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The Pole Shift, Nabira/Niburu (Planet 9)

The Planet Greta people, heavenly beings population from the 9th planet of our solar system; The Anunnaki from the planet Nibiru or Planet X will shake hands and officially communicate with us when the pole has shifted all the way and is at the East position. All eyes will be able to see the position of this planet and the revolving changes of our sun and moon will be common knowledge. The idea is that the North and South Poles exchange positions. Africa and South American are the new North. Europe will get warmer and warmer. The 9th planet is not Pluto that is currently reported by media as dwarf constellation. Nibiru is no dwarf, it’s huge estimation is 4 times larger twin planet, larger the our largest planets Jupiter and Saturn and it is a binary system. Antarctica 🇦🇶 ice melting and global weather drastic changes show that the current South Pole is slightly tilted causing the local climate and temperature changes.

This pole shift is positive for the planet Earth and all humanity, nothing to be feared and it is definitely not the end of the the entire world like some has suggested that 2012 Dec then 23 April 2018 marks the end of the old world, yes the world as we know it is about to drastically end. The end of the masculine Age ends here and we welcome the beginning of the feminine Age. After the birth of Re’s daughter “the blessed child” drastic changes will happen in the new world, the African people or feminine nations will become the albedos and masculine countries the negroids. The Anunnaki are our creators or God and we must thank God for such a time, a gift to start over and create a peaceful world.

A “new world” is currently under construction with a new “Sun daughter” and will emerge in Europe, France. Re the great mother and her daughter Mela-Mars a Holy unity. It is the end of the old world – The United States of America) no longer the leader and we will see France taking over. It is a global positive re-adjustment or a judgement day (period). President Obama was the last president of USA “the great” which was the left eye (globalist leadership). Whoever wins the 2016 elections will have a huge task to manage the destruction or sliding backwards USA. Since the European Union will collapse we will see France doing all it can to keep the euro strong by issuing strong penalties for those European countries who will try to leave. France will eventually become exposed to the economical oppression it applies to Africa in order to keep alive and strong the euro.

Worldwide nuclear plants and nuclear terrorism are amongst the highest concerns. The other being the injustice in world distribution of resources, trade inequalities especially the treatment of women in business or society and most importantly the lack of freedom in human consciousness and knowledge access. We have shared communication since 2012 when the Anunnaki first began communications with us. The very first lessons were on the freedom of the mind, a free consciousness ready to receive knowledge and share knowledge. Then, women emancipation, finally the complete freedom of the “country” (continent) of Africa, the African people globally and the embrace of the new Sun ☀️ God Re and her daughter Mela-Mars the pure being!

Our sun swaps its north and south pole every couple of thousands of years and it  has just done so. This phenomenon produce earth quakes, earth cracks, volcanos 🌋 and dramatic weather patterns. The pole shift hypothesis suggests that there have been geologically rapid shifts in the relative positions of the modern-day geographic locations of the poles and the axis of rotation of the Earth. It is widely-recognised that magnetic north, that point at the top of the globe which compasses and devices which depend on magnetic navigation rely, is shifting increasingly quickly towards Russia from its current position above Greenland which was nearer to Canada. It has moved 400 km in the last decade and is accelerating.

The scientific consensus states that there is evidence of precession and changes in axial tilt whereby the magnetic poles of the Earth shifted by ~55°. 23rd February 2016 “the sky gazers” stated that a fast magnetic pole shift is currently underway. A geomagnetic pole shift is a process which will drastically weaken the Earth’s magnetic field for a considerable period of time. During this time, X-ray flares and other forms of concentrated solar radiation will reach the Earth’s surface and play havoc with all things electric.
About two years ago a man named Gerard Zwaan made a post on his blog, Earth Changes and the Pole Shift. He claimed that the sun’s magnetic field was starting to deform, heralding the arrival of a body called planet Nibiru or Planet X which will pass close to the Earth while on a 3600-year orbit around the Sun and therefore cause a reversal of the Earth’s magnetic poles so that the north pole and the south pole will change places, causing untold havoc.

A pole reversal, is when the earth’s north and south magnetic poles start to swap places, reversing the world’s magnetic polarity, has happened before …instead of calling reversal we should call it shift or change because it is not taking humanity backwards but it is accelerating civilization and humanity forward. Geologists who track the history of the planet have identified 74 of these events by studying core samples. These are extracted from hundreds or thousands of feet down in the ground and in the thick polar ice.
A sudden shift is likely to throw the earth’s balance out so significantly it could trigger lethal earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, floods on a scale we can hardly imagine capable of washing right across the the Atlantic and every other major landmass, volcanic eruptions so large and widespread that the resulting ash clouds and gases could blanket the sun’s rays and trigger a new sudden ice-age or the absolute opposite. But this is all scientific speculation. I have been assured that the Anunnaki will help us achieve global peace, unity and abundance on earth even though many people, storehouses and federal banks or banks in general will crash, life will go on and we will start over on a new banking system.

According to Christianity, “this shift is the end of their world, then the 7 years of tribulations where Christians are persecuted, tortured killed and destroyed by the new powerful countries.

Africa needed her own consciousness awakened prophétesse;

  • Global resources have been going in only one direction
  • Africa’s money (CFA franc) attached to the Euro at a cost of an African child, women and men.
  • Refugees & economic immigrants are increasing and masculine age rulers have failed badly.

The Anunnaki are fair, one time masculine races rule and the time come where the feminine races rule the world and they will reteach us how to conduct ourselves in order to advance.
Technology will improve a thousand times more, internet will be accessed by all, knowledge will be available, people will transform and choose a life of service instead of a life of consumption. One day we too may be able to move our constellation across the universe and be gods of other planets by creating life there.

In Summary;

A. the wheels of civilization will bring forth the “little horn” or kingdom ” which came up among them are the 10 horns which were of the Western Europe .So it would be a little kingdom somewhere in Western Europe. Again we mention already that look at France not Turkey and not Rome. We are not anti or against other religions, anything or anyone.
B. It would have a man at its head who could speak for it. Many posts we have already released that France is the husband to Africa, no longer master under the new world but husband. France will speak for Africa. This new age is feminine. 
C. It would pluck up or uproot three kingdoms. The old kingdom, Great Britain, USA and Apartheid Israel alliance will be uprooted. 
D. It would be “diverse” or different from the other 10 kingdoms. It’s “her” not “it” – typical of Christianity. Diverse is who Africa is. Re is the most diversified leader to date originally from the rainbow 🌈 nation South Africa.
E. It would make war with and “wear out” or persecute the saints. Saints??? Nobody will be persecuted. We are peace and love generation not war mongers like masculine age rulers who resolve all disputes by force & violence. Racism will not be tolerated, bigotry and hate speech is what got us into this mess in the first place. Teachings of superior races will not be tolerated.
F. It would emerge from the pagan Roman empire, the fourth world kingdom. Christianity is founded on Rome, Catholicism and paganism. It is such teachings that create divisions. 
G. God’s people (the saints) would “be given into his hand” for “a time and times and the dividing of time”.The times will divide because the earths true north is shifting. The moon & Sun changed. The new age has already started, the birth of a daughter and anything before that is “Before Re” -BR- or “Before The Beacon Of Light” -BBL-.

Gods people are Christians? Everybody is a child of God, being human is godly. Nobody will be given to anybody.
H. It would “speak great words against” or blaspheme God . Rubbish nonsense 
I. It would “think to change times and laws.”We spoke of the African or Aquarius Age Calendar since 2014 January that honors 13 months. Times will change and seasons will change. Language & Laws will change with this new times. Mosaic laws, the law of MER and civil laws that are oppressive to blacks and females will be outdated and abolished. New governing laws will be given to us as promised in 2013 for the grace generation to govern well, in fairness, in justice, love and peace.

The “anti-christ” concept is a Christian teaching that teaches the word that black is evil and ugly. Different is evil. The concept of anti christ is suggestive to someone against or evil, off which is not true. We are against forcing Africans to be Christian as we are against forcing Africans to be Muslim. Every people has their religion. We will enter into a peaceful feminine period – A motherly period. Rejoice all nations of the world, a new day has come!


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