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Commitment 12/04/2014

“And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.”

Synonyms: dedication, devotion, allegiance, loyalty, faithfulness, fidelity, bond, adherence, attentiveness and respect

Commitment: is carefully deciding to do what is right, communicate it and then sticking to a promise whether the going gets easier or hard because you committed yourself to someone or to do something.

Keeping a commitment or fulfilling a commitment or honoring a commitment is a good and honorable character which have great benefits.

To be a committed or committing person gives respect, honor, recognition and glory to those who feel secured by your commitment. Committed persons do not lie because lying has bad consequences towards the secured structure that commitment has built. Committed persons make good partners.

The Opposite: Impulsiveness, is doing whatever you think of doing or feel like doing, at that moment, without thinking about the benefits and/or consequences, also without thinking about what you have already promised (within yourself or to others) to do. Lack of finishing things that you start.

Growing weary comes from lack of commitment, either from self or other party. Growing weary means an individual who is walking forward but looking backwards.

The act of “COM~M IT~ MENT” rest upon two words: “Promise” and “Decision

One can not commit, or be committed, or be a committing person, unless such a person have been promised, received the promises into their consciousness or to now make a promise to something or someone.

Similarly; one can not commit, or be committed, or be a committing person, unless such a person have consciously made a decision to commit, or be committed.

Commit-ted is a wonderful character-istic any human being can possess. It is priceless to partner with committed people. Such people bring enthusiasm and initiative in the business or in a home or any other establishment. They are committed because they are loved and are not afraid to love others or to share that love.

Committed is to believe in a cause, to be decisive and to follow through, fulfilling every promise.

Commitment must take place between equals in a free space. Freedom of choice, thought and decision.

When people commit: to show proof of their commitment, they verbalize their commitment and they go beyond that, to signing a binding contract or covenant giving honor and recognition to their commitment. Why? Because, “a commitment is neither silent, nor assumed“.

God works only through promises and covenants or contract sealed by the blood of Re, the Beacon Of Light. She promises us through prophetess(es). Without Her promises we can not commit to the causes She gives us or to the people She brings to partner with us. She commits to us first, then She helps us by teaching us to be a committing people: that we may commit to faithful partners.

So then, we are to be committed to the cause, committed to the battle, committed to the rules, committed to the laws given to us and, last but not least, committed to the task at hand! May we, too, be strong in the grace that is in Re, our Beacon Of Light to the praise of Her glory.

Commitment begins with an individual: within oneself and to thine self. Commitment attracts commitment. Nehemiah committed himself to rebuilding the broken‐down walls of Jerusalem, and despite many discouragements, he did not stop until he fulfilled his commitment by finishing the rebuilding of the walls.

Paul committed himself to go to Jerusalem to observe the Feast of Pentecost, even though he knew it was very dangerous to do so. Ultimately, he was arrested, beaten, and imprisoned, but this resulted in many opportunities to tell rulers about the new age.

Nelson Mandela and other freedom fighters committed themselves to lead the people towards freedom. Nelson Mandela fought for the dignity of the black people in and joined the struggle to end Apartheid in South Africa.

So, it was with all the African leaders of independence in the African Continent who fought for the independence from colonial rule. Today Africa wants to be spiritually and economically free, to be completely independent but that will require committed individuals again to realize such a Africa which is spiritually and economically prospering – sustainable and growing hence we have received our prophetess Re and all the Archangels in our defense. Now more soldiers must rise, you must rise!

Like all our leaders, we should commit ourselves to do good as we believe our Great Mother God who called us to do.

On our own self-efforts we cannot be people with such a golden character – to be a COMMITTED PEOPLE;

Most of us have tried to commit to something only to loose strength soon after. When things go hard, we take steps backwards, we want to go backwards. We tried committing to people and relationships but when things get difficult we walk away. Or we are afraid to be committed because we committed to unfaithful people before and they hurt us.

So, today receive your healing as Re pours waters of healing, ignites the fire that renews us and we say a short prayer, saying;

Holy Spirit, I receive in me this golden character, help me as I decide to be committed and to be a committed person, to learn more about commitment, to holding on to your promises, the power of your Holy Covenant with your daughter Re, … and that I may fulfill promises to others as well. Dear Great Mother God, please protect me from unfaithful people, as I commit myself to your direction for my life. Amen!!

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