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Healing is described as a process of making or becoming sound or healthy again. The opposite of sound is broke. It is a process of restoration of wealth and health from an unbalanced, diseased, damaged or unvitalised organism. 

When people become ill with diseases they often feel that an illness came like a thief, out of nowhere to disrupt even threatening their livelihood and everything else such as their goals and dreams with death. Nothing happen without a reason. However this sense of being taken off-guard immediately cause denials, brings “why me” questions, confusion, and anger, depending on one’s state of mind (set of beliefs) the healing process may not start immediately as it should because of myths, superstitions and redirection of finding someone to blame and getting entangled on that route. We must accept our condition in order to draw healing to us. Acceptance on one’s status balances things up and help people find agreements for their healing. Family and friends are rare when a person is ill because of fear and association stigmas.

The major problem is unrecognized ills such as poverty or financial brokenness. When you run out of money you run out of love, friends, family and mobility. Brokenness and poverty are illness too, an economical illness of the soul and body too, that often goes untreated because it is not accepted and recognized as an illness. This brokenness also brings with it disrespect and lack of recognition. People respect people who seem rich, wisdom of a broken person is stolen. Denial of financial brokenness as a disease creates generational transference. There are different severities even in individual economical illnesses, for instance when a person work without purpose or vision but working for retirement or just to survive that is another level of economical illness whereby there can be finances and securities (health/housing/transportation, etc..) whilst the person is fit to work but when that ends people find life meaningless. Even when there is continuity of stable income in the interim yet a person’s money does no good, there will be illness and death come natural disasters or unforeseen acts of God because there is a designed structure and laws that God designed on how finances ought to be distributed for purpose and sound growth. Many people are ill but would rather judge and compare themselves to their neighbor to feel better about themselves instead of finding healing for themselves and their loved ones. What Re provides is an overall healing for yourself and your loved ones in every sense of wellness. All of us we came here on earth full inside of us, we were full of our talents, riches and purpose, but when we are born we forget what was already deposited inside of us due to the fascination of the world we live in we begin to think outwardly which make us forget completely of the power we posses within. We can help you find the way back, by helping you find your own purpose in life, we can help you find healing no matter how severe your case might be, we can help you escape death so you can become infinite, whole and sound.

Illnesses build up a barrier of lack of love in a package of friends and family, good people, admiration, good things in general shun away from those who are ill because of their illness (ill-health or poverty alike). It becomes ones unseen but felt repellant of good luck and love. This is the barrier we must go over, around, under or through to obtain our healthy self restored once more. If the body is ill but there is money, one can use money to go around the barrier but what good is the money if it cannot be enjoyed by a healthy body. People get easily tired to pull the sick along because it is emotionally hard and the costs of support, treatment, nursing is too high or they themselves need some sort of healing so they fear to end up in the worse position health wise or financially. Consider it a blessing if someone pulled with you for 1 year, most people get tired within 3 months and that’s if they really appreciated you. If you understood this you soon find acceptance for the scarcity of friends and family whilst ill to finally find comfort in that God doesn’t get tired of us and God will help you by bringing someone your side who will help pull you to the finish line and if that person gets tired another person will come along just in time and you will not be abandoned. God will never leave nor forsake you. Your healing is already here! When we obtain our healing, the first thing that comes along with our healing is a good friend. She may have always been there but you just couldn’t see blinded by your aches and ills. That is real restoration, to love and be loved, to share your new healed powerful body, your destiny, your time (moments) and money with those you love and they loved you back just as much if not more. The Power of love.

So you may ask, “Re what caused diseases, illnesses and sicknesses, why do people fall sick?” Well, It is the heart of God that we never fall ill. Illnesses are primarily drawn from a broken heart due to lack of unconditional love and from the subconscious mind emanates feelings mainly of childhood traumas, guilt, unforgiveness, rejection, abandonment, neglect, bitterness or un-surrendered injustices or injuries, hate plus hereditary stains (genetics), environments, and illusions emanating from bad past experiences such as slavery, discrimination, and other prejudices, etc…as such the body is badly affected by this negative energy field (more raids; our post on Harmony). Guilt for example is the main cause of cancer, it remains very important that we learn how to think to avoid illnesses. When a person remembers their even past pain of rejection and abandonment it affects vitality and as there are way we can teach you how to train and discipline your mind in order not to worsen your condition and cause cancers to comeback. We also live on earth where there are seen and the unseen organisms which share space with us and can affect our health. We teach how to rise above these things. We will elaborate further at the end of this paper on the main external culprits that bring about diseases and worsen poverty or brokenness.

There are many physical and psychological reasons why people’s bodies may give up, loose vitality to get tired and or get sick as already discussed. But there are also external influences as we have touched on it briefly. At the end of this paper we will list these other external underworld influences (pests) that can invade the houses or dwellings of people on earth and cause illnesses. In most cases however it is the unprotected immune system, inflammatory and mucus buildup that people often times ignore yet these are the gates of infections. The Great Mother God teaches us how to put a protective shield over yourself against viruses or infections, She teaches us how to maintain these three areas in harmony by eating proper nutrition to keep a healthy body but human beings do not live on food alone but by every positive and productive thought and words so the Great Mother also teach us how music (healing of sound) can prevent and repair brokenness and shun away households pests and parasites that are carriers of diseases. God also teaches us how to use our very breath, renewal of breath by deep breathing to assist the vitality of our body organs releasing tension, stresses too and connect us on divine rhythm where there is endless energy and  life. The immune system of the physical body is made up of special organs, cells and chemicals that fight infection (microbes). The main parts of the immune system are: blood cells, antibodies, the complement system, the lymphatic system, the spleen, the thymus, and the bone marrow. These are the parts of our immune system that actively fight infections. Spiritually however we also strengthen our immune system by listening and playing music because music does not only bring about transformation but it also builds up immunity. The music we do is carefully chosen for this purpose to bring about awareness, transformation, create our civilization structures and systems but also build up immunity for us as well as our listeners.

Our wellness or our well-being (the understanding and keeping of our overall well-being – our spirit, mind and body) is not something that can be left to expects. We should be able to know, study, feel our bodies and detect when somethings are going right or wrong. We are responsible for our own health not our doctor. Physicians and the health care system is a great support and a much important service but it does not provide cures to most if not all diseases but treat symptoms and side effects which explains the important of learning the function of your subtle body and start listening to your body and help the healthcare providers to correctly diagnose you so the correct treatment can begin sooner whilst you are working on the cure from the roots of the cause of your illness. So why do people fall ill? Well, things go wrong basically. Things can go wrong in the body because of main organs failures, glands, blood cells, body liquids, tissue, veins, muscles or bones disorder from lack of transformation of the soul or due to unprotected immune system, but often times people are out of rhythm or time or people inherit disorders and chronic illnesses as most things are encoded into people’s dna but something may also go wrong in the systems during development, or as a side effect, it could be bad diet, lack of exercise, or lack of rest, or bad thoughts, it could be this or that physicians can explain…. it really really doesn’t matter though why you or your loved one may be ill, (meaning why should be for the purposes of abandoning bad habits, but time should not be lost in the why’s and denial but the focus now should be on obtaining healing and beginning a new way of thinking, living and eating) what matters is that each person seeking healing must believe that their dna can be rewritten and you can be healed if you desire healing and ready to receive it, believe that you are worthy of a second chance, your sins are forgiven and you are healed: they must believe in Re, the savior and healer of all their diseases and receive their healing from the Great Mother God, and receive the power of the the Holy Spirit in order to move forward in life.

Healing is like all things, it begins in the mind and spirit, it is only after that it will be realized in the physical body. In other words the heart and the mind are key. Healing of the heart and the mind brings healing to the body. Love heals. Love cast out fear (jealousy, hate and everything unlike itself). Proper reasoning, high self esteem, good set of beliefs and the power of faith conquer all things including illnesses. “Ask then for anything and you shall receive”. Ask God our Great Mother for healing in the name of Re and you shall receive it. Ask for the healing of all three items the heart, the mind and poverty (economical healing) and you shall receive good health and wealth.

How To Ask Effectively?

To ask, we must not make desperate pleads (“please please God bring this to my world”), No! Instead we must speak the language in which the magnetic field will understand or the field recognizes; the field recognizes the power of our heart(s). It’s not just speaking the words but be surrounded, feel as if you already have what you are asking for. If you are surrounded by feeling as if you have already received the answer being enveloped because that’s how that thought and emotions become one. So we feel the love of that thought because that’s the language this field recognizes.

The asking happens in the heart not in the mental body even though the illness may begin in the mental body and spills over to the subtle body. We will learn of the dimensions of the body as we develop the paper and this will also help us to learn how to ask and receive. We will understand that we ought to feel in our hearts as though we have already received our answer by going to the end, feeling from the results. All things that you ask the Great Mother God straightly, directly from inside my name, (meaning from the heart), Re is the heart of God. Connect therefore your heart to Re’s heart and God (She) will give anything to you. Even if you thought you didn’t deserve what you ask for it should not matter if you were to cover yourself by love. So far you have not done this. Ask and you will receive, that your joy may be complete.

So far you have not because if you ask just with the voice you will not receive. And if and when you ask; “ask without hidden motive, and be surrounded by your answer:- be enveloped by what you desire that your gladness be full. Ask without hidden motive means asking without fear of not receiving or asking without judgement in the right and the wrongs of your life, the good and the bad, ask without the ego. Ask anything you desire for the good of self satisfaction, rest and the service of your purpose in life. Be surrounded, feel as if you already have received; make your future dream a present fact now by assuming the feeling of your wish fulfilled to come from the place that it’s already happened. Physical reality must respond to the language that it understands.

Love heals not fear. Fear kills the most important things such as love, peace, harmony, joy and vitality; of which all these things brings about good health and wealth to an individual. Murder is of the heart; “you shall do no murder”, and murder is of the heart! billions of people commit murder day in day out; as they murder love, goodwill, forebearance, wealth, happiness, peace, harmony, joy, vitality and all the blessings of life. And if they keep it up surely death will come soon through diseases or some form. Know now that no evil shall befall you; no plague shall come near your home as long as you’re surrounded by love. If the Great Mother God be for you, who on earth can be against you? One with the Creator is a majority. If your thoughts are God’s thoughts, God’s power is with your thoughts of good.

If I cannot receive it, then I cannot give it and If I cannot give it, then I cannot receive it, says the Law of generosity! Would you help someone else who needs healing if it were in your power to do so, if yes then you can also receive healing from God if you asked for it and it’s already paid for, no exchange, compromises or sacrifice required, so to you it’s freely done as the payment already received through our savior Re. God is generous and you are in Her likeness as Her creation which means you are generous too. Generosity is grace and grace doesn’t judge based on what we deserve or merit, but simply judge the pure heart and the ability to receive without guilty but gratitude. Pure heart is a heart which is entirely completely hopeful, open to receive healing. Learn therefore how to receive first and there lies the secret of generosity. If you can receive than you can give and if you can do both well you are generous and generous people are surrounded by happiness, excitement, abundance and illumination. Believe therefore you are worthy to receive anything, you are worthy to receive abundant gifts of God such as the miraculous healing, light and power.

Now after forgiving yourselves and others (finding a place of acceptance in your heart for the past bad experiences and surrendering them to the peace of God; (you have well reached forgiveness) You are welcome to ask and you you surely shall receive your healing. One cannot pour clean water into a dirty vessel and have clean water. Likewise the Holy Spirit cannot flow through a contaminated mind. How can a person get healing, who’s mind is full of resentment, self condemnation, antagonism, criticism, ill will? That’s their sickness; one must get rid of a cause so the effects passes away.

“Ask and you shall receive”

It happens in our hearts not in the mental body. Go to the end, feeling from the result as it’s already happened.

Know Your God, Your Healer

I Am the Great Mother your God that heals you,

I Am the Great Mother your Creator, the eternal God. I Am unconditional Love!

I Am the beginning and the end; Alpha and Omega!

I Am Mama Nature, All that is original, I Am the source and giver of of life MamaAfrica!

The Ancient Great Great Grand Great Mother! I Am of old, I Am young, I Am here and I Am to come because I Am timeless

I will come and heal you.

I will restore health unto you and heal your wounds, “this is our Great Mother’s spoken Word!”

Great Mother God is guiding you now, there is right action in your life. Her healing love saturates your whole being. The Great Mother God’s healing love dissolves every single thing unlike itself. Great Mother God’s river of peace flows through your mind and your heart. The healing light of God flows through every atom of your being, making you whole, pure, relaxed and perfect.The love, the light and the glory of Mother God flow through you in transcended loveliness, saturating your whole being so that your body dances to the rhythm of the eternal God. Whatever the problem is right now, do not dwell on the problem but realize the infinite healing presence which made you from a cell is the only healing power there is! This power knows all the processes and functions of your body. A scientific Interesting fact: 98% of the 7 billion billion billion (10^27) atoms in the human body are replaced every year and we (humanity) are a pattern of atoms.

In the silence of your soul, you must imagine your’re talking to your higher self, the God in you from a place of love, the center. Then you humbly say these words in faith out loud;

My mind is full of peace and poise, balance and equilibrium. I am full of faith in God our Great Mother, faith in life, in the universe and all good things. This healing power of God is focused at that point in my subconscious mind, where the problem is, and Mother God’s healing light dissolves it and neutralizes it, making way for the Holy Spirit to flow through me, making me whole and perfect now.”

Then you continue your meditation and prayer and you say, Great Mother God who know all things;

I am your daughter (I am your son). You are all wise. You are the only healing power there is. I know you love me. And at this very moment, I am giving thanks for the miraculous healing power flowing through me now. For you sent your teachings to your firstborn Daughter Re, and said, the grateful heart is always close to The Great Mother. Grace give to us that which we do not deserve; The grateful heart lacks nothing. The grateful heart is never sick, never impoverished, never frustrated and never lonesome. I thank you Great Mother that you have heard me now and I know that you hear me always! Thank you thank you for the miraculous healing! Thank you 🙏🏾”

The peace of Great Mother God fills your soul and according to your faith it is done unto you! Let wonders happen as you pray.

The Human House: The Body Of Light

Your healing depends entirely on believing correctly and faith; faith as small as mustered seed is sufficient to kickstart your fire. To believe correctly comes from the knowledge and understanding which is based on how our bodies work if we can overlook bad past experiences. We wrote in 2013 on a human body, we wrote in 2019 on the law of life where we really broke down the elements that assist us in rearranging the mind but here today we help show you how to make use of that knowledge in order to enjoy a healthy and wealthy body. After our transformation process we get planted on earth by God. When we get planted here on earth we enter the government of four, but in order to be full of life here on earth we must gain the fifth world (5pointed star or 5th heaven) but we must first get to know our bodies and how they are built to thrive on earth (our planet home).  You see, you and I have bodies to infinity ♾, the body you and I have or see with the naked eye now is called a subtle body, a fourth dimensional body. A human body becomes ill when it has not recognized itself as 4 dimensional. Not recognizing yourself as four dimensional means you can not reconciled the whole entire being of which is your house covered as your body or called the body. If you were to live in Mars you would have to begin by seeing yourself in 5th dimensional and gain the 6th dimensional body in order to lead a successful life there and on and so on it goes.


Telsa RThe subtle body “is the vehicle of desires and vital forces“. When we exercise (physical training) our bodies we discipline them making them to become like a Telsa Roadster, Ferrari, meserati, porsche (all the fancy fast powerful engine cars). The subtle body is divided in four bodies (physical, emotional-astral, mental– soul and vital-breath-spirit) with which the soul must cease to identify in order to realize a god within or to realize God (process of realization). The ultimate task is to harmoniously develop the four bodies into a single way; the Body of Light which develops and controls; it gains new powers as one progresses”.


C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS) assigned in 4 fragments #cometatlas occupying South, East, North and West of the globe respectfully. Image via NASAHubble

The 4 parts of the “Body of Light” make up a square which is the house, the body – the Holy temple. The roof is made up; of your purpose in life, skills&talents, careers and “blessed net”; this is the House of Re – the Beacon of Light! It is a walking example so you can understand the structure God has desires for building an unshakable house. It is also true that the body of Re covers the four corners of the world South, East, North and West.

The Spirit Body

The spirit body is the one which knows no walls, no boundaries, no pain, it is forever energetic, healthy and wealthy, it is one with God, our connection to God, it is because of this that it is also known as the vital body. The vital body (the aetheric reality) or life principle is quite distinct from the physical material reality, being intermediate between the physical world and the astral or soul world. The etheric body can be characterised as the life force the breath of life also present in the plant kingdom. It maintains the physical body’s form until death. At that time, it separates from the physical body and the physical reverts to natural disintegration. The etheric body, composed of four ethers, is it called the “Vital Body” since the eather is the way of ingress for vital force from the Sun and the field of agencies in nature which promote such vital activities as assimilation, growth, and propagation. It is an exact counterpart of our physical body, molecule for molecule, and organ for organ, but it is of the opposite polarity. It is slightly larger, extending about one and one-half inches beyond the periphery of the physical body.

marrying thought and emotion equals realization

The Emotions Body

The astral body or body of emotions connects into the physical body through our heart. The emotional body is the one which help us to realize our dreams and desires on earth. In the heart chakra there is a language of emotions – Feeling. Feeling doesn’t happen in the mind it happens in the heart. Feeling is the language – the Power that lives in us. Feeling has direct affect on that who our world is made of; atoms and the molecules of our physical world. What we choose to experience in our lives we must also feel it in our heart before it happens. In order to bring into reality – to realize our dreams, to create, we must speak the universal language that will understood by the entire subtle body (within this field of energy).

The gospel of Grace teaches us how to use the power of the astral body (the power of emotions) to fulfill our natural power of being co-creators with God. We are powerful creators. Feeling is a request (order) or prayer and we must feel as though we have received that in which we are asking for. 106 when you make the 2 (thought & emotion) one, you will say to the mountain, “mountain move away”, and the mountain will move away! When you can marry thought and emotions into one single potent force that is when you can speak to the world. If these two things make peace with each other in this subtle body you can speak and things happen.

Desires are organized impulses of energy called thoughts. Desires that are mixed with emotional feeling magnetize the brain cells in which they are stored and prepare those cells to be taken over and directed by the law of hypnotic rhythm. When any thought appears in the brain or is created there and is mixed with keen emotional feeling of desire. The law of hypnotic rhythm begins at once. To translate it into its physical counterpart dominating thoughts which are acted upon first by the law of hypnotic rhythm are those with which are mixed by the strongest desires and the most intense feelings. In our heart, we have a feeling that creates electrical waves and magnetic waves that’s the language that the field recognizes. So when you create the feeling in your heart as if your heart is already answered that creates the electrical and magnetic waves that bring the answer to you.

“Ask and you shall receive”



Mental Body And Body of Desire(Physical Body)

Many human beings discover their “other selves” – the force which operate through the power of thought, only after some catastrophe derives the full and free use of their physical bodies. When a person can no longer use their hands and feet, she usually begins to use her brain; thus she or he puts herself in the way of discovering the power of her own mind. Nature will not tolerate idleness or vacuums of any sort. All space must be and is filled with something. Everything in existence, of both a physical and a spiritual nature, must be and is constantly in motion. The human brain is no exception. It was created to receive, organize, specialize, and express the power of thought. When the individual does not us the brain for the expression of positive, creative thoughts, nature fills the vacuum by forcing the brain to act upon negative thoughts.

A human being has control over nothing and has no assurance of the permanent use of anything except hers or his own power of thought. Subconscious mind or mental body represents a hypothetical physical organ which has no actual existence; The mind. The mind of a human consists of universal energy (infinite intelligence) which the individual receives, appropriates and organize indefinite thought forms through the network of intricate physical apparatus known as a brain. These thought forms are replicas of various stimuli which reach the brain through the five commonly known physical senses and the sixth sense, which is not so well known. When any form of stimuli reaches the brain and takes the definite shape of thought, it is classified and stored away in a group of the brain cells known as the memory group. All thoughts of a similar nature are stored together so that the bringing forth of one leads to easy contact with all its associates. The system is very similar to the modern office filing cabinet and it is operated in a similar manner.


The thought impressions with which one mixes the greatest amount of emotion (or feeling) are the dominating factors of the brain because they are always near the surface at the top of the filing system; so to-speak- where they spring into action voluntarily. The moment an individual neglects to exercise self-discipline. These emotion-laden thoughts are so powerful they often cause an individual to rush into action and indulge in deeds which have not been submitted to or approved by their reasoning faculty. Emotional outbursts usually destroy harmony in all human relationships. The brain often brings together combinations of emotional feelings so powerful they completely set aside the control of the reasoning faculty. On all such occasions human relationships are apt to be lacking in harmony. Through the operation of the sixth sense, the brain of a human being may contact the filing cabinet of other brains and inspect at will whatever thought impressions are on file there. The condition that under which one person may contact and inspect the filing cabinet of another person’s brain is generally known as harmony, but you may better understand what is meant if one say brains attuned to the same rate of thought vibrations can easily and quickly exercise the privilege of entering and inspecting each other’s filing cabinets of thought.

In addition to receiving organized thoughts from the filing cabinets of the other brains through the sixth sense, one can, through the same physical organ, contact and receive information from the universal storehouse known as infinite intelligence. All information reaching one’s brain through the 6th sense comes from sources not easily isolated or traced; Therefore, this sort of information is generally believed to come from one’s subconscious mind. The 6th sense is the organ of the brain through which one receives all information, all knowledge, all thought impressions which do not come through one or more of the five physical senses.

Human relationships are made to yield riches in their highest form, riches in material, mental and spiritual estates. There can never be happiness except through understanding and application of the right principles of human relationships. No individual is an entity unto herself (or himself), that completeness of mind can be attained only by harmony of purpose and deed between two or more minds. This is why every human being should, of her or his own choice become her (or his) sister’s keeper or brother’s keeper in fact as well as in theory.

The greatest potential benefit of any circumstance which causes one to make a fresh start is that it provides an opportunity to break the grip of hypnotic rhythm and set up a new set of thought-habits. New habits offer the only way out for people who fail. Most people who escape from the negative to the positive operation of the law of hypnotic rhythm do so only because of some form of adversity which forces them to change their thought-habits. Hypnotic rhythm solidifies and makes permanent the thought-habits of human beings. Thought-habits are stimulated by environmental influences. In other words. The material on which thoughts are fed comes from one’s environment. Thought-habits are made permanent by hypnotic rhythm. The law of hypnotic rhythm is something that no one can control, influence, or evade. No one can change the law of hypnotic rhythm than anyone can change the law of gravity. But anyone can change themselves. The law of hypnotic rhythm plays only a part of solidifying the factors which constitute human relationships, but it does not create those factors. The law of hypnotic rhythm forces every individual to give some degree of use, either negative or positive, to her mind, but it does not influence the individual as to which use she will make of her mind. The law of hypnotic rhythm is the law of compensation. It is the power with which nature balances negative and positive forces throughout the universes. In all forms of energy, in all forms of matter, and in all human relationships.

Life gives nobody immunity against adversity, but life gives to everyone the power of positive thought which is sufficient to master all circumstances of adversity and convert them into benefits. The individual is left with the privilege of using or neglecting to use hers or his own prerogative right to think her or his way through all adversities. Every individual is forced either to us hers or his thought power for the attainment if definite, positive ends, – or by neglect or design use this power for the attainment of negative ends- . There can be no compromise. No refusal to use the mind.

Desires who are the dominating motives to inspire majority of human beings

1. The desire for sex expression and love

2. The desire for physical food

3. The desire for spiritual, mental and physical self expression

4. The desire for perpetuation of life after death

5. The desire for Power over others

6. The desire for Material wealth

7. The desire for knowledge

8. The desire to imitate others

9. The desire to excel others

10. The seven basic fears

Desire force is the ladder in which we can us to climb up and down in order to bring from heaven our manifestations on earth. This is called the realization process

Underworld Organism (External Influencers For Diseases and Illnesses)

Earlier we promised to elaborate on the seen and unseen small organism such as insects that can be found in homes especially places of water (esp. toilets, showers, tabs, basins etc…) and villages in rural areas where people are still living closely with nature. Parasites affect people’s health. On our last month Newsletter we talked about Mosquitos and their role in spreading diseases. Chronic infections and in some cases disabilities brought about by parasites can last generations. Music and prayer keeps parasites away from our homes for all people (rich or poor) in general if we are lucky enough to have access to all genres of music and instruments at home, but it is God who truly chase all opportunistic microbes infections and transmissions from a transmuting person as it is promised that you shall sleep peacefully, protected from all the pests that crawl by night or fly by day as is part of the agreement (covenant) through Re, Her Daughter.


Intestinal worms or soil-transmitted worms are commonest infections in humans. Those living in poverty are most vulnerable to infection. There are many types of worms found in communities, rivers and beaches such as tapeworm, ringworms, roundworm, guinae worm, whipworm, hookworms, eyeworms and so forth. Eye worms for instance are very small organisms – parasites that can affect vision. In general worms are transmitted by eggs in human faeces which contaminate soil in areas where sanitation is poorest and most deprived communities. The parasite known as hookworm however enters the body through the skin, usually through the soles of bare feet, and travels around the body until it attaches itself to the small intestine where it proceeds to suck the blood of its host. Over months or years it causes iron deficiency and anemia, weight loss, tiredness and impaired mental function. Creches and primary schools where they buy sand for children to play, they may not disinfect sand occasionally as should and that may cause sand-worms to infect children’s scalp and skin with ringworms. Intestinal worms are a major public health problem because the worms disrupt people’s ability to absorb nutrients, impending the growth.

The WHO prescribed that deworming programs exist. A single-tablet treatment can drastically reduce the suffering of those infected with parasitic intestinal worms and improve the health and nutrient uptake. Improving basic hygiene, sanitation, health education and providing access to safe drinking-water are also keys to resolving the health and nutritional problems. 


The powers of these demonic parasites remain strong only if they are not exposed or understood to us. When something is already revealed to us it is no longer powerful, and there is no secrete of the underworld that can be hidden to Re. Worms eat dead things and faeces so they harass people who are separated from their purpose, riches and aren’t using their talents which means the walking dead. When worms infect grown people and children they remove and separate people further and further away from their money by eating on their flesh and drinking their blood thats why worms thrive in poor and deprived communities. God restore to us the years that the locust, cankerworm, the eater of green leaves (the caterpillar) and the palmerworm have eaten :- God’s great army against those who transgress against Re and the plan of God.  


Well, illnesses are primarily drawn from broken hearts due to lack of unconditional love and from the subconscious mind emanates feelings mainly of guilt, unforgiveness, rejection, abandonment, neglect, bitterness or un-surrendered injustices or injuries and beliefs such as illusions of poverty, slavery, discrimination , etc…

There are many reasons why people may get ill, such as main body organs failure, blood, veins, muscles or bones disorder from lack of transformation of the soul or as a result of the above but often times people Inherit illnesses and chronic illnesses as most things are encoded into people’s dna but something may also go wrong in the systems during development, or as a side effect, it could be bad diet, lack of exercise, addictions or lack of rest, or bad thoughts, it could be this or that …. it really doesn’t matter why you or your loved one may be ill, what matters is that each person must believe that the past is the past, stigma is nothing but others projected fears, people who want healing must believe that they are worth a second chance, their sins are forgiven and they can be healed: they must believe in Re, the savior and healer of all their diseases and receive their healing from the Great Mother God, and receive the power of the the Holy Spirit in order to move forward in life.

Cockroaches; they have many negative consequences for human health because certain proteins (called allergens) found in cockroach feces, saliva and body parts can cause allergic reactions or trigger asthma symptoms, especially in children. Cockroaches are most thrive in summer with easily accessible food and water. These insects are mainly nocturnal and will run away when exposed to light. Amazingly, some cockroaches have been known to live up to three months without food and a month without water.Cockroaches can also passively transport microbes on their body surfaces including pathogens that are potentially dangerous to humans. Cockroaches have been implicated in the spread 33 kinds of bacteria, including E. coli and Salmonella species, six parasitic worms and more than seven other types of human pathogens. E. coli and Salmonella are classic causes of food poisoning, or gastroenteritis.

This insect is or must be the worst in the line of disgusting. Cockroaches create conflicts, disagreements separation divorce and breakups. Cockroaches are gate keepers of the 8th. Heaven upwards, meaning including 9th heaven. They make sure a person doesn’t enter infinity. Crocrotches attack beyond what can be seen visibly with the naked eye. Cockroaches invade in places that are habited by groups of people like hostels, motels, etc..buildings which is not guarded by a particular family or individual by people cohabit and thus cockroaches harass prisons and prisoners. Cockroaches also love places and minds that are congested and cluttered, procrastinators and those who  sift things under the rag without closure or proper dealing with issues. They cause headaches because they attack the mind which means they stop people from thinking ideas that will allow them to live lives as victors by being well planted on the ground yet remain connected to universal intelligence. They also attack the lungs and the respiratory system which lock people out of infinity and beyond. Cockroaches cause the following;

  • Cause conflict in marriages
  • Drains Money through wasting habits and improper management of resources.
  • Cause discords, disorganization & thrive in dirty environments
  • Cause scalp disorders in people heads. In houses they attack the floors, drains, walls and roofs especially kitchens and kitchen utensils.
  • Interferes with progress by interrupting progress causing delays
  • Cause embrasements, shame and low self esteem

Most of us have heard the term cockroaches being referred to the natives or indigenous people or a word referred to a bondmen and their children. For example white South Africans referred to us black original or natives South Africans as cockroaches or in Australia they referred to indigenous Australians as cockroaches and in the USA they referred to the red Indians as cockroaches or in Canada they referred to the eskimos as cockroaches. So, the insult… it’s meaning is complicated to explain;
(Assuming that you have read all or at least most of our writing here on our site); When we transform we may or may not be suitable to be productive in our native land which means God will cut us a area of growth. All depends also on many factors off-course such as time (age, era, gender, poverty, etc….) which means that you may find yourself in another part of the world where you can create & spread therefrom. As a Jew you have God’s favor which makes even the natives the unfavored of God. As such with the powers vested in you, you can do good service in n the land and the natives can benefit. To God however those outside of the covenant are nothing but cockroaches so to be or to enter into the same covenant you can take the path of Re which means whosoever (native or immigrant, black or white, Indian or Red Indian, Eskimo or Khoisan, men or women, heterosexual or homosexual) you’re welcome and that’s how you escape the cockroach stain on your blood or on your family or household.


Houseflies carry a lot of diseases, estimated at over 100 different kinds. Flies sit on faeces, garbage, and other waste where they pick up bacterial, helminthic, and protozoan infections. Flies larvae burrow into people’s skin and worms can develop inside human flesh or on a wound sloughing-off dead tissue. Houseflies also carry vectors for parasites and bacteria when they land on food surfaces. The contamination happens either through physical contact with the food or liquid or from bodily fluids like saliva, stomach contents, urine, or feces from the fly.

The housefly is an insect with six legs, two wings, and large compound eyes. They dwell in dense areas and breed in feces and garbage.

Flies as contaminators.
Contaminators attack mainly the lower brain, the stomach and the skin. Flies are the gate keepers of the 6th heaven. Unlike the mosquito who governs both 5th and the 7th Heaven flies are the tormenters of all who are in the underworld, earth, 5th and 6th heaven. Flies aren’t merciful at all, from the most vulnerable to the elderly. And if you are covered or protected and have the key but have dirty or filthy water areas such as bathrooms, showers, toilets, jacuzzi, swimming pools, soners, sinks and basins the flies will trouble your household and your social places. Restrooms and all water places must be kept clean on a daily basis and toilets and showers must be disinfected daily and after use on every occasion.

  1. When people don’t have a pass and flies enter their homes (whether they seat on any surface or not) they create the following problems; (this is over and above bringing ills and diseases of the physical body.)
  2. The inability to hear
  3. The Inability to tap into universal intelligence (the mind of the Great Mother God)
  4. The disconnection between the 4 dimensional body that is essential to productivity.
  5. Mosquito cause procrastination and laziness but flies create tolerance and acceptance of disorganization and disorder.
  6. Flies also cause drifting of the mind. Drifters are superstitious and have difficulty in making logical reasoning.
  7. And like ants they live an imprint of poverty, discord on one’s genes.
    Which eventually cause death

The wonderful news however is that when you have the key to pass through, in and out of the 6th heaven you can easily now have a friend in a fly. Fly can show you inside your house things that are contaminated, for example if your computer has a virus or invaded by hackers flies can show you those items. Fly also can reveal programs that contaminate your mind or the minds of your children or household. The yellow fly introduced herself as a fierce biter. Like mosquitoes, it is the female fly that is responsible for inflicting bites. They bite throughout the day. 

Other than all this flies are good for the ecosystem and they breakdown waste and many other things that you can easily read about if you care to know.

Ants 🐜

In French ants are called fourmis Ants belong to the insect family of Formicidae, within the order of Hymenoptera — the same order that includes wasps and bees “slavemaking” species.
Ant communities are headed by a queen or queens, whose function in life is to lay thousands of eggs that will ensure the survival of the colony. Workers (the ants typically seen by humans) are wingless females that never reproduce, but instead forage for food, care for the queen’s offspring, work on the nest, protect the community, and perform many other duties.
Male ants often have only one role—mating with the queen. After they have performed this function, they may die.


Ants are insects well known for their ability to invade kitchens and storehouses. They also ruin picknics 🧺. Ants can be a nuisance when attempts are made to establish plants through direct seeding. Workers will forage for the newly planted seeds, removing them to their nests and causing reduced germination. When you arrive at a point of realizing your subtle body you are met with the ants. They shall invade all your storehouses but once they are judged they will never ever again invade your stores but they will favor your household with love and peace. Ant invasion creates an inability to save or to preserve or make reserves. Your Banks will run losses as a results and your kitchens will run empty and your waste bins will be invaded to unrecyclable. 15 May We made peace with the ants queens and thus preservation, savings, investment and storage is now possible.

Today, ants live pretty much everywhere, except Antarctica. The good for the ecosystem is redistribution of nutrients. Ants teach us how handle refuse by recycling properly and seeing our gabbage as high value. It is ants who teach that higher value is in presevartion instead on profits.



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