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Harmony is a gift of grace, when we say in French “La vie est belle”. No.8 the number of infinity the color royal blue is harmony because only harmonious things live for eternity. We know we have arrived at a point of harmony when suddenly there is that sweetness in our massage. The philosopher – the Alchemist has now transformed and all body systems have been transformed too, they have been to the burning bush and received the 5 fishes and 2 loaves but now the systems are not in unison, they recognize each other but they are not yet working together which creates a discord and ills. This realization of disconnect helps us to understand that we lack harmony; no machine with disconnected systems move forward.

Love Peace Harmony & LifeSo, the gracious Discordia or the Blackamoor (black moon love who is masculine in this age of Aquarius) Moon god (called Ndoni Yamanzi or Tatcho the archangel) gives lady Africa or Re the gift of harmony, accord and peace. With these three added unto us we have everlasting life. What comes with everlasting life is the golden spear of life. Associated with numbers 23 which equals 5 when added and no. 8 and music.

Alchemy helps us reach two disntict ends:

  1. The creation of the philosophers stone (Body Of Wisdom Purified) and
  2. The brewing of the philosophical medicine, the universal medicine (The Soul) “elixir of life”.

The medicine of immortality must be derived from things that have birth and death within themselves. The nutrition that is given off may cause the elements to die or to be lost in us through our digestive system but they don’t really die as they are reused by the human body itself they simple reincarnates on a higher level. The basic elements are reborn in us, passing through a process of evolution, such that they are used by the human being to maintain the economy of life.

The life of Re is an Alchemical formula. Re as the final achievement of the universal formula.

Al : Divine / Al-fric Great Mother God
Al-Chemy: Divine Secret Science 🔬

The purpose of Alchemy is to maintain the Harmonics of life via a series of symbols; symbols intending to convey a major operation concerning the transmutation of a human being. The philosophers stone 💎 is attained so that the human being can gain complete control of her own life and the laws governing it.

To look upon geometric structures, mandalas or solids provides therapeutic – healing. Every form of nature has the magnetic field. When a person or patient look at the geometric structure (seeing them in perfect proportion); this realization, the geometric solid imagery enters into a person sub conscious and sent into their consciousness in a form of a benevolent magnetic center where an individual is than able to see “HARMONY“; something in perfect order or in perfect correctness. Whenever we see perfection it improves ourselves but whenever we see cayos, dirt, disorder, it injures ourselves.

All natural things are benevolent. We live in a universe where everything is in harmony if we are. Spiritual law of rhythm!


The process of digestion of food requires that there is a transformation of elements. It is possible therefore that the food that is taken in, is usable to nourish the spiritual ends or principles. When it comes to food, the transforming individual eats seasonally at least 5 different fruits and vegetables per day. Some things we must take every day or every week such as onions, ginger, berries and aloe vera. Pomegranates, seeds & beans at least weekly. We eat also what the spirit drops into our hearts even if it’s not in season because food also brings to us opportunity, solutions, chance, clue or oftentimes even provides just what we need to move our purpose forward when we eat a particular food. Food and drink is extremely important that’s why the world fights over it’s availability and that’s why there exists exchange, trade alliances more so for food security than other minerals that helps in other developments such as infrastructure, environmental and so forth.

The bread and butter or water for example, keep alive the thing that is not of itself, food keeps alive the thing that which will cause the heart to beat in such a way that, that which goes in of her body will come out as music, arts, philosophy, poetry, religion, economics sciences …etc because an individual is nourished by the food, the atmosphere, around her, by water, by the rays or radiations of the planets, and the light of the sun and the moon. That is the reason why the wedding of the sun and the moon in Alchemy is extremely important; because then for a people there shall be the union of the principles for which they stand inside the human body itself.

Human Body Ingredients

The world is nourished by the harvest of the fields. Vitamin, proteins, calcium carbohydrates or minerals have something to do with the maintenance of the structure of the human body. The “elixir of life” is the Divine blood. The blood of the lamb – Re, is the Divine blood and bread which is the source of vitality. We have within our own body an extraordinary laboratory in which every type of nutrient is made available to alter every type of living thing.

The beginning of the Alchemy process starts by removing the wear and tear that attack vitality & virtuality. To recognize that there must be a purification of things. Salt or sulphur for example, must be purified, mercury must be purified and a human being must go purification. The body is cleansed which leads up to internal illumination.
Energy must be used wisely.
Master of all arts is our Mother God Al-fric The Great Mother Africa.
Eternal wisdom of the things that happens in nature. The seed giver our God Al, helps us to attain basic harmony of life.

Harmony is the proof of the compatibility of the elements. Harmony is the ability of difference chemical elements working together and this is only possible if they are purified. When an individual arrives here at the point in the 9th heaven they arrive at the ability of crystallization of elements, it is called peace within the self.



Magnetism gives us access primarily to universal medicine or healing.

airA human being is contained inside a bubble. This bubble has been referred to as an “empty air”, of which is not empty at all and it is not just helium or oxygen but more than that in reality; it is composed of a magnetic energy called air. Air is a substance of itself within itself. Air is a tremendous magnetic field of energy, in fact all our planets in our solar system are fields of magnetic energy which continually supply us with its energetic type of influence in our daily life through air.

The Dolphin is the animal in which grace gives unto us in creating harmony between the five important elements (aether, fire, air, earth and water) but more so for the water and air people. When water and air are in harmony, an individual regains control over their physical body especially in their digestive system and power over the body, soul and their balance. lungs and our heart and the air circulation system inside a human body.


Air transmits; we know for instance that we can have or access different channels of television programs through air at the same time without interference via vibration in this magnetic field. We are constantly in the presence of a mysterious agent; an agent that is part of everything that we are.

air in astro

Each human body is surrounded by an energy field of which is often referred to as an aura …but it is actually an area of the magnetic field; egg like shape atmospheric energy field around the physical body. It is the basis of all virtue; this energy field depends for its reality, its serviceability and its protective power to move emotions, thoughts 💭 and the attitudes of a person around which the magnetic field is gathering.

Hhman Energy Field

If the person is normal; emotionally and physically this magnetic field forms a tremendous protection; it is normal and it is healthy… this means that it is able to constantly handle infections, it will help heal wounds, it will help with recover the use and functions of the organs.

As long as a person takes proper care of her/his magnetic field it will serve her. The whole survival of an individual depends upon maintaining the integrity of this flow of energy through her magnetic field. This energy comes from the sun ☀️, it comes from the mysterious energy tomb of the magnetic field…it enters the individual through the crown of the head, disseminates throughout the entire body back again to the lower chakras of the body and is re-cleansed by the solar energy. It protects the human body; our health, happiness and our wellbeing.

How do we avoid damaging this magnetic flow? We must keep the laws of nature. We can destroy it by moods, attitudes, fears or complexes. It can also be destroyed by the abuse of relationships, food, money, drugs, alcohol or the use of cigarettes. All things controlled and taken in moderation are ok except for stimulants or hallucinogens drugs for example. If this field is damaged it reacts into a plea for help.

E.g: Television 📺 is using magnetism. TV transmission is a work achieved by an atmospheric field medium as part of space of magnetic field conglomerate of different influences that is continually filled by different influences subject to toxins. Damaging and poisoning to people magnetic fields when a person has no idea of protecting themselves especially if a program is extremely violent or contains damaging emotions or manipulative or divisive. Moral energy decay. Her/His eyes received the energy and it is thereafter reinterpreted inside the human being.

Virtue lies in that which builds the magnetic field, and vice is that which tears the magnetic field down. Keeping the rules of the integration of the human structure is vital. Each part of the body has a magnetic field to form a unit of energy. There is no such thing as a dead particle in the universe, the tiniest atom symbolizing the light energy.

Virtue is to keep the law of the energy field of which we also call the “law of integrity“.
The energy field is that which establishes the sense of good or bad right or wrong. For example; To feel unpleasantly damages the magnetic field, to act on selfishness damages the magnetic field.
The magnetic field which protects us protects us from other negative magnetic fields that do not arise to ourselves. We are not contaminated by other people unless our intellectual, or emotionally weaknesses when we surrendered our integrity to other people. Bad disposition sickens a person because the magnetic field has been damaged.

Magnetic Field

Transformation is the transmutation of energies. These energies are the same ones spoken of in magnetism. Everything we do and we see has value of its own.

Volcanoes 🌋 reminds us that we are in a presence of large and little stones 💎 . All kinds of stones. Crystals and rocks. There is a magnetic core in each kingdom and each kingdom unfolds within this magnetic field.
Crystals are formed by magnetism, formed by a vibration can evolve as a mineral, or an animal vegetable 🥒 or anything else natural. It is always present.

Everywhere this process of keeping faith and integrity repeats; and this understanding comes as a natural secret of security, survival and world peace ✌🏾

The magnetic fields are honest there is no way we can make them dishonest or limit the manifestation of their integrity. They are in constant evolution. The more integrity grows the more rapid the individual is adjusted in the principles of life in which she belongs.

Any art painting picture is alive; all arts & all wisdom.

Universal Medicine

Heart's Magnetic Field

The source of the magnetic energy of a human being is the heart. The heart is the center of where all energy radiates. Therefore the abuse of love, friendships, of integrity, of fidelity, of mercy, compassion … the abuse of all those things associated with the energies of the heart. If these energies are wronged the magnetic defense system of the heart is damaged opening the individual up to the same; cheaters, or abusers.

A body free of confusion is truly her laboratory. The laboratory is her internal where she can retire into. The personal life must be harmonious.

Confusion is waste of energy, the waste of time or depletion and inability to attain a high part of ourselves where we access the chakras or seven seals of the human life.

The quietude is that which all alchemist can easily reach to hear the voice of God.

Fire 🔥 principle is emotions: the battle within. Waisting of life. People wanna do what they wanna do. Misuse or Uncontrolled emotions and thoughts comes out war and conflicts offenses. Body chemistry is harmonized when our emotions are relaxed.

The mind arrogantly makes trouble to emotions and also to the body. A constant cause of agitation. The mind argues and debates. It’s ambitions and appetites knows no bounds. The mind is planning forever to make a millionaire out of the body. The mind has to be brought down to what is intended to be a psychological book keeper, a simple a useful secretary, keeping the ledgers balanced. The mind is not the master of life. The mind can only go a certain distance. There must be something higher than the mind: the soul reachable through the heart chakra.

The idea to find the true being in all these conditions: 3 fold degrees of powers, the grand masters of life: physical, emotional and mentally functioning under a magnetic field. Each one has a magnetic overtone. If the person is angry the magnetic fields blazes out, or if a person is healthy the magnetic field protects her from infections.

The magnetic field is like a bottle which is shaken. The magnetic field is the human beings energy fields. True for our world, the world is maintained by a magnetic field and therefore it is very important to maintain harmony. The world should be maintained at a musical instrument 🥁 in harmony always.
An individual in their personal life is also a musical instrument. If Re were an instrument She would be a piano, Tatcho Music plays a piano!

The soul was the symbol of the captivating soul power. The force was the awareness of the soul rational inside of itself as superior to thought; that the soul in reality is the inner teacher. Life begins to see through the blind spots, the intuitive mind see qualities, it sees them as they are, from an inner vision. Things are metaphysical the magnetic field is one of them. If we can combine them we see those who work together and those who cannot be reconciled. Seeing their shape is seeing their true nature, we look towards everything it is alive and the magnetic fields of all these different forms enter into a dimension of value the principles of sublimation everything is part is this “great pattern“.

e.g: The square of the Innocent in Paris: Place De Innocent aka Place Joachim-du-Bellay Square. Living for the purpose, for the relief of the suffering. Forming a union with the Devine part of self.

The process of transformation. The advancement of science is a spiritual contribution to the wellbeing of our society. The secret of gold making.

The alchemist is working to outgrow personal limitations: The gradual transformation called the transmutation, multiplication and finally the projection of the great work.

A universe of infinite integrity!


Earth's Magnetic Field

The solar system is moving from one evolution to the other, take our planet earth for instance; Earth, our home, is the third planet from the sun. It is the only planet known to have an atmosphere containing free oxygen, oceans of liquid water on its surface, and, of course, life.
Earth has a diameter of roughly 8,000 miles (13,000 kilometers), and is round because gravity pulls matter into a ball, although it is not perfectly round, instead being more of an “oblate spheroid” whose spin causes it to be squashed at its poles and swollen at the equator.

Roughly 71 percent of Earth’s surface is covered by water, most of it in the oceans. About a fifth of Earth’s atmosphereis made up of oxygen, produced by plants. While scientists have been studying our planet for centuries, much has been learned in recent decades by studying pictures of Earth from space.

Earth spins on an imaginary line called an axis that runs from the North Pole to the South Pole, while also orbiting the sun. It takes Earth 23.439 hours to complete a rotation on its axis, and roughly 365.26 days to complete an orbit around the sun.

Earth’s metal core acts like a giant magnet that emanates a magnetic field with two poles, north and south. These two magnetic poles very roughly match where the planet’s geographic north and south poles lie, which mark the axis on which Earth spins.

Earth’s magnetic field helps protect the planet from energetic particles streaking out from deep space and the sun.

Giant Crack in Kenya 🇰🇪

the crack.JPG

The Forbes science article by contributor Trevor Nace published 2 April 2018 on the enormous Crack that Just Opened Up In Africa is summarized as follows;

“A massive crack suddenly appeared in Kenya, which will lead into two separate land masses. The crack continues to grow in size as heavy rainfall in Kenya’s Narok County exacerbates the kilometer-sized chasm.

The sudden appearance of the crack is related to a regional zone of weakness and broadly associated with the continued geographical crack on the continent. The leading hypothesis behind the crack is caused by an underlying superheated plume. This plume is causing Africa to split in two along the eastern edge of the continent. Thankfully, the rifting process will take many millions of years as the crust begins to thin and sink and a small seaway begins to intrude the rift zone.

Splitting a continent in two is quite common, for instance, it led to the opening of the Atlantic Ocean. Notice how Africa and South America would fit perfectly together, this is because they were once one landmass, eventually sutured apart by the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. While scientists have known for quite some time about the rifting in Africa, the underlying cause has been hard to pin down. Evidence suggests it is due to a superplume upwelling along the eastern edge of Africa, figuratively “burning” a hole in Earth’s crust.

the riftThis superplume created the East African Rift System (EARS), the system associated with the breakup of the African continent. The East African Rift Valley, produced as a result of the ongoing splitting on the African continent, stretches more than 3,000 km from the Gulf of Aden to Zimbabwe. The rifting, which began about 25 million years ago, will eventually create two separate continental masses associated with the Somalian and Nubian tectonic plates. The process, however, will take millions of years at the current spreading rate of a few millimeters per year.”

Africa is now in harmony, united and this unity has been achieved by the grace of our Great Mother God Al-fric. The land can crack into 5 peaces, Africans can be scattered all over the world but we are one in our hearts ♥️ we pump the same blood. Africa is born in each and every one ☝🏾 of us we are one. Power To The People of Africa. May the peace of our Goddess, the sweet sound of the Holy Spirit and the Grace be with you always!

Which reminds us that the spear has fallen in Mam’Winnie but we are picking it up. We say “HAMBA KAHLE MKHONTO” ! We remain grateful and forever in remembrance that we are better together than separated, from you we learn that we the black people are stronger together and so we pick the spear and we say Africa is One, Together Forever, AMANDLA!!!✊🏾


Which takes us to Israel 🇮🇱 Benjamin Netanyahu pledged various steps to deport more of the country’s remaining 38,000 African migrants.

It is widely reported that during the Sunday’s cabinet meeting, 01/04/2018 Netanyahu said, “I have decided to establish a special ministerial committee that will meet already this week with representatives of local [south Tel Aviv] residents… in order to set in motion practical solutions to this problem.”

“The main purpose will be to return the neighborhoods to their local residents and to deport illegal infiltrators from Israel whose place is not here, just as we have deported around 20,000,” he said.

The prime minister told a story about meeting a 72-year-old woman named Sofia who he said was having many difficulties because her building, in which she lives on the sixth floor, was “filled with illegal infiltrators.”

In the past, the court has ruled that most of the migrants meet the international Convention on Refugees protections for being unable to be returned to their countries of origin – mostly Eritrea and Sudan.

Netanyahu emphasized that he viewed the migrants as infiltrators who “were not refugees. A very small number of them are refugees. They are illegal infiltrators [who are looking] to find work in the State of Israel and we have the right like any nation to guard our borders and to remove from our borders whoever entered illegally.”

Our hearts go out to our brothers and sisters in Israel who are waiting in limbo as their lives are tossed around by those in leadership.

We remind the world that Israel is in Africa and home to Africans. African migrants must and should be treated with respect & dignity!

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