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Stillness is my friend
The Sun knows my name
Nature smiles at me.
The sound of many waters calms me
Even the snow has embraced me
My friends are all but imaginary
Who am I ?
Loneliness is my creative Space
So, am I an Artist?
Am I a singer?
I am a public speaker, a preacher.
Is it not a teacher, yes but also a student!
Oh! wait, I am a writer
No, I am an Aviator
An Aircraft-Airworthiness Engineer
But now, I am more a Space Analysts
I want to go to Space
Who am I, really ?
Education and human rights Activist, Isn’t ?
Only God knows…

I am the child of the universe!

My own people have rejected me
Alienated me and tried to destroy me.
My country has forgotten about me,
Who is paying attention but the birds in the sky?
Oh how I long for you, my mother land!
Foreigners have welcomed me
My sister has became my mother
My father has become a stranger
My sons have gone astray
My daughters awaits to be born
My siblings treat me like a distant celebrity
Why are you fearful of me,
Did you not believe that all things were possible?
I am still me,
I have not changed.
I want to be your friend, your sister, I want to be your mother!
Oh how terrified I am of people?
But I love people
How can it be that what I love most can be so terrifying at the same time??

I am the child of the universe!


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