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The process and study of the movement, collision and division of continents tells us that there are seven regions commonly regarded as continents: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America.

Lady Africa

Lady Africa

AFRICA is feminine. The African continent is the mother of all life. She is clothed in diamonds, in gold, in rubies, in pearls, in sapphires, in platinum, …etc..

This is important to understand that the connection to the global women movement is linked with the awakening of the African continent. 

This might be easier for the French or the French speaking to understand, because in the French language when trying to determine which preposition to use with a country or continent, the only difficulty is in knowing its gender. In French, Africa is feminine.

Africa: “Lady Africa”

There is stronger evidence from genetic data, scientists have released a claim that the origins of life lie in Africa. Infact all animals move to Africa after passing away. The world’s 6,000 or so modern languages may have all descended from a single ancestral tongue spoken by early African humans between 50,000 and 70,000 years ago.

During the scramble for Africa, the 1885 Berlin conference. The British, the French, the Portuguese, the Belgians, the Germans and the Italians divided the delicious cake of Africa.

From 1885 to 2014 is exactly 129 years. It seems as though it will forever remain in this condition. It will take a global effort to restore her. This time Africans must be included, and play a leading role in taking care of their own continent.

The restoration of Africa will benefit everyone because it will bring about peace and greater advancement to all humanity. It is to all humanity to repair her, even those who didn’t initially played a role during imperialism, yet benefited from her these past centuries.

Nelson Mandela said it best, “freedom cannot be achieved unless the women have been emancipated from all forms of oppression“. Her freedom is our freedom.

The wheel of CivilizationThe movement or evolution of humanity, grace revolution, enlightenment and knowledge brought development/growth and civilization to the West. Humanity moved from Africa in order to spread around the world’s continents; as Africa and Africans it seemed we remained that the continent lagged behind. As people moved, stretching themselves, the heavens and the universe assisted them by providing them with prophets or leadership that will usher them into new knowledge and understanding that will assist them to development & growth; moving forward the wheel of civilization

Thanks to God and the gatekeepers of knowledge from the unseen world, Africans can now access the ultimate enlightenment of knowledge and wisdom to a bright continent. 2014 as promised to us, was indeed that year of Glory!

Some scientists today claim that there is no God (or Devine or higher force of intelligence), as though science is not part of knowledge that opened to them centuries.

Africa will once more enjoy the same thing, to feel the pride and the pleasure of being remembered by the Devine as a unified people, a unified continent. Africans all over the world awaits the respect that other races enjoy today. The Jews also believe that the ERA of prophets has but long disappeared,… after all, for all these years they have enjoyed this enlightenment, protection and sacred knowledge given to their prophets. The Muslims believe that the prophet Mohammed,  peace upon him, was the last prophet.  For us Africans, we embrace our own prophetess.

We as Africa need a leader that will unify African countries. Africans didn’t divide their continent to what we know today: Africa is a continent and a country at the same time. The sooner we recognize that the better. Nelson Mandela conquered for the respect and dignity of South-Africans and inspired the world. We know that if he didn’t spend so much time in jail, he could have continued to spread the massage of unity for Africa and the African people.

African leadershipSome South Africans (blacks) today utter complains about what Nelson Mandela didn’t do for them economically, they blame him for the economical inequalities that exist in South Africa today. This is a sign of how we as a people can be blinded by our own lack of courage, how we can lack understanding and appreciation to those who sacrifices for our freedom. Dismantling of Apartheid and restoring dignity to black South Africans was just an initial step of victory that took our leaders including Nelson Mandela decades of persistent leadership under difficult circumstances. It should never be taken lightly, we should be grateful and keep the light burning. The torch has exchanged hands, now we must spread that spirit all across Africa and above that, instill the energy of entrepreneurship, because entrepreneurship is that biggest indication of an enlightened land. Light your staff, and keep the light burning!

Living in Europe has granted Re a better understanding on how Africans are viewed or perceived by other cultures or races. This has helped us to really understand who we are.

 For example, when an ordinary person lives inside Africa, they see themselves as Zulu first (tribal mentality) then as a South African (nationalist). Today the west is inclining towards the same thing to be more nationalist and closed whereas their kings and philosophers helped unify Europeans. We as Africa however we are moving towards unity for greatness.

Today Africans all across the globe are crying out for justice. In USA, African Americans are still crying for equality, young teenage boys or black men are gunned down by police officers like animals. Africans in Europe are subjected to extreme prejudice and labels, struggling to get opportunities regardless of their education. The truth is; until Africa is repaired and Africans allowed to trade fairly; The world will not be able to advance and Africans will never get the respect they deserve. One rich African here and there is not enough, one successful African here and there is not enough. We need a continent with its 1.111 billion people uplifted, living in dignity and walking with their heads held high.

Africa, Africans Meet Your Prophetess, meet a Christ Re

Appointed prophets and leadership brings fertility, fecundity, healing, restoration and so much more to the land and its people. It brings about good fortune, civilisation, pride and dignified social good or social justice/laws to govern in peace and fairness.

Prophets or Spiritual leadership are crucial for the land and its people;

Prophets help unify all gods or spirits into submission to One. That One, doesn’t judge, discriminate, demand, weighing down people of the land. Prophets also speak hope on the land…their words clothed in supernatural power, echo in the universe through eternity, accomplishing their words and what they were sent out for!

⁃ too many gods, bring confusion, stagnation, defeat and cycle of curses to the land and its people.
⁃ currently Africa has too many gods or spirits than any other continent because its the oldest habitation for humanity, making it even more harder for its people to succeed.
⁃  Understanding spirituality in 2014 has advanced, so do not fear to be too late or being last. Everything has its own time. 

Being last is not always the bad position as long as you do not remain there. Your success also does not take from anybody’s success. There is enough resources, but not enough new ideas, innovation and creativity in order to create even more. What we need now is to master the distribution process.

⁃ Finally, this One God is not just a male, but a balanced male and female energies (Both a Mother and a Father);

Today the feminine side of God is stronger on earth and we will see quite a significant amount of female leadership rise through out all continents. Again, female leadership does not nullify male leadership. Resources are even more important, financial strength and off-course good quality leadership, not so much the emphasis on gender.

People often ask this question, especially Africans born in other continents, “how can Africa give the world diamonds and still beg the west for clean water? Religions such as Christianity, Islam, Russian/Greek orthodox were brought to Africans from other continents….yet Africans kill each other over foreign religions. Religion is no more important than clean water to drink, than language, than electricity, than good transportation vehicles and infrastructure. The idea is not to be religious. Religious, meaning that there are things to do in order to please God. A list of do’s and don’t’s and how’s or when’s. You are the church, you don’t have to go to a church. You are the tree of life, just breath oxygen in your community. The world’s Religions are knowledge, nothing more, like philosophy, cultures, arts and all knowledge there is. No need to prosecute your neighbor for believing different than you. If his or her practices doesn’t harm you or your environment, and abides to the laws of the state, then live in peace with them, for human rights is but the core of civilization.

“Continental or national confusion comes from lack of leadership, unfulfilled promises and a sense of being forgotten.” -@RePlicc

I take this opportunity to introduce myself to you:

Africa, I,  Re Plicc , honourably take this opportunity to introduce myself to you as your Devinely appointed anointed prophet or prophetess. The prophetesss or leader for the African continent and its people. The Sun of this golden age! A new Christ!

Tata Nelson Mandela passed away 2013/5 Dec, “today, the torch has exchanged hands…receive it, we will support you to run with it“…

I am the leader for united #Africa, the mother of the world’s citizen, united races, united knowledge.

Join us in heart for the healing of our mother continent: Africa. She will regain strength and receive enlightenment, but most importantly, Africa will begin to gain financial prosperity that will advance her infrastructure, education system, stability, eradication of diseases and poverty as the people begin to live in dignity. No more brain drain, no more unnecessary losses.

8 Nations will stand in her support for her swift shift. *8 will bring her to full restoration!

#LightConeThe Shift 

Catch it, it’s here!

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