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My South-Africa

My South-Africa

Wonderful has found favor with you
Counselor has honored you with wisdom
The Almighty God has chosen you for human-leadership
The Prince of Peace has blanketed you with unending peace

My South-Africa

Situated in the second quandrinum of the cross, south of the south
You have trained and produced the world leaders
Such as Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu , Mama Africa, ….
You are the worlds example of victory and triumph

My South-Africa

You are loved by many, even Oprah felt your powerful calling
You are colorful, that’s why they call you the “Rainbow Nation”
You assume unity and diversity despite all odds
You are naturally beautiful, your wild animals and flowers agree!

My South-Africa

Your brightness shines like the diamonds you possess
Your struggles ressembles the refinement of your gold you dig
Your desire for a better future is found in your music
Your cries are felt deep in space

My South-Africa

I hear you, I see you!
I hear your unborn children
I carry you in my shoulders, everyday!
My beloved country, I have not forgotten about you.

My South-Africa


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