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Daath: The Hidden Knowledge

There is a hidden sephirah upon the Tree known as Daath meaning Knowledge. It is hidden because knowledge only exists in or within us, we must first meet with our real self (our soul) to unlock this knowledge–and everything else just is – the twin currents of the revealing, the 22 chapters of revelations, the 22 tarot trumps, the 22 paths of the Tree of Life.

11 Daath knowledge becomes wisdom (1+1=2 –Chokmah 2). Chokmah rules the zodiac, time revolving around the now. The Sun ☀️ goes through regular 11 cycles of rising and falling activity driven by complex magnetic field. Master numbers: 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, (66, 77, 88, & 99).


22, 2+2=4, Chesed is the fourth sephirah having Mother God name AL meaning “In The Year Of Light” or EL meaning “God Mother The Creator of Earth”. Love ❤️ is the law. Agape Love is what heals us. It is wise to place the idea of love before all things we act upon and what is it that the hours of the clock sit as: THE NOW, be here NOW, be not haunted by the past or seduced by the future, be here now, be in love now, for it is the most wisest law.

The planet earth’s God Al or Ēl, the ox it is She thee beast is reborn as planet Jupiter 17 years after the 2000 years 23 September 2017 exactly 2years after the re/birth of the Sun, the first daughter. Jupiter is the Holy Ghost: the 3rd of the Holy Trinity. The Sun daughter is the 2nd and she is Daath the snake knowledge and the Sun, She then dies go to hell to be reborn transformed as the “The Beacon Of Light” as Re, to be one with the creator our Heavenly Great Mother God Logos 👄 – The Creator of our universe – our cosmos, whose power moves in the ark of the covenant around the earth to move civilization and the Divine plan. The dragon is reborn in the new age of Aquarius as a daughter; Born of the virgin mother Ndoni, She cracks the egg and a new world is re-born. In this world, the snake (the great fish) is the foundation, the next stage is supported by mammoth and she (mammoth the elephant) supports the rock (earth) which is the footstool of our God Mother.

The normal life (biological natural life) of “The Beacon Of Light” is 33years then She must go to the wilderness where She experience 7 years of transformation plus 2 years of re-creation (8 & 9). On the 5th year of this 7 year period She is reborn- transformed, reborn as our Sun to become the “Beacon Of Light”. On the sixth year She must die (introduced to the underworld to conquer and to get the “Key Of The Nobles” placed on her shoulder) only to be risen in the 9th year as thee snake as God Daughter Saturn, Lord Of The Rings, Unite with Jupiter the bright blue star, the Holy Goat!

This is the path of human growth and transformation. There is only one Sun for an Age, but many Saturn and Jupiter ‘s moons. 50:119 October 7, 2019, the International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center announced the discovery of 20 new moons orbiting Saturn, bringing the planet’s total number of moons to 82. That surpasses Jupiter, which has 79, and makes Saturn the planet with the most known moons in our solar system. All people to transform in order to receive infinity & eternity. This is the kundalini power within us, the hidden snake in all of us!

It was long held that if we can ever understand human anatomy we would have the key to all things that exists, in as much as a human being is bound to all other things, is derived from all other things, and in a cause and extent of her existence she moves through all states and conditions and finds available within herself all instruments necessary for her continuing existence, growth through all the states of nature both physical and metaphysical.

Realizing to some extent that all the thoughtfulness that humanity dedicated to this mystery of the body, we can also be aware of the natural and the inevitable functioning of the human mind. Humanity searching for answers uses a kind of symbolic methodology, having discovered some small laws operating somewhere; she seeks to extend it as a greater law operating elsewhere or everywhere thus the concept of cosmogony ….

Some studies of things not visible to our sensory perceptions; these involve a process of analogy by which human being apply things seen to things unseen. Principles recognised to principles sought for on the unfold net of universal life. We perceive a human being as little universe and the universe as a grand human being, attempting to indicate that the processes operating in the universe operate in a larger scale in space and all space can be traced in the mysteries of a human being.

These concepts not only dominated the thinking of the African Egyptian mysticism but is part of today’s spirituality. On the same contemplations everywhere existed in all religions and phylosophies the original influence by these concepts and analogy, that in many instances these older analogies were correct and that knowledge is ancient.

It is natural that the spine, which is a sort of column is supporting the entire structure of the human body. The spine should be early considered, that the great deal of symbolism arises in connection with it. The ancient humans studying the human body recognized that in the spinal column was a very vital and an important element of man scopolio nature, a magic wind, a rod , a staff of Moses of which a body was required or naturally inclined to lead and it was also that for the human’s upright posture is assured. It is interesting to recognize that these tall column of bones should support on its upper end the mysteries of the skull….that part of man that seem to be like a heavenly globe standing up on the height of a column in a strange wilderness of physical tissue and structure.

Therefore the spine as the supporting instrument, uniting the various sections of the body seem to bring in to some common pattern the three points of all parts of the human torso, so that the body itself with the exception of its extremities, held together in a pattern or harmony by means of this monumental structure of bones; flexible, magnificent in its formation, serpent like in its flexibility and yet with a firm and enduring support capable of sustaining the various processes of the body with wonderful exactness, precision and reasonable comfort.

It was interesting that this spinal mystery seem to bring into harmony the three principal parts of the human torso namely;

1. The crania, all the concept of the skull

2. The thoracic, all the concept of the chest

3. And the abdominal, all the context of the abdominal cavity.

These three cavities filled with their vital organs and absolutely necessary to the function and consistent development of the human, were anciently associated with cosmogony. Ancients believed that they found in the structure of the body and its internal organization the source of bounties mysterious world’s as set forth in the Divine Cosmos and we know definitely that this analogy can be extended to many sacred writings in which the world’s are beautifully arranged and organized in a pattern very close to that of the subdivision of human’s principle parts of the body.

Beginning with the very bottom is the abdominal cavity with a long mysterious and involved structure of the intestinal part ….and in this we see the symbol of the underworld, the mysterious of Hades of the ancients; Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks and Latins, a mysterious dark waters of the universe in which processes are currently taking place; mysteries which are essential to a human being….processes that have been carefully and cunningly concealed by nature.


We also recognize in the thoracic cavity what might be called the middle region, and in this middle region the heart seems to reign free over the mysteries of life.

And finally far up in the column of the neck we find a skull with its contents, the wonders of the brain and this mysterious upper world, whereby there is a mysterious river, this river then flows downwards like a river of life and this river becomes a distributor of nerve impulse network (a nerve instinct) to all parts of the body keeping it alive so that this spine with its brain above seems to resemble an inverted plant, a kind of a bulb with its globe descending upon the brain and extending through out the body and this extension through the body is through an infinite diversity of a nerve structure ….seems to resemble a beautiful inverted fern like plant with its root in heaven and its growth descending downward into earth and even into the underworld.

The ancients furthermore recognized within this spinal column a sort of ladder a kind of ladder upon which Re saw the angels ascending and descending. The number of its original segments of the spinal chord counts to 33 … The number of years that David ruled in Jerusalem. This number 33 is a fabulous number in symbolism … The spine became the symbolic equivalent of this number. The upper vertebrae of the spine has been called the giant, in Egyptian mythodology… a giant carries the heaven above her shoulders.

Ancients divided humans as they divided everything else into three great parts

1. The superior universe above represented for the brain.

2. The inferior universe below represented by the abdominal cavity.

3. And between these two, is the world of mortals, the human world …our earth, in the midst of which the mighty mountain of the diaphragm was the temple of the heart.

img_3191All of these symbols derive very closely to the study of the human body. The problem of the relationship of the nervous system to the great economy of life took on a greatest meaning to ancient human  beings. The nervous system to the primitive people of the world seem to be a kind of middle ground between the two great life giving systems; the itinerary and the renal blood systems, the blood supply to the kidney.

The itinerary system was regarded as supreme ….and hailed to be the first and greatest power of things for by this system life itself was distributed into the body. The itinerary system therefore became the form of a symbol of intellectual or psychic life of a human being . And the renal system became the mortal or physical life of human being.

Thus spirit, soul and body was represented by these systems. The soul or psychic body was given the area of the brain because the entire mental life of human being originates in a kind of intellectual complex and the machinery for this complex called the machine of the five basic senses localized or centered in the brain. It is therefore in the brain that an individual achieves some form of consciousness.

Africa's 5 Basic Senses

It is in the heart where a human being participates in the universal consciousness, and it is through the renal system that she attains a certain body consciousness of which is comparatively rudimentary but is never the less present in the equations of life. In the same way psychologically speaking human derives an authority from these areas of her consciousness; From the heart center she gains concept or the authority of life. It is by venture of this heart power that a human being is aware of the mystery of what she calls life and she has associated life with it from the beginning. The brain she has associated with thought or the mental activity and the renal system of the body she has associated it with function or bodily structure. Human therefore consisting of spirit, soul and body (spirit, mind and body) assigns these in the symbolic way to these great areas of her own physical structure, which are united to one mysterious and wonderful pattern by the sovereignty of the the spinal nervous system.

This later in turn to whole series of philosophical inductions and deductions some of which are of value to us in our present thinking. This reasoning helps in one respect that it gives us to a large degree the anatomy and physiology of a human nervous system. Egyptians associated with it the planet Mercury and this in turn in which the west always associated it with nervous system. The nervous system involves not only the physical sensitivity to nerve action and reaction but it involves also the sensory existence of a human being.

The entire nervous system of the body is the extension of the nervous structure of the brain itself. There is therefore a mental or nervous image of the whole body in the brain, and the brain process is first of all achieved within a brain body and in this is the extended into a physical body itself. In other words there is an archetype human being in the brain. There is a archetype mental being in the mind of self and humans mentally live and move in the mind not in the body. It is only by extension series of reflexes a process of induction that the mental life of the individual is communicated to the body itself. The instruments by which this system of communication maybe achieved are the two brunches of the nervous system: the central and the autonomic ….these become the instruments of the extension of humans mental life in the body, and the human’s mental life lived in the mind… By which we have all the root of the individuality factors which we consider to make up manners, the human being, the thinker.

Thus there is a microcosm of the whole physical body in the brain, that the brain was in itself endogenous, the generation occurred in the process of thought just as it is occurred in the process of the reproduction image. ….that the entire process of the brain function is therefore a primary motion or movement of structure by the patterns of mental energy.

Consciousness in itself is not manifested, it is a lifeless in a thing, as a primary manifestation merely produces the state of existence. Consciousness in its true sense it’s an essence or a nature of being itself. A nature not self knowing or not self understanding ….but conscious because of factor of immediate action, in other words there is no delay nor drag in the process or the function of consciousness. Consciousness is unconditioned, it is unlimited and unrestricted, therefore is does not have to manifest in a conditioned way. And an unconditioned manifestation of consciousness is pure life, a life in which all of the elements of conditioned existence exist ….in life condition exist from its own seed but not in a conditioned state. A creature with a hard life maybe have a condition consciousness, it is the extinction of all particular attribute functioning. It is merely the state of being. A being which does not define its own nature a being which doesn’t affirm or deny anything. A being which merely exists and by its existence bestows life or life is the existence of this being which is itself immortal.

In the development of life, life develops into a condition of life knowing. That which exist by its own nature cannot be known by itself. It is known therefore through aspects of itself, it becomes known appreciated or sensed because it causes to emerge planets certain conditions of life or phase of life and in human the primary condition by means of which life become escapable in the knowledge of itself becomes the human’s focus. So the mind becomes that part of being, or the development of the creature called life awareness, where a being becomes being.

The answer to all mysteries lies in the heart, the power to search for this answer is given by the mind… for if is the mind that discovers the mysteries of the heart. It is the mind by means of which all particular things must be explored, known or estimated. Out of this situation there thus arose a primitive time; a process by means of which the mental nature began to assert itself over the autonomic system. Life is conveyed over to all parts of the body by the arteries; by this life was a sleeping life, a life that contained all energy, all that was necessary to unrivaled but this sleeping life did not know itself or any other thing ….and over this mysterious area which has become so alive, the mental nature began to exercise control, domination or leadership by permiating this life with a series or a mass of new extensions which gradually became nerves, but these nerves are nothing more or less than the gradual crystallization of the seeking power of the mind. The mind seeking not only to know things but to gradually coordinate the body. If the mind could control the body meant self control, and in taking over the control of the body, the mind then affirmed a leadership over this structure… and this leadership ultimately caused the individual to become a mental being rather than a living thing solely.

This mental being then assumed the control or leadership of all the processes of the body causing these processes to unfold, causing the evolutionary concept to take over …..because it was mind controlling matter that equaled growth. Growth in this sense merely not the extension of body, not the continual healthy life of the soul, not even the healthy process of cell division or the multiplication of cells by means of which the world might sometimes be completely latern with tissue alone. But now the gradual imposing of mental purpose, the imposing of mental energy upon physical processes and upon the life itself by which these processes were animated. Thus the mind became the transformer, it transformed body into a purpose instrument of selfless(ness). And gradually this self in the body attained greater and greater dominion of the body until it has established a complete tyranny over body, by the time this has been achieved the human being had become a thinking creature.
….but now we are at this interesting crossroads in the world of thought that we have now achieved a condition in which by our revolutionary processes in nature and by psychological processes in humanity, the neural power, the nerve distribution system has become the administrator of life, it is therefore in the nervous system now that;

1. we must seek the solutions of most of life’s mysteries,

2. it is in the nervous system also that we find the cause of most life’s misfortunes,

3. It is in the nervous system also that we must search for life’s meanings, life’s goals life’s purposes…

We must also seek in the processes, of the laws governing the development of neural energy and its distribution to discover the rules by means of which mind does administer matter, ….either correctly or incorrectly.
We thus find human being today as the ancients rather assumed her or him to be …a creature largely composed of mind, and the mind physical symbolism, the nervous system, the nervous system has permeated almost all parts of human structure, that as a result of this structure has became increasingly sensitive and immediately responsive and by this process …whether we realize it or not …the entire body is being changed into mind. Mind is gradually becoming the substance of humanity and the so called artery or cardiovascular system of a human being is becoming more and more an energizer of mind and the vital substances of the body are being channeled ever more continuously to the use of mental agent.

  • What is mind? What is this mind, what is its real nature?
  • What is its substance?
  • Is the mind essentially good?

Modern psychology and modern science will be inclined to doubt that the mind is good. Also we suddenly discover that practically all human beings are trusting their destinies to an instrument called the mind without knowing where it came from, what it is trying to do, wherether it is selfish or unselfish, right or wrong. Whether it is capable of factuality or not, whether we can depend upon its advise or cannot depend upon it…whether it is an instrument of the universal destiny…..
We take certain comfort and consolations however in the assumption of mind must be meaningful because it is product of the meaningful universe, engaged in a meaningful project. Therefore mind must have its place in the universal purpose or it could not appear in the human structure.

In terms of purposes however human has discovered that the mind by its very nature derive a large part of its knowledge or large part of its basic reasoning materials as the result of the testimonies of the nerve sensory perceptions …therefore that the mind very largely is the building its entire structure from the environment …..and that the greater the central purpose of mind extends itself by means of nerves so that by means of these nerve rays it can bind itself in the mystery of the later world. Without the nervous system human cannot be aware of the world around them. The nervous system has given her the tremendous instrument of contact; contact with phenomenon, contact with numeral diversities of activities in which we have gradually become familiar. ….all classification, all orders, all systems which have now been brought together to constitute to basic text for education, all of these structures of findings are the directories of nerve testimony.
By means of nerves certain impressions, certain reflections have been brought into nature. Most out of this entire structure of nerves man is building a series of adjustments between the self which is the nerve purpose and the will in which the complete organism exist.

In this particular pattern of things the heart has been reduced to one simple problem, that is, it supplies the fuel. Mainly the human heart become simply the energy by means of which this entire procedure is carried on… If the heart stops the entire nervous system fails with it. If anything happens to essential life principles in a human, all the vast superstructure of nervous reflex is destroyed.
Therefore the nervous system and the egoism in human is dependent upon the heart.

This dependancy however has not been in generally recognized and the individual, in general affirms that the mind is linked with her world, it is her most valued possession and that also its testimonies right or wrong good or bad are inevitable and that it should pause long enough to be thankful for the fact that we have a mind and should not be much concerned with what we do about it. This prevailing thankfulness is generally absent and as a result we are rather thoughtless people so far as major problems are concerned.
The truth of things must be obtained by restoring the sovereignty of life to the heart.

As a person thinketh in their heart so they are. The real person, the real nature of things reside in the heart. The heart is therefore the silent one, that power which is generally ignored, of which alone contains the fountain of things. By means of the heart we abound in the world of cause, and by means of the nerves and the mind we abound in the world of affects…and in a moment someway the truth in us is concealed by the conflict between these two systems and by the fact that largely the control of the body has come to be vested into the intellectual or neural system ……Thus we have build a mental nature …build up upon phenomena; phenomena that has been digested and rationalized, it is a though we have a kind of a burial avital statistics in the skull and into this burial we have gathered all known facts … We then turn these facts over to coordinators.

We have a mysterious and wonderful way by aid of a machine which is no exact than a mechanical brains that we ever have been able to manufacture …..that by means of this internal machine which turns forms facts into relationships upon which dynamic must depend. By means of this we have come to certain dynamic attitudes about things. These dynamic attitudes form in themselves a cluster of dynamic factors and these in turn by their chemistries interminglings has produced what we call ego which is in a sense summer of our dynamics. The ethos is the thing that says I want, I will, I must….. I AM….which is the affirmation of the fact of self gained from one primary earnings alone namely: that “the thinker distinguishes a difference between its own nature and that which it thinks about“.

Phenomenon therefore or the massage of outside things moving in and upon the individual, this procedure gradually affirms the existence of the thinker in relationship to its own thoughts. By the fact that we see, we taste, we touch, we feel …the gradual and inevitable conclusion is that we exist …..and this positive concept of existence within the mind gradually becomes justified by the fact that we can extend our own consciousness into the outer things ….therefore we must have a separate consciousness which can be solely extended ….and subconsciously we have invested this with dimensions and proportions of a psychic self or an intity.
In this procedure also the nervous system must come into positive operation…. and the nervous system extending itself through out the body has formed its own kind of body.

It is not mere that the nervous system is little threads making other physical organs function. The nervous system in order to cause function, to exist in matter or in structure, must function from its own archetype ….therefore the organization of the physical body as we see it now, depends very largely upon the impression upon this body of the neural archetype (neurons or neurones or nerve cells responds to stimuli), a field designer or pattern, the reason why cell generation does not go on into an infinite mass of tissue is because mind and neural energy functioning as the agent of mind imposes boundaries, imposes limitations, distinguished processes and gradually begins the process transforming or molding the body into a physical equivalent of the its own neural nature.

The Kundalini Or The Spinal Chakras

The heart must be brought back in the dominion over the neural system.
The spinal chakras; these wheels of light representing presumably the important flex along the spinal chord that through these there moves a mysterious power which is called the serpent power ….. And that this power rising from the base of the spine ascending through the various small nervous threads the atamonic system results in the activation of these chakras. The promise guaranteed to us is that Re our sun ☀️ of this Aquarius age shall open into activation the first chakras -hers-offwhich in return opens the African continent chakras so that all people of the continent and those who believes in Re may easily activate their own chakras by the grace of God. By the activation of the chakras certain internal areas of consciousness are opened or are intensified …came with them a degrees of super sensory perceptions and power.

In dealing with the chakras, they are represented in one way or another by symbolic figures, these figures are for the most part latest form ….distinguished by the number of petals and each of these latest forms carry certain other images and symbols and in each of the latest petals or feathers are those letters of the ancient subscript, letters representing ideas tones, energies ….by use of one kind or another with which these chakras are specifically identified.

There is no reasonable doubt in the world that these 7 chakras generally are associated with the number 7. It also has to do with ancient Egyptian astronomy. Parallel also to the Pythagoras the single music string instrument with the upper end of the string attached to the imperium or sphere of the fixed stars and the lower for end of the string attached to the earth. Stops were places along the string to correspond to the orbits of the planet and the so called three inferior planets the Moon, Mercury and Venus were considered to be the lower part of this instrument, the sun at the center by means of which the octave was achieved. Above these were those superior planets Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. This vertical thread is placed between heaven and earth and divided by 7 threads into intervals became very similar in its general concept with the chakras system.
The heart chakra corresponds to the sun, the fourth from above and the forth from below. Thus the heart chakra corresponds to the sun in the solar system and above are the three planets and below it are the three planets. In those system also the distribution of the planets in relationship to the meaning and to significance of the chakras. This distribution is sufficiently parallel and close between the astrological theory and that of the 7 seals.
The relation between these chakras and the 7 seals in the book of revelations. The seven seals of revelation certainly bare a striking symbolic content where in each case whereas the seal is opened a vision or apocalyptical experiences are unfolded.

It is also quite possible to that we have in this the key to the ancient concept of the octave as Pythagoras developed it in music. The spinal chord as the musical instrument of the world and therefore the myst harmony of the spheres of life and of death was played out from this mysterious musical instrument. Such is the spinal chord or the staff of Re.

We also have the 7 churches in Asia described by Paul, the 7 days of creation, the 7 primary elements off the alchemical transmutation, the 7 maples & the 7 priceless germs. Deities and in the oval chakra system the deities are imposed upon these chakras to create a vast complex of interrelated symbols.
It is not possible for us to see these chakras with our physical eyes, it is not possible for us to see them as lotus flower and count the petals in them and find the letter of the subscript alphabet on each one of them nor is it possible for us to look inside of the chakra to find the six pointed star or look inside of another and find an elephant. We do know however that these forms were created for a purpose and that this purpose was undoubtedly and inevitably that each one of these so called chakras forms is a mandala – a meditation wheel.

Where are the chakras?

In the center of the human spine and are related intimately with certain areas and that the contemplation of them was intended to be directed towards the areas in which they existed. The chakras are actually all of them in the brain, the spinal chakras are the reflexes of the brain spinal chakras in the mirror of mind… That the neural system carries in flexes into various parts of the body but that the chakras themselves are in the 7 primary caves of the brain. The entire chakra concept is mental. The entire procedure is mind influencing mind. The entire enduring of the theory and the working out of the theory is a phenomenal within the mental field energy…. To meditate upon the chakra it must be conceived mentally, it can not be regarded as an organ. Chakras can only be known by mental reflex. Therefore in the chakra you have rarefied a group of mental organs arising within the substance of human’s mental existence …and as a result of that this subject to all conditioning that is possible to a mental structural form in nature.

The mind, being used for visualization of these spinal mandalas endengous in concept the symbolic shape. The shapes are fixed by position the shape of this chakra. Purpose being to release the energy symbolically represented in each form of the chakra ….thus reversing the process of mental control and restore the pure energy which has been blocked by mental phenomenal.
The 7 seals represent the symbols of 7 blockages, conditions set up by the sensory reflexes of a human resulting in 7 basic mistakes. These 7 basic mistakes stand between the individual and the intimate immediate realization of the life power of the heart….
To overcome these therefore she must overcome the instruments of phenomenal which she has set up. She is attempting to lead the life energy out of this subtorian region which it has come involved carry it back again to its own true and proper nature by resolving one by one the fixations of mind by which this energy is held prisoned or held in highly specialized process.
To do this the process must achieve the right use or the wrong use….that is the its primary function. The ability for human to achieve union with the infinity (with that which is unconditioned). It is not right to assume that the chakras can be anything more or less than the 7 steps of attaining victory over illusion. It is way too difficult to activate our chakras therefore grace must activate for you when one arrives at this point of transformation from discord to accord.

The 7 steps for attaining this victorious human attains the victory by attaining victory over these symbolism of the chakra itself in a literal translation. She gains her victory by mastering these wheels.

The word chakra means a whirling wheel. The whirling wheel is a reminder of a tantra that these centers are in constant motion ….all of these chakras are represented as spinning violently and the direction in which they spin is of the greatest importance because in each case victory consist of the reversing of the directions.
Why are the chakras seem to be spinning?

In the condition of human being all the so called aspects of mental energy are in constant motion. There is no stability in the mental energy, it is in continual movement, it is continually in conflict, it is continually contradicting itself. And theses chakras represent conditions which are constantly in alternation within their own structure, the wheel of fortune that goes round and round….it is the same wheel of fortune represented in Egypt. The endless turning of the wheel constantly spinning.
All conditions therefore spin upon the axes of the illusions….and there can be no permanence reality or fixness in them.

Basic RGBThe purpose of the concept seems to lie in the fact that in the 7 states of mental existence represented in the chakras there can be no fixness there can be nothing that is truly sole nothing that is inevitably not sole, nothing that is finally good and nothing that is ultimately bad. These are only sequences of conditions.
The conditions themselves are what we call dependencies. Each condition is dependent upon the previous for its own existence and that which is subsequent is dependent upon that which is precedes it.

Thus the wheel goes continuously and in all of the chakra areas the motion of the wheel was the ancient symbol of instability that everything is movable in the universe except the axes. The mysterious invisible centers in which the wheel turns alone turns, is emovable. The axes of the wheel is actually the heart. The Sun ☀️ our center. 
The sun can only move at the end of age. The heart therefore becomes the axes of a wheel and around it moves the six conditions represented by other 6 other heavenly bodies or planets …the 3 inferior and the superior conditions. The 3 superior conditions are the 3 states of the elevation of mental phenomenal. The 3 inferior conditions are the 3 unfortunate or misery causing states of mental phenomenal and the wheel continues to turn.
“For a little success a little sorrow, for a little of gain for a little of loss. For greatness of hope and moderation of despair”…. all things moving continuously upon instability. And in the midst of this the lord of instability, the mind itself…yet human has nothing else to conquer mind but mind. She has no way of achieving master. The heart cannot give her particulars, the heart cannot instruct her in this or in that …the heart can not wage war with mind because it has none of the objective instruments by means of which mind has created not only wonderful neural structure but the ancient symbol of this is spider in its web….for the nervous system is the great web with which the spider has spun its existence….

In this system symbolism therefore …we have these chakras points which represent therefore the central patterns , the archetypes of 7 conditions by means of which the unconditioned or that which is true obscured. The mind has 7 patterns upon which it operates , these we might say are like the notes of the musical scale. The mind ascends through 7 stages moving from the infenitly personal to infenitly impersonal.

The victory of mind over mind, is the mysterious way in which human can achieve. In as much the mind is its military instrument the mind is the mysterious power by means of which the error of the mind itself ….the mind has been shown to produce logic to overcome that which is illogical … Mind has produced reason to overcome that which is unreasonable always remembering that the mind is generated that illogical that it has to correct and also is the source of the unreasonable which it ultimately has to gain a victory …also remembering that the reasoning of today is probably the unreasonable of tomorrow ….and that no degree of mental attainment which human can achieve is other than the victory of a new mind over an old one. Or the victor of today’s thinking over yesterday’s thinking. The mind can therefore battle only itself. It can have a victory only over itself. It can make a fool of nothing but itself …..and actually it is the only power that we have in which human can lead herself out maze of mind.

Mystics created therefore a stable pattern to lure the mind away from its own negations to conquer step by step primary fallacies of the mind to archive ultimately the overcoming of the alternative fallacy of the mind which is the fallacy of selfness. This in itself must lead then to that which is beyond self, that is the adman or the reconstruction of human relationship to the concept of self so that self is no longer the person being but the universal being and that the ligance is transferred to the will of the individual to the silent will of space itself… Steps towards liberation.

By mind overcoming its own previous fixations. These fixations being due to largely to the symbolic testimony of the senses ….therefore one of the sensory perceptions is associated with each of the chakras …..and the victory over that is the testimony of the senses achieve ultimately the victory over the error or the false premise in which this has set in the mental system, all equipment of the individual. The true chakras are in the mind. The true chakras are therefore in the 7 important nerve centers of the brain. The brain then extends these through the bodily form itself.

This mental phenomenon is substantial in it’s own realm of energy. This mysterious fur like an amination which comes around the body of human so that also inwardly the body is the glowing network of nerves. The nerves have their nerve color in themselves…a luminous golden yellow color. From the level of nervous energy itself ….the entire body is glowing mass of this yellow light…the sensory perceptions are …from the structure of organs the alteria structure of organs become the archer type of neural structure of perceptions therefore the vital organs of the body are associated with our nervous organs which are chakra centers which corresponds with the physical organs of the body, thus as the nervous complex develops as the individual becomes more and more involved in the development of this highly structured nervous system w perceive a structural development within the nervous nature itself and we emerging in the nerve field the rule of the human body as lunamicitic that there are these so called 7 fountains constantly pulses neural energy. And these 7 fountains the principle division of which nerve energy is divided.

These again result into a psychological situation because the nerve energy being septenary. The upper 3 parts of the septenary constituting the higher energy is mental energy. The lower 3 parts is nervous emotional energy and the middle point corresponding to the sun represents the pure energy of the nervous system thus the nervous system is polarized.
The mental nervous energy and an emotional nervous energy and they are both out of equilibrium and the only thing that is in true equilibrium is pure nervous energy itself which corresponds to the heart …as being the center of balance of the neural field. Nervous energy as we function with it in the body’s as to have a kind of link with matter a link that corresponds very closely itinerary nervous system with the lymphatic system and we have to have the equivalent of the nerve lymphatic. This nerve lymphatic has to function in two ways; one it has to unite the 2 principles nervous systems which corresponds to the 2 systems of blood (connection between tissues and bloodstream). It has to link the spinal process and the autonomic processes which are merely 2 directions of nervous energy also both parts of the nervous field the total nervous field must be linked to the physical body by a series of binders for the nerve energy cannot matter unless we have a link such that these two are related to one another. The classical link that is link to equintity between these two is a kind of the magnetic field which takes somewhat of the nature of nerve energy and somewhat of the nature of matter. We have to have a structure which corresponds to the mysterious ethos — the fluid midst the airy water.

The Orphic EggThe agent in which it carries in itself the power to link the opposite…it must lie between them. The lutheric binder, this lutheric binder
This ethiric binder the magnetic field was one under the control of the mind …comes under the dominion of thought and it is because off this that by means of the mind the area of imagination is effective in creating …every idea is in a state of an egg and we fertilize it with a sperm. The snake 🐍 fertilizer to all state of consciousnesses.

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