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Foreign Religions: Enemy To Africa’s Progress

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We are mourning, we have lost people over and over, we are under attack. #Kenyans are being slaughtered by Al-Shabaab, an al Qaeda-linked militant group. They attacked the students at #Garrisa University on the 2nd of April, a day for children’s books and reading. A drastic shift is required today against such groups in Africa.

Extremism is my enemy, it is our enemy, Al-Shabaab, BokoHaram are the internal enemies to African progress and the security of our people; it is Africa’s self inflicted pain because these gangs are Africans too. An enemy to education and freedom of learning and access to knowledge. We are prosecuted by these militants daily and for what? Innocent people die for no reason. Each life lost in Africa is registered, it counts. Our cries have been heard, our tears do not fall on empty space but they fill heavenly rivers.

The first enemy is foreign gods, foreign Religions and their segregations. Foreign and organized religion in Africa is a hinderance for progress. Africans are the most religious people in the world today. Why, because we felt abandoned, forgotten by God for a long time now, so the more we try to find God the more religious we got. Even if an angel will appear in the sky today and announce to Africans that there is no more a need to keep trying to find God, because God has found you, the people would not know how not to be religious anymore because religion has become culture. Religion is manmade and brought to Africa to create uniformity and establish control. God is not responsible for religion, people are. We create religions and uniformity because we can not deal with what is different. Fear drives us to shunt what is different. We are driven by exclusivity so much that we forget that God is inclusive.

Practicing religion is lack of faith. It is contrary to faith. Fear is opposite of faith. Religions and their do’s and dont’s are based in fear and guilt. Therefore it also helps cover our own unbelief. Religion helps most people to believe in something tangible and control what could be. People like to see something, hold something, touch something before they can believe in it. Religious people believe God is in a place somewhere that they can visit and leave behind, actually organized religion creates this notion that God is out there not within us: going to church, we find God, yet God is everywhere and inside of us.

God is spirit, we however have difficulty understanding and believing in the unseen because it cost patience, it seems risky and long suffering and lonely …. so we rather take the easy way out and religion seems easy, we can say I have done this and that therefore I deserve this and that. We therefore create religions to helps us bring God in our own level of understanding. We build ways to connect or understand and believe in God. If it’s slightly different than it is not God.

Yet God has placed a light inside every human, if only we can look within ourselves. If only we can learn how to listen, see with our spiritual organs, we can connect easily with all creation.

Religion seem to work well until the problem then arises when we cannot monitor and control #extremism, #exclusivity, #racism, #discrimination, #bigotry and #intolerances that results from religions that we have created.

God communicates to all people in their way of life and understanding. God meets us where we are at. God is #love, God is peace, God uplifts, God brings healing, restoration and relief and most importantly God unites. Prophets are God’s messengers, they also unite people and share with them the love of God, teach them civilizations and help them to build.

I am certain that prophet Mohamed never preached killing those who seek education nor did he preach kidnapping & #terrorism. #ProphetMohamed, peace upon him was here to unite the Arabic people for the Glory of God. He opened a way for a generation of prophets for the #Arabs, because once a prophet is born in that nation, more and more will build on top of what others who preceded them had done. He also taught nonArabs a lot, as we learn also from each other. #Africans, you have your own prophet, Re PLICC, she may be not what you expected but she is your prophet, the sooner you embrace her, the sooner your troubles decreases.

When religious extremist kill other people in the name of God, it’s actually in the name of their own agenda.

There are many ways to kill a nation: Economical oppression is the other. Same goes for #Christianity:#Apartheid was inflicted to black South Africans for decades in God’s name, the most evil segregation system of all time. Christians may not be bombing and gunning people down but they oppress my people #financially. When churches take poor people’s money and #talents without any appropriate recognition, it is also killing the people.

Example; monies are collected weekly in offerings and tithes in the name God, in the pretense that people will see increase in their finances or will gain financial freedom if they do so, as though their blessings were conditional to their actions. This is the first perpetuator of poverty. It is also killing the people mentally. Beliefs that are off base perpetuate poverty. When people’s time is consumed by church activities Monday to Friday societies loose innovators.

If The Beacon Of Light took our place and became our atonement, our sacrifice as humankind …was a perfect offering…and in her words, said it is finished …. why then are we still heavy burdening people? Why then are my people required to offer anything anymore? Nobody has became financially free because of offerings. We are first financially freed by #grace, then we can give wisely. A sheep does not give because the Shephered is still training them, a lion gives because lions know where to invest wisely. Every penny spent should bring back returns in whichever form of value.

Religions let my people go; allow people to breath, to think without constantly feeling guilty. Now, our actions of creating uniformity have resulted to extremism. As a prophet of Africa, I have inherited religious extremism, I condemn it.

People must be moved by the spirit not ancient written laws and words. What is written helps to affirm, and confirm the ways of God through individuals. We access knowledge from what was written not religion. Therefore we should re-write what is happening today and will happen tomorrow as the spirit moves us. And so on and on it goes.

What is #truth is #peaceful.

KenyaAttack#Al-Shabaab or #BokoHaram are a group or gangs made of a hungry people seeking love, belonging, attention, recognition and purpose. The globalized economy is living African males at a vulnerable position. Unemployment and lack opportunities leaves many young men bored out of their minds. But time has come that relief surfaces. Poverty elevated will disempower these gangs and rehabilitate them back into the society where differences and #diversity is appreciated.

African countries have a duty of creating a strong sense of citizenship, a belonging for all Kenyans for example or Nigerians. All African states infact, it is time to reevaluate who we are and what Africa will look like in a 100 years from now and we must unite. We can not continue to allow these old divides to overwhelm us and deceive us that we are different from one another when our people continue to die everyday. This strong citizenship is actually a strong proud linkage to the African Continent and who we are as one people. It’s time to unite for the glory of God, be inclusive and let all people matter, that way together we will win this war.


May the peace of God, the sweet sound of the Holy Spirit and the Grace be with you always!

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