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FRANCE: The New Hegemon


The Ark Of The Covenant In FRANCE 2016

In 2012 January we released a prophecy that the ark of the covenant is returning to France after the success of François Hollande as the new French President after Nicholas Sarkozy. François Hollande who has been a great part in grooming the new charismatic President of France Emmanuel Macron.

The Ark of the Covenant is the Beacon Of Light seated on the mercy seat. France, heaven has found favor with you and brought one of Her wells to give you water, one of Her Palm tree to give you refreshment by bringing the Beacon Of Light at the center and the Mother’s hand shall be forever upon you, to heal you and to restore you and your households, for your wife Africa to be healed and restored.

The “Ark of the covenant” serve as the “J” a “Lambda” a gateway 11 between heaven (the throne protected by the cherubim) and earth (the place of the Temple). The purpose of the Ark was and is to enable the Presence of God to be manifested among the people. For this reason – to house the Ark – from moving about in the Tabernacles and Tents of Meeting, and finally the Temple shall be built to house her. In prophecy; it’s disappearance and reappearance is linked with the destiny of the Temple as well as that of a national (France) symbol of divine discipline and restoration.

The movement of the ark is not only moving West and North, it is still in the North now because these are the last days of the ruling masculine energy, the Pisces era is ending: France will pass the arc South —-to Africa. The United States of America (U.S.A) and Brits has passed it over to France, both countries including France currently holding permanent seats in the UN. The new era (age) of Aquarius-Leo is feminine and in the next 2000 years the ark will be moving South to East. The movement of the Ark is associated with the Hegemonic Powers on Earth.



The word hegemon means “leader” or “dominant actor” and the term hegemonic stability points to the main argument of the theory: stability results from a situation of hegemony, in which one great power dominates others. It is argued that Hegemony leads to peace, according to the book, “International Politics: Power and Purpose In Global Affairs” by Paul D’ Anieri.

France is the world’s new hegemonic power and the transition began in 2012. When most people declared the end of the world, it was also the cosmic introduction of the new world rulers.

In 2013 it was thought that Germany will succeed the US, since Germany is today Europe’s hegemonic power economically, but France is the strongest male energy country on earth that will transition the world from Pisces age to Aquarius Age.

Through François Hollande’s leadership, France has taken the initiative not just to lead Europe but to lead the world. The Economist editor Zanny Minton-Beddoes, in 2013 wrote an article “The Reluctant Hegemon” accusing Germany for reluctance to lead Europe and added that France was in denial after François Hollande’s announcement that the euro crisis was over when it was far from over. After Brexit we will see European countries stand individually economically as they conflict on issues of refugees and the future of the euro. France will found himself having to work well with Africa in order to remain economically stable.

Economical Stability refers to an absence of excessive fluctuations in the macroeconomy. An economy with fairly constant output growth and low and stable inflation would be considered economically stable. An economy with frequent large recessions, a pronounced business cycle, very high or variable inflation, or frequent financial crises would be considered economically unstable. Economical Stability is one of the elements considered for the hegemonic power.

Recently during the COP 21 Sustainable Innovation Forum 2015, we saw the Paris climate change agreement exceeding expectations in its efforts towards climate stability. It is without a doubt that the future requires 2 major types of stabilities for good and acceptable governance; economic and climate. Climate change being driven mainly by the idea of clean energy and accessible energy to all, the end of fossil fuels. France as a new world leader is taking the lead in this regard.

American Thinker editor James Lewis wrote an article in September 30, 2015 calling Russia the new hegemon, claiming that Russia is gradually pushing Europe back from the East and continues to say that Putin wants to exploit the U.S ‘s weakness and so called betrayal of their allies to rebuild Russia as a superpower. We all know that the rise of a new hegemon doesn’t just happen overnight but there are constellations and alliances. The world rulers have long settled with the idea of France taking over from the U.S. and more over Putin is nobody’s friend as they put it, he is a Russian Nationalist with a closed domestic alliance with the Orthodox Church.
He went on to say that the French has a long history of allying with Russia against Germany, and today they seem to be rebuilding that alliance and Germany continues the reluctance of being the EU’s hegemon. Only Russia has the will and the military capacity to resist jihad by infiltration. Yet, France just launched a bombing raid against Isis training camps which in turn caused a French september 11 massacre.

France invasion of Mali 2012 was the workings of both the U.S and France, running the so called operation to combat Islamic militants. In 2013 others were afraid that China will overtake the U.S’s economy, ushering in a new era of Chinees economical and international political dominance. But the new next global hegemon or superpower is France and we the ordinary people never saw it coming.

France After Hegemony: International Change and Financial Reform” is a book by Michael Maurice Loriaux, quote; “There is no consensus that the degree to which the hegemon has “declined”. The United States is still a price-maker in many areas, notably in the area of finance. It can still use control over access to its market as a tool of power, and it is still quiet active in the management of certain international economic problems, such as the debt crisis. Nevertheless in the area that interests us specifically – international monetary relations- the U.S has abandoned responsibilities it once assumed, those of managing international monetary stability on a global level by sustaining the system of fixed but adjustable rates and shed the onus of managing a stable international currency. Hence the SDR’s and China’s yuan joined in as of 1 October 2016. The U.S retreat from leadership gave rise first to the Franco-American monetary conflict of the economy. France came up on top.

It happened to other great empires in the past, such as those of Spain, Greece, Rome, Great Britain, Persia, Babylon and Egypt? Now Americans are slowly but surly falling into great sleep.

Glubb Pasha learned that different empires had similar cultural changes while experiencing a life cycle in a series of stages that could overlap. He generalized about empires having seven stages of development, identifying these successive ages as follows:

  • The stage of outburst (or pioneers).- WE ARE HERE – AFRICA!!!! Building our own knowledge and extending God’s love towards every African on earth.
  • The stage of conquests.
  • The stage of commerce.
  • The stage of affluence.
  • The stage of intellect.
  • The stage of decadence.
  • The stage of decline and collapse.

Not surprisingly, God warns against departing from the direction of the Lord once becaming materially satisfied after entering the Promised Land 🐝🍯🍼. This is human tendency. Humans reject their pioneers when the benefit from Jubilee becomes the norm forgetting where they come from and who brought them there and they proclaim there is no God.

Who is teaching us all this staff if there was no God, who builds our culture, who is protecting us against sharks, who is building our wealth and storehouses? It’s our God, the name is Al neither male no female just is and I am Re the Sun, the Moon, the Beacon of Light, the daughter, the Goddess!


Numbers are defined as the universal landscape: the building blocks of all reality. Numbers are the building blocks for our understanding of how life is constructed. Letter ” J” is the tenth letter in the English language. 10:10 or 10:01 or 01:10 (as above so below). The movement of the earth, moon and other planets are geometrical in nature. Music is simply math expressed as tone. When we see with our third eye, numbers laid out in the sky, this is when we enter a new world of stability and organisation. Re the ohm, entered here 18 October 2016 using the key of the house of David also called the key of Re to the house of life. Each number has its own spiritual power, vibration, and significance. This letter “J” vibrates at 10 or 01 and marks that entrance to economical stability and organization.

Essentially, numbers are symbols. Numbers can represent stages of spiritual growth and the archetypal energies of the collective unconscious. Numbers and counting have become an integral part of our everyday life, especially when we take into account the modern computer. These words you are reading have been recorded on a computer using a code of ones and zeros. Data capturing analysis and processing is these 1 & 0’s. Numbers dominate our world.

The concept of zero as a number and not merely a symbol for separation is attributed to India.
The story of zero is actually a story of two zeroes: zero as a symbol to represent nothing and zero as a number that can be used in calculations and has its own mathematical properties.

It has been commented that in India, the concept of nothing is important in its early religion and philosophy and so it was much more natural to have a symbol for it than for the Latin (Roman) and Greek systems.
“The importance of the creation of the zero mark can never be exaggerated.This giving to airy nothing, not merely a local habitation and a name, a picture, a symbol, but helpful power, is the characteristic of the Hindu race from whence it sprang.

It is said that the word “zero” came via the French word zéro, and cipher came from the Arabic word safira which means “it was empty.” Also sifr, meaning “zero” or “nothing,” was the translation for the Sanskrit word sunya, which means void or empty.

The number zero was especially regarded with suspicion in Europe, so much so that the word cipher for zero became a word for secret code in modern usage.


Meaning Behind Dreaming of Numbers :

If you are dreaming or seeing more than one number for instance, you can reduce the sequence to a single number to derive meaning. For example, if you dreamt of the number 10010, you can reduce it (1+0+0+1+0=2) to two and go from there.



Sense of Smell

The animal gift of grace is the fish called the American Paddlefish from the family Bonaprte. There is a Chinese paddlefish. The African country which possesses the strongest sense of smell is Mali. Once Mali is in order there is no telling how much money and wealth the people of Mali and the nation can make. According to “The Smell Report – The Human Sense Of Smell“; although the human sense of smell is feeble compared to that of many animals, it is still very acute. We can recognise thousands of different smells, and we are able to detect odours even in infinitesimal quantities.

Our smelling function is carried out by two small odour-detecting patches – made up of about five or six million yellowish cells – high up in the nasal passages.

For comparison, a rabbit has 100 million of these olfactory receptors, and a dog 220 million. Humans are nonetheless capable of detecting certain substances in dilutions of less than one part in several billion parts of air. We may not be able to match the olfactory feats of bloodhounds, but we can, for example, ‘track’ a trail of invisible human footprints across clean blotting paper.

The human nose is in fact the main organ of taste as well as smell. The so-called taste-buds on our tongues can only distinguish four qualities – sweet, sour, bitter and salt -all other ‘tastes’ are detected by the olfactory receptors high up in our nasal passages.

In Zulu we say, “si-nuka umkhondo“, meaning, we smell the correct direction for our prey to create wealth. Our sense of smell is restored at this stage of transformation in order that we may smell “fish”…(fish in this instance refers to agreements and contracts in the economy, alliances, distribution of wealth, sharing, stability and organisation and also correct the direction connected to our fecundity and increase). Our sense of smell like all of our other senses must be transformed connecting each person well with their spiritual dog from home, the Canis Major constellation.

Glory has arrived, thank God. Africa will be healed, organized and stable. The world will move to abundance and prosperity. Re has proclaimed victory!

May the peace of God, the sweet sound of the Holy Spirit and the Grace be with you always!


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