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Chapter 37 (09/08/2014)

I want to stand for you
I want to stand with you
In fact I choose to rise for Justice
I have a burning desire
To stand against all forms of oppression
No matter how they are presented
No matter how they are disguised

You see, I think the worst thing
for a human being is the inability
To see you!
To hear you!
To help you!

Thus fight progress
Fight advancement
Fight movement
What manner of human fights growth?
The blind one,
The self righteous one
Who sees nothing but to prove their position of truth!

What is truth against grace?
What is truth against love?
What is truth against peace?
What is truth against unity?
What is truth against transformation?

For it is in inward transformation that,
A tadpole turns into an adult frog
A worm into a butterfly
An eagle for rebirth
A girl becoming a woman

Denying nature is nothing but foolishness
Denying knowledge is lack of illumination
What good is a rough diamond if it can not be refined
What good is raw materials if they cannot be turned into money

Verily, verily, “success is hearing the inner voice of God!”

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