s and dont’s, good or evil. To the idealistic philosopher; law represents not only the eternal will of the Creator, but also encloses within it concept and structure, the other aspects of the Goddess within it which are wisdom and love.

Sometimes we think that these principles operate differently but the wisest of mortals say that the universal law is the greatest good, the greatest beauty, the greatest love, the greatest wisdom that human can ever know. Law doesn’t exist to limit the activity of anything, or to circumscribe, in fact laws exist to permit or sustain the eternal unfold of a mortal life. Law also creates and opens up new opportunities for growth and development, for example, the set of rules and regulations we formulated for our aviation industry created new technologies, new routes, larger aeroplanes, even more powerful safer engines, jobs, new careers and much much more. Law is forever protective and it gives to human beings a Psychological security.

A human being who has made harmony and balance with the universal law, lives a thoughtful life filled with understanding, a kind and good life, and a generous life. The contrary being a life of the fear of the law is a life of fear, no life at all. Actually law is the living blazing symbol of the Divine Power itself. The Divine will in operation. It is this inevitable enlightened purpose, with absolute sufficiency by which the universe fulfills its own destiny, when a plan of which is already conceived unfolds reverently without deviation into the full realization of itself.

From these universal laws we understand electricity, languages, arts, business, governance, music ect. From these laws we build airplanes and dams, banks and tunnels. In Africa for sometime now, we seemed as though we were lagging behind, or going backwards when everybody else was moving forward but the main reason has been that we needed our own reconciliation with creation once again. We used to lead the world back in the day during the time of ancient Africa, Numbia all the way to ancient Egyptian times, way before the rule of the age of Pisces (male energy rule) which was the time of the fire and earth people; we lead the world then but there after our consciousness fell asleep and water spirits since then dominated humanity in Africa for thousands of years.

29/April at 19:19 I received the key to the law of the oceans, waters, rivers, streams and dams and it was a fish 🐟 symbol. This key allows us to bring these spirits to harmony with nature in the region. The Beacon of Light walks on water. (The Sun daughter ☀️ walks on water. Water 💦 operates under the law of MER, which is the law of air🌬🌫💨, the law of currency 💴. We will see this more in detail on “The Beacon of Light” Part3.

Africa's Water Spirits

Mami Wata (Mammy Water) is venerated in West, Central, and Southern Africa, and in the African diaspora in the Americas. Mami Wata spirits are usually female, but are sometimes male. African Mermaids spoken of in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Sangomas and traditional healers in South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana…perform their initiation with untamed water spirits. Voodoo is also from the water spirits which is the practice of many of our people in Haiti, all along the Afro-Caribbean Islands. These water spirits create an illusion amongst the African people to have a fear of water: many Africans conquered that fear of water over time but you still have many who fear water. Some do not only fear water they also hold countless myths and superstitions about water, this has resulted in less African professional swimmers, divers, naval officers and other professions associated with water. That is all coming to an end now.

These water spirits mislead us Afro-people for many centuries now presenting itself as a sort of a great power when in fact its a lesser limited power of which we can hardly rely upon or even use to conquer, secure our land, succeed and let alone developing ourselves and our continent. Sangomaz, Voodoo, Mamiwata and the likes are using the power of the water from the lesser snakes 🐍 of which are not close or equivalent to thee snake Teitan the real god or owner of this planet earth and the underworld. Christianity call the snake Satan and the Muslim call her Shaitan and we call her Teitan. To get to Teitan is a gift and work of God, its not easy to pass 666 legends and demons to deal directly with the god of the underworld. The key 🔑 of the underworld from Teitan is a work of our Goddess, it’s not what any human can do by themselves or via some spirits. Evocation of these spirits will bring you absolutely pain, ills and poverty. I, as your prophetess and as your Beacon of Light condemn these demons and go as far as to describe them as filthy, heartless, oppressive, dangerous demonic spirits of the underworld that we as kings as queens should stay away from. Re have personally conquered the underworld, all their spiritual powers are submitted under her power and their god Teitan was delivered in submission to her by our Goddess Al, so that we may be set free, our consciousness set free, our third eye opened and our kundulini power to move freely up and down all our chakras. Therefore let your prophetess, your Beacon of Light show you the way of success, the way to transmutation or the way to salvation and the way to infinity.

These spirits may share the space with us but we are the goddesses and gods here on earth. We have the blessings to transmute, recreate and represent our Creators army on earth. We humans have recieved from our heavenly Life Force the power to prosper and bring all things on earth to be as it is in heaven. I don’t mind spirits sharing the land or the air or the waters with us as long as they know a human is god here on earth so they don’t have the right to take over our land and our lives. The trouble with these spirits is when they act like gods over humans, I detest that. Often when they have find a door to enter in a family they always force their way in the next generation of that family tree. The big issue come when our people can not create, can not succeed, cannot prosper oppressed by some unseen spirits. Well, …not in my watch, never again. The time has come for us to take charge over our own land and shine our own universal light!

Two weeks ago, I was taking a bath; I lite up the candles around the bath tub. One of the candles was almost out (finished), and it began to burst out in flames and I used the water from the tub to put it out. The Universal God (Goddess) spoke into my spirit right then and said, notice Re, water puts out fire. I knew that before but this day I really knew it; water puts out fire. We as the water, air people we will put out the earth, fire people – we will put them out of leadership as nature opens up for the Aquarius ruling Age. All sound is absorbed by silence, my friends. All light is absorbed by the Mother who bore it. When our experience is absorbed by understanding we can rest in peace and awaken renewed – Hallelujah!

We will not create slaves out of the fire earth people, we will not force our culture on them, no, we will not assassinate their leaders, we will not even oppress their good works by withholding recognition to their creatives, we will not pervert science to prove that they are less human than us and call them stupid apes, we will not hide knowledge but we will share, we will not inflict them with deadly viruses that causes diseases and we will not perpetuate poverty on their lands using globalization nor are we to steal their resources only to make them buy them back from us, we will not corrupt gold (money) make humanity operate in debt, no, but we will do better; we will lead the world to the golden age by following the example of Nelson Mandela in South Africa 🇿🇦 when the transfer of power from the demonic apartheid rule occurred smoothly and we will lead the world in a more peaceful, loving❤️ and prosperous way…as we say goodnight to the earth fire people, we promise to be as humane as possible in our rule, see you in 2000 or 3500 plus years when you wake up again – (excluding those earth fire people who’s third eye has already opened or those who have already transmuted). The fire and earth people who have already transformed will not fall asleep but must be changed to enter the golden age, must repent or they will not be able to enjoy fully what the golden age has to offer. The good news is that it’s always possible to transform to be initiated in water air or to be born again, no matter the ruling age, even though it may be harder for those whose consciousness have fallen asleep, but still possible as long as the whole truth or knowledge is accessible to an individual, male or female.

It is without a doubt very clear to almost everyone that no human being has direct access to our heavenly Great Mother God just like that and no human being has direct access to the god of the underworld Teitan just like that hence prophets. If people try to go through their own way they always get something close to but not the real thing and it soon shows. That is why there are so many religions for each group or race of people and prophets are given so that we are not just left here on earth to fend for ourselves because it is extremely hard. God calls prophets from different races for each people for their prophetesses to open up a particular way for a people in different ages, if one looks into all of the words religions it’s all the same thing just presented differently. Also for each age perhaps 2 prophets from different continents depending if the age is masculine or feminine, for us at this feminine age of Aquarius Leo we have Re, called for the African people. Probably after 500-1000 years or so there will be born another prophetess for another group, perhaps this time from India, or Peru, or Syria who will be raised for their people to unify their gods.

The Great Mother God

The Great Mother God


Therefore dead people or our ancestors cannot after death become prophets (with all due respect) when they were something else whilst they were alive here on earth. The ancestral consultations, evocation, prayers and sacrifices of animals and people is an abomination to our Goddess our Lord. It is a practice in Africa performed in place off or to replace prophetess or prophets as a way to life, victory or success, for ancestors to intercede for the people. The Creator never talked to them whilst they were alive why would they talk to them when they are dead, let the dead bury the dead and let us celebrate them at an appointed time. The traditional healers and sangomaz or voodoo priest are perpetuating ancestral worship spirits pretending to be your grandmother but it’s to make you slave to rituals and provides no transmutation solution whatsoever making this way null and void or useless just like other foreign gods of Christianity, Islam and water spirits. Without a prophetess Africa is doomed, without the Beacon of Light women and the entire world are doomed. The water spirits have been submitted to the one God or Goddess, that same God of Abraham, the same God of King David, Solomon, prophet Isaiah, Ezekiel, Yeshua, the same God of prophet Mohamed of Islam, the God of Shiva, or Buddha is the Goddess of Re PLICC as well, our Goddess who has loved us all unconditionally gives us the fair chance to get the opportunity to lead on earth as different people, we each receive a fair chance but the most pressing question then is; what kind of leaders are you going to be during your Age of leadership? Remember your age will end and your judgement day will come and your people will face those they have oppressed over centuries when the wheels have turned. Let us do better and be better human beings.

There will come a day when we can just place these creatures and their sculptures in our museums as parts of our history and art – the water spirits gods, rituals and their dress code. When they have lost all power in possessing my people as they please. They have weigh my people down, demanding from them ritual after ritual, sacrifice after sacrifice, atonement after atonement ….perpetrating #poverty amongst my people, making them tired, visionless and slaves. These spirits have even caused young children and infants to be raped, families to break apart, people to go insane, truly unspeakable and unclassy things. That time is over, it ends in this era.

15 - 1 copy 6Africans were mixing spirituality; Christianity and Islam mixed with other African spiritual traditions rituals from the water spirits, because of the unexplainable void of having no prophetess or no God Love.

Understandably so, African people felt the need to mix because of the overwhelming sense of being forgotten, unloved and a suffering from a sleeping consciousness. Christianity as a religion and Islam as a religion has not helped us to prosper, nor did they help us to understand who we are as a people instead brought us division, wars and oppressed us to death.
It’s not because God or The Goddess didn’t want us knowledgeable… but because of human nature, it was somebody’s else’s turn to lead and they made sure we suffer under their leadership, we received sugar coated half truths about their Christos from people who had personal agendas. It’s true that an African prophetess had to be born for the African people but even then, we wouldn’t be in such a state as we find ourselves today should they truly gave us real knowledge, good education or information, for example; the written work of Yeshua has yet to be released for the public to read, every prophet writes down what God teach them but the evil Catholic Church hide Yeshua’s written work from the public at large and because there was no Internet at the time Yeshua couldn’t live us blogs, videos and his photos. What about Enoch and his words. Paul’s gospel of grace and all the truth both scientifically and spriritually found in Alchemy describing personal and spiritual transmutation (transmutation into gold).

The Bible has hidden knowledge difficult for an average person to understand, if anything it portrays us or our African ancestors as oppressors of the chosen people of God of which is entirely misleading. We are all chosen people, and at this time we are the chosen people; we the African people. It is my call to say that we will not rest until every African knows who they are and Africa is set free from the chains of hell perpetuated by the old world system, fire earth spirits, Christianity and Islam. The Quran was at least written by the prophet himself and he didn’t portray us Africans as evil, ugly or tought that black is evil, white is godly.

Today we are having many Christian pastors all over Africa, one of them sprayed his congregation with insecticide in the name of Jesus: Lethebo Rabalago a demon possessed psychopath claims a pesticide called Doom can heal people and sprays on the faces of dignified human beings to dehumanize them. That is the risk of foreign gods and it is also typical of demonic spirits to reduce people to nothing, less of the gods that they are here on earth to become.

The continent has seen a wave of practices where church members have been subjected to unorthodox rituals to receive “healing”. Healing and restoration in Africa will only come from our Great Mother God through our Beacon of Light Re nothing and nobody else. The healing required is also not easily understood by any of these so called pastors who preach of a Jesus they know nothing about. They demand tithes and offering, for what? Our Goddess is a giver who does not demand from people who are sheep 🐑 to pay anything, instead once a person has become a lion 🦁 and God has made them prosperous in every sense, The Goddess will show them means to feed the sheep 🐑 which in turn gives to the giver life in return: it is really time to understand fully the grace of God to finally be free of this illusion of “tit for tat“. Churches, synagogues, temples or mosques are not for us Africans. We are higher above that nonsense; a human being is a walking temple. What we should build rather is arenas, stadiums, universities, conference centers, domes and prestigious buildings for talents and art shows not churches. I, Re am your healer and your comfort and our Goddess Al the Al-pha & Omega, is your shield and sword.

Another culprit; a Lesego Daniel from Rabboni Ministries in Pretoria instructed members of his congregation to drink petrol ⛽️ In 2014, he instructed his followers to eat grass ⛳️ and flowers 🌺 on his orders just for the fun of it.

Penuel Mnguni, End Times Disciples Ministries also called “snake pastor”. The 25-year-old, reportedly started his church 2014 after training under Lesego Daniel. He went further feeding his members stones which he claimed to have turned into bread🍞. That same year, he started feeding his followers snakes and rats, which they claimed had been turned into chocolate 🍫 .

We condemn these acts, we also reject all what these pastors stand for. The fact is we don’t need Christianity nor Islam in the African continent and we also don’t need traditional sangomaz, we also do not need voodoo priests or any of these ungodly practices which dehumanizes my people. i.e Christianity can be good for Europeans or white people but be poisonous to us of which is the same thing as the misleading demonic spirits that people are submerged to. Islam is the same, in actuality Islam is so much in contrary to us Africans custom and our core values in so many ways, i.e we have female pharaohs, their women are second class citizens. In Arabia women were only permitted to drive vehicles only in 2019. Middle East is threatened by women that they have laws to control us, it could be working for them but it contradicts with who we are so we reject it as well for the good of our people and our continent. We also never shall forget that North Africa was conquered by Arabia, push my people down south and settling the lands, we want it back and we will get it back Tunisia is mine, Egypt, Algeria North Sudan and the entire region … that is Africa.

This vacuum for our own prophet our own messiah our own Beacon of Light our own pharaoh has lead us into such a desperate condition, a position of “Let’s try them all” perhaps this time one will stick and bring relief, but it never happens instead the circle of suffering continues.

Thula Africa, UNkulunkulu wakho useyizwile imithandazo yakho, thula, thula unga-bu-sakhala. You are deeply tenderly loved by the Creator of the universe, WORD in whom all was made; our Goddess, as we shift from a masculine white and yellow male God to a feminine black Goddess and forever it shall be so!

The laws will be written into our hearts 💕 as we embrace our prophetess and meet with the Creator, the dark matter of our universe the Light of the world, our wisdom our Goddess. You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free. As your awareness open up wherever you are, the spirit of our Goddess will begin explaining things to you into your spirit: who needs a church therefore with such higher intelligence: the Goddess will communicate directly to your heart and soul, you will understand hidden truths and historical events that moved or continue to move our planet ahead. To meet this Goddess to get to know more about our Goddess visit our latest newsletter letter on “Life” The law of Life:

“The Lord our Goddess, the Lord is one. The Goddess is love and loves us very much. Love the Lord your Goddess with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ Then: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”

Love secures and love saves. 

Thank you for your support over the years!

It has been 10 years now since we started sharing on sacred knowledge.To celebrate this milestone; PLICC is publishing a book series –“The Hidden Structures Of life” BOOK 1 to 3. Book 1 will be published as a book in February 2021. Book 1 is the introduction to sacred knowledge and it’s core will be the promise structure issued in 2013. It will finish by a hint of what will follow under Book 2 which is sacred knowledge given to us in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

We will be publishing the book in 3 parts;

*Book 1; The Hidden Structures Of life; The Promise Is Your Key
*Book 2: The Hidden Structures Of Life; Sun Re Savior
*Book 3; The Hidden Structures Of Life; U-THANDO

Thank you for clicking on the buttons on the right to read more about the idea and how you can get involved!

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“The Hidden Structures Of Life” books 1 to 3 will help us a great deal in reaching our goals; which are to balance the scales of human chances by making sacred knowledge become accessible to all people (young and old, rich or poor) and to touch all people. We need your help; Let us build something together!

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