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Division And Isolation

Africa as our solar system’s big clock, connecting us with our galaxy. The ancient clock 🕰 of civilization and location (or position). The Time Keeper, The Great Time is I plus T creating K; Kali Ma bringing us a new age of Ma & year 1 beginning August 1,2020. Separate there and join together here.

Africa was ignored during the masculine age of Pisces. Arabia invaded the Northern part of Africa. The northern part of Africa became the passage of trade routes that isolated the rest of Africa, and global trade routes never benefited Africa. However we have something positive God kept for us, for if it were not for the tsetse flies and other central African or tropical diseases that European people were not accustomed to, the whole of Africa would be like Australia today completely transformed and the natives buried in the European culture. The good news however is that Africa’s culture and heritage was preserved and today Africa is back at that central position in the world thanks to the Holy Trinity.

When African countries were purposely divided in order to isolate Her from global trade and communication, Africa lost big in infrastructure development and trade of its natural and Human Resources: simply because of colonization and through”division” and “isolation”. When it’s not your time it just isn’t meaning Africans could try their best to maneuver in the world which did not love them. Time is a great divider, the Great isolator and the great conquerer. This is the power attributed by The Holy Ghost. The Holy Trinity is the Great Mother , Daughter and The Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is the omega who always was and is and forever shall be has a power so great that all nature is desperate for, all nature feels, desires, long for, this is mercy and God’s love to us.

This makes Africa powerful. Off which the opposite is also true that the absentia of the Holy Spirit hinders a people from forming functioning alliances. Alliances work well with numbers and alliances have the most powerful benefits which form securities in our structures. If Ghana trades alone for example, in an alliance with USA: As Ghana you have a population of 70 million and GDP growth at a percentage that is far less of that of US which has 319 million people, and the US is a NATO member state and a list of other trade agreements, in this case if you were Ghana you have little to bargain with especially if your country is not a passage of oil and gas or other essential resources. In every alliance there are those controlling (leading) the alliance. The leader should rather have a stronger currency, stronger partners, and a good position in terms of both time and location. 1.21billion population of the African continent united will have a stronger bargaining power for creating the trade routes and alliances.

The power of the Holy Ghost (The Great Time) is to divide, isolate and conquer using the direction and algorithm to bring the isolated subjects to their knees. The end of 19th century Cecil Rhodes declared The Cape to Cairo as he put forward the plans for the Railway connecting the two cities …he failed. Africans will unite Africa. It is us Africans who will build our own infrastructure and create our own currency enhance free trade and relations amongst African countries.

Divide is Divine, it is also to Decide and Conquer (derived from the Latin saying Divide et impera) may refer to:
Divide and rule, in politics, sociology and economics; a strategy to gain or maintain power. Scatter and isolate people around the divided structured world and rule the cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants, flies and worms with an iron fist”.

Isolation for capture is a tactic used by nature, the animals in the African Safari use it to capture pray. You keep chasing a group, eventually the weak and the young will be left behind, isolated and free for capture.

Energy, water and internet connection are the main things that continue to isolate people now more so from each other than the outside world. Not only that we were isolated people but also divided. Africa united! Divided people stands no chance under globalization or shifting power of the Holy Ghost!

It is time to rise! Rise Africa Rise!

Unite Africa, unite! Come together, Join together!

At present in year 2019 perhaps our governments may not necessarily empower us, but we must rise, we …the people. We now have with us the ultimate power of The Holy Ghost!

baphometThe Holy Ghost is the flying goat, the Moon, the ruler of all things physical or material. The number 27. She is the combination of the Sun Daughter and the moon. She is part and parcel of The Holy Trinity and She serves the purpose of Our Heavenly God, The Great Mother. She owns this planet earth however She is under The Great Mother God who directs Them. Some call him or her the Goat of Cameroon, the goat is in charge of time and/or destiny. The 3rd person of the Holy Trinity. Archangel Gabriel the musician. All power and authority has been given to us in this age to submit all things or all principalities and rulers of previous ages to the will of God. When we rise in one accord, united then all things work for us and with us.

The flying goat, a god of all four elements but specializing in the air element business in this earth. He was presented to Re as the strength, the comforter, the helper in a form of her husband being one with him and He is a fundamental key of the kingdom of our Great Mother God to empower, defend, separate in order to bind together and to give the fruit from the tree of life to the righteous souls.

The Goat Gabriel was called Baphomet by the French, he is originally from Cameroon who is French and He is France ….before He passes his power to the next generation to his heir, his power will remain with the French Franc (pegged to the Euro) as the Mark Of The Beast. The symbol of attraction. The left and right arms bear the Latin words SOLVE(separate) and COAGULA (join together), i.e., the power of “binding and loosing“.

The keys of the Kingdom are given to prophets to separate, reorganize, restore the land and/or unify her people, to serve creation’s purpose with the help of the Holy Ghost. Each key works for a certain phase as we move towards transformation. This key of a flying goat is the main partner of the Beacon Of light used by God(grace) as a Union a sacred Union to reverse the isolation and the divisions African countries endured at the hands of the Europeans during colonial rule during the age of Pisces and also to allow the power of time, position, destiny, chance and eternity to reign free on earth for the kingdom of God and the righteous.

There is a hand gestures or sign that we use for this key of a flying goat. The right hand rises with a sign of three; 3 fingers raised from the little finger to the middle finger. The left hand points down, also 3 fingers raised but this time the ring finger closed by the thumb allowing only the little finger, the middle finger & the pointing (identity) finger to be raised (pointing down to earth)

There are in total 4 keys of power that were given to our prophetess Re to conquer, divide and rule;

1. The Saraphims as the flying serpents. And the Cherubims. Find out more about the Saraphims when we discuss angels topic, or visit the tree of life:

2. The two triangles making up the Star of Re (David) and the rainbow that we touched on when we discussed central Africa. As well the time in 2013 when we released a newsletter about the house of Re.

3. Re was also shown geometrical structures: the diamond structure, the triangle and the 2 overlapping infinity circles as indicated on our transformation sign.

4. Finally the flying goat 🐐.

kangaroo-feetWhen Re was receiving these keys She was received by two people. A man and a woman. The women had neat hair and perfect makeup with red lipstick and dressed in black suit and white shirt. Her long normal human fingers, her long nails painted with red nail polish and showed me the wooden shelves. It seemed as though we were by the old but well kept hotel counter. The man was in a suite as well, very neat but didn’t interact much with Re, both very polite and glad to receive Her. They both had rabbit bodies and their feet is a picture Re described as the feet like kangaroo feet.

The comfort is in knowing that the same God of Abraham is the same God that is with Re, the same God who created the ancient Egyptian Empire, the ancient Mayan Kingdom or Azteck Kingdom, the Greek Empire, the Japanese Kingdom, the Saudi Arabic Kingdom, etc. humanity originate from different planets for example African black people are from the Dog planet, Europeans or white people from the worm planet, but as humanity we are brothers and sisters unified by the soil and these 4 keys. Civilization is taught to humanity by a creator to the current age rulers, no human know how to build a civilized empire. Today that same God is with us to help us build a recorded new civilization for the Golden age lead by the African women and by the African continent.


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