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The Incredible Story of A Monarch Butterfly 🦋

“….and each of the four had faces and wings. Their wings touched one another. The creatures did not turn when they went, but each one went straight forward….”

We are about to begin the fourth month of this year, 2014 on the month of April!

I call this month, a month of miracles.

The theme is number 4. The number of the Beacon Of Light: The Sun ☀️. The number of earth and earth advancement. Reminds us of the four living creatures; the four living creatures are the “Guardians” of the Throne of God (The Arc Of The Covenant), and they accompany the throne wherever it goes. Four dimensional body of all human beings is also governed under this law of four: the spirit body, the soul, the body of desires (the physical body) and the body of emotions (astral body). They are also the ‘accelerators’ or ‘advancers’ of the kingdom of God here on earth. They are four in number, which is the “earth’s number,” and therefore have everything to do with our planet earth. That is, they are interested in the “re-genesis” of the land to it’s former glory.

January 2014, we shared with you that this year, will be a year of transformation. We shall transform, and how best to explain this transformation than to explore the life of a butterfly. We will use the incredible story of a monarch butterfly.

Butterflies have four stages of life. All butterflies have “complete metamorphosis.” To grow into an adult they go through 4 stages: egg, larva, pupa and adult. Each stage has a different goal – for instance, caterpillars need to eat a lot, and adults need to reproduce. People do not leave on bread alone they have four dimensional body, the spirit needs fed, the soul needs food, the emotions needs food too. To grow to an adult we must eat all the food necessary for our growth. Adults reproduce according to what they fed on as caterpillars.

Three weeks inside a cocoon the caterpillar is gone, dissolved into a stew of genes that bruise-up a new being. The nibbling jaws are now a long tube. 12 biddy eyes have melded to became 2, now there are antennas, sex organs and joyfully wings — four of them. The reborn mornach must wait 2hrs for its wings to harden, and then finally, it can fly!

Every autumn a miracle happens; A monarch butterfly born in Canada, in late summer will fly all the way to Mexico across 5000 km of land, it has never seen.
Nothing about a monarch make it seem capable of an epic quest. It is truly a magic creature! All the way, it will be dodging threats relying on the inherited genius. The great mystery is how they do it!

Mornachs live all over the world; in Australia, Hawaii, The Canary Islands. It’s only North American mornachs who migrate so far, because only they, have the motive; their species can not survive the freezing temperatures in late summer, especially a monarch born in Canada.

It’s parents lived for a month, so did it’s grandparents, and its great great parents. Those generations spent that month flying North, all the way from Mexico across America. But the evolutionary clock that governs the species dictates that, “this” monarch, the fourth generation will live for almost a year.

A monarch’s wingspan is 10cm and it weighs half a gram. It’s flight to Mexico its like a human circulating the earth 11 times on foot. It eats milkweed poisonous to other animals and to humans. A frog that tries to eat a monarch will rage, a bird will have a heart attach. Yet a caterpillar can eat 3000 times its weight in poisonous milkweed. Monarch survive by bending common reality!

Monarchs are ruled by the sun. When they wake in the morning they fly east to bask in its warmth, before going their own way. They never fly after sun set. It’s the sun that signals their migration. There comes an autumn day when it only rises 52 degrees above the horizon, and that is the day when the exodus begins!

To reach Mexico in winter a monarch must travel at least 80km p/day, nobody knows how many make it. Every time they flap their wings they burn energy so they compensate by soaring. In spring they will return. And it has been this way since everyone remembers. Again and again, this miracle is relived.

I see us, humans in a butterfly; against all odds, we survive the threats of life. We must go under transformation otherwise we die inside. Shedding off the old for the new to come. We begin small, insignificant almost, to caterpillars without wings, but then we eventually develop and transform to these beautiful, colorful, vibrant, peaceful, intelligent and gracefully soaring in life human beings who love and are loved by many.

Say, yes to transformation !!! Be a Monarch*



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