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Grace Doesn’t Care

“Grace Doesn’t Care”

Grace doesn’t care,
…about your religion, or your track record whether it’s good or bad.

Grace doesn’t care
about your family curses or blessings, grace looks at nothing else but the weak, the prisoners, the isolated, the deprived, the powerless.

Grace doesn’t care,
…it is only searching for the helpless individuals, for the vulnerable for the despised for the lost, for the least, for the not so noble, for the last, for the poor, for the immigrant or the foreigner, its looking for the single parent, the widow, the unprotected, the disqualified….

Grace doesn’t care,
Grace is searching back and forth, up and down, high and low to release the Qarah moments to those whose voices have been dismissed.

Grace! Grace! Grace!

This Grace, is Jesus personified.

Grace doesn’t care,
Grace enables those who stood no chance the ability to make real their born—God given purpose missions in life, a chance to be realized on earth.

Grace doesn’t care,
Grace gives us the road. The path and also removes the bottle-necks along the road for the unhindered flow of grace.

Grace! Grace! Grace!


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