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A human being and her career, her talents and their relationships, the human-machines interface, earth, trees, plants, animals, governments or institutions and the universe all connects through the veins of communication.

“Communication is like water pipe/s or water channel/s. It is the invisible blood veins of Space-Time, or any living organism. The web of connectivity!”

Without this connection, Divine blood is blocked from movement or free-flow. We are “trees of life” planted by rivers of living water, to produce fruit in and out of season.  We are here on earth to release love in the inner powers and talents within us. People who do not express their inner talents, they become neurotic, sick or get some disease based on nerves and blocked movement or circulation of blood. To heal this discord we must look at creation, feel the beauty of nature because this act reorders the disturbed neurotic disorder by following our calling – purpose – talents.

In the function of the body itself a human being was presented with an immediate and intimate mystery. We are able to examine the body in greater detail than ever before, we are able to understand its functions more accurately with slight essential mysteries of the body which remain. It was long held that if we can ever understand human being we would have a key to all things that exists,… in as much as a human being is bound to all other things, is derived from all other things.

In a cause and extent of her existence she moves through all states and conditions and finds available within herself all instruments necessary for her continuing existence, growth through all the states of nature both physical and metaphysical.

We can also be aware of the natural and the inevitable functioning of the human mind. A human being searching for answers uses a kind of symbolic methodology, having discovered some small laws operating somewhere; she seeks to extend it as a greater law operating elsewhere or everywhere thus our concept of cosmogony. Principles recognised to principles sought for the unfold net of universal life.

A human being is therefore as little universe and the universe as a grand human, attempting to indicate that the processes operating in the universe operate in a larger scale in space and all space can be traced in the mysteries of human being herself.

A.)  A person must understand that their bodies are constantly communicating, data, energy, our blood and oxygen moving through our veins.

B.) Second is the communication between our spirit self to our physical self; find our own massage/s.

⁃ (we each have a specific message/s we must communicate to others and to the universe)

C.) Thirdly and finally is the communication linking our careers, with our talents, and with our causes/purpose: there is a constant communication between these three most important aspects of a human life.

Open communication therefore is the bridge from being an administrator to being an entrepreneur. ~RePlicc

The difference between an administrator and an entrepreneur basically is that the other is communicating with a goal directed at a particular audience, and the administrator is just communicating.
Administrators communicate maybe because someone said so, or because they need money, or maybe they just want peace….but their communication is not intended for purpose.

Forbes: Entrepreneurial is about adjectives, characteristics. You can have more or less of each, and you can learn them. Being entrepreneurial can add value anywhere. It’s about a way of thinking and doing things, about execution. 

e.g; you can not think that, I am just an engineer, or I am just a stay at home parent so I don’t need entrepreneurship skills, because even at home there is management of relationships and of resources.

Communication is an art.

Infact, communication is the first art of civilisation, amongst other arts such as agriculture, astronomy, astrology, architecture, physical science, mathematics and others. We shall receive our own Alpha-bets; a, b, c ,d,….z so we may construct our own language.

Communication (from Latin commūnicāre, meaning “to share“) is the activity of conveying information through the exchange of ideas, feelings, intentions, attitudes, expectations, perceptions or commands, as by music, speech, non-verbal gestures, writings, behavior and possibly by other means such as electromagnetic, chemical or physical phenomena and smell. It is the meaningful exchange of information between two or more participants (machines, organisms or their parts).”

Communication requires;
1. a sender,
2. a message,
3. a medium and
4. a recipient,

NB: Although the process does not have to be simultaneous; thus communication can occur across vast distances in time and space.

The communication process is complete once the receiver understands the sender’s message.

It’s first understanding what communication is, then consciously developing the skill to assist you in your career, relationships and businesses.

Today we live in a global multicultural society, so we must prepare our children for a far different world than the one we grew up in, and effective smart communication will be part and parcel of that.
#GRACE in Communication Artistry

It is important to understand that; like all things under this umbrella, this sun of grace, communication too comes as a gift, …for us is gratitude!

Gratitude means more than simple being thankful, it includes receiving embracing the knowledge into your entire being and using it, as you practice what you learn, you develop the skills.

You can learn to be more entrepreneurial every day. Learning is 5% hearing (and reading); 10% seeing and imitating; and 85% doing.

Imagine a door that is opened to you. A door with a front label, written; “a gift of communication”.

Inside its all different communication packages;

  • media & social media:
  • technology, computers, mobiles, phones, tablets, television, radio newspapers, apps, blogs etc…
  • body language, showbis/other spoken languages
  • music/sounds/signs/symbols
  • film/movies/videos
  • photography
  • connectivity; networks, the internet
  • branding
  • Advertising/billboards
  • marketing
  • pictures/photography

There is more to this gift of communication than just the science of communication with those around us and the interfaces we have built.

We also gain wisdom as well on how to implement our new knowledge that we get to enjoy it’s full representation and it’s rewards.

The Rewards of Mastering Communication

We have already defined communication, we said it’s the web of connectivity, hence the world wide web (www), connecting the world.

This web is everywhere, “Space-Time”. It is also within us –  inside a human body.

Nicholas Telsa said, “our entire biological system, the brain and the earth itself work on the same frequencies.”

Therefore the first biggest reward of realising communication is the alteration of DNA supernatural upgrade. That which gives us healthy bodies, skin,nails, hair,…it keeps us looking young and vibrant externally and within as well.

A personal benefit for a successful person.

By success, it’s not just money or material success, but success in general;

a well rounded transforming person…, a person who has uncovered the inner light that they carry within, …a human being with balanced male and female energies, ….a person who has respect for all nature (harmonious with people, plants and animals) and the universe, …a person recognising equality in all humans and administering justice not judgement, …a glorified body mind and soul, …a person making use of all/most of their talents….and thus success is reflected in financial freedom and in their careers, …a self validating, satisfied person, prospering in relationships with close family and friends, …enlightened/educated person (continuously—unlearn, relearn and learn again), a person with charisma — more in touch with their intuition, humility and LOVE…most importantly a person living with a purpose.

This sounds like a perfected human being, a justified, righteous human. Perfection is continuous, it is an on going process and achievable by the grace …

It is also a process for inheriting a perfect planet. According to what is written in genesis, the third day, when Mother God called our planet “Earth” and the gathering of waters “Seas”, Mother God saw that it was good. How can all these individuals being perfected daily inherit a corrupt planet?

We live within space-time and we are a part of the cosmos. We are in our birthing process. Through out history we observe changes or movements in the universe; sound/vibration frequency and energies in the solar system.

Planet earth is changing too, it is being perfected too, it is changed  by us human beings in partnership with the Great Mother God. We are perfecting it, after all we are in charge of earth, it has been given to us as our dominion…we are gods here.

We are realising that the gas emissions must be reduced.

We are using sustainable development to be more efficient.

We are eradicating poverty and administering justice and peace on earth.

We are sharing information more. Technology is booming in general.

We are collectively fighting diseases…

Divine Communication

The blossoming flower of life or the 6th day of genesis has been misinterpreted as something only of the past, but it speaks of a past, present and a futuristic human being, persuasive science. A successful human with a purged consciousness ; A Beacon Of Light Consciousness fit for the evolving earth, new world, balanced person, new time, new millennium, a well resonated harmonious with nature person for a better quality of life here on our planet earth.

The cosmic art, or circles communicate events with us from God or superiors, a habitable planet, we call Heaven. It is exciting that God has not left us in our own devices. The light of the world, the sun by day and our moon by night, in fact for a perfected human, the sun never sets, prophet Isaiah also writes of this kind of world: The Kingdom of The Great Mother our God or Goddess.

Now these cosmic circles or pictograms, communicating with us in symbols, in decodable massages that we can interpret, reminds us that there is oneness of creation, that there is one link to all creations; “The Sun ☀️

Many pictograms were discovered, including the tree of life, the star of David, the key of the House of David, and many more.

Also identified, was a circle; the sun with 33 rays, surrounding the sphere. The number 33 is very important because it marks the end of a cycle, it marks the end of initiation; for an initiate. It is the highest level of initiation: It actually means that the present sun is at the end of its cycle and it should end in the new sun cycle…scientifically this is announced by sun storm, energy changes to planet earth…

Tree of LifeThe tree of life appeared in 1977. Every event is prophesied. On our last post, ‘For Lady Africa’ we introduced, Re Plicc as the prophetess and leader and mother of this new age, born in 1977/02/11. 11 the number for freedom, equality, humanitarian. number 2, the number of prophecy and wheels moving and 7 the perfect order.

Re often refer to us humanity as walking temples, the walking houses of David, the walking trees of life. She was prophesied as the tree of life realised by grace for the entrance to the golden age, modelling grace at it’s fullness.

The “Tree of Life” pictogram meaning from microcosmic view, represents the energy spots of a woman/man, and at the macrocosmic level, is the creating forces of the universe, God, the 1st Daughter and Her manifestation on earth, all the angels and Her heavenly entourage, the cosmic forces that assist Her …connecting human beings with the cosmos.

circuloscultivos14_54The triple julia also appeared in 1977,
represents the triple spiral of repeating the shape of the galaxy…

Taking her age of 37 today and the number of the African continent population 1.111 billion. We take it that the first 1 before the comer, is actually representing the 1st continent, and after the comma we have 111 (three ones);

Therefore 37+111=148 ….to find the number of years left before the bell rings,  148-129=19 (129 being the number of years since the Berlin Conference. Thus 2014+19=2033.

The year 2034 we enter the glorious age and 2035 will be majestic year. This will be a result of great celebrations on earth, peaceful age.

2020 has been prophesied as the year of energy, but 2033 will be the year of cosmic judgement. Assisting humanity to enter into the new age for our planet, connecting man with the cosmos. Africa will be set free!

Spiritual or cosmic judgement is not something negative, but its’ something positive; it means correction, alignment, balance, acceptance, enlightenment ….and it lives bare the truth so people will correct themselves.

E.G. the 1990 judgement day in South Africa when Nelson Mandela walked free from jail. The South African government could no longer afford Apartheid and the world united into forcing their hand to dismantle the inhuman governmental system. The white South African government leaders were not prosecuted but they corrected themselves. A peaceful transition whereby people are given a chance to repent before the truth and reconciliation commission. Nelson Mandela’s number is 46664, 4 being the number of a Beacon Of Light, connecting humanity with the cosmos. 2033, Africa is set free!

That is not a rapture but the end of a sun cycle. We are on the 5th cycle, we will enter the 6th cycle of the golden glorified age. The 6th day, the 6th cycle, and number 6 for humanity;666

Rapture has come many times before and will come again, it’s simple the end of ignorance era. A new awakening of enlightenment, kindness, oneness, compassion and love. The end of inhuman humiliation and robbery of Africa and the African people will allow human kind to enter a new abundance and prosperity, advancement and unity. Help Africa to realise her potential. This is our calling.

The incorruptible body where we can have great transformed healthy bodies.

We here at Plicc call it “The Shift” …its the global shift, not to be feared.


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