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The Gift of Grace In Numbers 17/08/2014


Numbers are from zero to 9: 0,1,2,3,….8 & 9. Numbers are a gift 🎁 to us, not requirement or instruction of some sort: we need not to concern ourselves about what we must do when we see a particular number or numbers instead we should be filled with gratitude and know that each number is good and it brings to you a specific special gift of grace. Think of them as announcements of good tidings from rhythms of nature in which you peacefully vibrate.

These numbers alone and their repetition or combination gives us the numbers of creation. 

E.G 1 and 1 as 11 (without applying mathematics such 1+1 or 1×1 or 1/1 or 1-1)

Many times when we think numbers we think mathematics, but at the moment we must think of just numbers…and we will together look into their spiritual signification as structures of creation.

Remember that mathematics is a fancy word for movement; 

movement is mathematics!

Imagine floating numbers 0 – 9 and take one number at a time or take two numbers at a time or three or four numbers at a time, ….to infinity.

Therefore today lets think 1 or (1 and 1). We will think (1 and 2 as 12) …or (2 and 2 as 22) or just a simple no.2.

These numbers 0-9 are gifts to us in a sense that they stand for something, they represent something. And God in abounding grace, has given us these numbers as a gift to helps us move and understand where our lives can serve humanity.

Eventually all numbers are given to us as we grow, but its true that some numbers are given to us before birth.


If one is born on 11/February/1977 for example, and they were the fourth child in their family; that means numbers 1, 2, 7 & 4 (all four) of these numbers are numbers in the creation of this person’s personal purpose on earth. Not only these numbers but the numbers of both parents birth dates as well. 

In the Coptic/Egyptian/African Calendar April is the 9th month, 4th month in the currently used Gregorian Calendar. February is the 7th month in this ancient Coptic calendar. Let’s say this person’s Mother was born 09/April/1949. April is the 4th month under the current G.Calender but 9th month under the African Calender. No.9 the mother, birth forth the “UniversalLight”. No.9 is the number mother creator, the highest number. And the Father born 05/May/1953. May the 5th month in G.Calender but 10th in the African Calender and number 5 is also becomes a gift to that child. Number 5, a reminder of opening of 5 basic senses and financial freedom.

(See below for the meaning of all  numbers from 0-9 & other double digits).


Number 1: The number of Leadership and servanthood, the firstborn. Each and every leader must undergo transformation, training, wilderness, death to self-desires before they can lead nations or the world. Its a lonesome journey of humility, a human being alone with the Creator/ion. Number 1 is also a number of vision and boldness. Its the number of all forms of leadership. One represents beginnings and is the starting point of existence. In human terms, it is the self alone. It is the idea before any action is taken. As such, it embodies the concept of potential and that which has yet to happen. In fact, the energy of one is limited by its inability to do anything by itself. However, it also connects to stillness and the cultivation of desire that precedes movement. One is the beginning of the journey, which can be a very exciting energy. However, this can bring with it the challenge of lonesomeness and isolation.

Number 2: The number also associated with Promise (e.g A Promise to Abraham and Sarah) or a prophetic number. The number of seraphims, open doors, prophetic gift number, divide to win or conquer number. Two is the number of perfect positioning/placement. I refer to it as a feminine number for it’s intuition: perspective and gift of opportunity to win to succeed.When a second joins the one and two is formed, partnership is created. The concept of relativity evolves out of the energy of two, as the one has something to which it experiences itself as relative to. The one can now know itself as self, because there is that which is the other. All of the elements of two are embodied in this idea– partnership, duality, opposites, yin/yang, balance, sharing, to name just a few. The shadow side of two is the potential for collapsing into one another and losing the sense of self.

Number 3: The number of balance, A heavenly army or the arm of the Lord. A strong foundation, strong tower. No.3 is masculine: male. A foundation and the roofing in Holy Trinity. Alpha and the Omega.When two are gathered, eventually their energy will create a new element, and a third is born. Three is the number of creativity. A powerful energy, there are many examples of the concept of three: mother, father and child is perhaps the most universal. The holy trinity is another instance. The artist, the paint and the finished work is just one case that can be applied to any creative endeavor. In music, trio – a trine is the simplest and perhaps most pleasing harmony. In the world of geometry, it is only when you have three points to work with that you can create an actual shape and accurately define a location in space. The challenge of three is a lack of grounding and separation from reality. This is because three relates so strongly to the drive to create, that feeling unable to do so would be the fear-based side of this energy.

Number 4: The number of servanthood, humanity with creation: air, water, earth and fire. Earth and its four cardinal points; it is a number symbolic to inherting the earth to its fullest and glory. It is also a number of Prophets or The Beacon of Light (the illuminated beings). The number of Cherubims guarding the ark. Its a number of Authority, Power, Glory and Splendour of Solomon ….also patience and victory. The 4 pillars of an empire. Four is Supreme Leadership.When you add a fourth point to a triangle, you end up with a square; Conquering  earth’s illusions inside the cube. Four is the number of structure. Once the creative impulse has been satisfied, it is time for solidification, which can be accomplished by the power of four. A wonderful weight-bearing shape, a square is what allows for building the foundation on which the creative energies of three can be supported. Four connects to the establishment of institutions, order, rules and regulations. While a number of great strength, it can engender a sense of limitation and the concept of restraint.

Number 5: The number of Grace: Rest, Satisfaction, Healing, Health, Love, Fecundity, Wealth and Abundance .”Grace Upon Grace”: hieros gamos – The marriage between Heaven and Earth. Number 5 symbolizes the four human limbs and the head that controls the limbs. The human five senses: sight-smell-hearing-taste-touch. Above all, five is a supreme number in that it is a number of motion: the universal laws of physics that governs motion, vectors, displacement, velocity, acceleration: Isaac Newton. Five talks of transportation, travel and the adventure. The restoration of brain & heart circulation, glands and hormones.What follows the foundational sense four is the freedom of five. Once a structure has been established, there is now a sense of safety and security for exploration. The number five embodies this expressiveness. The human body expresses the number five as represented by the four limbs and the head. The ability for the body to move about through space is a vibrant and exhilarating experience. In this way, five symbolizes joy and bliss. With this, comes the shadow of freedom; indulgence. This expression of five can carry grave consequences such as compulsion and addiction.

Number 6: The number of human dignity. Human equality. Human in relation to hell, heaven and purpose. Helping others to fulfil their cause. It is a humanitarian number celebrating UBUNTU and the royal life (of being daughters and sons) we all receive in God’s grace.Six is the number of partnership, marriage, creative collaboration and balance. After the freedom of five, there is a need for stability, which is provided by the even number six. This energy can also be seen as a pairing of two threes. If three is about primal creativity at an individual level, combining two systems of three allows for six to engender worldly partnerships and the concept of marriage and union. This number represents partnership & teamwork on every level: business, social, educational and spiritual. In the personal realms, the number six represents the happy union of opposites within us and the integration of our own opposing forces, such as containing two powerful emotions that contradict each other. The challenge of the six energy connects to responsibility and a sense of burden.

Number 7: The number of fulfilment and completion of purpose. seven is a gift of all rounded human being inside and out “shining diamond”. Fecundity, Prosperity, Success and Splendour. Rest from labouring aimlessly. Rest from serving money; afterall the work in the external world which brought us to the concept of partnership, we are now prepared for a more elevated experience of human expression. Seven is the number of spirituality and higher thought, which is only possible after the basic human needs are met. We are now free to look up and contemplate our existence in a more esoteric manner. Meditation and any consideration of the interior landscape of our humanity is governed by the number seven. This includes thought, contemplation, mysticism, faith, psychology and any endeavor that seeks to understand life from a higher perspective. This is a number we are all familiar with as significant: seven days of the week, seven deadly sins, seven notes in the diatonic scale. The challenge associated with this vibration is to get lost in the ethers and lose contact with life on the ground

Number 8: The number 8 is a great number as well; a number of comfort and celebration and reaping and harvesting. no.8 is also a beginning of new life chapters, Advancement, Promotion and Recognition. After spiritual matters have been made manifest, great abundance is possible. Eight is the number of infinity and all that it implies. This includes wealth of every kind: love, money, bliss, joy and every amazing experience life has to offer. The concept of infinity states that there is no limitation in the universe; that time and space continue forever and ever in a way that is beyond our ability to truly comprehend. When an understanding of infinity and abundance are combined, there is a realization that there is an endless supply of anything you could possibly desire, even those things that you perceive as limited and unavailable to you. Eight is the magic of seven in action. The shadow side to this is greed, hoarding and withholding love.

Number 9: The number of Mother Creator. The highest number. When you multiply any number by 9, then add the resulting digits and reduce them to a single digit, it always becomes a 9. For example, 6 x 9 = 54, reduce 54 to a single digit by adding them together: 5 + 4 = 9. Number 9 is a number of music & talents or calling(purpose) revealed. The number of Victory and Justice. No.9 has a strong connection to global consciousness, sympathy, empathy, compassion and generosity.
No.9 is a significant number with regards to the earth, nature and humanity as well… humanitarian #humanrights, equality…close to number 6 “UBUNTU”. The final number in the system is nine, which represents completion and endings. All things must end in order for the inevitable new beginning to follow. Nine embodies that cycle of existence that demands that change occur and that the old give way to the new. We have started the journey alone in the infinite (one), discovered opposites and relativity (two), invented creativity (three), built a foundation (four), expressed freedom (five), partnered with another (six), went inward to find spirituality (seven), expressed and enjoyed the rewards of the outside world (eight), and now we come to a close (nine). The shadow side to the completion energy of nine is the fear that can be associated with endings and death.

Number 0: The number of infinity. the number of good emptiness and good darkness that only God’s bounty can fill to overflow. zero is a beautiful number of increase. It is said that the word “zero” came via the French word zéro, and cipher came from the Arabic word safira which means “it was empty.” Also sifr, meaning “zero” or “nothing,” was the translation for the Sanskrit word sunya, which means void or empty.


Combination Numbers


Number 11: Repeated no.1 makes 11, the number of freedom, liberation, civilisation, science (lambda the eleventh greek symbol), creativity or art and communication. This number is strongly associated with the release of previously locked freedoms such as female emancipation and feminine leadership, race oppression relief, e.g. Nelson Mandela released 11- Feb marking the new freedom for blacks in South Africa. 11 a number of open gates, new doors opened even those that closed before. Butterflies blue, white and all colors of beautiful butterflies. 

Number 12: 12 and 21 a mirror number symbolic of creativity and ordained construction of heaven here on earth: The New World! Combination of 1 and 2 makes 12; the number of Godly governance (leadership plus perspective). When God builds the church on the rock. Building a church is a personal thing; 12 is given to us to encourage us to pursue that specify project because God has blessed it to be fruitful.

Number 13: I call 13 and 31 the heavenly number supreme on earth and in heaven, a number for Gods #promises;  13 is nothing but heavenly or the universal promises, comfort and certainty. The construction of Gods Devine Purpose on a individual or nation. Very personal touch of God. The number of heavenly leadership, enlightenment, knowledge, education, sabbatical, wisdom and understanding. 13 is also a great number of movement. 13 is also assurance the beginning of a good journey. Beautiful number of revelation, direction and assurance.

Number 14: The leadership of 4. The number of Jubilee, #unity…reconciliation, healing. Restoration, healing and Affirmation. The Beacon Of Light like leadership, close to number 4, 24, 44, 144 (prophet’s rejection from hometown) Yet strong leadership and in international recognition

Number 19: Judgement. The number of Victory and Justice. No.9 our enemies and opposition delivered to us, truth and justice is served. Time to deliver! Numbers 9 & 19 are both related to judgement.

Number 77: seven on steroids


And so it continues….

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